fat cosplay

I’m really really REALLY excited to announce that I’m gonna be working on a Roadhog build! After tossing around a few ideas for doing his stomach tattoo (shirt? patch?), I’ve decided to go whole hog and have my stomach (and most of my bewbs!) exposed 😈
I’m so pumped to share progress photos on this cosplay especially! Here’s to FAT ROADHOG COSPLAYERS!

Haven’t submitted here in a while, but I just finished this costume and I thought I’d share it! I’ve been doing crazy amounts of cosplay work since my She-Ra costume last year, but I’m especially proud of this Sivir costume. I’m not one for being overly exposed, and despite being covered head to toe in this costume, it still felt risque to me. Nonetheless  I went out and rocked it, and I fell like a million bucks about it. 

Cosplayer: Lolo’s Wardrobe (Me)

Costume: Sivir (Snowstorm Skin)

Series: League of Legends

Photo by: Max Shot First

More details will be on my page

when fat girls cosplay skinny characters they are the target of abuse, online mocking, and having their photos non-consensually uploaded on hate blogs.

when skinny girls cosplay fat characters, not only are they going to get more praise because of a bigger audience to pander too, they get defended because people are like “body shape doesn’t matter in cosplay” and “you can cosplay whatever you want” because it’s always the skinny girl’s feelings that has to be defended first.

and fat girls will still be attacked for daring to be angry about this.

until the day every cosplayer is accepted no matter what, consider twice who you want to cosplay.

cosplaying does not exist in a vacuum.