Today, let’s talk about LA FARFA MAGAZINE.

“We don’t promote losing weight or gaining weight, because there are women that look gorgeous regardless of what they weigh,” Kon, editor in chief of La Farfa magazine, tells The Japan Times. “Our view is that people should not be defined by the size of the clothes they wear.”

La Farfa magazine, believed to be the first one in Japan aimed at generously proportioned women, features models that weigh between 60 and 120 kg. A distinctive feature of the fashion magazine is that it provides the weight, the height and the body measurements of each model on the page since, according to Kon, “it is more convenient for the readers.”

The creation of the magazine stems from Kon’s own experience. She says regular fashion magazines featuring slim models were of no practical use to her, but she enjoyed checking the latest trends anyway.

Then came the recent expansion of overseas retail clothing companies in Japan — including H&M and Forever 21 — that allowed women to enjoy stylish clothing for a reasonable price, and in bigger sizes.

The media has also started to embrace plump female celebrities in the past few years, with comedians such as Naomi Watanabe and Kanako Yanagihara being popular. Terms such as puniko and pochako, which can be roughly translated to “squishy girl” and “pudgy girl,” have gained ground this year, with some mainstream fashion magazines such as CanCam publishing stories on the movement.

“There was demand for our kind of fashion magazine,” Kon says, as she gives her take on the trend. “Personally, I feel that men are looking at women differently than before.” She adds that while dating a slender woman was considered the ideal not too long ago, men now appear to be seeking partners who can provide iyashi (healing).

“There have also been changes in how women see men as well,” she continues, pointing out that the height, income and academic background of men may not be the prized qualities they were a decade ago.

Initially unable to find any agency with plump models, Kon says her team recruited candidates straight from the streets. Many of the fashion brands were also reluctant to provide sample clothing for La Farfa “since they couldn’t tell what our publication was going to look like at first.”

But that changed quickly after their inaugural issue in March sold out its 80,000 copies. La Farfa was first intended as a bi-annual publication, but the publishers quickly agreed to make it a bi-monthly instead.

La Farfa says it does not use digital methods to make its models look slimmer, but will take advantage of their body features to display the models’ “glamorous” side. Make-up pages are filled with advice for round-faced women, instead of teaching readers how to use cosmetics to look thinner.

“Initially, there was feedback from readers saying our models weren’t pretty, and that dressing them up doesn’t change the fact they are overweight,” Kon says. But she adds that responses from the readers have become more positive recently.

Kon is aware that losing weight remains a vexing issue for many people today. She is not critical of those trying to shed some pounds, but she has her own take on it.

“Whether you want to lose weight or not,” she says, “you must begin with accepting and being happy with who you are now.” She adds that trying to lose weight because you aren’t content with who you are “won’t change the situation.”

True to the spirit of La Farfa, Yaseru Festa isn’t out to pressure people into being thin, just to be happy and healthy, Kuraishi says.

“We just want people to find the best service or product that is suited to them.”

Source Japan times

Check the website of La farfa magazine: http://lafarfa.jp/


lets be real, finding social media artists and celebrities that look like you is hard as a fat girl, even harder as a fat girl of color. so, im here to help out my fellow chubby bunnies w/ a list of my favorite plus size youtubers and bloggers! they cover everything from fashion, makeup, and hauls to romance, friendship, sex, advice, etc all from the perspective of fat girls! ive found these ladies to be very inspiring and helpful in the journey of self love. i hope its the same for you : )

sarah rae vargas

  • who? my personal favorite! she has such a laid back and warm vibe to her, you really feel like you’re a good friend while watching her videos. 
  • what? what i like i about sarah is that she isn’t chained to one ‘genre’ of youtube videos. there’s tons of hauls, makeup, and other fashion related things but my favorites series of hers are “lets talk about sex” (i learned to be so confident during sex because of this series), “ask sarah” a general faq and inquiry series, and her other chit chat videos
  • where? youtube - instagram - website - @ravingsbyrae 

chanel boateng

  • plus size fashion blogger, youtuber, and model. possibly one of the most adorable human beings in existence. she exudes confidence and unashamed self love!!
  • everything fashion, makeup, and !!! natural hair !!! for us black girls!! she has the occasional q/a, vlog, and random chit chat video. 
  • youtube - instagram - website


