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Protect muslim women who are forced to remove their hijab. Protect muslim women who can’t wear a hijab. Protect muslim women who are forced to wear a hijab. Protect muslim WoC. Protect especially black muslim women. Protect muslim wlw. Protect trans (and non-binary; bigender, gender-fluid etc.) muslim women. Protect muslim women with eating disorders who can’t fast. Protect muslim women with mental illness and disabilities. Protect muslim women who are alienated by the non-muslim people for wearing a hijab. Protect muslim women who are alienated by muslim people for not wearing a hijab. Protect muslim women who are seen as uneducated and silent and oppressed. Protect muslim women who are used as a excuse for islamophobia. PROTECT MUSLIM WOMEN.

The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion. So whoever sights [the new moon of] the month, let him fast it; and whoever is ill or on a journey - then an equal number of other days. Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship and [wants] for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and perhaps you will be grateful. - Surah Baqarah 185

How to Sneak Food into Your Room for Suhoor: A Convert’s Guide
  1. Set your alarm with an audible, but light tone that’ll wake you up, but no others. Make sure you set this alarm for at least twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes prior to fajr, depending on how slow or quick you eat.

  2. Before sleeping, make the intention (niyyah) to wake up for suhoor, to pray, and to fast. Also, make dua’a that you could actually have suhoor and you could fast in peace the following day.

  3. Wake up immediately after the alarm sounds. Don’t waste any time. 

  4. Make dua’a that no one catches you in the kitchen, making a small “feast” for yourself. 

  5. Prior to leaving your bedroom, decide if you’re going to need a hoodie or robe with large pockets. This’ll make carrying the food to your room easier. 

  6. Head to the kitchen as quietly and quickly as possible. 

  7. Gather your food for suhoor. Make sure to have at least one bottle of water. Anything with a crinkly wrapper (brownies, cookies, etc.), bring it to the bathroom. You have to be ninja quick here: as your flush the toilet, quickly open the wrapper and stuff whatever you chose into your pocket. Who cares if a little bit lint gets on it; you need to eat!

  8. Make your way back to your room. The flushing of the toilet makes it obvious that all you did was pee (or poop). 

  9. Eat slowly, but quietly. All wrappers should be hidden or discarded as soon as possible (when you awake later that morning). 

  10. Any leftovers, hide in a place that you will remember easily. If you don’t, the food will get rotten and/or moldy, and attract critters. 

TIP: If you decided to bring in a large stash, you could do something like this: 

Granted, this is showing alcohol. But it’ll work for food, as well! 
Ramadan Mubarak, and happy sneaking! 

(You’ll be in my dua’as, yo.)

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Rajab 💜 ☪

. The Holy Prophet () said ❝Rajab is the great month of Allah (ﷻ). No other month equals it in sanctity and merit. During this month fighting against the infidels is prohibited. Indeed Rajab is the month of Allah, Shaban is my month and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah. Surely whoever fasts one day in Rajab secures Allah’s greatest pleasure, distances himself from the wrath of Allah and one gate of Hell is closed for him.❞


. Imam Kazim (عليه السلام) said ❝For those who fast a day in Rajab, the fire of Hell recedes from them a distance of one year walking and whoever fasts for three days in Rajab is certain to enter Paradise.❞

. Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام) said ❝ Rajab is the month of forgiveness therefore seek much forgiveness during this month.❞


. Imam Kazim (عليه السلام) said ❝Rajab is a river in Paradise which is whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. Whoever fasts one day in Rajab will be given a drink from this river.❞


. Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام) said ❝Allah (ﷻ)has exalted the month of Rajab and given it a stupendous sanctity taking it upon Himself to honour those who fast it. Whoever fasts a single day of the latter part of Rajab will be saved from the severity of the throes of death, from the horrors encountered after death and the torment of the grave. Whoever fasts two days of the latter part of Rajab will cross over the Sirat (bridge) with ease and whoever fasts for three days will be secure from the terrors and calamities of the Day of greatest terror and will be given immunity from Hell.


. The Holy Prophet () said ❝Whoever recites ‘la ilaha il Allah’ 1000 times during the month of Rajab, Almighty Allah (ﷻ) will decide for them 100,000 rewards and award them 100 houses in Paradise.❞

. Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام) said ❝Whoever recites Surah al-Ikhlas 100 times on a Friday in Rajab will be given such a light that they will enter Paradise.

📓 All hadiths taken from Mafatih al-Jinan

📆 Important events in Rajab:

1st Rajab: Birth of Imam Baqir (عليه السلام)

3rd Rajab: Martyrdom of Imam Hadi (عليه السلام)

10th Rajab: Birth of Imam Jawad (عليه السلام)

13th Rajab: Birth of Imam Ameerulmumineen (عليه السلام)

15th Rajab: Martyrdom of Lady Zainab al-Kubra (سلام الله علیها)

20th Rajab: Birth of Lady Sakina bint Hussain (سلام الله علیها)

24th Rajab: Birth of Hazrat Ali al-Asghar (عليه السلام)

25th Rajab: Martyrdom of Imam Kazim (عليه السلام)

26th Rajab: Death of Hazrat Abu Talib ( رحمه الله)

27th Rajab: Miraj and the beginning of the prophethood of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

28th Rajab: Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) and his caravan leave Medina


  • Consult with your doctor
  • Be diligent about prenatal vitamins (take them every day)
  • Drink a lot of water at iftar
  • Consume fruits and vegetables that have a lot of water (cucumber, watermelon)
  • Utilize yogurt for hydration as well
  • Consume a complex carb at suhoor (oatmeal is the best) to keep sugar levels constant
  • Focus on a wholesome diet as much as possible. Make sure to meet daily caloric needs throughout the night and morning.

Fatigue & Energy

  • Monitor your baby’s movement; count kicks. If they decrease - move around and count again. If the kick count is still low: break your fast & drink juice
  • If a low kick count becomes normal, stop fasting. Or fast every other day or every two days and then one day off (depending on the situation)
  • Extreme fatigue means sugar levels are low - break your fast
  • Try to relax as much as possible, do not exhaust too much energy
  • The first 3 months will be the hardest for a pregnant women (due to morning sickness)


Don’t push yourself. You’re excused from fasting. Do what’s best for your baby and your health. Every woman is different, some may be able to fast & others might not. That’s ok. Ramadan is more than just fasting :D