fat burning



Bit off more than I could chew. Got too ambitious. It started off all good and well. I was not shooting for a fast time, just a long lazy walk to burn some calories and beat the boredom. About mile 5 my feet started hurting and it started getting darker and darker. Mile 6.5 I’m really hurting and it’s pretty stinking dark. Mile 7 it’s plum dark and I smell a skunk and start to fear I’m gonna get sprayed by a skunk I can’t even see. Then all the stupid movies I’ve seen over the years start making me think some THING is behind me, chasing me. Mile 8. Fear overrules my body. I run. I’m exhausted. I’m in pain. Sweat is stinging my eyes and my vision is blurry. But I run. I have my light on my phone booking it as fast as my fat butt can take me. Good news. I made it.


Used to be my favourite jeans (in 2013-2014), and yes, they’re skinny jeans (supposed to be at least)… They’re size 11 (I think it’s size 12 and size 30-31). When I found them this morning and tried them, I couldn’t believe it. They are so big now (it took me everything to take a picture without showing my underwear ahah), i can’t even walk. From 165 (october 2013) to 150 (october 2014) to 130 (july 2015); make time.
Be proud of who you are and never forget who you used to be ♡
Be brave. Be curious. Be legendary. - The Summer Set