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Nintendo E3 Predictions
  • Animal Crossing. We’ve seen HD Animal Crossing assets used twice on the Wii U, it stands to reason that an HD Animal Crossing is in development for the Switch. I’m guessing a Fall release date.
  • Smash 4 port. It’d be an easy port for a company like Nintendo, it’d be guaranteed to sell to anyone that didn’t get a Wii U for it, they could advertise it as a “complete edition” to boost sales, it’d be a perfectly logical and easy fat wad of cash for them to make. I’m gonna guess a Winter release date because Christmas.
  • Pikmin 4. We already know that this game is basically already done, it’s just a matter of waiting it out. I’m gonna guess a trailer will be shown but no release date will be given.
  • Metroid Prime. Reggie teased us recently, implying that an announcement was on the way. We’ll probably see a trailer with no release date. The game will probably actually come out in 2019. 
  • Earthbound Trilogy. Reggie teased a Mother 3 localization too, and a physical release trilogy would be a really easy 30 dollar product for Nintendo to have on shelves for Christmas. 
  • Monster Hunter XX: A straight port of MonHun XX for 3DS with the same godawful art style that MH3U had on Wii U. MonHun is basically Nintendo’s pocket third party franchise at this point, so it only makes sense that we’d see XX out on Switch sooner rather than later. Gonna guess a 2018 release date. 
  • Pokemon Stars. Summer will have been juuuuuust long enough for 3DS owners to not feel ripped off by Pokemon Stars coming out, so I think we’ll see the trailer for it then and a Winter release date. Will probably be as straight a port of Sun and Moon as they possibly can get away with graphically, and they’ll probably add a bunch of new content to those empty lots you see all over Alola. Maybe some new post-game stuff too. 

THING I WANT TO SEE THAT PROBABLY WON’T HAPPEN: Nintendo’s answer to the Rare Replay collection. The RR Collection was the closest thing to a direct spit in the face that anyone has ever done to Nintendo, and I imagine Nintendo would probably want to release their own similarly-priced collection as an answer to it. 

This is fun!
7000 divides equally into 7 days… 
= 1000 jumping jacks a day!
Which you could split up into 1/2′s!
500 Jumping Jacks in the morning ( to wake you up! )
500 Jumping Jacks at night!  ( to tire out, and help you fall asleep! )
= 1 extra lbs a week!

Losing weight will vary from person to person, 1lb is a average number but this also means this could lead to ever MORE weight loss for some people! How exciting!

Work hard, stick to your goals, and as always…


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7 Months In - What’s changed?

I started a ketogenic way of eating on February 26, 2016. I was not consistently on plan throughout the full seven months, resulting in “only” a 40-pound weight loss (I’ll take it!).

I thought this morning a lot about what has changed for me from the beginning of this year to now. 

1. I sleep all the way through the night now. I used to wake up regularly at about 4:30 each morning, just because that’s when my body decided I should awaken. I would be so tired that I would eat a big breakfast for the energy I needed, and the carb spike and subsequent crash left me even more tired. It was a vicious cycle.

2. We’re actually saving money on our food budget. Since we plan our meals ahead of time and cook everything from scratch, we are eating better and spending less than we were on convenience foods. In-season vegetables and cheap beef chucks are your friends!

3. I’m down 40 pounds (duh, this is a gimme item). The scale is a nice reminder of where I was and where I’m headed now.

4. I fit into a bunch of the clothes in my closet now! It’s pretty amazing to go shopping in your own closet and to donate items that are still in good condition that you can no longer wear because they’re too big on you. That has literally never happened to me before.

5. I don’t eat breakfast anymore. January of this year (2016), I would to wake up hungry every morning and eat breakfast pretty much first thing. Now I’m not hungry until about noon each day, so I don’t eat breakfast anymore.

6. My back pain is gone. Minor back pain that I had for years slowly but surely has disappeared over these last 7 months. I forgot what it felt like to be pain-free on the regular.

7. I’m looking forward to going to an amusement park! We’re taking the kids in our family to Disneyland this year and for the first time in a long time, I am actually really looking forward to it. I know I can handle the walking, and I know I can fit into the seats. I will be able to keep up with the kids, and that is a feeling that is priceless.

8. I have tons of energy. I mentioned we cook dinner from scratch every night–I always strived to do that before I started eating LCHF, and I was always exhausted when I got home from work. Even the thought of prepping, planning, shopping, and cooking daily seemed daunting, and when we would order pizza (again) I would feel like a failure, back in my old life earlier this year. Not anymore. I can go go go like I used to and not get all cranky.

