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Somewhere in a dark room, a male Tumblr artist draws a girl. But this is no ordinary girl that he is drawing. You see, the girl he is drawing in this work in particular has slightly bigger boobs and hips than the girls he usually draws. With one deft stroke, he bravely erases her thigh gap; a selfless act of martyrdom to the fat women everywhere who so desperately needed his help. At last, some REAL representation! Their voices can finally be heard! He gently brushes the eraser shavings off of the picture and holds it up to the light, but does so carefully, so as not to uncork the lightning he had just captured in a bottle. As he looks upon his drawing the way a mother looks at her newborn child, he takes a moment to reflect on the monumental societal impact he has made. A single tear rolls down his cheek as he lovingly proclaims “thicc.”

park jihoon|enemies to lovers

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member: park jihoon
genre: fluffy w a bit of angst 
summary: school au! enemies to lovers au! you got publicly turned down and humiliated by jihoon in middle school but what happens when you see him again in high school especially with him giving a sincere apology and doing stuff like giving you 50 roses to get you to forgive him and maybe even fall for him. will you?
requested: yes
enemies to lovers series: bae jinyoung | ong seongwoo | park jihoon | kim jaehwan | lai guanlin

  • it was your first day at high school and it was going pretty smoothly
  • but you couldn’t fight down the little bit of nagging at the back of your mind 
  • “what if he was here”
  • you were hoping and praying he wasn’t
  • but your prayers were bloody useless
  • because as you walked into maths class
  • there he was with all his new friends
  • looking even more handsome then when you last saw him
  • park jihoon
  • and before you knew it your mind flashbacked all the way too middle school
  • in the middle school you didn’t look so good
  • you hadn’t gone through the good part of puberty, your braces looked bad, and the glasses you wore didn’t suit your face
  • you wore baggy comfy clothing and you constantly broke out
  • the only thing you did was study super hard and stay in the library all recess and lunch
  • nobody wanted to be friends with you
  • you didn’t let it get to you much you just wanted someone to be there for you 
  • you know?
  • so when you got assigned to tutor the most good looking guy in school park jihoon in maths
  • you were excited but also terrified 
  • at first it was a bit awkward
  • but after a while you learnt jihoon was more than just a pretty face
  • he was sweet and caring and worked hard
  • he treated you the same even though you weren’t in the same “league” as him
  • after a few months of tutoring
  • spending time together laughing joking
  • basically becoming best friends 
  • you realised you liked him a lot
  • jihoon would remember every small thing about you
  • “hey i got you your favorite drink” he would say smiling sweetly handing it to you in the morning
  • you’d blush back and reply with a thanks
  • jihoon would compliment you
  • when you wore something nice he’d be like
  • “wow you look really nice today” with a bit of an awe struck expression
  • making you feel all giddy and thanking him with a hug
  • and every time he would smile at you your heart fluttered
  • he’d give you cheeky winks during class making you smirk or laugh 
  • and after months of after school tutoring at your favourite cafe
  • with heart warming smiles and funny faces in class
  • texting every single night about the deepest subjects or the most random things
  • you thought that jihoon liked you too
  • so your idiotic self decided to ask him out when he was sitting with all of his friends during lunch
  • “uhhh hey jihoon could i talk to you” you shyly asked blushing
  • “um sure” he replied glancing at his friends
  • but his friends were complete dicks and teased you
  • “oh come on just tell him right here”
  • “yeah don’t be a pussy”
  • “spit it out”
  • with all the pressure you took a deep breath and quickly said
  • “jihoon i like you so will you go out with me?”
  • your heart was hammering and you were fidgeting and you could not look at him in the eye
  • you were super hopeful but all that died as quickly as you asked him
  • before he could even answer all his friends burst out laughing
  • “you and jihoon??!! are you crazy??”
  • “you might be his tutor but you’re definitely not girlfriend material”
  • “look at you! you’re disgusting”
  • “you have pimples everywhere, you’re fat, your braces and glasses don’t suit you at all”
  • “right jihoon right??!!”
  • the whole school was looking at the scene 
  • and you were about to burst into tears damn you tried to not let what they said get to you but hearing that it hurt a lot
  • a small bit of you thought jihoon might defend you right?
  • but no he made it so much more worse
  • “yeah the guys are right, you can leave now” he said coldly
  • but jihoon internally was screaming to himself to bash his friends up for saying that shit 
  • and to say yes to you but he couldn’t
  • his stupid self cared more about what his friends thought and his reputation than you 
  • and when he met your eyes which was filled with unshed tears
  • he wanted to kill him self for hurting you this much
  • he knew you he fell for you a long time ago
  • yeah your appearance might not be perfect but you were the sweetest girl he’s ever met
  • and you cared about him for his personality not his appearance or popularity
  • you guys could have actual conversations and joke around the whole time you were together
  • you made him laugh and have a good time
  • one smile from you could make his whole day 
  • but he cared about his stupid reputation more
  • and when he looked at you in the eye he knew he completely lost you
  • your heart shattered as he told you to leave
  • you thought you meant something to him and you were so wrong 
  • you ran out of there crying not caring about missing the rest of school
  • you ran all the way home and broke down into tears as you got to your bedroom
  • but that was years ago after that incident you moved schools
  • and you never heard the name or saw park jihoon again
  • until that day
  • with his gorgeous brown eyes and pink lips and his neat but slightly messy hair
  • his smile fuck you’re sure heart fluttered a bit
  • BUT HELL NO after what he did
  • you could never like him again you hate him right?
  • with your head held high you walked straight past him
  • he didn’t recognize you
  • if he did you’d be surprised
  • you glowed up A LOT
  • your acne cleared, you wore contacts, braces off, you didn’t wear baggy clothes, you looked like a different person
  • but as the teacher called your name out on the roll he frantically searched around the room
  • his eyes landed on you
  • and shit the tension
  • jihoon knew it was you, you might be stunningly gorgeous now
  • but those eyes
  • the eyes which made him fall so deeply for you
  • the ones which made him leave his shitty friends after you left and actually grow up
  • he knew you must hate him but old habits die hard
  • and he gave you his signature wink and a cheeky smile like he always did when maths class started in middle school
  • your stomach did backflips
  • and you remembered when he used to do that back in middle school
  • you couldn’t help but smile a little 
  • he saw the small smile and he couldn’t help but grin like a lunatic 
  • he might have a chance with you after all 
  • when the bell rung you tried to dash out of there as fast as possible
  • but jihoon was already standing in the doorway waiting for probably you 
  • and your mind was saying SHIT SHIT SHIT ABORT ABORT NOW!!
  • you were literally contemplating jumping out the window
  • but you couldn’t really do that as much as you tempted to
  • so you took a deep breath and tried to walk as gracefully out of the classroom as possible
  • that failed 
  • you ended up tripping on one of the desks
  • and guess what you ended up falling straight into who’s arms
  • jihoon’s arms
  • he caught you easily and you automatically gripped his toned arms making you blush
  • he couldn’t help but smirk at your clumsiness 
  • “hey i got you princess” he said soothingly
  • you got chills as you heard his deeper more attractive voice 
  • and your heart couldn’t help but flutter at the old nickname 
  • he always called you princess and every time he did you couldn’t help but feel a little better
  • but damn he got taller and even more good looking if that was even possible
  • “thanks” you mumbled and tried to run away like literally you started sprinting
  • but jihoon was faster and he grabbed your wrist and pleaded
  • “please y/n just listen to me”
  • you knew you couldn’t say no to those gorgeous chocolate eyes and that voice 
  • “fine you have 5 minutes” you said coldly
  • jihoon was slightly taken aback by your cold tone but said as sincerely as possible
  • “i’m so so sorry for that incident in middle school i was a complete jerk who cared more about his friends then the girl he was completely and madly in love with. gosh i should of defended you, and said yes, not cared about my stupid social life. the moment you left i knew how much i fucked up and i left my friends and actually grew up. i know you must still hate me but i just wanted you to know that.”
  • you were completely shocked was an understatement
  • your head was spinning at THE GIRL HE WAS COMPLETELY AND MADLY IN LOVE WITH BIT??!!!
  • like is he lying is he being truthful??
  • and the fact how fast your heart was beating was PISSING YOU OFF 
  • you were supposed to hate this this….completely utterly sweet gorgeous guy in front you HES SUPPOSED TO BE A JERK 
  • not a bloody sweetheart
  • but you couldn’t let your heart give in that easily, and before you could stop yourself
  • you said to him half sweetly half bitchily conflicted much  “you said you changed huh? prove it. you have once chance park jihoon.”
  • jihoon was actually so happy that you’re giving him a chance and already thinking about the flowers you liked and which food you liked to eat
  • “i’ll prove you wrong” he said with a sweet smile
  • and in your head you did secretly hope he did
  • but instead you raised an eyebrow and turned around and walked as fast as you could out of that corridor controlling the urge to sprint the fuck out of there
