fat and happy

"glorifying obesity"

where did the phrase “glorifying obesity” come from? that same jackass spin guy who invented the phrase “death panels” or whoever came up with the phrase “partial birth abortion”? so far i’ve seen it used to refer to:

- a fat person who is not twisting in misery in some way
- a fat person who doesn’t hate being fat
- a fat person who takes a picture of themselves
- a fat person who has a blog
- a fat person

and i’m honestly not even sure what fatphobic people even mean by it? also, what do they think is going to happen? they hate fat people so much that they think it’s cool to harass them on the internet and call them unhealthy (and hate people because of their perceived health status), yet they feel that a picture of a happy fat person is a serious threat? you live in a culture where your hatred of fat people and concern trolling about their health is socially acceptable; worrying that pictures of happy fat people are going to lead to a speed-gaining epidemic because being fat looks so glorious is pretty melodramatic and frankly fucking ridiculous.

i hope people see pictures of happy fat people and start seeing us as people and start treating us humanely. i hope unhappy fat people see pictures of happy fat people and start to think that maybe they could be happy in their fat bodies sometimes. if that is “glorifying obesity” than i am down for glorifying obesity and i’ll sing it from the rooftaps. i am fat and super fucking happy and it is pretty glorious. try it and we can share clothes.


Honestly people, WE KNOW!!!!!

We don’t need you to tell us we’re fat, we know.

We don’t need you to tell us being fat is “unhealthy”, we know.

But do you know people can be fat and healthy?

Do you know people can be fat and confident?

Do you know people can be fat and happy?

Well guess what? We CAN be all those things and so much more!

While our fat may be the first thing you see, it does not mean you know jack shit about what our health conditions may be just by looking at us.


Please, keep your body policing to yourselves and get your heads out of your ignorant asses.




She blew a kiss, it missed my face, and drifted into outer space and kissed the sun and made it smile. Now it’s been bright for quite a while ☀️

Invalid reasons for me to lose weight
  • So I can fit into trendy clothes:I don't need to fit your aesthetic. My clothes are exactly what I want them to be.
  • So I don't have to ask for a seatbelt extension when I fly:It's my vacation. Judge yourself. I deserve my fun!
  • So I don't have to squish myself so you can walk behind the chair I'm sitting in:go the other way if you don't think you can make it by.
  • I don't need to fit your societal norms:I deserve to take up as much space as I'd like, same as you. How about you do you and I'll do me, Kay?