fat amy pitch perfect

sure i ship bechloe as much as the next person but my fave couple of the pitch perfect franchise is the bromance between fat amy and aubrey like it starts off with aubrey all “chloe, we need girls with "bikini ready bodies” to join the bellas" then fat amy shows up and aubrey’s all “okay cool see you at auditions” then 2 secs later bi chloe with a lady boner points out beca who has a “bikini ready body” and aubrey’s all like “hell no.” then at the aca-initiation party fat amy’s going on about her hairstyle and aubrey’s intensively listening to her and validating her analysis, then after chloe gives up her solo and beca says she doesn’t want it after lovesick chloe insists that she take it, aubrey gives it to amy knowing that she wants it, and like when fat amy is horizontal running aubrey the drill sargent doesn’t even yell at her, and when amy says that the bellas’ all have fat hearts aubrey just looks at her with such pride and i just love these two so much okay because aubrey is a controlling bitch towards everyone except for fat amy and it gives me feels


They’re so awkward and perfect