  • and when jihoon said he’d prove you oh boy he did
  • even though he was a pretty shy and private person
  • with the help of woojin, jinyoung, daehwi and guanlin his best friends they made sure everyday was a new opportunity for a hella overtop and dramatic gesture
  • like jihoon was like “i should get her a single rose right?”
  • “JIHOON NO you’re getting her at least 12″ woojin would say rolling his eyes
  • “12′s too little like maybe 20??” jinyoung would suggest
  • “nah 20′s a weird number of roses, 24 is better” guanlin would say
  • “NUH NUH PEOPLE you need to get her 50 ROSES jihoon you were a complete and utter asshole and that. is. final.” daehwi said sassily ending the conversation
  • making jihoon groan and whine 
  • mentally calculating how much money he’ll have to spend in the next few weeks if this keeps up 
  • so the next day
  • you found 50 roses on your desk during maths 
  • you rolled your eyes at the overtop and huge bouquet but could help but think the roses looked gorgeous
  • you knew it was jihoon who sent them
  • so you shouted across the classroom to the boys “NOT GOOD ENOUGH”
  • which all led them to groan and you just smirked
  • but damn ALL THE GIRLS were fangirling 
  • the next few days you made sure to bring an extra bag
  • one day it was a huge teddy bear
  • another was your favourite cake
  • then was like 7 boxes of pizza 
  • and it kept on going for like 2 whole entire weeks
  • you couldn’t help it but your heart soften at how hard jihoon was trying to prove he changed
  • he would still bring you your favourite drink every morning with a sweet “good morning! hope you slept well!” even though you didn’t say a word to him and mostly glared 
  • he would keep making silly faces in class like he used to 
  • and for the first few weeks you actually didn’t react 
  • but after a while you couldn’t help but giggle
  • and damn his face lit up as you did and he had the most heart melting smile on
  • all the guys were teasing about how whipped he was
  • he never denied it though
  • the teacher assigned you to tutor a maths student since miraculously you’re actually good at the subject tf no not me
  • you secretly hoped it was jihoon but at the same time you DID NOT want it to be him
  • so when your teacher told you it was jihoon you weren’t surprised she said your tutoring sessions started this afternoon in the library 
  • but when you got to the library you were surprised to only see kang daniel there who was not in your class but still a pretty good friend
  • “uhh hey daniel?? i’m not supposed to tutor you right?” you ask a bit confused
  • “wait what tutoring?? nope it’s not me but keep me company while i wait for seongwoo” he said casually
  • “okay sure” you said while taking a seat across from him
  • “so what’s happening between you and jihoon?” he asked smirking
  • “uh nothing??” you say trying to act dumb
  • “nothing sureee the whole school’s seen you carrying his gifts” he said disbelievingly
  • “plus the SEXUAL CHEMISTRY DAMN and also how much you stare at each other” he added
  • “WE DO NOT!!” you exclaim protesting
  • “uh huh sure you don’t” seongwoo said sarcastically slipping in the seat next to daniel 
  • “ayyyeee bro you’re here” daniel said putting an arm around seongwoo
  • “how are you not together yet???” you question trying to change the subject
  • “uh cause we both have girlfriends” seongwoo said 
  • “mhmm sure you guys do probably covers for your secret relationship” you say
  • “you might have a point there” daniel says cheekily while giving you a wink
  • “we gotta go have fun with mr pretty boy” seongwoo says smirking giving a nod at jihoon who gives a nod back
  • you spin around to spot jihoon who’s dashing into library all sweaty and puffed
  • he pants out “i-i’m s-sorry i’m l-late i thought we started n-next week”
  • you can’t help but laugh at him and say “wow you really need to work out”
  • “hey! i have abs!” he protests and he couldn’t help but smile at the fact he made you laugh even though he had to run from the other end of school for it
  • he’d probably run a marathon for you 
  • you bursted out laughing and poked his stomach
  • “UH HUH SUREEEEEEEE YOU HAVE ABS” you said still laughing
  • “I WILL!!” he exclaims
  • because of your loud laughing and his exclaims
  • you guys get kicked out by the librarian and you both laughed the whole entire way out
  • “well where do we go now?” you ask
  • “our old cafe is still open what about there??”
  • you remember it as clear as day and gosh you missed those afternoons with jihoon there
  • “sure i’d like that” you said sweetly 
  • you slowly realised as you kept joking around and talking with jihoon as you got to the cafe
  • he really did change and damn those butterflies were coming back again
  • and to be honest you really did not want to stop it
  • as you go to the cafe 
  • jihoon told you to get a seat and he’d pay and order
  • and hey free drinks you ain’t gonna complain
  • he came back with his drink and your favourite drink from the cafe
  • you couldn’t help but melt into a puddle of goo and you said in awe
  • “you remembered??”
  • “of course i did” he said sincerely
  • and you knew right there and then 
  • you were going to fall for jihoon again
  • let’s hope this time you didn’t get heartbroken
  • in the next 3 months you and jihoon became super close
  • every week you’d go to the cafe and he’d buy the drinks and you guys would joke around and talk but also do maths work
  • you guys would text every night
  • the winks and funny faces in class became a regular
  • and he’d still get you a crazy over the top gift every 2 weeks making you laugh and smile
  • with your heart beating like crazy 
  • you were falling for him HARD so much more than you did before
  • which is why you were so much more scared of getting hurt
  • jihoon always knew he was never over you and he was right
  • and if it was even possible he was even more in love with you then you were with him
  • you also weirdly became best friends with seongwoo and daniel
  • they would always tease you two A LOT 
  • along with daehwi, woojin, jinyoung and guanlin
  • but they also secretly threatened jihoon about you 
  • “jihoon i like you i really do but if you make her cry i will personally make sure you’ll never be able to reproduce ever again” seongwoo said nicely threatening him
  • “seongwoo’s being too nice i’ll make sure you don’t live to like another girl okay??” daniel says with a bit more edge
  • “you promise not to hurt her right??” seongwoo asked
  • jihoon was so taken aback but also quickly reassured them
  • “of course of course i’m completely in love with y/n i promise i won’t hurt her ever again especially like the way i did before” 
  • “okay good if you make her happy we’ll be the nicest people you’ll ever know” daniel says with a relieved smile
  • even daehwi, woojin, jinyoung and guanlin who you also became really close with were like
  • “dude if you hurt her like you’re my friend but i will beat you up” woojin said
  • “count me in” jinyoung added
  • “like i really do love you jihoon but y/n damn don’t know how she even gave you a chance but if you mess it up i won’t hesitate to mess you up” guanlin casually said
  • “just don’t hurt her and you won’t have to deal with the consequences” daehwi finished with a warning tone 
  • jihoon was like slightly scared of like his friends turning on him but he quickly reassured them that he would never want to hurt you 
  • gosh i want these guys in my life sooo bad 
  • jihoon finally decided after one study date session to ask you out
  • he decided to do it infront of everyone like you did years ago
  • he hated being this public but he felt this is the only way his guilt will finally go away 
  • he knew there as possibility you wanted revenge and would reject him in front of EVERYONE but he didn’t care
  • he deserved it for hurting you 
  • he deserved so much more than that for hurting you 
  • so the next day he got a beautiful bouquet of your favourite flowers 
  • and as everyone settled down in the cafeteria
  • he came up to you everyone quieted down hoping he was asking you out
  • since the whole school has been waiting for it to happen 
  • jihoon came up to you shaking at how nervous he was with the flowers in one hand
  • and your eyes widened as he kept on approaching 
  • your heart started beating super duper fast
  • and your stomach was doing backflips 
  • jihoon came up to you with that adorable smile of him and nervously said “uhh y/n so years ago you were in this position and i was complete utter immature idiot and rejected you so here i am in the same vulnerable position hoping for the complete opposite of what happened before”
  • your eyes widened at every word and you knew what he was about to ask and you knew your answer
  • jihoon took a deep breath before asking 
  • “y/n, i have loved you for years and i love you more and more every day so will you go out with me?”
  • you were shocked but you were so so happy 
  • but a mischievous grin settled on your face
  • hey he rejected you in front of your school years ago sooo he should have a little taste of his own medicine
  • “no” you shortly reply and his face fell and he looked so sad that you couldn’t help but 
  • burst out into a huge grin and said “nah i’m just kidding i’d love to jihoon”
  • “wait really??!!” jihoon exclaimed as a grin broke out on his face
  • “yeah i really do” you say giggling as you felt the happiest you ever felt
  • you wrapped your arms around him and he instantly hugged you tightly back
  • you felt so loved in his arms and the fact you knew he loved you back made his hugs a 100 times better 
  • you look at each other and you heart kept beating faster and faster
  • and then he leaned in slowly and as your lips met
  • there were fireworks everywhere in both of your minds
  • you part after a little while from the sweet kiss 
  • everyone was cheering and wolf whistling 
  • with a “WOW JIHOON IS ACTUALLY NOT GAY” from daehwi 
  • “i wish he was” guanlin said jokingly not
  • but neither of you payed attention to them
  • his face is in the most love struck smile you’ve ever seen
  • he gave you THAT smile where he ends up getting a bit embarrassed and looks down but still can’t help the huge smile on his face 
  • and gosh your heart died
  • he whispered to you with you guys still hugging each other 
  • and you knew that you finally got your happy ending when he said 
  • “i love you MY princess”

