fat dove

Day seven - ‘Pride’ (Bechloe Week)

Chloe stood in awe at the sight before her. She was stood on the crowded sidewalk, facing the street, as large floats passed by her. The floats were of so many different colours – many of which a rainbow theme – with a variety of people dressed up in all manner of outfits. Music blasted all around them. Between Chloe and the floats were a sea of people. Men, women, children. Many dressed in bright colours and costumes. Faces painted. Bodies shimmering with glitter. Everywhere Chloe looked, she saw rainbow flags being waved, whether it was by the participants of the parade, or by the spectators. This was Pride.

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I put ice on my still-not-okay drawing arm to atleast doodle a little bit. And found fun in some cartoony style.

Pls ignore the totally wonky staff :’D

I think magician and witches need raven companions and since I just know this one raven in yugioh it wasn’t a hard choice. Even tho it looks like a fat dove and not able to fly. It will just drop to the ground if it tries to get away.

If you have a suggestion what to draw, tell me - I want to make up to 2-3 little thing - same ‘quality’.