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Fatsuits Are Funny? 

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Just one tweak- Hagrid wasn't punishing him for being fat, just for eating Harry's cake.

Sure, Hagrid wasn’t. But the narrative was.

Look, it’s easy to overlook the implications of scenes like this, i get that, so let me break it down a bit.

Dudley was eating Harry’s cake. Dudley is a character who is overweight and frequently the butt of jokes because of it. A stereotype of overweight people is that they are literally always eating and cannot restrain themselves from eating if there is food in the room. Dudley eating Harry’s cake was an act of entitlement on his part (’I want the thing, and I don’t care if it’s Harry’s!’) as well as an act of greed. What body type is mostly associated with greed? You guessed it!

It might not have been the intention, it might not register on a conscious level, but it‘s still the implication that is given. When a fat person eats in media, it’s funny or Bad because they’re fat and this is Unhealthy (despite, you know, skinny characters that are seen eating a lot and not shamed for it). Dudley can’t restrain himself from eating, and we are to take his weight as the reason for that. He’s a fat pig.

Look, I know I’m going on about this, but it really does bother me. I’m overweight (this is Mod H btw) and I’ve struggled for a long time with body image issues because of it for as long as I can remember. So when the series falls back on Fat People Are Bad and Fat People Are Funny stereotypes, it hurts. It hurts because these attitudes spill over into real life, where people will give you disparaging looks just for being overweight and eating a burger, or you can never find flattering clothes that fit, or you get told being thin will solve all your health problems even when that’s clearly not the case. 

There are ways to show that a character has a bad personality and attitude without falling back on fat stereotypes. There are ways to show that a character is greedy without falling back on fat stereotypes (hell, look at Mundungus Fletcher). When your writing enforces stereotypes that can hurt real life people? That’s not good writing, imo.

All these girls crying cause of Zayn Malik leaving and I’m over here crying because my macaroni didn’t heat up all the way

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Ok so I'm fat and I can appreciate a good fat joke if it's done right but Randy nah son that wasn't even funny

There’s a difference between a fat joke and a raging piece of shit being….a raging piece of shit. Randy is constantly a raging piece of shit. But also fat jokes as a whole should be eradicated bc none of them are EVER funny and they’re all just trying to belittle fat people tbh

Alright, I’ve waited long enough. I’ve gotten enough asks asking me about what I think about things, so let’s get this started. It’ll be under a read more, because this is going to get long. 

Let me preface this by saying that I am not saying all of Naruto is bad, or that all of it has been invalidated, or that things that were good are no longer good. Nor am I saying that Kishimoto cannot write, that he should not have written the series, or anything of the sort. I have no personal hatred against him as a person, and such feelings are irrelevant in this discussion. 

I personally feel, that when you produce something and ask money for it, that you are open to criticism. This is not a critique of him as a person; that’s irrelevant. I will focus only on the work that has been produced, and I will explain exactly why I do not like it, and what parts I do like. 

Also, I will not go into ships, because they don’t mean anything to me personally, except when I talk about a specific topic, and that won’t be a bash or endorsement of any one ship. 

Now, let’s get into this. 

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Ok I’m here because I need to say this and I’m not an It blog so it would be real weird on mine. Someone compared skinny Ben hc’s to Walmart, but the thing is. They’re worse then Walmart. They’re the stuff goodwill rejects.

this is so funny and real i can’t breathe? but i get what you mean anon, people always draw and hc chubby/fat characters as skinny and it drives me absolutely insane. they also do this really fun thing where they don’t ship the fat characters with anyone bc i guess fat people can’t be loved!!