IM SORRY FOR NOT ADDING ALL THE WANNA ONE MEMBERS UGH it bothers me when i add most of them but not all bUT WHatEVer anywaysssss 3rd instalment of enemies to lovers series!!! yayyyyy i originally had the plot soooo different like a fashionista thing but i changed it which is why it took me so long to post whoopssss BUT HOPE YALL LIKE IT 

also special thanks to everyone in everyong who gave me motivation to actually start and finish this fic and to joy hope anon who i love heaps and my first regular anon hope you like it!!!

You are Beautiful (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hello! If your requests are still open, I would love to request something! Could I have a Jughead x Reader fic where the reader and jughead are dating and the reader is very insecure about herself and constantly questions why Jughead is with her? Maybe she talks to Archie about it and he reassures her that everything is fine? Could there be fluff at the end? Thank you so much! I love your writing!

Plus size reader x jughead

A/N: It took me a while to do this but I do hope you enjoy it! I added two requests together and changed it just a bit. Requests are Welcome!


You Are Beautiful (Jughead x Reader)

Looking down at the tight black dress hugging your figure, negative thoughts flood your mind.

It’s too tight. Turning in the mirror, you sigh in frustration. You could see fat everywhere.

Your chest tightens at the thought and you peel the dress off. Screw this, jeans and a sweatshirt it is. You change quickly and rush out the door. Hopefully the girls won’t be mad.

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anonymous asked:

RFA and unknown with chubby!mc on the beach. Some guys harass her abt being fat in her swimsuit. How does each person react?

HELLO MOD SAERAN HERE :)) *WARNING*: heavy body shaming please read at your own risk, as a chubby person this can trigger >.< so please read at your own risk BUT IF YOU DO JUST KNOW EACH MAN/WOMEN DEFENDS YOU LIKE THE BEAUTIFUL GODDESS YOU ARE!


