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The advantages of having a fat boyfriend (v2)

Let’s start a new list! Here are some of the best parts of the original post by @thefatzone, with some editing by @themightyif:

1. His fat face is the cutest face and is extremely kissable, so you should take advantage of that.

2. His belly is the perfect resting pillow for your head, and I believe it evolved exactly for that purpose.

3. If he is a nerd then you are one lucky son of a bitch.

4. His chubby body is a cuddler’s heaven. If he likes cuddling, go for it!

5. Moobs … need I say more?

6. He probably emits a lot of heat, so in the winter his body is like a customized heated squishy sexy pillow that will keep you warm.

7. If you like stuffed animals, he’s like a human-sized soft teddy bear that can actually talk; if he’s hairy it’s a plus.

8. If you’re a handsy person and he’s into lots of touching, your boyfriend will provide you with a big assortment of places you can handle him, with different levels of thickness, softness, and accessibility.

9. He is easier to find in a crowd.

10. He is almost impossible to kidnap.

Here are some more advantages of fat boyfriends:

11. His big t-shirts and hoodies make super-comfy night shirts. Swipe them! (Or, y'know, just ask to borrow some.)

12. His plush lap is the most comfortable seat ever.

13. He is so aesthetically pleasing - all soft, round curves, no jagged edges or rough spots. Very easy on the eyes.

14. You can potentially stand behind him to avoid awkward social situations. (“Oh no, it’s THEM - quick, hide me!”)

15. It’s fun to make up pet names for your Big Boy/Teddy Bear/Chubby Hubby/etc. Find one he likes and use it to tell him you love and appreciate him.

There’s more to your boyfriend than just his fat body - but, well, it IS a pretty great body! What are some more advantages of having a fat boyfriend?


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this ain’t disneyland, this shit is the fucking bronx! either you be strong, or you be gone. all I find, all I keep. either you beat the world, or you get beat.

organiccoke  asked:

why do you have a vendetta against him? he's not too bad. i liked him

You’re totally entitled to your own opinion. However, since you asked, I know Ross to be the worse human being since the creation of time because that phrase applies to people who:

are terrible friends: possibly my most hated Ross moment happens in 4.02 when Phoebe finds a cat that she believes is her mother reincarnated and Ross is a totally asshole about it. Believe what you want, but when your friend is clearly grieving over the loss of her mother, perhaps give being supportive instead of a condescending fuckboy a try. Or after the infamous Ross and Rachel we were on a break thing, he guilt trips the other friends for hanging out with Rachel. Breakups are shitty, but why he would drag their MUTUAL friends into the middle of it always baffled me

are judgmental: literally it never ends. It hasn’t been a Friends episode if Ross doesn’t make a condescending comment to at least someone. I dare you to find one. It can’t be done

make everything about themselves: it doesn’t matter what your issue is. It’s happened to Ross and it’s been worse. He is so egotistical it is almost impressive

are possessive/jealous: Mark, Pablo, any male that looks that any woman. In 2.16 Rachel feels the need to hide her plans to get a tattoo from Ross because he wouldn’t like it. Why Ross feels like he has the right to make any decisions about RACHEL’S body is beyond me. In 3.05 he makes a LAMINATED list of celebrities he would have sex with (they should be so lucky). Plus in 2.08 he writes the world’s grossest pro/con list about Julie and Rachel (HUMAN BEINGS) as if he was deciding what car to buy, not which woman to grace with his presence

are horrific boyfriends: well since you brought up Ross and Rachel, that relationship is the most toxic thing I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. The way Ross treats/yells at Rachel when she is getting ready for his gala in 3.02 gives me heart palpations. In 3.15 Ross is so grossly un-supportive of Rachel’s job at Bloomingdale’s, it’s laughable. She tells him that it “is the first time in [her] life [she’s] doing something [she] actually care[s] about.” His response? He is “tired of having a relationship with [her] answering machine.” Ahh, nothing like making your girlfriend feel guilty for being successful. And then, when Rachel stands up to him (you go gurl!) Ross has the gall to accuse her of cheating on him with Mark. Which, somewhat hypocritically, actually brings me to my next point…

are cheaters: Phoebe’s friend (the bald girl), Julie, and basically Emily all get cheated on by Ross (maybe even Rachel, but they were on a break so I’ll give Ross the benefit of the doubt on that one)

are sexist: in 9.06, Ross gets angry at Rachel when she hires a male nanny. He uses the phrase, “That’s like a woman being a…”. BEING WHAT ROSS. PLEASE FINISH THAT THOUGHT. In 3.04 Ross loses his mind when Ben opts to play with dolls (a girl toy) and basically forces his young son to confirm to gender norms with the G.I. Joe. Also, episode 3.01 The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy exists

are homophobic: Ross literally never once misses the opportunity to remind anyone listening that his ex-wife left him FOR A WOMAN. The fact he doesn’t see himself as having anything to do with why Carol left him speaks to how flawed of a character he is (never mind that she makes it super clear it wasn’t about her sexuality alone). On top of that he constantly belittles the importance of Susan’s and Carol’s relationship. In 1.02 when he, Carol, and Susan, are at the doctor for the sonogram, he literally tells Susan it’s “not her baby,” and that she “can’t be the mother of the child.” In the same episode he plays the “sperm card” implying he’s (or at least he thinks he is) more valuable in this situation.

