Weigh in video! Just to prove I haven’t lost any weight. I turn the camera on myself at first to show I’m not wearing anything heavy, just a t-shirt and leggings.
Also I just woke up so I’m starving and my belly is completely empty, so that’s not weighing me down either. :)

Also thanks so much to whoever sent me this scale. It’s sooo much better than my old tiny one that I could barely even stand on lol.

“Oink” (part 2)

Did he just call you a
“You’re a fatty.” He said with certainty. “I mean, you have to be with your fat belly and all right?”
Youre still frozed.
“I noticed you last semester in my Chemistry class. You struck me out the most in lab cause you could never, ever button up your lab coat. That protruding gut just wouldn’t give in. And I remember you would try to skip breakfast to lose weight.”
He then reached on the side of him and lifted up a bag on the table.
The bag read “Sweet Donuts Co.”
“Thing is, at the rate you are now, you’ll NEVER lose weight. Besides you’re a fatter piggy now then last semester so I know you ate all summer long.”
You decided to stand up for yourself. “First off, asshole, don’t you ever-”
“This asshole have donuts and can bring you whatever food you like to every lecture. This asshole can call you a fat hog because you ARE a fat hog. This asshole-”
He linger his fingers from your boobs downs to your belly and then to your cookie. “-can please you in many ways you can’t imagine.”
You gasped, you was actually turned on. And your belly kept growling.
He opened the first box of donuts in front of you. A dozen of different flavors from jelly filled donuts to chocolate glaze to ones with sprinkles on them. He then pulled out a small carton of milk.
“The lights aren’t so bright back here in this lecture hall. Amaze me.”
You faced him.
“Amaze me and eat all of that.”
Your fat ass couldn’t help it.
You reach for one donut to the next, feeling your gut swell from being stuffed at a continuous rate. He loved the constant licks and smacks you so while eating and admire when you gulp huge swallows of milk. It turns him on but he won’t let you know it does yet. He reached under the able and rubbed the outside of ur cookie through your leggings.
“Eat up, I have another box for you.”
And you ate the other box. Without much hesitation.
Afterwards, you leaned back on your chair and burped. This young man lifts up your hoodie and rubbed your swollen, shiny belly. You moaned from the relief.
You loved this.
“Imagine me treating you like the beautiful piggy you are everyday.”
You knew it would be perfect.
He leaned towards your ear and whispered:
“I will watch you grow into the pig you are meant to be. I will feed you until you beg me to stop. I will punish you when you disobey and when you earn it, I will fuck you like it’s no tomorrow. So tell me, who’s the fat pig that needs to be fed?”
You’re hot, he’s constantly rubbing your belly. And sticking his finger into your belly button. You’re getting wet and want to please him.
So you replied to his question:

“Oink” (part 1)

You are attempting to try on some old shorts you have in your closet. First day of class and you’re gonna be late, of course. You squeeze past your legs, but it won’t button. I guess the constant gorging of fatty foods during summer break really put a toll on you. You belly hangs just enough to cover ur button of ur shorts, not too low but absolutely wide and jiggly. Your boobs are no different, fat and can’t seem to stay contain in ur bras. You decided to wear a hoodie so that way if ur nipples pop out of your bra you’ll be fine. You then waddle back to ur Closet, causing your belly to jiggle violently with each step. You decided to put on some leggings instead, which made your fat ass cheeks jiggle while you was struggling to lift them up. You decided to skip breakfast and figure to eat after class, so you walked out or ur dorm and walked to class.
As you walk to our class, your hoodie kept lifting up with each step you took. You constantly kept pulling it down, and noticed you have a wedgie from your small underwear your ass keep eating up. Nevertheless, you finally made it to class.
You sat down, caused a creak sound to your chair. Your leggings didn’t fully cover part of your ass crack and love handles; I guess the size XXL leggings are getting too small. You noticed a rather slender guy sits next to you. Jet black hair, nice eyebrows, nerdy you can tell.
Your belly growled.
“Sorry,” your apologized to the young man.
“It’s fine,…..fatty.”
You froze.