-In exactly two weeks, your boyfriend will have his first day off in months because he started his new movie. After the RFA party, Zen became a bigger name in Korea. He even reached all the way to the United States. For exactly 6 months you and Zen were in Los Angeles, California, filming one of his new movies. You were handling the fame well according to Zen’s eyes but…. he didn’t know that you contemplated leaving him so many times. The reason for that is because you were bullied by fans every day….. from social media….the press…..and his fan letters. Nothing compares to his extreme fan girls because they all made fun of you because you were chubby.

-Before his rise to fame, Zen knew you were insecure of your body and he always reminded you he loved your rolls. He loved grabbing it and kissing it when you guys were intimate *cough fucking cough* so you slowly were learning to love yourself by the help of Zen. However, it wasn’t easy because you were with the most perfect man in the entire universe. He was the head of many Fashion Magazines and was even offered to be a model. He declined the modeling job because he wanted to focus on acting. So you were always the girl who “ was lucky to be with him”. But you learned to hide it well because you didn’t want Zen to worry about you.

-The day finally came and you were hoping he would just want to stay home and relax with you at the house. You heard his footsteps coming closer to you and you were anxious of what he was going to say. “ Baby!! How is my princess” he ran to you hugging you and then picking you up twirling you around. You were always worried about breaking him but he insisted that you were light. “ I’m fine… so where does my Prince Charming want to go on his day off” I giggled while flicking his nose. He smiled and casually said “ let’s go to the beach! I’m in the mood for some waves! I’m going to try surfing again babe! I know.. IT’S NOT GONNA BE LIKE LAST TIME! I will not fall” he laughed while heading towards the closet. You walked after him thinking about why does he WHY the beach. You didn’t want to show your body. People weren’t lying California Girls were beautiful. Sun Kiss skin. Skinny and beautiful. You? Fat. Ugly. Rolls everywhere. Zen notice the change of your face and went to you and grabbed your chin to make him look at him “ if a guy flirts with you I will punch them because you are gorgeous inside and out. I will punch them baby I swear” he brought you closer to him and kissed your forehead gently.

-You guys finally reached the beach and you were wearing a dress swimsuit and Zen was just wearing shorts and a tank top. He looked like one of those Hollister models while you looked like a potato. He held your hand proudly and dragged you so you guys can find a seat. He found an umbrella that was vacant and he got the chairs he was carrying and set everything up. You plopped down the chair and gave a heavy sigh. You were doing okay till you heard a group of guys laughing. “Holy shit EVERYONE LOOK IT’S ZEN AND HIS SHAMOO GIRLFRIEND. I’m surprised you didn’t break the chair sweetie. Next time warn us when you are about to throw yourself !! We are a earthquake state and we don’t want to confuse your falls with an earthquake!!” He was laughing and all his friends were high fiving him. Yo got home and tried running but the sand was slowing you down. “ Awww is the whale having problem running!! You should run more so you can actually look good in a swimsuit” his voice sounded like poison while you fell onto the sand and cried your eyes out.

-You wanted the sand to swallow you up because you can’t believe that Zen even wanted to be with you. “HAHA miss piggy is laughing !! Awww is she to fa-” you heard a body fall onto the sand and heard human flesh being beaten. You turned around and saw Zen rearranging the dudes face. “Don’t you fucking DARE talk about my girlfriend like that. *punch* I am *punch* lucky that she *punch* wants to be *punch* with someone *punch* like *grabs his head and slammed it into the ground* me.” The other friends were starting to run off screaming and Zen was running after his prey. He jumped onto this guy and kicked the air out of him. “ And you wanna be James Franco *kicks* I heard *kicks* your smart remark *kick* that you thought *kick* she deserved *picks him up and throws him to the water* to fucking fall”. The rest of the group were apologizing and left running.

-Zen ran to you with bleeding knuckles helping you up. “Baby I’m so sorry. I’m so fucking sorry those guys hurt you. I’m sorry baby. I’m honored to be your boyfriend. Shit. You are the only one for me I don’t care if you are plus size. Regular size is boring trust me *he gave you a wink* *he hugged you and grabbed onto your ass and smacked it.. hard…* I love that I have more to grab on. Now let’s go wash my baby up so I can eat you” you blushed heavily and left to the car.


-Jumin loved everything about you. He loved that you were plus sized. He fucking lived for it. He especially loved it when the two of you were having sex and you sat on his face. He loved being suffocated by your pussy and it juices. From the day he first met you, he loved you. He fucking loved you so much, he would shit talk on designers who didn’t make plus size clothing. He would say it in front of their face. Shit he didn’t give a FUCK. He hired plus size designers to make your clothes and lingerie. If you hated a roll, expect that roll to have hickies and love bites on it. He loved you from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes. Don’t get me started on how he loves that Elizabeth 3rd loves cuddling with you.

-One day he decided to work from home because he wanted to spend time with you and Elizabeth. You were making a big breakfast as always because you cooked for the both of you and the guards. He honestly loved that about you. You were so selfless that you always put yourself last. He just chuckled seeing his employees eating their breakfast nervously because they weren’t use to eating on the clock. However, to ease the situation, you created a system. One group of men would be eating while the other would be outside guarding and then once the men or done eating they will eat. Jumin loved your thinking so he made sure the fridge and cabinets were always in stock. The chef was still employed because you needed help making a big breakfast, lunch and dinner !! When you and Jumin were going out on dates you made sure the chef made food for the guards that were protecting the penthouse. Jumin sweared that each and every passing day he fell more in love with you.

-When he was signing documents and editing them because people can’t tell the difference between Arial and Arial black he overheard you talking to Elizabeth 3rd. “ My lovely Elizabeth…. how I miss the ocean…. I’m not sure if Jumin ever took you near the beach but just hearing the sound of the waves….feeling the wet sand between my toes makes me feel at peace.” You heard her heavily sigh and you heart was about to burst. How can this angel… JESUS Christ. What kind of a man am I for not taking her to a place that she loves. You were about to go to her and ask her for forgiveness until you heard her crying. “ but Elizabeth *meow* the thing is I don’t tell Jumin because I’m ashamed of being next to him in a swimsuit. I’m ugly and fat and he is perfect. He is famous for being rich for crying out loud. Aren’t rich people suppose to be with supermodels and people who are gorgeous, tall, lean, and bright eyes!! I’m fat, ugly, short, with boring eye color.” Jumins heart broke. The guards who were hearing you from the outside were crying. Elizabeth was meowing sadly. The chef who was cleaning his hands in the sink were crying. The whole world was crying. Jumin was going to take you to the fucking ocean even if it means millions of dollars buying out a whole resort with a private beach. GUESS WHAT he did the next min. He bought a fucking resort that had a private beach.

