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2017 BECA: Beca? Hey, it’s you…um, I’m you…just five years into the future. Listen, I don’t have much time. Just a little heads-up, whatever mess you get into with The Bella’s? Just roll with it. Trust me.

2012 BECA: Uhh…wtf?!

2017 BECA: It’ll mostly be Fat Amy’s fault.

2012 BECA: Um…

2017 BECA: Oh and ps, Chloe has a massive toner for you.

2012 BECA: A what?

2017 BECA: *mutters* Oh, right, Aubrey’s not explained that to you yet. Never mind.

2012 BECA: Dude, aren’t you risking some sort of ‘Butterfly Effect’ or something?

2017 BECA: Probably. But I’m hoping the best thing to come from it is Chloe kissing you when you go to Europe with The Bella’s in five years time.

2012 BECA:

2017 BECA: Just…remember what I said alright? Bellas shenanigans? Just roll with it!

Nights When They Play

This is a band AU that’s been in the works for years, literally. I could never let it go, and I’m thrilled that it is finally seeing the light of day. My endless thanks to @madfatty, who I rely on a frankly shocking amount. She listens to me whine, makes the bust suggestions, names all the things, and gives the best compliments a girl could ask for. When she read this, she literally said, “I’m never talking to you again.” and if that’s not true friendship, I don’t know what is.

Tags and a little author’s note at the bottom. 

Nights When They Play

He’s expansive tonight, stage Finn. She watches him from her seat at the bar, shaking her head as he claps a tall guy on the shoulder and squeezes, wearing his familiar manic energy like a costume. Finn elbows the guy in the ribs, and the whole group laughs riotously. Rae rolls her eyes.

She hates when he gets like this. She much prefers regular Finn, easy Finn, Finn of the haughty opinions and careless banter, Finn whose laughter always sounds like a surprise. She even prefers grumpy, sullen Finn, who scowls into his pint and can’t be drawn out with anything less than the boldest of taunts. Performer Finn just makes her feel small.

“Nelson’s on fire tonight.” Manny laughs, leaning over the bar in front of her. She shoots him a brief, tight smile, and they both return to watching Finn as he shakes a rail-thin girl jokingly and all her friends giggle in envy.

“I hate when he gets like this.” Rae says, because it feels good to talk about him behind his back, because she owes this Finn no loyalty.

“Seems obnoxious.” Rae swivels on her stool to face him, turning her back on Finn Nelson. Manny shrugs and pulls a pint glass from under the bar. “But I can see why he’s got so many fans, I guess. He seems to be charming them pretty well. Another one, babes?”

“It’s my round, so for the whole table, if you don’t mind.” Rae sighs, spinning to look at Finn again. No less than three girls are touching him in some capacity; she rolls her eyes again and looks away. “Oh, the fans. All the many, many female fans.”

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The Get Down Voltron Au

Black- Shao           

  • He’s the leader so that’s an obvious one
  • But, he also as a background of being abused by people, tortured in a way that could translate to Shiro’s time with the Galra
  • He’s also the most skilled fighter

Red-Boo Boo     

  • He’s impulsive and takes action without thought
  • He’s also passionate and acts with determination

Yellow-Ra Ra           

  • He’s caring and often puts others needs above his own
  • He also is good at coming up with ideas and planning which I imagine the yellow paladin would be good at for some reason  


  • He’s adventurous and inquisitive  
  • Along with that his creativity and skill in art mirrors Pidge’s skill with computers/technology
  • Also Rumi is green,,,,, What if the lion is red devil avocado


  • He’s the best with words, making him the diplomat. the blue paladin is known as the friendliest
  • Zeke is also very confident 
  • And he wears blue all the time 

Allura- Mylene     

  • It would be great okay 
  • Imagine her in the dress from the early episodes?? iconic

Coran- Francisco    

  • Supportive Uncle™
  • Mustache 

Zarkon-Fat Annie

  • She’s evil and bad I want her to die already sooooo


  • We don’t know what Lotor is like yet but he’s Zarkon’s kid so here we are

Blade Of Marmora- The Grandmasters & b-boys/b-girls

  • The only one I’m really sure of specifically is Grandmaster Flash would be Ulaz because he helped Shao get away from The Galra/Fat Annie

Matt- Yolanda & Regina

  • With Yolanda out there the Kipling brothers take on Pidge’s storyline getting a sibling back

Captain Holt- Winston

  • He’s there dad, so duh


  • Mom™


  • She’s all about unity and that type of thing
  • And she’s ra ra’s love interest

The Olkari- The Gay Community

  • I think it would work for Dizzee that the people from the art party were the Olkari and they could show him that he can be part of the team and be himself but the work with nature art instead of technology
  • Thor would be one of them….(I have many ideas about this… just wait)

@babybatbrat I have other (more specific) ideas but this is the basic jist

I have some other stuff for this au right here

Can we have an AU where Bitty is fat? Like, he’s exactly as he is, ex-figure skater, baker extraordinaire college hockey player in love with his captain (who is also madly in love with him), but he’s a chubby 5′ 6″ guy? And he carries that weight and the taunting he lived in elementary school, and then in high school, and everywhere he went to compete in figure skating, he brings is all on the ice, and he’s so graceful about it. It affects his confidence sometimes, because come on, he’s on a hockey team and is dating a professional athlete and beauty standards are a thing, but he loves himself and believes he can do anything any of his 10% body fat teammates do. 

Can we please have a nuanced and realistic fat Bitty AU?


Masterpost: {x}

Part: 2/?

Pairing: Jamilton, Lams, Thomliza

Summary: Thomas is new to Albany High School and the last thing he ever expected was to run into Alexander.

Warning: cussing, mentions of death, mentions of depression, mentions of drugs

Word Count: 4,132

Dedication: @hxxtile for the fat John idea like I seriously love him very much. 

Tags: @starfreckledlaurens, @bring-me-the-misha, @mishaisakitten, @ichbindeindod, @xfallingsnowx, @weareallhamiltontrash, @toomuchartsstuff, @noluckmonday, @kanadianwithashippingproblem, @twoscreamingbirds, @god-damn-it-miranda, @lil-bab-doodles, @anonymouscrazyfangirl, @k9effect, @justsmilingandnodding, @xdaveedxdanielexdiggsx, @pipindaae, @aph-jefferson, @red-shadow-wolf-19, @boreavement, @mrlefuck, @tinymugs, @frostbiteangel , @fuckerson, @muntzzymain, @listenlyss, @ash–is–trash, @aleciamagic , @pluto4planet , @waitwhat-24601, @fuckofflight, @wow-another-blog, @bobblobthing, @msageofenlightenment, @anime-fan-4-life13, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @cutebridge, @richieandthevoices, @iamindeedapotato, @all-you-see-is-nightmare-eyes, @fruityfrootloops, @brokxen-stars, @thelegochicken

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Silence overtook the group for awhile, causing Thomas to overthink the situation. It was his fault that John had stormed off, after all, and it seemed as if Hercules was mad at him. It was a terrible feeling that began to consume his thoughts; gradually, it began to physically show.

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