fat girls do yoga

Guys I found out that the camera on my phone has a timer!! So now I can take full body shots without having to ask my mom 😅 anyways, today was yoga so I finally did Day 3 of Yoga With Adriene’s Yoga Revolution. Today’s videos was Practice Honour. She is preaching some serious self love in this video which I really needed today 💕💕 plus, I did work up a bit of a sweat which is good. Can’t wait to see where I am in a few months and do a side by side 🙈(Also please excuse the terrible lighting in my bedroom 😒)

I don’t have a sweaty selfie today because I did not get sweaty today 🙈 I had to work 10 hours today 😒 but so far that’s 17.5 hours of OT this week for this girl so I’m gonna have a nice pay check 🤑🤑
Anyways, I did do some yoga to give myself some love! 😊 and I ate a salad for lunch 😷 so today could be classified as a win.