-Jumin was already packing his shit. Jumin was packing your shit. Jumin was packing Elizabeth 3rd Shit. Jumin went outside to the guard and told him to call homes to get their shit pack. He called driver Kim to get the limo ready and to get the jet ready as well. He came to you and told you the news of how he decided to buy a resort and why not use it right now. You hugged him and told him that you were going to get everything ready. You were about to leave for the room but he hugged you from behind and told you that everything was already ready. You told the guards that had to stay :( sorry and that she wishes that they could come along. They fucking loved you. The guards who went along with the chief of security had their bags ready and everything. Because they knew…. they were able to sorta enjoy this mini vacation.

-When you two got there..people were waiting outside to greet the two of you. You guys proceed to head to the presidential suite. You told the guards to take turns sleeping and enjoying the resort. The guards fucking loved you have I mention? They wouldn’t hesitate taking a bullet for you. When you entered the suite you ran to the balcony to look out doors. You were in awe you had to.. YOU JUST HAVE TO GO NOW. You went back inside and Jumin was already in shorts ready to go and he gently threw a swimsuit towards you. You notice it wasn’t your usual dress swimsuit. It was a real bikini one. You looked at Jumin shook. He should know how you feel about this. “You look sexy kitten trust me. It’s going to be only us two it’s a private beach! Please baby pleaaaaseee wear this for daddy ?” He pouted :3 JESUS CHRIST WHEN JUMIN HAN CALLS HIMSELF DADDY WHEN YALL NOT FUCKING IT’S A SERIOUS DEAL. You rolled your eyes and he knew he won >:D.

-You PUT it on and JESUS CHRIST the bikini was beautiful and he went closer to you and wrapped his arns around you tenderly. You flicked his nose “ last one there is going to be submissive” and YOU FUCKING RAN. YOU WERE LIKE RUN FOREST RUN. You ran past some of the guards who were waiting by the elevator “ PUSH THE FUCKING BUTTON PLEASE AND STAAALLLL HIM” they loved moments like these >:3. They pushed the button and you pressed the closed door and you saw Jumin running to Stop the door from closing but a guard was like Mr. Han wait she took the stairs. Jumin knew that wasn’t you because who the fuck like taking stairs. He heard you laugh when the door closed and he took the stairs. He went down 13 flights of stairs quickly and then went to the elevator and pressed the button and when it opened you were shook. He was sweaty and had a smirk on his face. When the elevator hit the 1st floor. You pushed him to the far corner of the elevator and ran for it. He obviously caught up to you and picked you up and had you over his shoulder laughing. You two finally reached the beach and he put you down gently and kissed you. He loved seeing you smile because it made him feel warm inside.

-The other guards were patrolling the area to make sure there were no intruders in Mr. Hans resort. You waved at them and they waved back. You ran to the ocean till you heard a group of girls calling for you. You looked around and you saw a group of girls with their boyfriends. You knew they were making fun of you and it hurt so much. “ Wow I didn’t know fat people like you actually have Bikinis made for them. Sweetie 2 piece are only made for us skinny people.” She laughed. “ Yeah whoever told you that you actually looked decent lied to your fucking face because god *he closed his eyes* you would even make a blind man cringe in disgust”. Tears were rolling down your face so quickly. You just wanted to have a good time but this THIS group had to ruin everything. You turned back and you saw mad fucking men. Jumin was giving death glares to the man who was harassing you. The 3 guards on his each side of him was ready to fucking attack because no one messes with you ESPECIALLY CAUSE YOU WERE SO NICE AND LOVING TO THEM. Jumin slowly walked to the guy and looked down on him “ you really think you’re a big shot aren’t you. News flash. You ain’t shit *looked at the female who made fun of you * and you ain’t shit. Now if you would excuse me *HE FUCKING PUNCH THE GUY AND HE WAS K/O WITH ONE FUCKING PUNCH. Jumin had a serious face “ attack now.” THE GUARDS WERE UNLEASHED AND THEY FCKING CHASED AND BEAT DOWN THE OTHER MALES. Jumin picked up you and took you to the ocean. He whispered words of love and care into your ear until you started to believe them again.


-Yoosung joined the coffee club and he actually participated in every single event :’D. He was amazing at making coffee now thanks to Jaehee help. You loved it because every time you woke up, there was always a different smell lingering throughout the apartment. You loved it but in the beginning it was nasty smells because POOR BABY WAS WAS WAASSS JUST EXPERIMENTING. But after months of patients and LOVE, he became really good at it. For Christmas one year, jaehee bought him a coffee making set and you bought him all the ingredients he needed. He cried so hard because you always believed in him from the very beginning. He always told you that you were his inspiration for trying to make the best coffee in the world.

-So slowly, yoosung was climbing thru the ranks of the coffee club and ended up Vice President :’D. When he was announced that he was chosen to be Vice President, he was being manly and told them that they will always make amazing coffee. When the both of you got home, HE TACKLED YOU AND HUGGED YOU AND CRIED. POOR BABY. Yoosung being Vice President actually made the coffee club more fun because there were always bonding activities. You always refused to go and told him to spend time with his friends and that you were gonna stay home and continue studying. He was hesitant that something was wrong but being the theater major that you are, you convinced him that nothing was wrong :).

-However, you promised him to go to one event and that he better chose it good. You thought he forgot about it but one day he came SCREAMING into the building and you heard him all the way up from the 3rd floor. JESUS he was that loud. “ BAAAABBBBBYYY BAABABBABAYYYYYY I HAVE NEEEWWSS  FOR YOU!!” You heard him singing baby and oh god what is it now. He kicked the door open and he was in flip flops and shorts with an LOL tank top. “ BABE GET READY WE ARE HEADING TO THE BEACH. THIS IS MY EVENT OF CHOOSING LETS GO” He said with a grin. You heard him breathing heavily and you were thinking, did he really ran all the way to the house from campus. Dear god he was serious. You went to the bedroom and changed into your two piece that can be mistaken for a swim dress but it wasn’t. You then put regular clothes over and ready to go face the beach with a fake smile :(. When you were on the club bus to head to the beach he notice that you didn’t have a real smile on your face and he asked what’s wrong and you just shook it off and said nothing that you were worrying about an assignment. HE BLAMED HIMSELF FOR DRAGGING YOU THERE. HE EVEN TOLD YOU HE WILL PRACTICE LINES WITH YOU AND EVERYTHING TO MAKE UP FOR THE SUDDEN ADVENTURE. You gave him one of your famous smiles and he kissed your forehead. If only he knew….

