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PP3 Trailer Thoughts

On the plus side, it looks like Hailee/Emily won’t just be reduced to an Aubrey-Style Cameo

Chloe + Vet School = Genius

No notable sign of Theo Or Chicago = Win

Ruby Rose as the antagonist? FUCK YEAH!

I still have many more questions, like how the hell DJ Khaled fits into the movie? I also am scared as hell that this will be a train wreck. But will I be in the theatre for the first showing?

You bet your ass I will. Rock on, awesome nerds

My Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer and VidCon Q&A Comments and Theories (Long Post)

1. I love how Beca shows her vulnerable side to Fat Amy. Her character evolved from the “tough-mysterious vibes” kinda girl to a “i’m-passionate-about-what-i-do-but-people-don’t-see-that-except-the-Bellas vibes” kinda girl. She cried in front of Fat Amy in PP2 and now she cried again in front of her. I also love how Fat Amy knows that Beca got fired and it’s okay and just hugs her out when Beca started to cry. I love the evolution of their friendship.
2. Thumbs up for showing issues that are happening now but in a joking way like with what Flo said with the white privilege thing.
3. So we saw a bit of what kind of jobs the Bellas have or have been doing. Maybe Stacie’s in a hospital right? Ester’s in the airport thingy (based on BTS vids)
4. I love how they acknowledged the Jessley fandom with that grinding bit there.
5. I still don’t get why they have to make jokes based on Fat Amy being fat. We get it. She’s fat. It’s funny at first but it gets kinda sad eventually. MO tho.
6. We did not have that much Bechloe in the trailer. Maybe because we’ll have it in the movie? Maybeee.

1. With the question about Ester Dean putting in a song, that would be great. It could be a new song that she’ll write specifically for the movie (she’ll have 6 months to write and produce it) or it could be the song she recently released.
2. OKAY WITH THE ONE ANNA KENDRICK SAID CALM YOURSELVES GUYS. I am very excited as well with the idea that an “intense” or smutty or whatever Bechloe scene might happen. BUT, again, with the industry still not really that open for that kind of pairing AND, like what A.K. has said in previous interviews, they’re keeping it a PG13 rating. These are my theories tho:
a. Bechloe MIGHT happen. If during the movie, subtle only. BUT it may happen in the post credits if we’re gonna based it on what A.K. said “if it will make the cut” or something like that.
b. If it will be in the post credits, I think it will be similar to a tumblr post I have read where Beca bursts in Chloe’s shower and makes out with her and breaks the 4th wall by shouting “You guys happy?!” Or something like that.

3. With what Chloe said about the movie having the “love” theme, yes it could be not Bechloe solely. Remember the cast list for PP3 by IMBD and that Aubrey’s father will be there? This “love” theme could be family love, or their friendship love as well.
4. Riff-off. This could be a weird riff-off since they’ll be competing with a band. I don’t know about this. They might do it but they might lose, for the 3rd time 🙄 or maybe they’ll do it and they’ll finally win.
5. Remember that “questionable decisions” in the released plot of the PP3? This is my theory about it:
- DJ Khaled will be there and that Theo guy. I think both of them are with the band and they want Beca to be a part of it. Beca can produce music so that will be an advantage to the band so they try to persuade her thus the “questionable decision” coming in. Will Beca betray the Bellas or not?

To end this, I know most of us are rooting for Bechloe moments and Bechloe as end game. A PSA for all:
1. It will be 6 months of teasing (according to the cast, off. site, and even Elizabeth Banks. DONT I REPEAT DONT HARASS OR BOMBARD THEM WITH QUESTIONS ABOUT BECHLOE. We’ll have plenty of time to analyze the teasers they’ll be giving us.
2. Let’s not get our hopes up too much. They’re promoting the movie. Let’s support the movie not just a specific fandom.

What about you guys? What are your comments, reactions, and theories? My ask box is always open! Let’s talk about it 👌🏼

Here’s what I hope for PP3:
- Obvs I want Bechloe, because not only have I and so many other people shipped it from day one, but after all the amazing interviews and conversations Anna Kendrick has had around it I feel like she just deserves it now
- Plus imagine how incredible it would be to have a major teen/young people focused franchise where the main character is queer !!!
- If it doesn’t happen, which I wouldn’t be surprised at all about, and since the vidcon panel I am not convinced at all…. But if it doesn’t I just hope we have a film that hints at it like crazy and is just generally all types of gay AND THEN for all us diehard lesbians who stay right til the end we get a post credits scene where they just fucking go for it and we get the Bechloe make out we TRULY TRULY deserve.

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So Saturday during the finale performance shoot, Rebel decided to do a Q&A in between takes since it was taking a while to set up the cameras and this happened:

Fan: “If you could be any other Bella, who would you be, and why?”

Rebel: “Probably Chloe, because she’s got that weird thing with Beca”

I swear to god, everyone in the audience lost their mind. We died. Rebel is the biggest bechloe shipper on the planet and I love her for it.