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“crying over a bowl of cocopuffs because the only time i feel pretty is when I’m hungry" fucking crying so hard


I’m coming down with a bug so of course when I stopped moving and conjuring for a hot minute I started to panic about how “lazy” I was being by holding still and letting my mind and body take a much needed respite.   I decided to gather up the fruit blossom honey spells that I’ve been working on and take a look at the reality of how “lazy” I’ve been for the past couple of weeks. 

As witches/healers/rootworkers, it’s easy get caught up in the idea that when we get tired it’s coming out of “nowhere” and that we aren’t doing enough in our craft to push ourselves forward into a higher realm of magick. 

  We forget how much of ourselves we put into everything that we do.  We forget how much energy being woke and tuned into the universe can take out of us.   We forget how much we put out for others.  We forget to recharge ourselves.  We forget to forgive ourselves. 

  Take a moment to breathe.  Take some photos of what you’ve been doing just for yourself and catch that beautiful beam of sunlight or moonlight winking down from the universe to tell you that right now in this instant…you…..are….enough.

I feel like a failure

I’ve recently been binging on food and I’m scared of putting weight, but I’ve realized that the reason for my binging is because I get anxious or nervous about something. The thing is I don’t know why I feel anxious or nervous. But I always regret putting that food in my mouth. I’ve become scared of eating the most smallest piece of food, because I think of the weight I can put on instead of lose it.
I’ve also noticed that I gained weight, I had been 130 lbs , almost close to my GW but I put six pounds on and I hate muself, I hate this anxiety that hits me when I’m feeling so good of myself. I’m not sure if I make sense but , I hope I did.

My favorite healthy vegan pancakes - hclf suitable!
In a blender, place ¾ cup oatmeal and blend. Add ½ banana, ½ cup non-dairy milk (I love to use vanilla soy milk) and brown sugar until the batter is sweet enough for your taste and blend again. Use a non-stick pan with low-medium heat and cook them until golden brown on both sides.
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16 months between these photos and almost 11 months post op and I don’t physically recognize myself anymore

The word’s “these size 18’s are huge on me” left my mouth today after having no other pants clean for work and who would have ever thought I’d be smaller than an 18? 18 used to be my ideal size..at my HW I always was like “if I could just reach a size 18, I’d be perfectly happy.” And now that I’m here in a 16 I realize how much more I could be and it’s so freeing to break boundaries I’ve put on myself for all these years.