-You guys arrived at the beach and you wanted to just say sitting on the bench. You saw the rest of the members taking of their clothes to be just with their swim suits, running to the ocean. You wish you had the confidence to do that. Yoosung took of his tank top and and was ready to run for it but he saw that you weren’t moving. He went closer to you and you know you had to do it before he started worrying again. You took of the clothes and were just in your swimsuit and his nose started to bleed. He always believed you were a thick goddess made just for him. You cleaned his nose with your shirt. He grabbed your hand and made you run with him. You were starting to enjoy yourself because your boyfriend was laughing and his laugh made you smile. You guys made it to the water and jumped in. You were having a blast till….. “DAMN FAT ASS YOU CAUGHT US OFF GUARD. YOU CREATED AN EXTRA WAVE.” they laughed while pointing at you. Yoosung notice and he looked at you and everything clicked for him.

-”EVERYONE A WHALE IS IN SHORE OH MY GOD EVERYONE BE CAREFUL WE MIGHT GET A TSUNAMI.” The group of jerks continued to laugh. Tears were forming in your eyes and you grabbed yoosung hands and tried dragging him away. He took his hand away from you and you saw his eyes were dark purple. Oh shit. The man as come out. He ran there like a fucking bull and jumped onto the guy and was destroying him. The guys friends were calling 911 because yoosung was going animalistic. The police came and it took 4 officers to get yoosung off the guy. Yoosung was yelling and him and you were crying. You were a mess. You called Jumin because you needed help bailing yoosung out of jail. Jumin picked you up 3 mins after you called him and followed the police car to jail. Before they were going to book him, Jumin put a briefcase down and pushed the button to open it. There was 2 millions dollars in that suitcase and they let yoosung go without booking him. Jumin gave the two of you a ride in his limo back to his apartment and he asked what in the world happened. You told him with tears in your eyes and he looked at yoosung and gave him a smirk. He told him that he was proud. you guys got home and you gave him the biggest hug and told him thank you. He cried.

Jaehee *she is gonna be short*

-You guys were set to go on a date on the beach. She knew your insecurities but she didn’t give a fuck what other people said because she loved you and your thick self. So to make compromise with you because she wanted you to have a good time and be comfortable, it was suppose to happen around 7:30.

-you decided to meet her there because she wanted to go early and prepare everything. She wanted everything to be romantic. So since you knew there were going to be few people there are the beach, you decided to wear a bikini and you wore a dress over it. You were excited to go see the love of your life :’D

-you arrived at the beach and now you were just looking for the tower she texted you to arrive at. You were walking on the sand heading your way over to the tower. Fuck. You saw a group of college students having a bonfire. Shit they are drinking. You start to pick up the pace hoping PRAYING they won’t notice you. Sadly, god was busy taking other people’s request. “HEY DONUT WHY DON’T YOU COME OVER HERE AND LET US ROAST YOUR FATASS”. His other friend “ YEAH I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU HAVE TO USE CURTAIN DRAPES AS CLOTHES” she laughed evilly. God you wanted to cry but you kept walking. But then the bitch who told you about using curtains as clothes followed you calling you names. You wanted it to stop. You wanted to find jaehee. You started to run and the BITCH was running after you calling you names. You kept running faster until you heard a thud behind you. You decided to stop running and you looked back. You saw your girlfriend kicking her fucking ass. She dislocated her shoulder and broke her nose. She got sand and threw it to her face and then Jaehee spit on her.

-She walked over to you and hugged you and kissed your lips gently and then went towards your neck and gave it little nibbles. She loved you for who you are and she kissed you again while gripping your thighs.

Saeyoung: *he is gonna be short as well*

-You guys finally decided to get out of the house for once. You both wanted fresh air and he insisted on going to the beach and you told him no. You wanted to go to the mountains. He told you no. He said beach. You said mountains. But you felt bad because he really wanted to go to the beach and you weren’t going to let your DAMN insecurity keeping you from having a good time. You finally said yes and he grabbed your hips and pulled you towards him for a deep kiss. He gripped your ass and you guys had a quickie. Lol.

-You guys took a shower together a quick one and got ready. You were putting on a swim suit dress and he shakes his head. He made you put on a bikini because he believed that you had the sexiest body ever. You blushed because he looked at you with hunger. You put a shirt and a skirt over it so you can go out in public normal. He got ready as well and it was off to the beach !

-When you guys got there he notice the sand was really hot. Like burning hot and he didn’t want your feet to get blisters. So he told you to hop on his back and that he was going to carry you till you guys got to the squishy sand. He notice that you were hesitating so he just picked you up bridal style and gave you a smirk. He was strolling by the volleyball court and you were nervous. He were hiding your face between your hands. He told you that he wasn’t going to let you fall but oh boy. That was the last thing you were thinking. You notice that two men were laughing and pointing at you and you were guessing your boyfriend didn’t notice. Damn how you wanted him to move faster. WHY WAS HE BEING SO SLOW. “Hey bud!! Red head” one of them yelled. Saeyoung turned around to face them “ yeah what is it?”he said with a blank expression. “ do you need help with carrying the heavy load” his friends were laughing. Saeyoung put you down kissed your foreheads and smiled. He went over and basically made the guy lose 2 teeth. He then looked for his wallet and destroyed everything of his and his family and his friends when you two got home. He left them bankrupt. He put them as felons. You name it he already did it. He wasn’t going to let a fuck boy hurt his goddess shit. You two still HE a nice time at the beach tho C:


-you two were already at the pier. Both of you guys finished your bi weekly appointment of therapy. He was slowly going back into society. You loved him so much. He was in love with you and he believed he owed his life to you. Therapy was always interesting because the session was suppose to be about him but someone he made it about the both of you. So it was like couples therapy. You were annoyed at first but then Saeran said the both of you should become better people. When he notice how much you hate yourself because you categorize yourself as “ fat” he knew he had to change your mind. No matter how many times he called you beautiful, you didn’t pay attention to him.

-That’s when he started talking about your insecurities and how it affects him because he gets so flabbergasted that an angel sent from the heaven above… Hates herself. The therapy was good for each individual but it made the relationship stronger. You guys were able to communicate more and everything. The love was amazing, the sex was phenomenal, the communication was great, life was perfect for him. He started to call saeyoung brother and not idiot brother. Everything was going good C:   

-You guys were eating ice cream on the pier enjoying each other’s presence and the sounds of the wave crashing onto the sand. He looked at you so lovingly as if he was admiring the work of art. “Pecan *YES HE CALLS YOU AFTER AN ICE CREAM FLAVOR* can we go down to the beach?” He said softly. You got up and cleaned your mouth and cleaned his *HE WAS BLUSHING MY POOR HUSBAND* and went your way down to the beach.

