fat and happy

fuck I wish I could be like all the body positive ppl in the world who are so happy being overweight idk why I’m so obsessed w getting skinny like fat people lead beautiful and happy productive lives & im sitting here googling how many calories are in a fckin dragon fruit I’m so miserable I just want to not care about it?? I want to not care about my weight??

It was really windy and beautiful on campus today, and I got to enjoy it all even more because of my new glasses!😄

Happy trans day of visibility to all the closeted kids like me. Happy trans day of visibility for all the brown kids like me. Happy trans day of visibility to all the fat kids like me. I know we don’t see people that look like us very often in the media, but we’re important, we’re beautiful, and we’re out here. Go through this year uplifting and protecting each other. We need to be united now more than ever.

¡Solidaridad, siempre!


One year. A lot can happen in a mere 365 days. Last year there was a shy, depressed, withdrawn shell of my former self who attempted a cover free swimsuit selfie. Someone who struggled to see the light after throwing herself into darkness. In the year following, she met love, she met death twice, she deeply slept, she laughed, she cried, she gained, she lost, she pushed, pulled and conquered. I was born from that. My story is not pretty, it is not one of rainbows and princesses but one of strength. I vow to love every dimple, every curve, every lump and bump, to no longer hide, and shine as bright as my smile. Whether it’s bgad, darkskin appreciation day or just a fat chick in a two piece I am here, bold and beautiful 😍

Location: Daytona beach, Florida Swimsuit : Torrid Hair: Ma dukes Happiness: me

As it gets hotter, I’m trying to remember to be kind to myself.The world will not end if I show more than an inch of my stomach, or more of my body in general. I’m tired of hiding my body with the intention of not making anyone else uncomfortable because honestly, even when I’m fully covered I’m still going to manage to offend someone due to the very fact that I have a fat body. Maybe next time I’ll post a picture of my whole stomach hanging out. Fuck it.