fat for energy

You eat food, and you don't save any room, you eat and eat until you are full and satisfied.

This is when the problem begins because, your stomach still needs to make room for water to hydrate you, and also room for the expansion of gases so you can digest the food. Basically meaning now that you have eliminated the room for digestion and water, your stomach has no choice but to expand.

After a large meal, the stomach muscles expand up to 3 times the normal size pressing against the lungs. This is what causes a person to feel out of breath after eating a lot.

When it’s hard to breathe, your taking in less oxygen which means your brain receives less oxygen making you feel tired. The body also has to spend more energy to digest the food leading to an energy drain and adding to that sleepy feeling you experience.

Giving your body a constant supply of energy also means it won’t have to dip into your fat stores for energy. If you constantly give the body more energy, meaning food, than it can use, it continues storing extra energy increasing your fat stores. By constantly eating, your body continues to store fat that it will never use.

The more you eat until you are stuffed, the more you force it to stretch out, the more it stretches the more appetite and the more food you can put down before you stuffed again. Then you feel too sleepy to work it off and take a nap only to wake up hungry and start all over. It becomes a vicious cycle where you can eat more and more and you gain more and more weight.

The brain helps this cycle to continue as well. Dopamine, a chemical which is found in the human brain, induces a feeling of happiness when you eat. However, when you overeat the dopamine levels in the brain get depleted. When the dopamine levels get depleted, you have to eat more food to get a feeling of satisfaction.

10 Tips for a Fit Summer

Weights before Cardio: Performing weight training first will ensure you’re strongest when you lift. Plus, it  depletes your glycogen storages, so when you do cardio your body will be more likely to burn body fat for energy, helping you get leaner faster than if you did cardio first.

More then Abs: The six-pack may be the centerpiece, but to really impress people, focus on working your entire body, including the chest, back, shoulders, arms, and yes, even your legs. Don’t be too obsessed with ONLY the muscles you see in the mirror, make sure you take the whole body approach. 

Fiber: Increases heart health along with aiding digestion. You will also fill fuller and more satisfied which helps to curb overeating.

Protein: Eating more protein will help the body regulate blood sugar and increase nitrogen for the brain. It will also allow muscles to take in a more constant flow of amino acids in order to properly recover from weight training.

Probiotics: These will help the digestive system breakdown your foods properly. They will help to insure nothing is wasted or stored as fat within the body.

Coconut Oil: Assists with brain health, increases overall energy levels and decreases appetite. 

Hydration: Being dehydrated can cause havoc within a body made up of mostly water. Aim for 8 glasses to a gallon a day depending on size, weight and training regimen. 

HIIT Training: High Intensity Interval Training has been proven to burn more calories during and after training than low intensity steady state cardio, aka jogging. It is also a time saver, thus making it more bang for your buck for those of you who are running on a tight schedule. A 20-minute HIIT session can replace a 30- to 35-minute low intensity session. 

Big Sets: The goal is to perform at least four different exercises in a row without resting. An example would be Squats followed by Leg Presses, Leg Curls and Calf Raises. These type of bigger sets make your workouts more intense, reduce the amount of time you train and aid as a cardiovascular workout as well. 

Shop Smart: When in the grocery store, the healthiest items are not in the isles, but actually on the outside surrounding them on the perimeter. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping, because shopping in these sections will be best for your health, development and even your wallet.

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how much hours should i fast to have results?

in the first 4-6 hours ou burn off the last food you ate, longer than that and youll be able to burn fat as an energy source. i usually fast 22-24 hours so i only eat dinner, but find out what works best for you! stay safe ♥

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fun fact (my favorite way to start odd information tidbits): it once took like 6 doctors in 3 different states to FINALLY figure out why i kept passing out at night and such. turns out i have a really rare eating disorder that no one could identify because it so rarely shows up in cases and on tests and such. they just would load with up with fluids and send me back home until they found out i had the disorder. now i'm on strict high-fat and energy diets.

oh my goodness I’m glad they finally figured it out because that’s awful holy shit. shout out to inaccurate diagnoses amiright

(I haven’t gotten this many asks in ages y’all I love story time. like i don’t love your pain because this is all super awful but feel free to always tell me stories)


Hi everyone!

I’m back from school and before i go to do my school work i want to share with you the benefits of drinking lemon water.