-You took off your sandals and he took of his shoes and rolled up pants. You were wearing shorts so you were good. You guys strolled down the whole beach with the water reaching up to your ankles. You felt so happy. So truly happy. You saw this old couple and you asked if they were nice enough to take pictures for they both of you and they happily obliged. You guys had a little photo shoot and each and every single picture was of the both of you smiling and kissing. The couple prayed that you will last until the both of you reached the heaven above. Everything was perfect. Until you saw a man pointing at you and laughing. He came closer and you were waiting for him to say something mean. You closed your eyes waiting to hear the poison entering your brain. But. Nothing. FUCKING. Happened. You opened your eyes and saw the guy looking a bit nervous. He then proceeded to tell you that you were very beautiful and that you guys look like an amazing couple. He then ran off and you looked at Saeran and before he could change his facial expression he had his death glare on. Then he changed into a smile and kissed you and smacked your ass lightly. You laughed and he did too and you continue walking with him hand in hand


you have to be pretty

Girls have to spend so much money to buy “feminine things”: tampons, menstrual cups, shaving products, make up, lingerie, cute clothes.
Girls have to spend so much time exercising in order to “get in shape”, portion controlling because gaining weight is something that should be avoided at all costs, shaving because body hairs looks gross on girls.
It’s draining, it really is, emotionally and mentally, always striving for perfection, trying to change your body because everyone around tells you it is wrong.
You’re not doing it because you want to, but because you’re afraid no one will ever love you if you don’t.
It’s wrong to accept yourself as you are because you should never be content with what you are.
Being aware of your self-worth is not attractive, especially if you don’t fit in nowadays beauty standards.
That’s out number one worry, the constant voice in the back of our heads telling us we’re not enough.
I, as a girl, have to look pretty all of the time. 
My mum demands me to wear makeup and “look presentable” when I go out with her.
She frowns when she sees me lying on my bed in my pj, messy hair and no makeup on, because I don’t look good
Girls are afraid to go out barefaced because we are teached from a very young age our natural state is something to be ashamed of.
And what drives me up the motherfucking wall is to see guys strolling across the street with stained t-shirts, sweatpants and facial hairs without feeling self-conscious.
They can do that. They can have fizzy hair, dark circles, pimples, a fat tummy, hairs everywhere. That’s normal.
They can roll out of bed and hit the streets without feeling like a fuckin’ trashcan.

I can’t do that.
Girls can have fizzy hair, dark circles, pimples, a fat tummy, hairs everywhere. That’s normal, that’s out body works. But we can’t look ugly. We can’t go outside not giving a damn because people will think we’re not attractive and we can’t bear it.
We can’t stand it because we are told the male gaze is the measurement of our worth

I’m a girl and therefore I should look pretty.
If I don’t I’m wrong

This is so sick I’m going to throw up.

Okay. So I had the image of a really soft, dough bellied Derek, resting his gut on a counter….  

Imagine Derek is the unfairly hot guy who works at the pretzel stand and Stiles is the cute guy that comes to flirt with him every time he visits the mall (which seems to be almost daily). Derek’s manager has a strict policy that to keep food fresh, any pretzels not sold every couple of hours has to be tossed and replaced. Which naturally Derek thinks is a complete waste – especially as he hardly has any customers – so he takes it upon himself to eat the leftovers. It’s Stiles constant daily torture to watch Derek constantly popping pretzel bites in his mouth. 

  • Stiles asks Derek to join him for lunch at the food court, then realizes Derek can’t possibly be hungry after eating four pretzels in under an hour (it is hardly Stiles’ fault that the comic book store is set up so he can sit and read by the window and occasionally watch Derek) and tries to backtrack.

     “Or dinner when you get off shift.”

    Derek grins and pulls off his apron. The t-shirt he’s wearing only makes the curve of his belly more apparent.

    “Underestimating me, Stiles?” He pats his belly. “I can fit at least a burger or two in here.”

    He orders two burgers, an order of fries and, a milkshake.  He finishes the first burger and fries and starts to slightly regret his decision to order the second one, the pretzels he had eaten were sitting heavily in his stomach. He feels like the epitome of excess and gluttony, leaning back in the too-small food court chair, stifling a burp. He finishes the second burgers and feels absolutely stuffed to the limit. 

    “Finally full?”

    Derek steals two slices of pizza from Stiles’s tray. Just  to prove to Stiles that he can more than anything, to show off his capacity. They have to walk slowly back after lunch, Derek keeping a hand on his overstuffed gut, rubbing it as he walks back. Thank god for the apron, because he has to undo the button on his jeans. Gonna get soft from all that food, Derek. Turning into such a doughboy…  

  • Stiles stops by and spends a full two hours talking to Derek, which is a solid deterrent for any potential customers. The two hour timer goes off for a batch of thirty bites, covered in cinnamon and sugar. Hope that belly of yours is hungry. You’re going to have to eat them all. Don’t want to let them go to waste.
  • Derek sees Stiles watching him from the bookstore window and makes sure Stiles sees him dip each pretzel bite in butter before he eats it. 

  •  Derek getting a stool to sit on behind the register. He stands most of the day, but when Stiles visits (I’m going to be huge, Stiles, if i keep eating like this) and pushes him to eat just a little more, he’d rather not stand with a belly full of food. The idea of Derek being so stuffed and weighted down by his  gut is too much. Stiles pulls Derek from behind the counter into a kiss until a customers starts screaming about sanitary conditions.  

  • Derek getting a wonderfully soft belly and love handles that spill  over his waistband, thick thighs and a nicely plump ass straining against his pants. Stiles sneaks behind Derek and grabs his thick belly as much as possible.
  • Derek realizing his belly now rests on the counter as he makes pretzels and his apron fails to fully cover his belly and sides. 
You Can Be So Cruel

Part One: Introductions

(Pietro Maximoff x Overweight!Reader) 

You used to think no one could hate you as much as you hated yourself, until you meet the speedster with a seeming desire to break you.

Words: 1595  Warnings:  Anxiety, body issues, bullying

An: Hope you like it, the next chapter will be posted this time next week 😜 x

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You were ushered through the doors and any thoughts you had of a confident, happy entrance evaporated when you stood before the Avengers, shrinking back as they examined you curiously.

“Y/n, you know the team, team this is y/n she’ll need training to increase her physical strength…” Agent Hill broke the silence and you blushed, painfully aware what she was dancing around. Your powers may have been impressive, however psychically you were anything but. You were starting to wish you had never agreed to this.

“It will be hard work for a while but I’m confident y/n will make a fine Avenger.” Steve spoke up, glancing around at his unconvinced team and giving you a apologetic smile.

There was a snigger and your head snapped up to see who it was, no one was giving anything away. Here we go again. You thought ‘earth’s mightiest heroes’ might be different and give you a chance to prove yourself beyond your appearance, but I guess people are people.

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Favorite Reads Of 2014: Some of these made me smile, some caused ugly sobbing, some I just could. not. put. down. For the full reading list, click here.


