fat admirer bull shit

Closet Fat Admirers really suck

Right this has been getting to me for some time now but there is one thing the fat acceptance community does not need is people that are ashamed of finding fat bodies attractive in our community! 

Now i’m not talking about fat fetishists…they are a different kettle of fish and something totally different. I’m talking about people that find fat bodies attractive and not seen as sexual objects. 

I mean…..why be ashamed of finding fat bodies beautiful? 

Yeah people may make fun of you for it. But that’s their problem not yours.

I mean having a large partner is nothing to be ashamed about. But thus on saying that….being a fat admirer does not make you a special snowflake.  

I mean….yeah as a fat admirer from the age of 14 I did feel alone at times because I thought I was the only one attracted to bigger women in the world. Heck I chased my ex best friend around school for insulting the fact I dated the second fattest girl in the year below me. But I discovered fat acceptance in 2005 online and realized I am not alone and nether are you. 

But it sickens me when guys brag about having sex with fat women but they are too ashamed to be in a relationship with one.  Heck as a proud fat admirer, as long as my partner was nice to me, I would not care how big she was and be proud to show her off to my friends. And if any of my friends said anything they would be kissing the floor with my feet. Thankfully my friends accept that I despite being body positive and seeing beauty in all bodies, I do have a little soft spot for bigger women. 

But on a serious note….if you are too ashamed to admire the beauty of fat bodies or not be seen dead with a fat partner yet you would have sex with one. Then my friend you sicken me and you are not welcome in the our fat acceptance community!!!