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This is Fancy Feast– a successful, fat burlesque dancer who’s been killing it on stage for six years

“‘Fat’ is a word that used to be wielded as a weapon against me. It was the thing I was supposed to be terrified of, supposed to spend my whole life trying to avoid or erase at all costs,” she says, “And if I take the thing that people are most terrified of and turn it into something less scary, it implicates the larger structures that keep people afraid to begin with.”


Shout out to ballerinas that don’t look like an archetypal ballerina image!!!!!! You are changing the face of ballet for the better and you are a part of history!!!!!! I don’t care if it’s something you do for fun or if it’s your passion and dream, you have fought tooth and nail for your incredible skill and talent and you are awe-striking!!!! Short ballerinas, ballerinas who aren’t white, fat ballerinas, trans ballerinas, ballerinas with thick thighs, fat arms, wide hips, cute bellies, all GLORIOUS!!!! I see you and I am literally FLOORED by how beautiful you are!!!!!

My humble opinion only:
Belly dancer’s Tip #1: If you are just learning the art of belly dance, throw your self-conscious, poor body image bullsh*t aside and bare your midriff during classes. This way you can actually see your isolations, upper torso movements and how your upper body is separate from your lower body and where on YOUR body it happens. To be a beautiful belly dancer you don’t need abs of steel or a 23" waist, you need grace, poise, love of the art and music, a desire to tap into a more sensual and feminine you and a story to tell. And…if anyone tells you differently or makes you feel badly about you, then tell us, your dance sisters and we will always let you know how beautiful a dancer and person you really are (and then give us their address so we can knock their house down with the awesome power of our collective shimmies)!

Luisa A. Fuentes


(And if I may add:  Whether you attend class w/your tummy bared or not, the important part is that you learn to dance in a supportive, well-informed and awesome environment.  Seeing isolations is vital, but you can do that w/tanks and tees, or whatever you’re most comfortable in.  (Just make sure you really CAN see your isolations. *sternface*)  

Regardless of attire however, every student deserves a place where they can feel safe to learn and grow and explore, free of judgment.  So if your teacher is one of those people giving you shite about your size, FIND ANOTHER TEACHER.  You don’t need to take that crap from ANYONE, and you most certainly don’t need to be PAYING someone to give you hell about your size.  Dance critiques?  Fine.  Shite about your body size/shape..?  NOT OKAY.  NEVER.)




Last night I did a number as Jabba the Hut! I decided to do this because I knew being in a Star Wars show, some asshat was bound to make the comparison, so I claimed that shit.

“You’re fat!” they say.

“Fuck yeah I am, let’s party!” is my reply.

When you own it, you have the power.

Thanks to my boo @marleyteenie for being my Leia. ❤️

I’ve been hesitant to post videos because…truth time, I haven’t posted any dance videos since I got comments on one (YouTube) about being a fat dancer. I’m being brave again and putting myself out there. Here ya go - one snippet of my hip hop routine from Saturday night. :)


Fat girl can’t do what? Revisited.

For this lovely FatAttack 2015 I’ve decided to revisit this often trolled image along side some more recent shots. It’s funny how so many people think being bigger will limit your abilities to dance or your very ability to be flexible. What isn’t funny is how doing the things I do are often lauded in people who happen to be thin, but declared disgusting and unhealthy when I do them. These are the same people who are so blinded by their fat phobia that they see things like this, but still declare that I’m so fat I can’t walk across a room without getting winded or even wipe my own ass. I can literally lift my leg above my head, but my ass is so far out in orbit I can’t possibly reach it. They read that I had heart issues in the past and declare that it’s atherosclerosis. Too bad that’s not what happened. (It was Dysautonomia, if anyone actually cares. Structurally my heart is perfect and my arteries clear. Imagine that.) They tell me I’m diabetic. Nope, A1C under 5 every time. Blood pressure? 120′s/80′s. If it’s not running low. (thanks again, Dysautonomia). It’s always the same things over and over and over again. They’d love it if I fit into their narrow minded narratives, but I don’t. Yes I’ve lost weight, but since I’m still fat I’m still killing myself and the message I’m attempting to spread is unhealthy. Of course. All this to “encourage health” I’m sure, right?  

What they really mean is ‘Stop being so visible.’

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for fools like that. They can sit in the dark attempting to make others as miserable as they are, I will still dance. I encourage you to do the same. It doesn’t have to be dance, it be can anything that makes you happy. Shine. Share it with others. Remember that representation matters, and that you have the power to represent. I never in a million years imagined that I might be the one to encourage and inspire others to get out there, love themselves and do the things that make them happy. It’s a point of pride for me, and an immense source of joy as well. Try it. See how good it feels when you not only get out there, but put yourself out there for others to see. There may be haters, but they are so easily drowned out by the love and support of others who want to see you succeed. Your body is just that- you body. Fat is not evil, greedy, ugly, slow, lazy or any other thing it’s become associated with, no matter how many people try to tell you otherwise. Shut them out. Find the joy in loving yourself. Dance in any and every way possible. And don’t forget to fly.

Body Positive Dancer Roll Call

If you’re a fat dancer, I want to follow you. 

If you believe that dance is for everyBODY, that size does not determine talent, I want to follow you. 

If you believe that dance can save lives and show people how strong and capable their bodies are at every size, I want to follow you.

Tell me about yourself. Post a picture when you reblog this post if you feel brave enough. Show the world how amazing you are.

If we haven’t had one of these on tumblr yet, I’d say we’re long overdue. 


Fat Lady Kills Salsa

This plus-size pretty and her partner dance an amazing salsa!

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