ALRIGHT SO!! here are my redesigns for my two least favorite fusions in SU,Rainbow Quartz and Stevonnie. Not to say they aren’t good characters,I for one really love Stevonnie but speaking from a fusion standpoint they both don’t make sense to me. I’ll break down more under the cut.

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ok but akiteru is totally the type to have several pics of tsukki on his mobile and he’s always talking about how adorable his baby brother is and all of his classmates and colleagues are like dying to meet this adorable child that is akiteru’s younger brother and when they tell him this, akiteru says, “oh, i have pics of him with me” and they’re all excited to see a small kid with rounded, pink cheeks, big eyes and baby fat everywhere, but what they see is a lanky 188cm tall teenage boy with a deadpan expression

Here are some quotes Jennifer Lawrence has made over the years regarding her weight:

“I’d rather look chubby on screen and like a person in real life.” – Mirror

“In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress, I’m Val Kilmer in that one picture on the beach.”– HuffPost

“I eat like a caveman. I’ll be the only actress that doesn’t have anorexia rumors.” – Entertainment Weekly

“I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner!’ […]I was trying to get my body to look fit and strong, not thin and underfed.” – Entertainment Weekly

“If anybody even tries to whisper the word 'diet,’ I’m like, 'You can go f- yourself.” – The Gaurdian

“What are you gonna do? Be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.”– The Daily Mail

Tumblr celebrates her in .gif as a paragon of quirk and body acceptance, but one thing that may have escaped your notice in the orgiastic celebration of JLaw realness that is the Internet, is that Jennifer Lawrence is a fit, attractive, 20-something woman.

Let’s concede the point here that she is, perhaps, a size or two above the accepted Hollywood norm. It’s admirable, being the star of a movie franchise aimed at teens, that she is concerned about the effect a too-svelte appearance might have on her audience, who are already bombarded with negative body messages every day. But how her statements are being delivered – and how zealous and adoring fans have interpreted her words – only reinforce our cultural standards, and perpetuate the myth that only one type of body is acceptable.

I’m not going to cover the fact that it’s messed up that a girl like Jennifer Lawrence has to justify her perfectly gorgeous body to every single media consumer in the world. We all know that’s messed up. Let’s focus instead on the fact that in order to appease our own self-doubt about our weight, we, the Internet, have decided to ignore how body-shaming the entire image of JLaw, “Spirit Animal” to fat girls everywhere, really is.

First of all, consider her quotes. She would rather look chubby on screen, but like a person in real life? This is a message of positivity only for people who consider themselves chubby, and it comes at the expense of women who are thin. Maybe they’re thin because they’re sick. Maybe they’re naturally slender. But when someone says they would rather “look like a person” than look thin, the message between the lines is that thin people don’t look like people.

I want to know, Internet: at what percentage of body fat does a woman earn the right to be a person?

I’m certain that some of my fellow fatties looked at that quote and rolled their eyes. We know that weighing more doesn’t grant one personhood, because our alleged lack of self-control and dignity are directly linked to that body fat percentage. Fat people are not people in our culture. They’re “fat people.” So, what does that quote do? It’s not empowering to anyone but women who look like Jennifer Lawrence. And it’s not a coincidence that she just happens to be the Coke-bottle standard we’re told men should prefer.

I can’t help but think of the .gifs floating around Tumblr, the ones where Lawrence talks about how much food she eats, how she loves McDonald’s fries. Would the Internet have embraced those quotes coming from a larger actress? Someone like Melissa McCarthy?

I’ve noticed a funny thing about Melissa McCarthy. Well, besides the obvious, that she’s funny. But I’ve noticed that when Jennifer Lawrence talks about her weight, she talks about how much food she eats, and how she’s never going to diet to be thin. And when Melissa McCarthy is quoted about her weight, this is what she says:

“I don’t know why I’m not thinner than I am. I don’t really drink soda; I don’t have a sweet tooth, and we eat healthfully at home. We’re all weird for broccoli and pureed-vegetable soup, which we almost always have a big pot of in the fridge – it’s so good!” – Fox News

“I just don’t lose weight easily.” – People.com

“Sometimes I wish I were just magically a size 6 and I never had to give it a single thought.”– Us Magazine

Because Melissa McCarthy actually is a fat woman, she isn’t allowed to make brash statements about body acceptance. She has to apologize for her body. Every single one of those quotes might as well have just said, “Sorry I’m fat and you have to look at me, everyone.” But it’s all she’s allowed to say, in the confines of our culture. If Melissa McCarthy had said, “If anybody even tries to whisper the word 'diet,’ I’m like, 'You can go f- yourself,” the response will most assuredly not be, “How brave! How strong! What a good role model!” The response will be, “What a bad example, encouraging people to be unhealthy! We have an obesity epidemic! Open your eyes, fat is not healthy, sexy, or acceptable! How very dare she!” Even the mild statements she has made about being comfortable with herself and her body are greeted with backlash from armchair internet physicians bleating about health and lifestyle choices.

Imagine if Melissa McCarthy had made so many public comments about food and McDonald’s. It wouldn’t be cute or funny, it would be schtick. Look at the fat woman, being human and hungry for something bad for her! How grotesquely humorous it is when fat people eat! When Jennifer Lawrence makes these comments, it’s acceptable, because her body is still pleasing to our cultural expectation of voluptuous, slim-waisted, long-necked female beauty.

When Jennifer Lawrence says it’s “dumb” to go hungry to make other people happy, she’s saying it with the carefree attitude of a woman who probably will never have to make that choice to conform. Yes, she’ll be asked to diet for a role, and she feels the same pressure to meet cultural expectations as everyone else. But a woman who looks like Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have to shop for her clothes in online stores because no physical storefronts carry her size. A woman who looks like Jennifer Lawrence probably isn’t going to have a stranger try to stage an impromptu intervention in a Pizza Hut because they’re so, so concerned for her “health.” If a woman who looks like Jennifer Lawrence goes to her doctor to complain of an ailment, she’ll be offered diagnostic tests instead of a diet plan. Jennifer Lawrence can say it’s “dumb” to go on a diet, but Jennifer Lawrence might not be facing weight-related prejudice or illness. Jennifer Lawrence may never be forced to make the choice between going hungry to lose weight versus having a knee and hip replacement at 35.

The reason Jennifer Lawrence is allowed to be a body-positive role model to young girls and “chubby” women is because she is representative of conventional beauty. Jennifer Lawrence’s public image has been built on a foundation of fat girl drag. She can say she’s “obese” by Hollywood standards, but the claim is laughable when women like Melissa McCarthy also make their living in the same industry and aren’t afforded the privilege of unapologetic expression Lawrence enjoys as a conventionally attractive person.

The message of body acceptance built on Jennifer Lawrence’s soundbites only empowers those who are willing to ignore the fact that her statements reinforce our current cultural views, rather than subverting them.

—  Huffpost