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Tendons and bursa of index finger

The tendons of the hand wrap very close to the bones of the fingers, and the loss of subcutaneous fat is the primary reason that the fingers of the elderly, moribund, and chronically ill appear so bony, yet don’t seem to lose much of their strength.

My grandma once ripped out a 3″ x 0.5″ splinter lodged more than two inches in the sole of my foot after my mom, dad, and forest fire-fighter uncle failed to anything other than make it scoot to the side. Her hands were absolutely skeletal. Don’t underestimate those bone-hands.

Atlas of Applied (Topographical) Human Anatomy. J. Howell Evans, 1906.

Corset (Evan Hansen x Reader)

AN; Chubby reader! I feel like I wrote the beginning based off of how I feel about myself? I have never worn a corset, though.

WC; 1,635

TW; insecure reader, crying

Request: if you have time, pls do an evan x chubby reader where she’s super insecure and he just loves her and the squish… and everyone is friends and all love and support each other HNNNGG i love your writing !! :)

You slid on a baggy sweatshirt and pushed the sleeves up, sighing deeply. You glanced at yourself in the mirror, looking at your thick thighs and chubby face. You ripped the sweatshirt off, frustrated tears gathering at your eyes. You paced for a minute, not letting the tears fall. You ended up stopping in front of the mirror and looking at your shirtless torso. You raised your hand gently, running your finger across a stretch mark on your stomach. You looked at your chest, seeing fading stretch marks and new stretch marks on your breasts as well. You crossed your arms, thinking about what you could wear. A single tear fell, but the rest refused to fall.

Your face lit up slightly, and you stumbled over to your underwear drawer. You slid it open and dug your hand into the back, slowly pulling out a tight corset. You shuffled back to the mirror and gently wrapped it around your stomach. You took a deep breath and clipped it as tight as it would go. You slid on a tank top over it, and then a slightly loose t-shirt. You turned sideways in the mirror and looked at your figure, a frown still on your face. Nothing was good enough for you.

You shook your head and walked out of your room, into the kitchen and then outside to your front steps. You sat down, setting your backpack right next to you. You sat there for a few minutes, waiting for your friends and boyfriend to come pick you up. It was sunny, and you were sweating in your (jeans/leggings). You refused to wear shorts in school, because you felt like everybody would stare at the way your legs jiggle when you walk. Not even Evan has seen you in shorts.

A packed car pulled up, and you heard someone shouting for you to hop in. You stood up and approached Zoe’s convertible, slowing down when you noticed Alana decided to ride with you guys today. That meant you were going to have to sit on Evan’s lap.

“Ohohoh, this is great! Sit on Evan, (Y/n)!” Jared cried, a huge smile on his face. Jared was squished in the middle back seat, between Connor and Evan. Alana and Zoe were in the front together, giggling.

“You can- you can.. S-Sit on my lap. O-Only if you’re comfortable! You-You don’t have to!” Evan squeaked, his face bright red.

You shuffled, unable to think of an excuse to get out of it. You hesitantly stepped forward and climbed in, gently setting yourself on Evan’s lap. Everyone was giggling, and your face was bright red. You were tense and making sure you were holding yourself up so you didn’t have to put your full weight on Evan.

You felt Evan hesitantly wrap his arms around your waist, his hands hooking together in your lap. Your face was bright red as Evan gently pulled you into his chest, resting his head on your shoulder. The move was bold for Evan, and it was enough to make you die inside. He was so cute, but you were afraid you were crushing him.

Your friends returned to singing and talking after they had giggled and teased a bit. Evan rested on of his hands on your side, and you could almost tell he was confused. He gently rubbed up and down your side for a second, then whispered to you.

“What are you wearing under your shirt?” Evan turned red. “I didn’t m-mean that in a w-weird way.”

You shook your head, gently taking his hand off your side and holding it in your hands.

“It’s not a big deal, Evan.” You mumbled, looking at his hands.

“Is it a corset?” Evan blurted, making everyone glance at you two.

“A corset?” Alana said, turning to look at you with furrowed eyebrows.

“Why would you need one of those?” Zoe questioned, glancing at you in the rear view mirror. Jared was going to make a comment but decided against it. He had known you the longest, and he had remembered walking in on you crying in a tank top in your room once. You were in a ball in front of your mirror, and you had told him about every insecurity you’ve ever had.

Connor was looking at you with sympathetic and slightly mad eyes. He couldn’t believe you felt like you needed one. He knew how it felt to be insecure, and it was a horrible feeling. Everyone in the car knew that feeling.

“I-I, uhm, it’s- yeah, it’s a cor-corset.” You said nervously, glancing at your hands.

“(Y/n)..” Evan sighed, hugging you closely. It was quiet for the next minute, the radio playing quietly in the background. Zoe pulled the car up to the school and parked, turning it off.

You all climbed out of the car one after the other, awkwardly smiling. The bell rang, and you all said your goodbyes.

Evan walked you to your class like he always did, but this time he was very touchy. He held onto your waist as you both walked, and he was pressed into your side. When you arrived to your classroom he kissed you.

“Hey, I have something for you after school. Is it okay if I come over after school and give it to you?” Evan said, pushing your hair behind your ear gently.

“Y-Yeah, of course. I’ll see you then.” You mumbled, blushing.

You had taken the bus home to avoid any awkward conversations in the car. You had sat with your old friends Michael and Jeremy so you weren’t alone. You ruffled Jeremy’s hair and gently hit Michael on the back of the head as you got off the bus, earning a yell and laugh from each.

You walked up the steps with a smile, entering your house quietly.

“Hey, hun’, how was school?” Your dad called out, looking up from his newspaper.

