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The Great Fart Debacle

Based off the imagine: Imagine one of the Company farting so bad, it wakes everyone up and turns into a Whodunnit, but nobody knows that it was actually you that did it.

Your stomach twisted into another knot as you shifted on your bed roll. Inside you were full of gas from the stew you had shared with the Company, although they seemed to digest it much better. You tried to stay as still as you could as you began to sweat from the building heat in your bowels; it was only gas, you knew, and eventually it was going to make its escape. You clenched you eyes shut tightly as you tried to let the fart go slowly, silently. Oh, how you failed.

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anonymous asked:

can you tell me more about jae hyuk shin?

Sure, here’s his profile from the models page:

Shin Jaehyuk (신재혁)

Company: YGKplus

Birthdate: February 7, 1994

Height & weight: 190cm, 73kg

SNS: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Cyworld

Some facts:

- Blood type A

- Observes shamanism/muism

- Doesn’t smoke

- Role model is actor Ryu Seungryong

- Ideal type is actress Min Hyorin

- Known to look like EXO’s D.O 

But he doesn’t like being compared - he wants people to see him as a model, not a look-alike

- Likes to communicate with fans on Instagram

- Favorite thing to wear is knit shirts and cardigans. He also likes wide pants

- Said his most memorable moment in KNTM was his scene with Lee Cheolwoo in Beenzino’s MV (starting at 0:54). It was episode 3 in KNTM5, I really recommend watching at least this episode

He got his “big break” in Korea’s Next Top Model cycle 5. For those who haven’t seen it, here is his background story which he explained in episode 4: Since his second year in high school, he dreamed of becoming a fashion model. But he weighed 110kg (about 242lb). He dropped almost 40kg to become a model!

He actually still weighed 100kg when he applied for KNTM, so he had about a year to drop the rest of the weight. He said he still had the most fat out of the contestants, but that’s not hard when your competition looks like this…

At first he started with what he called “extreme dieting” (basically starving himself and only drinking water), but then he received advice from others including Kim Wonjoong who taught him how to lost weight in a more healthy way.

This is purely my interpretation, but on KNTM he seemed to have a defensive attitude and had that “I’m not here to make friends” vibe. This seemed to be an extension of his behavior he described before he lost weight - he tended to avoid people because of his insecurities. I think this gave viewers a bad impression of him, though he was my favorite contestant for a while.

After the boost in popularity from KNTM, he seems to be more confident in himself and happy

and has reached out to make friends in his company.

Most of this info came from KNTM and his interviews with Sn@pp and L’Officiel Hommes

I’m new to fat studies, and sometimes I relapse into body-negative thinking. It’s particularly triggering for me to watch weight loss shows like The Biggest Loser or Extreme Weight Loss. I could write a whole piece on the titles alone—the biggest loser is, after all, still a loser, still a spectacle, still someone who’s not quite a person until they’re thin; extreme weight loss starts with extremely fat contestants, again making a spectacle of their bodies as they jiggle, juxtaposing the ‘old’ version of the contestant and the ‘new’ one for the audience to ooh and ahh over.

The real problem with these shows, at least for me, is that they give me hope while simultaneously saddling me with blame. The contestants are strong enough or disciplined enough or brave enough or dedicated enough to achieve not only their weight loss goals but also their dearest dreams. What kind of person am I, heavier than this week’s contestant on Extreme Weight Loss, if I can’t replicate her success? I must lack strength and discipline and bravery and dedication.

But here’s the thing: Accepting myself as I am also requires strength and discipline and bravery and dedication. I’m starting to feel okay lots of days—not confident, not particularly strong, but okay—okay enough to get dressed and leave the house without sticking my tongue out at my reflection in the mirror. How many times have I looked in the mirror, been unhappy with my reflection, and said, “Well, it’s not getting any better today”? There’s self-loathing in that sentiment: Fuck this, I can’t change who I am today, might as well not care. But there’s also empowerment there, if I choose to acknowledge it: I am right now who and what I am right now. I look like what I look like. I can choose to labor toward loving that person, no exceptions, or I can choose to internalize what diet culture tells me.

Today, tonight, right now, I choose to love myself. Fuck dieting.

—  Extreme Weight Loss: Fucking Up My Head Edition, which I wrote last year after catching the end of an episode of Extreme Weight Loss.

The picture on the right was taken at my Sweet 16 when I weighed my heaviest at 170 lbs at probably 32-34 % bf, the picture on the right is 2 years later after a long and steady journey of becoming a healthy, fit me.

In the past 2 and a half years I discovered myself as a person and learned how I have a very strong sense of discipline and I love to work hard. I love all types of exercise and I also love healthy food. I have a new found love for helping others get healthy and make changes in their lives too!

I am more confident and self loving than ever, and I’m always working hard towards new goals to push myself!!

Most of my fat loss occurred over 10 months to a year at the start of my journey and since then i’ve just been maintaining and improving.

Now weighing somewhere around 130-135 lbs and 23% bf at one point I weighed around 120 lbs and was 27% bf but I looked heavier than I am now because of the lack of muscle. Over the past year and a half I fell in love with lifting weights and lifting heavy weights at that!

As of lately i’ve been prepping for my first ever bikini competition and I’m taking my journey to the next level. My goal is to get down to 15% bf 

This is me taking my journey to new heights in the next 2 months

so much more progress will be made!!



The thing about this scene is we don’t know when Lucy updated it. It could have been done at any point during the year everyone was separated. For all we know some of them may have been together at one point, but at this particular moment they were tracked in these locations..

  • Most of the guild members appear to be by themselves.
  • Erza is seen alone and apparently involved with cake (no big surprise). For all we know she might have been in a cake eating contest :P
  • Currently Lisanna and Mirajane were seen together while Elfman is elsewhere. Maybe Mira took modeling back up or bartending.
  • Romeo and his dad are together as are Jet and Droy (and no Droy is still fat and doing eating contests it would seem).
  • The Connell family is naturally together, undoubtedly showing Asuka how to use her magic and improve their own.
  • The Raijinshu Tribe is still intact and it seems Levy was recently seen with them (more than likely Levy met up with Freed to improve her Rune skills). Note though that her name is off to the left her picture is to the far right.
  • Wendy and Charle are off on there on as are Gajeel and Lily.
  • Gray and Juvia were seen together, seems only natural since their magic works well together. Maybe Gray finally feels that connection with Juvia.