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Tendons and bursa of index finger

The tendons of the hand wrap very close to the bones of the fingers, and the loss of subcutaneous fat is the primary reason that the fingers of the elderly, moribund, and chronically ill appear so bony, yet don’t seem to lose much of their strength.

My grandma once ripped out a 3″ x 0.5″ splinter lodged more than two inches in the sole of my foot after my mom, dad, and forest fire-fighter uncle failed to anything other than make it scoot to the side. Her hands were absolutely skeletal. Don’t underestimate those bone-hands.

Atlas of Applied (Topographical) Human Anatomy. J. Howell Evans, 1906.

a chubby sirius part ii because my nine year old cousin sent me down a spiral of body shame (part i)

  • chubby sirius who rested books on his belly  so he could read while lying down without having to worry about his nose breaking because a hardback fell on it
  • chubby sirius who caught everything that he dropped while he was sitting (who needs a thigh gap when you can have chubby thighs perfect for catching pens and chocolate pieces)
  • chubby sirius who loved the way his thighs jiggled when he wore tight shorts and went up the stairs
  • chubby sirius who smirked every time he caught remus staring at his legs and biting his lip when he ran up the aforementioned stairs 
  • chubby sirius who charmed all the rings in the jewellery store to be the size of bangles because “it’s not my fault they don’t realise not everyone has just-bone fingers and let’s be real these are just as impractical”
  • chubby sirius who pinched his stomach rolls to ground himself when yet another one of malfoy’s little lackeys teased him about his weight
  • chubby sirius who loved the way his face fat accumulated on his cheekbones to make him look even more like a greek god (remus loved it too *wink wink nudge nudge*)
  • chubby sirius who along with lily plastered every advertisement that claimed to make you look thinner and thus more conventionally attractive with pictures of his and lily’s faces with their tongues out and eyeliner on fleek
  • chubby sirius who felt most comfortable in crop tops and absolutely rocked them
  • chubby sirius who loved himself and didn’t let any judgemental idiot change that
Wanna bet?

I felt like a teacher AU, so have a teacher AU.

“Evans, let me just say that you look especially –“

“Stop it. I don’t want to hear it Potter. So stop talking, stop leering at me, and walk your merry way.”

“But I am walking my merry way,” James Potter grinned, slowing his long strides to match Lily Evans’ pace. “I just happen to be headed in the same direction.”

“Of course you are,” Lily rolled her eyes.

“So, since you’re the expert here, I’ve got to ask…”

“No, you really don’t.”

“What do you think about our chemistry?”

“In my expert opinion, Potter, we don’t have any chemistry.”

“Oh, now that right there is a big fat lie, Evans,” he countered with easy confidence. “I know you can feel it.”

“What subject did you teach again, Potter?”

“Citizenship. Want a private lesson?”

“No thanks. I just wanted to check since I was starting to think it was wishful thinking.”

They reached the teacher’s lounge and Potter suddenly stepped ahead of her. He opened the door and then dipped into a ridiculously theatrical bow.

“Ladies first.”

The corner of Lily’s lips twitched, but she quickly caught herself. She was about to walk right into the teacher’s lounge but then stopped. For a few seconds, she hovered in the doorway, then she turned to Potter.

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