“It was alright.” You said, heading upstairs towards your room.

“Hey, I’m heading out in a few minutes, okay?” Your dad called out, hearing an okay from you.

You ripped your shirt off when you got into your room. You struggled to unclip the corset, so you just gave up and laid down on your bed. You had heard your dad yell goodbye and drive away. You stared at your ceiling while completely zoning out. There was a faint knock at your door and you slowly got up to answer, forgetting you were in your bra and corset.

“Oh, hey Evan.” You smiled halfheartedly, letting him come in.

“Y-Your- um, corset? I- Uh..” Evan stuttered, diverting his eyes away from you.

“Oh,” You mumbled. “I couldn’t get it off.”

Evan glanced at you, an odd sadness in his eyes.

“I can, uh, help you take it off?” He mumbled, keeping his eyes locked with yours. You nodded and stepped towards him, your face red.

He hesitantly raised his hands to the clips and started to slowly undo them, his face redder than a tomato. He let the corset fall to the ground, and you immediately wrapped your arms around your body insecurely.

Evan’s eyes were wide as he looked at you. He dropped a bag you hadn’t even realized he was holding.

“You’re-You’re..” Evan began.

“Fat, chubby, gross?” You snapped, small tears gathering in your eyes.

“No, no, my god, no. You’re gorgeous, you’re so gorgeous.” Evan said, stepping forward and hugged you. He wouldn’t let you know but he could cry right now. He didn’t know that was how you felt about yourself.

“But-but I have stretch marks and-and..” You stuttered, the tears falling slowly.

“Everything has flaws, (Y/n).” Evan whispered into your hair. “Our flaws make us unique, these beautiful unique people. Words fail when it comes to describing how gorgeous you are.”

You sniffled, hugging Evan. “I love you so much, Evan.” You whispered.

“I love you too. I also have something for you.” Evan gently pulled away from the hug and wiped your tears, smiling at you. Evan bent down and pulled a (fav color) dress from the bag.

“I saw this and thought of you. I could only imagine how cute you would look in it.” He gently handed you the dress and you unfolded it, seeing it was a knee high, sleeveless, (fav color) lace dress. You thought it was a cute dress, but you didn’t know if it’d look good on you. You were also slightly embarrassed Evan knew your clothing sizes.

“Here, I’ll help you.” Evan seemed to loose a lot of his anxiety when he was alone with you. He stepped forward and helped you slip it on gently. He walked around to your back and zipped it carefully. He spun you around so you could see yourself in the mirror.

“So?” Evan smiled sheepishly, wrapping his arms around you and setting his head on your shoulder.

“It’s beautiful. I’m beautiful.” You whispered, resting your hands on top of Evan’s.

“I told you, you were beautiful.” Evan pressed a kiss to your cheek.

So, you know how Ben Platt was Benji from the Pitch Perfect movies?

I’m honestly a bit surprised and a little disappointed that no one’s done a cross over in the sense that like, at some point during or after college Benji’s essentially like ‘O!! Hey, guys!! I’m the lead role in this Musical, wanna come watch me perform? I can get u tickets’ (or they find out some other way and/or surprise him with their attendance) and so, like good friends, they go and watch him perform as Evan Hansen, and we get to see their reactions and them being proud of Benji (or however they would realistically react)

Or really any sort of crossover idea that involves DEH being a musical in the Pitch Perfect universe with Benji playing the Role of Evan

It’s been so long since I watched Pitch Perfect, I haven’t even watched the second one, so my idea prolly makes them all so out of character, but I want a fic like this

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Hello lovely. Did you see in the rencent Chris Evans interview at the end they said said something about him gaining weight once IW was over and he said wouldn't that be fun. I know I would volunteer to help. Just wanted to let you know. 😁

Oh my god, anon, I KNOW.  I did see it, and YES PAL IT WOULD BE REALLY FUN.  It would be the most fun I’ve had on the internet since Sebastian Stan was spilling out of henleys and giving interviews talking about his fucking thighs.

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Dear Diary… That’s the secret, I reckon. You don’t need fixed ideas about who you are or where you’re headed. You don’t need offers or grades or stamps of approval. You just need to be ready to cope with whatever crap comes your way. And as for all the crazy shit: the mental screw-ups and the madness… Well, that’s mine, Dear Diary. I get to keep that. That travels with me. 

a chubby sirius part ii because my nine year old cousin sent me down a spiral of body shame (part i)

  • chubby sirius who rested books on his belly  so he could read while lying down without having to worry about his nose breaking because a hardback fell on it
  • chubby sirius who caught everything that he dropped while he was sitting (who needs a thigh gap when you can have chubby thighs perfect for catching pens and chocolate pieces)
  • chubby sirius who loved the way his thighs jiggled when he wore tight shorts and went up the stairs
  • chubby sirius who smirked every time he caught remus staring at his legs and biting his lip when he ran up the aforementioned stairs 
  • chubby sirius who charmed all the rings in the jewellery store to be the size of bangles because “it’s not my fault they don’t realise not everyone has just-bone fingers and let’s be real these are just as impractical”
  • chubby sirius who pinched his stomach rolls to ground himself when yet another one of malfoy’s little lackeys teased him about his weight
  • chubby sirius who loved the way his face fat accumulated on his cheekbones to make him look even more like a greek god (remus loved it too *wink wink nudge nudge*)
  • chubby sirius who along with lily plastered every advertisement that claimed to make you look thinner and thus more conventionally attractive with pictures of his and lily’s faces with their tongues out and eyeliner on fleek
  • chubby sirius who felt most comfortable in crop tops and absolutely rocked them
  • chubby sirius who loved himself and didn’t let any judgemental idiot change that