i’m so sad. i hope none of you ever feel alone, hopeless, worthless. i hope you always find a reason to go on. if any of you ever need someone to talk to, i’m right here for you. all of you, any of you, for any reason, at any time. you are so valuable and important and you’re here for a purpose even if you haven’t found it yet.

i know open posts like this don’t mean much to a lot of people but YOU are loved and cared about by so many, i promise you. we all want you here.

please ask your friends how they’re doing and tell them you love them before you can’t anymore.

Okay but why do these houseguests keep eliminating their own damn allies from the HOH comp?! I don’t give a fuck about “volunteers” so that no one hurts anyone’s feelings. Like do any of them (esp neeley/kryssie) realize they’re giving HOH to someone they aren’t even close to? And that the person has a good chance at putting them up? Where is the strategy? Where is the self awareness? I’m so annoyed.