fat amy

Fun Pitch-Perfect Facts

#1 When the girls sing Torn in the tent, it was improv’d by Brittany (Chloe) herself.

#2 Final performance, they sing “squirrels!” instead of “girls!” when they shout “who run the world? GIRLS!”

#3 The casts never knew what Rebel (Fat Amy)’s lines were until the camera rolled. *Its even funnier to see their faces trying not to laugh especially AnnaK*. And even if they laughed, it’d be cut and they had to redo the tape, Rebel kept changing the jokes.

#4 There was supposed to be a scene where Beca kissed goodbye to Jesse because he’s off to LA. *Aca-god has looked down on the Bechloe fandom*.

#5 There are 2 versions of the campfire Cup Song. One starting with Chloe and another with Beca.

#6 Both John and Gail lines arent scripted. Their goal is to just say anything until the crews laugh.

#7 Elizabeth (director) asked Anna K whether or not they could make fun of her height in the movie.

#8 Sia and Sam Smith wrote Flashlight.

#9 Off the performances, Fat Amy is always in pink.

#10 Beca and Chloe were originally written to be bisexuals.

#11 The yellow cup Chloe had during Emily audition, acapella party and Fat Amy song, clearly has a message behind it since she always held the cup right where the camera was. *Yes that has to be the cup Beca used in PP1 for cup song.* **Im sensing the production lost the original cup**

#12 Before signing the contracts for PP2, the girls contacted each other to make sure everybody’s doing it. “Everybody’s started texting each other. Are you doing it? Cause i’ll do if you do. But i dont wanna do if you’re not doing.”

#13 Beca originally wasn’t supposed to sing the campfire cup song but Anna Kendrick asked for it.