fat girl flea market


Fatshion February Day 18 - Shop Girl Leap Day Extravaganza!

I was prepared to stay in my pajamas today until I was listening to NPR talk about Leap Day and was told to come work the front desk at the shop and got excited. So here’s what I wore to break down stations, scrub tubes, collect consent forms, and sweep floors.

Dress - Old Navy via FAT GIRL FLEA! I was really indifferent towards this dress at the flea market, but my friend who came along was into it. It’s grown on me in the mean time. Size XL.

Belt - Target. Size L/XL.

Cardigan - Style & Co. sweater for life. Size large.

Tights - Target. I’ve had these for four years, which is wild considering I usually kill tights after four or five wears. I think Target’s Xhilration tights have gotten smaller in the years since I bought these. Size L/XL.

Shoes - Payless. I bought these for and wore them to my high school graduation. Ruby gnawed on the heels and toes when she was teething five years ago. Elmo was getting ready to teethe on them this evening.

Hmm. I always look sad or mad in pictures. Which is funny because I spend most of my day laughing and smiling. Like today. Right now I’m watching “Daria” and then I’m going to hula-hoop at work with clients. Then I’m going to a hardcore show to see my friend’s band play.

Dress - Old Navy via FAT GIRL FLEA MARKET. Size XL. I think I found this on the floor. Very stretchy and comfortable. Every time I wear this dress, I will think of Ruthie telling everyone she ran into that day that Fat Girl Flea Market “was the most body-positive space I have ever been in.” I hope she remembers it to whenever she is shopping and struggling with her own body image issues. I will also remember her and Erin introducing me to “low femme,” for the lazy person who picks and chooses which parts of gender they choose to perform. I am all about low femme. I’ll fret over dresses, but waxing and shaving and makeup are things that I generally can’t be bothered with. I’ve got more important/enjoyable things to do.

Under shirt - Fruit of the Loom men’s large.

Tights - Target, four years old (?). The largest juniors size they had available. I’m surprised these fit. I thought I put them away because they were too small.

Saddle Shoes!!! - 1301 via the shop manager. Size 8.5. I wore these to my DCF interview last week. They fit perfect, didn’t require breaking in, and are cute as fuck. I can’t believe it took me 6 years to acquire a pair. Sister, show mom. She will laugh.

Scarf - Target, two years old.