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The Right Time To Say It

Beca Mitchell was in love with Chloe Beale. It just wasn’t so simple for Beca to tell Chloe. They’ve been best friends for two years. Telling Chloe how she felt would change absolutely everything. Beca didn’t know if she was ready for that.

Beca couldn’t really pinpoint the moment she fell for the redhead. Maybe it was at one of the many parties they went to when she would watch Chloe dance so freely. Maybe it was during one of the many times Chloe managed to make her smile despite how upset or frustrated she was that day. Maybe she had always had feelings for the girl since the day they met. Which sounds so corny that Beca actually winced at that thought.

But whenever it happened, Beca tried to tell herself it was crazy to have feelings for her best friend. She could hide it for the rest of her life as far as she was concerned.

Except she couldn’t.

Beca was currently held up in her room working on a mix. She just couldn’t get anything right with it. She took her headphones off and sighed. The only thing she could think of was Chloe and she just couldn’t work like that. Her mind kept going to the night before. They had one of their many tv show binges. The credits were rolling at the end of the seventh episode they had watched.

Finally Beca couldn’t take it anymore.

“Chloe listen. There’s something I’ve got to get off my chest” Beca rolled over to look at the redhead and saw she was fast asleep.

“Damnit” Beca sighed. She would try again tomorrow.

Except she didn’t.

She woke up to an empty bedroom. She went down the stairs and saw that Chloe was dressed pretty nicely.

“What’s the occasion?” Beca asked smirking. There probably wasn’t a reason. Chloe always dressed nicely.

“Tom asked to have coffee with me” Chloe smiled brightly, like it was the best thing that could happen.

“Oh” Beca released a huge breath she had been holding at hearing the name Tom.

He was Chloe’s on and off again boyfriend the past two years. Beca was hoping they were finally finished when about a month ago she came home to Chloe eating out of a tub of ice cream and crying her eyes out while watching The Notebook. Tom had called it off to be with some other girl.

“Chloe you can’t seriously be thinking about getting back together with that douche” Beca said trying so hard to hold back tears.

“He apologized. I’m at least going to hear him out” and with that Chloe was out the door.

Fast forward to a year later when Chloe ended things with Tom after taking him back that one day she went to have coffee with him.

Beca didn’t think that they would actually last as long as they did. She spent many nights crying herself to sleep wishing it were her that was making Chloe moan that loudly (Chloe was never quiet in the bedroom and she was never ashamed of doing it in the house even if it was full of the Bellas)

But when she heard the news that they broke up, Beca couldn’t help but feel ecstatic. Even though Chloe was crying her eyes out because Tom cheated on her.

Beca pushed her feelings aside and comforted Chloe like best friends are supposed to do. She had to wait for the appropriate moment to tell the girl how she felt, and doing it while Chloe was sobbing over someone else just wasn’t it.

A week later the Bellas all went out dancing. Everyone agreed it would make Chloe feel better. Like usual Chloe clung onto Beca most of the night. They drank, laughed and danced. After dancing for an hour, they both sat down at the bar.

“Thank you for making me come out. This really helped a lot. You always help” Chloe smiled at Beca.

This was it. Her moment.

“Hey Chlo. I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you about something,” Beca said nervously.

“What is it Becs” Chloe asked curiously.

“Hey, hey, hey! Look what I have pitches!” Fat Amy sat down a tray of shots with Stacie, Jessica and Ashley following behind the Aussie.

Beca pinched the bridge of her nose. When will this nightmare ever end. Something always comes between her telling Chloe.

Everyone ended up getting hammered that night. There was no way Beca could tell Chloe like this no matter how much she wanted. She had to do it when they were sober.

The next morning Beca went downstairs and found no sign of Chloe anywhere. She came across Stacie who was filing her nails in the living room.

“Have you seen Chloe?” Beca asked.

“Didn’t you hear? She went home with Tom last night. They made up” Stacie answered.

Beca’s heart dropped. Not again. How could this have happened. Where was she when Chloe left? She started thinking back to the previous night. Fat Amy got even more wasted then the rest of the girls. It took Beca, Ashley and Jessica all to get the girl back to the Bella’s house and into her bed.

Fast forward another year.

It was Beca’s senior year and Chloe had finally decided to graduate. Graduation was such a bittersweet moment for Beca. She found a bond with the girls that she had never experienced before. She wondered if she would ever again.

That year Chloe was so stressed out about taking DSM down and winning Worlds. Beca never got the chance to say how she felt. The opportunity just never arose.

They won Worlds. They actually did it. Chloe threw herself into Beca’s arms and they hugged for what seemed like eternity. Beca pulled back and looked into Chloe’s eyes. They both smiled at each other.

“I knew we could do it” Beca said tucking a strand of hair behind Chloe’s ear. Oblivious to the confetti falling, the cheering of the crowd and the Bellas celebrating.

Beca leaned in.

“Chloe!” Beca pulled back hearing Tom’s voice. Chloe smiled at Beca “one moment” she told her. Beca watched the redhead squeeze past the crowd until she made it to Tom. Beca watched as Tom got down on one knee. Beca watched as Chloe yelled “Yes!” over the cheering crowd.

Beca’s heart broke into a million pieces.

And maybe that’s just the way it was. The universe just wasn’t on her side. Beca could live with being Chloe’s best friend. No matter how much it killed her. She was the maid of honor after all.