fat celebration

Fat bodies are either forcibly desexualized, often being made a mockery, or hyper sexualized, being reduced to a simple closeted sexual fetish. But not my body. My body gets me up everyday, gets me to work, my body heals me, my body works wonders, my body gives me all the life I need. My sexuality is undoubtedly linked to my body and it’s beautiful form. I will not be reduced to a fetish, and my sexuality will not go muted or be made a punch line in media.

When former fat celebrities lose weight no one says “Omg look at how low her cholesterol looks” “Wow low blood pressure looks great on her” or “She looks so much better without a heart attack” that’s not what people care about. And for one you can’t tell someone’s health by their weight anyway.

But, the main thing people focus on is how they look. “She looks so good now!″ “Wow they look so skinny, they look amazing” “Omg they’re smoking hot now” that’s the only thing I see. Fatphobics don’t care about health, they care about looks. They’re obsessed with seeing how people look when they’re skinny, and that’s it because our superficial society is obsessed with thinness and beauty.

I’ve seen people do it, every time a former fat or a former really fat celebrity loses weight. They only care about how they’ll look once they’re skinny, they don’t care about random people’s health, no one does.

I damn sure don’t concern my life with what the next person does with their body, so people need to stop kidding themselves, when they know they’re just fatphobic.

All of it makes me angry.

All you have to do is read comments every time fat women celebrate ourselves. Majority of them are full of fatphobia. But when other size individuals celebrate themselves everyone is happy and celebratory or encouraging them. Fatphobia towards women hasn’t went anywhere.

seeing fat dogs makes me legitimately depressed like some people are like ‘well it might have a disorder that makes it fat’ but the number of pets that are fat because their owners let them get that way and encourage it goes so far beyond that

its so easy to not let your pet be fat if you give one single shit about their health like your obese dachsund struggling to walk isnt cute & all it takes is me taking knockout out for a run a couple times a week and feeding her appropriately

and like animals arent people. you remember that one time someone came into my inbox telling me to stop shaming animals for being fat because fat people don’t get a lot of representation and fat pet celebrities can help them feel better somehow? like if you uncritically enjoy fat animals like macgyver or ‘cute’ videos of obese animals unable to function and practice extremely unhealthy behaviors with your animal 'because they just look so cute i HAAAAVE to give them this french fry!!’ or any other humanizing shit you horrify me and shouldn’t have animals until you can like, not abuse them

I went to the Overwatch theatrical launch event today. Upon entering the door, I saw a large line. When I say large line, I mean it was a line of the largest people you’ve ever seen in your life. Regardless, I paid my ten shekels, so I lined up.

Looking around, I noticed that almost everyone around me had a little sticker on their gaming themed shirt. I started to worry that maybe this sticker was required to go in, but my worry was unfortunately alleviated when the king of the neckbeards rolled my way.

Donning the traditional attire of a king, a sporty blue hairdo and his billowy mounds encased in a Sriracha shirt with the sleeves torn off for his whales to get some air, he said, and I quote, “Hello, fellow gamer! As you can tell by the genius that I am, I came up with a clever sticker system seen here on my lapel. You see, if you write your Battle.net ID here, later on, we fellow gamers can hang out and add each other for a game of Overwatch tomorrow.”

Wanting to avoid being in the presence of the king any further, I made up a quick lie.

“Oh, sorry, uh, I’m actually getting the console version of the game. I wouldn’t be able to add you.”

The king scoffed, his chins flapping in the breeze.

“The CONSOLE version?” he said with a blubberous laugh. “CONSOLE?

He turned to his loyal sweaty subjects and they all let out the most horrible laughter you could dream of. All at once, they howled out their victory screech.


The worst part of this tale is that it’s true. Not a word was made up. What I smelled for the next three hours will forever haunt my darkest dreams.

Tomorrow is Trans Tuesday!

Trans Tuesday is a day when we celebrate all fat trans and nonbinary people of color.
Share your selfies, your art, your stories, your poems.
Your expressions are important. You are important! We want to see you, and we want you to be seen!
Submit, tag, or @. This is your Trans Tuesday. Let’s share the fat trans and nonbinary positivity!
-Mod AJ

You know who doesn’t get enough appreciation? Fat lesbians.

I mean, don’t get me wrong me wrong - lesbians of all body types are glorious, no doubt about it - but let’s just all take a moment to appreciate fat lesbians specifically.

Fat femme lesbians and fat butch lesbians…
Fat lesbians in crop tops and pencil skirts and fat lesbians in plaid shirts and sneakers…
Fat lesbians with body hair, tattoos, piercings…
Whatever your style, whatever you wear or however you express yourself, it’s all good.

Stretch marks and cellulite are markers of womanhood - let’s honour them. Let’s value the women in our community who have full, generous curves…women with tummy rolls and double chins and proportions like a Willendorf Venus. You’re gorgeous. You’re all gorgeous.

So to fat lesbians who proudly celebrate their bodies and fat lesbians that are still learning to embrace their size…wherever you are, we see you and we love you 💕

You are more than your booty, and your booty is just fine.

This is for people that feel insecure about their flat or average butts.

First let me start off by saying all butts are great. But I know firsthand what it’s like to look at ass after ass and think “mine isn’t full enough, mine isn’t round enough”

Fuck it. I know I will have tough days in the future, but for tonight, fuck it. I’m going to appreciate my booty in all its glory.

For lumpy butts, square butts, fat booties that still manage to be flat booties, those that aren’t the perfect D shape, your bottom is still great.  Someone will want to squeeze it, smack it, bury their face in it and eat it, and ask you to shake it. Your butt is lovable and it’s the only one you got so hey. Might as well give it a friendly pat.


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Hey I’m gonna try to do a thing I’m calling #MarshmallowMay where I’m going celebrate body positivity by posting a selfie every day for the month of May.
I’m doing this because of @bodylovecakesandfeminsim‘s idea for May to be Fat Acceptance Month! I’m just calling my selfie a day thing #marshmallowmay bc it sounds cute lmao
if you want to join me in #marshmallowmay feel free too! Lets celebrate Fat Acceptance Month together <3

Hey @staff idk how your ads work at all like i know a lot of it is weird jibberish thats probably filled with viruses but I’m getting sick of seeing “you’ll never believe what Fat Celebrity looks like after weight loss! She could be a model!” Id rather you show me stretched pictures of bodybuilders who “destroyed the local gym, and yours could be next” or peter griffin eating hyperrealistic beef jerky