  • plus size fashion blogger, wig and weave reviewer, sweeter than pie, unique fashion sense, and absolutely gorgeous
  • she doesn’t upload very often, but where she does its definitely something youll want to watch!! most of her videos are about natural hair, wigs, affordable bundles, and plus size outfits of the day
  • youtube - no instagram or site

ivy dear

  • plus size blogger, hair stylist, ABSOLUTE QUEEN of sew-ins. im serious guys, she’ll slay herself and her clients to the point where you’ll question if its actually weave, even if u saw her installing it. she’s THAT good. im fairly certain she popularized the ‘flip over method’ in the youtube natural hair community, so thats pretty cool!
  • allll you need to know about natural hair, wigs, bundles, sew ins, and everything in-between. her videos are SO thurough and informative, i learned almost everything i know about sew ins from ivey!
  • youtube - instagram - bookings/hair appointments

vanessa manley

  • plus size vlogger, such a kind heart and soft voice, it makes her videos feel very relaxing and personal!!
  • her youtube is almost completely fashion hauls and lookbooks!! lazy day? concert? need bathing suit ideas? vanessa has you covered! her videos are so well thought out and creative!! she has the occasional chit chat and confidence chat as well 
  • youtube - instagram

I wore fat positive tees for a week and wrote about people’s reactions for Bustle

AND all of the tees are made by indie brands! 

Fattitude V-Neck Tee,  redressnyc.com

I’m Morbidly Obsessed With Myself Tee, readytostare.com

I Love My Rolls V-Neck,  femininefunk.com

Thick Chick Crop Top,  etsy.com/shop/candystrike

Diet Industry Dropout Tee, chubbycartwheels.com

No, Honey. Tee,  focapparel.storenvy.com

Thick Thighs Save Lives, teesinthetrap.com


in addition to this being an outfit post, I wanted to talk about something a little more personal today, too.  this is to the people who are new to body positivity or who are just struggling right now.  for those who look at others and think they’ll never get to where that person is.  I’m here to tell you that even the most positive, confident people still have bad body days.  which isn’t at all to say our bodies ARE bad, but just because we have learned to question how we look at ourselves - it doesn’t mean we also don’t fall into old familiar patterns of doubt and insecurities.

today I wanted to dress a bit more androgynous.  I figured a cute feminine button down with suspenders and high waisted shorts would do the trick.  I got ready, felt like a total babe when leaving the house, and then came taking the ootd pictures.  I always check the first few that foxy takes to check the lighting and when I did this time, I found myself instinctively cringing.  

what was I focusing so hard on?  my legs.  you see - despite being in the body positive/fat posi world for many years now..I still rarely see legs like mine.  my limbs are obviously very large.  so large that I’ve even had people ask if I have lymphedema.  nope - just fat, like they’ve always been.  as I’ve gained weight they’ve just gotten fatter..as would be expected.  my legs are not smooth, they are lumpy and have rolls all their own.  like I said, I don’t see legs like mine a lot despite spending a fair amount of time looking at fat babes.  a lot of fat people seem to have slimmer calves/ankles which is definitely not the case for me.  trying to fit into thigh high socks or ankle boots is laughable, really.  so I haven’t gotten a lot of representation for my legs and I feel a tad guilty saying that when I first saw them today via picture - I didn’t feel so confident anymore.

I’m mostly just telling this so you can know that the ‘popular’ body posi people still have days like these.  days where we feel totally confident leaving the house and catch a glimpse of ourselves in different lighting or angles and that confidence dissipates.  you know what though? despite the insecurities and feeling a bit more bare than I was comfortable with, I still went into the bookstore and had a good time.  I still let myself exist openly because no matter what my legs, or myself, look like..I still deserve to take up space like anyone else.  despite not feeling 100% confident with them, I know that my legs and my body in general are not offensive for existing.  my body is not offensive.

I’m posting these photos and this story because it scares me a little bit to do so.  I know these pictures are more likely to be targeted and posted on fat hate boards, but you know what..I’m not ashamed of how I look in them or for existing as I am.  nobody’s bodies are shameful - and that includes mine and it includes yours.  so just know even when you’re feeling those unsettling feelings about your body, that it’s okay and you’re okay.  despite it being hard - we’re all okay.

and now - ootd details :p
top ~ modcloth (4x)
shorts ~ newlook (US 26)
suspenders ~ ebay
shoes ~ journeys



super excited to give y'all a sneak peak at target.com’s newest plus size line addition coming september 15, 2015!

vanity room ny is a new york based contemporary clothing company that is expanding it’s line to include plus sizes and will soon be available on target’s website! this perfect-for-fall mustard yellow cold shoulder dress is going to be a staple in my wardrobe this season. it is actually longer than depicted here - i just threw a belt on at my waist and bloused the top!

dress - vanity room ny
boots - urban outfitters
hat - forever21
bag - flea market in spain


The Sophia Skater Skirt from the Spring Collection, Let Them Eat Cheesecake, is back in stock in my shop! Both of us are wearing a size 3X for reference.