fat f

What Ham says: Sit down John, you fat mother f*cker!

What Ham means: An open letter to the fat, arrogant, anti-charismatic, national embarrassment known as “President John Adams” (sh*t). The man’s irrational. He claims that I’m in league with Britain in some vast international intrigue?! Bitch, please! You wouldn’t know what I’m doing. You’re always going berserk, but you never show up to work. Give my regards to Abigail next time you write about my lack of moral compass. At least I do my job up in this rumpus. That line is behind me; I crossed it again, while the president lost it again. Aw, such a rough life, better run, tell your wife that the boss is in Boston again. Let me ask you a question. Who sits at your desk when you’re in Massachusetts? They were calling you a dick back in ‘76 and you haven’t done anything new since. You’re a nuisance with no sense. You’ll die of irrelevance. Go ahead, you can call me the devil, you aspire to my level, you inspire to malevolence. Say hi to the Jeffersons! And spies all around me, maybe they can confirm. I don’t care if I kill my career with this letter, I’m confining you to one term. You fat mother f*cker!

Random favorite one-liners from Hamilton cause I’m trash

“I’m a general, wheeeeee!”

“Southern mother fuckin democratic republicans!”

“Sit down John, you fat mother f*****!”

“Everything’s legal in New Jersey”

“Never gonna be president now, never gonna be president now…”

“I’m a trust fund baby you can trust me”

“John Adams doesn’t have a real job anyway”

“Hey.” “Hey.” “Hey.” “Hey.” “Hey.” “Hey.” 

A Sad Farewell (F!Corrin x Laslow)

A submission by @mfnheadcanons

Corrin stood on the balcony of her treehouse quarters, gazing out over her castle with a sad expression on her face. The reason being tomorrow she would leave this place and everyone in it and - as far as she knew - she would never see it again.

Laslow, or Inigo as she was now informed, was going home. Going home to the world he belonged to. She had made a promise to follow him anywhere, and she wasn’t one for breaking promises. She had said her farewells, and now she was saying her final goodbyes to the world she knew.
She turned to look into her room again, to her beloved family. Soleil and Kana cuddled contently as they slept, which brought a smile to the dragon princess’ face.

“It’s not too late to back out, you know,” Laslow said from behind her. He had been watching her for a little while, slowly accumulating guilt from being the one who to drag her away from the only world she had ever known.

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a comparison of Coatl and Bogsneaks

Figure A- blepper tongues

Figure B- stomps. note- bogsneaks have bigger stomps.

Figure C- “whoa” flippers. good for intimidation. more feathery on coatl.

Figure D- swoopy tails. note- coatls’ just slightly swoopier.

Figure E- butt flappers. regular on coatl, not regular on bogsneak.

Figure F- Fat. F is for fat and flawless

conclusion- good dragons. perfect specimens