fat girl food

My fat stuffed belly after dinner

2 extra large pizza slices, pesto pasta with grilled turkey and a bowl of chicken soup. I know it’s an unusual craving but, I loved it. 

Even though I’m gaining weight my food babies still make me look more pregnant then anything else!



“crying over a bowl of cocopuffs because the only time i feel pretty is when I’m hungry" fucking crying so hard


Inflation after a big belly stuffing [ Full video ]

This was my first time trying to inflate after a stuffing, I was way too confident. It was a lot tighter then I expected on my belly so I stopped after filming after a while. I decided to not continue and try it again a next time. I always have a of unused footage lying around which I’ll post on YouTube ( MariaPhilia ).

It’s not a lot but it’s still a way of saying thank you to all who have supported me over this year.




I’m coming down with a bug so of course when I stopped moving and conjuring for a hot minute I started to panic about how “lazy” I was being by holding still and letting my mind and body take a much needed respite.   I decided to gather up the fruit blossom honey spells that I’ve been working on and take a look at the reality of how “lazy” I’ve been for the past couple of weeks. 

As witches/healers/rootworkers, it’s easy get caught up in the idea that when we get tired it’s coming out of “nowhere” and that we aren’t doing enough in our craft to push ourselves forward into a higher realm of magick. 

  We forget how much of ourselves we put into everything that we do.  We forget how much energy being woke and tuned into the universe can take out of us.   We forget how much we put out for others.  We forget to recharge ourselves.  We forget to forgive ourselves. 

  Take a moment to breathe.  Take some photos of what you’ve been doing just for yourself and catch that beautiful beam of sunlight or moonlight winking down from the universe to tell you that right now in this instant…you…..are….enough.