fat and fabulous

“Wear less makeup!”

“If you really loved yourself, you’d–”

“You’re fat/ugly/stupid/full of yourself!”

My highlight is brighter than your future. Stay mad 😘🖕🏻


– oh wow it has been a while huh! well I’ve been getting my school and apartment stuff situated and so now I’m about to tackle my first semester of junior year at a new university and I’m stoked.
– someone asked me to talk about my journey to happiness with myself and so I’m going to make a blog post following this one that’ll have that story!
– don’t forget to ask me stuff so I can let you guys know more about me!
– also, if you notice notice I accidentally made this blog under the admin i-found-your-tampon and that’s is my original tumblr so when I follow back that might be what it’s under xx

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– you guys all have my heart xx 💕


as you all know I took a hiatus from tumblr… but I finally feel settling in a little to talk about it. As I told you guys I moved for school and have been working and going to class so I’ve just had to shorten the amount of time I can spend on tumblr because of the effort I want to truly put forth into my posts!
So here is something body positive and a little sexier than usual. I am an adult and I can be as free with my body as I please. I want you all to know the beauty in nudity no matter your size. your body is beautiful by choice, you choose your beauty… or at least the beauty you see. Everyone is so beautiful but you yourself will never know that to be true until you realize it, so realize it. Be the beautiful you… you all have the power to do it 💗


So I’ve promised to post a little more often so here’s something new. I was showering the other day and feeling myself so I snapped some selfies and thought I should put them here on tumblr. I hope you all, no matter where you are, the shower, out and about, dressed up, or dressed down are always feeling yourself and loving yourself. Feel sexy, beautiful, and alive anywhere and everywhere you go. You’re all worth it 💗