Mutual Benefits

I moved to pull my fitted-T down.  It was feeling tight and I wasn’t sure if it showed.  I glanced across the table and smiled at Jack.  He was working so hard on that bacon cheese burger.  The first one went down quickly but the second he was taking his time with.  I couldn’t tell if the slow rhythmic way he bit into it was for his pleasure or mine.  I didn’t ask.  I watched him lick some juice off his lower lip.  Making me go crazy in the middle of the restaurant.  I tried not to move my legs around.  The feeling I got from the tight grip of my jeans and Jacks grin were too much.  I told him to stop it.  
“Stop what?” He said, and leaned back in his chair, showing off the part of his belly now escaping his shirt.  He was so round by now.  I couldn’t help replaying the entire day in my head.  From the waffles with whipped cream, fruit, and syrup.  To the mid-day snacks, to the lunch time feast.  Mmm, now this.  It was hard to contain myself, so I decided to head to the bathroom and try to relax.  Standing up only turned me on more as I slid out of the chair and walked/ waddled to the ladies.  These jeans wouldn’t work anymore.  And I didn’t know why I was still wearing this tight T-shirt.  Cause it had Hendrix on it, and  it clung to my belly so nicely.  Also, Jack could make me wear basically anything he wanted me to, and it was often tight.  
As I looked in the mirror I thought of how much like a captive I felt.  Unable to stop this situation from going further.  I succumbed to the pleasure that was examining myself in the mirror.  Staring back at me was a very pudgy Laila.  My hips were so round and the waist of the jeans so tight.  I tried to tuck more of my fat into the jeans but they wouldn’t move.  I pulled them up as much as I could, forced to jump.  A woman exited the stall behind me as I was doing so.  She smiled at me in the mirror, as if to say, “been there”.  But she was easily 15 pounds lighter than me.  You have no idea, I thought.  She walked out and I washed my hands just for something to do.  Guess I have a muffin top now, I thought, and walked out.  
As I sat back down I felt bigger.  Jack had moved on to his second cheese burger and was polishing off French fries.
“What should we have for dessert?” he smiled devilishly.  We were both so full.  He looked like he was rolling as he sat up and back again.  
“Do you really have room for dessert?” I inquired.  
“I always have room for dessert baby.”
I was excited.  I had room for dessert too.  I scooted my chair in, feeling my belly relax, and finished off my quesadilla.  “Let’s get cake” I said.
I spilled out of the car when we got back to his apartment.  My stomach bouncing easily as I walked to the door.  Jack groaned, holding his full belly for a second before moving.  Then walked towards me fast, belly poking out in front.  
We sat down inside and I couldn’t believe we both still wanted to eat.  I leaned back on the couch feeling my full belly resting on the tight waistline of my jeans.  Gray shirt hugging every curve, except that one roll of fat at the bottom that the shirt couldn’t contain anymore.  Jack sat back too, his round full belly looking ridiculously tight.  I started to feed him.  Chocolate candy bars.  He patted his belly and asked for more and I enthusiastically reached for some.  I put them in his mouth for him as he lay back, controlling the whipped cream can.  His shirt was stretched enough that I could see his huge lower belly.  One line of nice black hair going down.  I didn’t want to move.  He was looking so fat.  I decided to make myself get up and go get the chocolate pudding from the fridge.  I held my protruding belly as I stood up and felt so sexy as I realized I could barely bend over to search the fridge.  Jack was licking his fingers lazily as he munched on a nutty bar.  He was staring at me with a teasing expression as he licked off every smear of chocolate.  I shuffled back over with the finishing touches, chocolate pudding and frozen waffles.  He couldn’t resist those and I wanted to really push him tonight.  He was feeling his belly, seeing how much I put in him tonight.  It showed, not only was the shirt stretched skin tight, the indent of his belly button showed clear as day.  I stared at it as I handed him a pudding cup.  
He shook his head “I can’t. Mmm.  So full.”
“Come on, please?” I chided with a smile.  
“Well if you insist. Hand me one.” he said.
I smiled wider.  So easy, I thought.  Amazing.  I handed it over but made him reach a little so I could see him struggle to lean forward.  He had to hold his belly and scoot forward.  His lower belly hung out of his shirt completely.  He grabbed the pudding and collapsed again with a big moan.  I gave him one more pudding.  He shook his head and wrapped his heavy arm around me.  I could see how swollen he was, but I wanted this night to be epic.  
“Okay, let me check how big you are.  If I’m satisfied, I won’t make you eat it” I teased.  I ran my hand across the top of his belly, feeling the round protrusion.  I travelled down his left side, noting the beginning of a love handle.  
“Mmm” He moaned “well am I full enough?” My hand continued around his side, feeling the thickness there, and ending on the juiciest part of his belly in the front.  I was staring, caressing, memorizing every inch of this belly I’d helped create.  It was beautiful, soft and thick.  
I cupped the bottom of his belly and whispered in his ear “You’re getting huge baby.  I want you to eat one more.” He nodded very slowly.  I gave it to him and got on my knees.  I put my mouth in between his belly hang and his tight waist band and started licking.  He moaned and moved to unbutton his pants but I stopped him “NO, I’ll decide when you get to do that.”  
He leaned back with his pudding, trying to find an angle where he could still see me.  I put my hands inside his shirt, tracing his swollen belly.  My mouth continued to suck the sensitive skin just above his belt.  I tried to stuff more into my mouth, feel more with my hands, cover the entire surface area of my favorite thing.  I needed to reward him for his unwavering gluttony.  He groaned as he finished the last pudding in triumph.  I grabbed his thick sides and ran my mouth briskly across him, licking and sucking in pure ecstasy. As I felt his hands grab my hair I looked up at him, “What now?” I said with a grin.

Blame me for your weight gain. I did this to you. I made you eat everything, every day, nonstop. Whisper in my ear how it’s my fault for turning you into an obese, blubbery, doughy fat ass. Tell me that my encouragement is the reason for your extra 30, 40, 50 pounds. Blame me for your obesity. Blame me for your massive thighs and pillowy arms. Blame me for 3XL shirts that will be snug in about a month. Blame me for soft fat that bounces at the slightest touch and sits between your huge thighs. Blame me for your breathlessness and insatiable appetite

Fun FA fact:

I get shamefully turned on when I hear moaning…like when someone’s playing with their belly (or someone’s playing with it for them 😈) and the fatty just gets so turned on by feeling their fat being played with that they let out a moan or whine or something…jfc