fat fries

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Congrats on all ur successes!!!! I was wondering WHAT weight loss program you're doing bc damn 15 pounds in 25 days

thank you so much :D

and it’s not any program! I just learned how to eat better, cook for myself. i’m counting my calories and macros (protein/carbs/fat) and i try not to eat bad carbs (such as white pasta, rice, bread, bread, potatoes, etc), bad fats (like fried stuff, saturated fat, trans fat, etc), and less refined sugars (sugars found in fruits and veggies are good)

i used to go to restaurants or have takeout 2-3 times/week so that didn’t help at all and i hated cooking so i often had bad stuff like frozen pizzas. if you drink a lot of soda (i didn’t), cutting that out would help a lot too. it’s so easier than i thought! i meal prep a lot too so that helps with the cooking haha


Here is the most epic meal my boyfriend and I have had in a while from Doomies Toronto. 
For starters we got the Deep Fried Mac & Cheese balls with Ranch and BBQ dipping sauces.
I got the Crispy Chikin Burger with cheeze sauce, mayo, onion rings, onions, bacon and lettuce with a side of Buffalo Fries with ranch.
My boyfriend got a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with pickles, onions and lettuce and the most garlicky Garlic Fries. 

Also one of my personal favourite comics by @vegansidekick