9. My numbers are better. I had pre-hypertension at the beginning of this year, and my most recent checkup showed 119/72, which is in the normal range. I expect my BP to get even better as time goes on. Although I am not diabetic, My A1C is down to 5.6, which again, I anticipate will only get better.

10. My mood is significantly more even. I used to have mood swings and I used to get annoyed a lot, especially in social situations. 

11. I don’t get headaches anymore, ever. I used to get 4-5 a week, ranging from minor to moderate, enough to need to take a Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I now never, ever get headaches. 

12. I am in a good mood all the time now. This is kind of an off-shoot of number 10. I wake up happy, I go to work happy, I end the day happy.

13. I don’t get “the shakes” or become hangry anymore. Back at the beginning of this year, I would get ravenous and if I didn’t eat I felt like I was going to actually die. I would get shaky (low blood sugar), I couldn’t focus, and I would snap at people. Now I can feel when I am hungry, and I will eat if I can. If it’s a really inconvenient time for me to eat, I can wait, sometimes for hours, and it’s not a problem.

14. My acne has completely cleared up. Facial acne, body acne, any acne. Gone.

Keep in mind that I started reaping most of these benefits within the first 5 weeks of eating keto (numbers 1, 2, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.) It’s nice to look back and see how far I’ve come. Slowly but surely, my life has improved in major ways.

Simple Spell for weight loss assistance

All you need is a tall, taper candle for this one, I suggest in the color orange, because it stands for energy and enthusiasm, but any color will do. and something to carve into the candle.

at the top of the candle carve your current weight. at the bottom of the candle, carve your goal weight (be realistic, it’s much more encouraging)

At the beginning of your day, burn the candle for 15 minutes and visualize how you will look and feel at your goal weight. try to focus on positive thoughts “I will be more mobile” “I will have more energy” rather than negative, because what we put out comes back to us.

My LCHF Pinterest Boards

I had a Pinterest board for all of the LCHF recipes I collected and it finally got to the point where I needed to separate out main meals, snacks, holiday cooking, breads, etc. into their own boards. You’re welcome to take a look and follow if you’d like:

LCHF Main Meals 

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LCHF Tips and Basics


Keto Chinese Takeout

Super easy “Krab” Rangoon

2 oz - cream cheese
1 - small container REAL crab meat
8 - slices of cheese
Soy sauce
Sriracha (if you’re wild!)

Put all ingredients but cheese slices in bowl and microwave in 30 minute intervals until melted and combined.

Place cheese slices on parchment paper and microwave for 45 seconds until bubbly.

Quickly add a dollop of filling and fold cheese while soft. It will quickly try to shape.

Once cools it is crispy and you can even reheat without cheese melting. Dayum!

Pair with some cauliflower fried rice for a Chinese style meal. Delicious.

Sometimes you just gotta eat a whole zucchini…

Slice zucchini, place on a plate with soy sauce, coat both sides, heat pan with tiny bit of peanut oil (or whatever oil), plop zucchini in the pan, wait & flip, season with salt and pepper, plate & top with toasted black and white sesame seeds!

Super easy, super delicious, super making this again tomorrow night (but adding some protein)

“ Cardio, Abs & Obliques - Muffin Top ”.

(So I’m gonna post some workouts like this.. I don’t own any of this, but I’m sure as hell these will help us). Stay Healthy. All the love.

Best zucchini ever!!!

So I was messing around in the kitchen, trying to make a side to go with the steak Jon was grilling. I knew I have two zucchini a but no eggs or bread crumbs (I usually make baked zucchini fries). So I seasoned them with Italian seasoning and tolled them on the grill with the steaks.

No surprise them smelled like pizza so Jon said lets sprinkle cheese on them right off the grill.

AMAZING. We hardly used any cheese and happened to have a Mexican blend of shredded cheese (not my favorite). They literally came out like little pizzas!!!!

Jon doesn’t even like zucchini but he ate as much as I did. I have never seen him eat veggies before steak but he couldn’t stop. So I had to share this.

🔹Zucchini sliced to about half an inch
🔹seasoned with Italian spices (come in a jar labeled as such lol nothing fancy
🔹grilled or baked to your preferences
🔹sprinkle with shredded cheese as soon as they come off of the grill or out of the over

This isn’t something I even would have thought of. I usually put mozz on zucchini if anything but the Italian seasoning really kicked it up to a pizza level 😍