2015 summary of art! ;v; this year went by way too fast

  • Many more merch endeavors!! washi tapes, pillow cases, different types of charms, stickers, bags, and lots of stationery things like notebooks and memos! and now there’s many things I want to try to make this coming year- crosses fingers that things go well!
  • MORE CONS! I went to AOD, Fanime, Anime Expo, Krakencon, and APE!! dang what a wild ride it’s been and it’s soo much fun that I can’t even describe. Macaroni Destiny, USS Hornet, good fun and friends and food, and meeting lots of people too!
  • More personal and fan art books and more collabs!! So much Splatoon- my own zines and the Stay Fresh zine, a big accomplishment for me. Also did my first original art book, with Ghost and Dog, and I’m still so proud of it and glad people enjoyed it ;v; I hope to make more books and zines next year!
  • speaking of, finished chapter 1 of Clover Club!!! AHH I’m super excited to have finished it– even though it’s just one chapter, I’m very proud. I’ve been in a slump for it recently, and being caught up in many other projects and school, and have some other ideas for the site and comics too. I’m gonna push myself to continue it this coming year too– along, hopefully, with some other lil comics!
  • my partner and I finished Animal Crackers!! We started working on it ages ago, but we finally pushed ourselves to complete it… so satisfying! I’ve also done the art for 3 Halves Games’s yuri game jam entry! You can check both of them out on their here kekeke

ahh might edit this post when I remember more things, but overall I think this was an exciting year for me!! I feel like I’ve done a lot, and I have many more things to do, and more importantly… I had fun and learned lots of what I want to do with my art and how I can do it. I want to make more illustrations and story-driven things, continue speedpainting and honing the basics, and make more original merch too!

And thank you to everyone who supported me and stuck with me this whole time too! Cheers to another fresh start!