fat cats...literally

It’s almost 2am but I’m thinkint so deeply about Pete I never talk about him but god that fat ass cat is literally tied for #1 in my heart with Franky and I wish I could talk about him more but people rarely remember he even exists outside kingdom hearts

I’m just gonna spend my next day off watching all of goof troop and crying

literal fat cat Wario, based off the lucky cat bell’s gold statue form

i figured because Mario is gold Wario would be something sturdier but still valuable like bronze or brass 

feels good being able to spend time on a piece now i’m on holidays :3

anonymous asked:

but then you already fucking know why the cats are fat. they literally don't get any exercise at all. they live inside a prison. oh my god? americans....

Uh, don’t “Americans” me, please, unless you’re going to blame us for having roads and cars, because the average lifespan of an outdoor cat is under five years old, and Rosie will be eleven next month. I would rather see her fat than crushed, thank you very fucking much. And I would gladly play with her more to make sure she gets exercise, but I have this little problem of having a serious chronic illness that makes it very difficult to simply bathe myself, much less exercise my cats. My cats are happy and well-loved. Mind your own business.