fat girl crop tops


Croptops are for everyone!!

Boys can wear croptops
Girls can wear croptops
Nonbinary people can wear croptops
Trans people can wear croptops
Fat boys can wear crop tops
Fat girls can wear crop tops
Fat nonbinary people can wear croptops
Fat trans people can wear croptops
People with stretch marks can wear crop tops!!

Everyone can wear croptops



Aaaand here are the best body selfies of this year ☺️

I was tagged by @heytherelivy, who it apparently won’t let me tag. Sorry it’s so late, but here it is. Again, I tag everyone who wants to do it bc I’m too fuckin lazy to sit down and think out a bunch of people to tag.


I can’t believe how comfortable I have became with showing my tummy, but damn! It’s a cute ass tummy! This is the first full body picture I have taken in a while. But I’m digging it! Suspenders, crop tops are my new found love!

I’m super self conscious of my thighs but I’m very proud that I am able to show them off in this pictures.



Girls are so important. Queer girls. Black Girls. Brown Girls. Trans Girls. Masc Girls. Femme Girls. Disabled Girls. Feminists. Fat Girls. Skinny Girls. Girls who “cover up”. Girls who rock crop tops and short-shorts. Girls questioning their sexuality. Girls with mental illness. Girls who are young. Girls who are old. Girls who are sex workers. Girls who are CEOs. Girls who are students. Girls who are secretaries. Girls with curls, fros, freckles, acne, stretch marks, scars, muscles ALL GIRLS. I love girls in a v. gay and not gay way, HA.

Let’s celebrate girls. GRL PWR PLAYLIST

  1. CLC: Hobgoblin
  2. Girls Generation: I Got A Boy
  3. Red Velvet: Dumb Dumb
  4. Twice: Ohh Ahh
  5. BlackPink: Whistle
  6. Cosmic Girl: Catch Me
  7. GFriend: Navillera
  8. F(x) Rum Pum Pum Pum
  9. Sistar: Shake It
  10. Exid: Up & Down
  11. 4Minute: Crazy
  12. 9Muses: Hurt Locker
  13. AOA: Good Luck
  14. Brown Eyed Girls: Abracadabra
  15. Hani, Luna, Solar: Honey Bee