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I don’t think I fully knew what I was doing at the time, but fuck.  Picking this to be the last song I played on my final college radio show?  It was the perfect choice.  For so many reasons.  Some corny, some personal.  All still feel just as valid to me as they did today when I was planning out my show that day.  Some have grown, while others have shrunk, in importance.  But still.  It’s all still there…

The party’s over, a CD skipping
It’s the same hook repeating
Grows more grating with each passing second

And the walls contain a resonation, laughter, and conversation
It was fun while it lasted, but now we should be going
I hope everybody had a real real good time
The hospitality’s partaken
My head is flying my hearts racing to keep up

And I hope I haven’t overdone it
I hope my body can take it
I hope I make the occasion
It’s only this fucked up
I start realizing all this living is just dying

And if these are my friends
If this is my home
If this is how I spend my nights
How I communicate
And demonstrate a love of life
My eyes roll into the back of my head
If these are the last words that I ever said
No, I’m not ready to die just yet


No Use For a Name - Soulmate (Official Video)

Road Rash
Mad Caddies
Road Rash

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Mad Caddies: Road Rash

Mad Caddies album Duck And Cover is probably one of the funnest, happy-go-lucky albums to listen to on Fat Wreck Chords. I don’t know if it is the vocals, the horns, guitars, or lyrics but I really do recommend listening to it. “Road Rash” was the first Mad Caddies song I ever heard so I thought it would be appropriate to post it on here. “The Gentleman” and “Macho Nachos” are also excellent songs.