Honestly, he acts like Carol’s acts lesbianism was something she choose to do to spite him

are shitty parents: he brings up Ben to win an argument or to avoid helping his friends move, like in 6.06. He basically uses his son solely a prop to suit his own needs. Which is actually for the best because when he does see his son, he spends his time explaining the whole we were on a break thing to the poor kid. And oh yeah, he does this to his daughter as well (way to shit talk your daughter’s mother Ross….)

are terrible siblings: Monica essentially grew up being verbally abused by her mother and I think it’s so tragic that her own brother continues this pattern of abuse into her adulthood. Ross constantly tries to undermine Monica successes, and never misses an opportunity to define her by her current or previous weight. Friends is pretty problematic with the ongoing “Monica used to be fat!” jokes anyways (but I mean it was the 90s and nothing is perfect), but Ross is by far the worst of them. He jokes about how she never had a boyfriend because FAT and how she threatened to sit on him (never mind that skinny Monica could still totally whoop Ross’ terrible ass). Any time he feels like he is losing an argument, he immediately brings up her weight. Aside from all of this, he is grossly unsupportive when Monica and Chandler start dating (which is why they try to hide it from him for so long I am sure)

In addition to all of this:

  2. He doesn’t annul his and Rachel’s wedding AND LIES ABOUT IT
  4. He didn’t read the letter
  5. WE WERE ON A BREAK (if Ross thought he and Rachel were on a break and he did nothing wrong, why did he hide the girl from the copy place behind the door? Urgh, brb rage spiraling)
  6. He kept track of how many times he and Rachel had sex
  7. He is whiney
  8. He constantly belittles the accomplishments of others
  9. He has anger management issues
  10. He suffers from the Nice Guy Syndrome (NGS); fun fact, Friends coined the term the friendzone, this is no coincidence
  11. The whole turkey sandwich thing
  12. When he got caught getting high in highschool, he throws his oldest friend under the bus
  13. Unagi
  14. He dates a student
  15. He’s never been in a relationship where he hasn’t lied
  16. The “We Hate Rachel Club” and the rumor that he and Will started in high school

This list is by no means comprehensive or exhaustive. I think Ross is an extremely troubled human being. Granted, I do think a lot of his trust and self-esteem issues stem from his failed relationship with Carol. A lot of Ross’ personality deficits come from his own fear of his own crushing inadequacy. However, that doesn’t give him carte blanche to be shitty guy.

Masterlist *UPDATED 10/21/17*

Since I have posted more texts I decided that it would be a good idea for me to make a masterlist to make things easier to find! Please tell me if any links aren’t working or if anything is wrong! It’s also important to note that I do not see the word fat (at least the way I use it which is to describe myself) as an insult and I do not mean it as an insult, I just thought it was important to note that :) Anyway hope you enjoy!

NCT 127


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Best Friend!Taeyong x Chubby!Reader // He’s always busy and canceling on you so you send him pictures of lingerie and ask him which ones he likes the best // here :)

Taeyong x Chubby!Reader // He tells you that you were his inspiration for “Baby Don’t Like It” and “Whiplash” // here :)

Johnny x Taeyong x Chubby!Reader // They are drunk and they both confess in the groupchat // p.1 // p.2 // p.3


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Boyfriend!Ten // here :)


Don’t Be Shy, Kitten // This fic is cringey read at your own risk but it’s a fluffy fic in which you tell him about your kitten kink. I promise that nothing sexy happens // here :)

Overwhelmed // This fic is another cringey one but it’s about Jaehyun coming home and Kitten (you) accidentally make him horny its a lil naughty but no sex actually happens I swear // here :)

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Yoongi // scolding plus size!reader for being mean to herself and best friend!Hobi // exposing Yoongi’s feelings for you // here :)

Crushing!Yoongi and Plus size!Reader // He asks you to take a nap with him but you sorta reject him // here :)

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Important // A chubby reader fic in which you both like each other but you won’t tell him because you don’t want to be a burden. (this is very fluffy and v cute in my humble opinion but I wrote it so *shrug* // here :)

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Jay Park x Chubby!Reader // You’re worried that your weight bothers him and he comforts you // here :)

Jay Park x Chubby!Reader. // You accidentally send him a sexy picture and you aren’t dating // here :)

Daddy!Jay Park x Chubby!Reader // You won.t come over due to a day of insecurity and he comforts you // here :)

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Wu Yifan:

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none yet :(



Seungcheol x Chubby!Reader // You surprise him for his birthday // here :)


Jeonghan x Chubby!Reader // You feel insecure about your weight and like you don’t deserve him so you try to break up with him // here :)


Jun in Bed // here :)


The8 x Chubby!Reader // Your friend sends him a snapchat of you dancing to one of Seventeen’s songs // here :)



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none yet :(



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Monsta X:


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The Line Between Right and Wrong // A vampire!Wonho fic that shows my voyeurism kink extremely bad. He watches you masturbate through your window and he likes it. A lot. Chubby reader too // here :) 

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Me at family gatherings
  • Aunt i only see during special occasions: Oh, you've gained weight!
  • Me: (all smiles while returning her hug) i know! So did you!
  • Homophobic, sexist uncle: what, you still don't have a boyfriend?
  • Me: boyfriend no, girlfriend yes. (Laughs in his face)