A while ago I started drinking it and I don’t even know why i started, maybe because it tastes really good, but know that i discovered the benefits of it i wont stop drinking.

those are some of the benefits:

  1. Tastes really good
  2. Helps you lose weight
  3. Reduces inflammation
  4. Gives you energy boost
  5. Helps to cut out caffeine
  6. Helps fight viral infections
  7. Get Glowing Skin
  8. Detoxify Your Liver
  9. Balance Your Body’s pH

I hope this helped you and if you want to know the reasons of this benefits or if you want to know more just ask(http://you-make-all-the-difference.tumblr.com/ask) me on my blog(http://myhealthandstudylife.tumblr.com/) and i will love to help you.


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For maximum leanness and fat loss, which is better: fruit or starch?

Just eat low fat and lead a high energy lifestyle. Eat both; each has their benefits. Don’t overthink it.

I wish I could phase through layers of my body to extract these bits of calcium. Last night I tried to record the sound of one of them but I couldn’t quite get it before it broke up into small pieces. It was LOUD when I massaged it. Like I had rocks inside of me. So weird.

Also acupuncturist recommended I take ginseng to help boost my body even more, Idunno why I didn’t think of that since I used to take it before and since I already take so much ashwagandha every night. And regchiro says I should be eating at least one avocado a day, I need the good fat for healing and energy. He said bacon is helpful too so I picked some up. 8) Mwahaha

And another thing, different topic: A customer mentioned her cat has lymphoma, the same kind of cancer Cleo had. So we got to talking about it and I gave her recommendations and told her what our experience with Cleo was. And it turns out this lady and her cat are seeing the same cancer doctor who treated Cleo. That’s so awesome, I’m so glad someone so amazing is helping one of our regulars. I gave her a note to say hello from us since that doctor and her team were obviously so huge to us, we saw them sometimes every weekend for 2 years and they loved Cleo so much. 

Man, I miss that cat. Absolutely irreplaceable. My baby girl. 

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[build]: are they skinny and petite or do they resemble a body builder, are they tall or short or average height, are they lean and wiry, are they overweight, are all of their features proportionate, etc.

When you live a life of living off the land and warily avoiding the immense dangers of the Shroud at every turn, your body tends to grow in a way that will make the lifestyle easier. 

Jayley’s shoulders are broad, her hips are narrow, she has very little in the breast department and her limbs are long. Her metabolism is ever working against her. How she dreamed of being able to fatten up for the cold moons of the cycle like some of the women in her clan, instead she was left to rely on thick furs for her warmth because her body just refuses to retain fat. The energy granted by meals was always either spent or converted to muscle.

Her muscle is not bulky by any means. It’s wiry and at the right angles with the right lighting, Jayley probably looks as though she has no muscle at all. But let her flex a little, tighten up her core, and maybe preen to show off to a lovely lass and the ridges and valleys of power is all there is to be seen.

She’s long since given up her dreams of softening up, and instead does her best to make good with what she has.


Cocteau Twins - Quisquose

Will forever remind of the years of striving, when I did freelance illustrations/logos, & worked at WPXI-TV’s art department, & jogged 2 miles everyday for 3 years. Ambitious, full of energy, thin & young.

And now…it reminds me of striving to break through the sickening feeling of artist’s block…and wondering why bother? No ambition, no energy, fat & old.


when u hate ur body remember
ur legs carry u through the day they are big because they are strong
ur stomach holds ur organs that keep u alive, it is squishy so u can be fed
ur shoulders and back and strong so u can lift things and carry the weight
ur arms are strong to hold the people that u love and hold urself when needed
ur scars and stripes mean u have been through a lot and have gotten stronger because of it, they are badges of honor
ur freckles and moles and acne marks are stars and they decorate ur skin in unique ways
ur hair keeps u warm and protects ur skin, it’s just doing its job by growing even when u don’t want it
ur fat provides nutrients and energy for the day, it also cushions ur organs and regulates temperature
ur ribcage is big so it can hold ur heart and ur lungs that fill with air and help u sing
ur body is built entirely out of cells whose only purpose is ur survival

Calories aren’t the enemy – they’re energy.

Fat isn’t the enemy – it’s health and wellness on a woman’s body.

Fat is the soft curve that insulates your cold bones.

Fat is the silken layer of love between you and your hurtful past.

Food is never the enemy – it’s the fuel to keep you happy and alive.

(Read and Repeat Daily)