Equilibrium Lyrics

The sigh of the shifting sea
The kiss of the salt-sweet breeze
The white of her silken dress, stained in red

A memory fading fast
Her mother sits, eyes downcast
A torn uniform in hand, farewells unsaid

That once a certainty, lost in grief
A daughter’s desperate cries, unheard pleas
Forsaken, beaten, tired, and on her knees
A prayer passes from her lips
Into her soul, the Goddess whispers:

“A heartbeat without harmony
Is moonlight with out dark
The heart seeketh equilibrium
With balance will your worry part

So still this broken melody
And therewith shoulder thee
One last step only leaving
An empty hearth down by the sea
An empty hearth down by the sea”

Koji Fox explained the meaning behind the song, with the official lyrics revealed !

Equilibrium tells a tale of a Meracydian girl who lives in the time of Allagan attacks and invasions. Her father had gone to war and died, leaving their mother with only a torn uniform to remember him by. Overwrought with grief, the mother takes her anguish and sorrow out on her daughter, who then cries out to the Goddess for help. Hearing the girl’s plea, the Goddess comes down and tells her that with her father dying, the balance in her family has been altered, and that in order to regain this balance, the girl must kill her mother. After she murders her mother, the Goddess tells her that her actions have yet again offset the balance, and that she must take her own life for true equilibrium to return.

This song further instills the idea that Sophia is not an angry or malicious god, nor is she benevolent. She is truly neutral, and only seeks to bring balance to the world. If there is too much darkness, she will aid the light. If there is too much light, she will aid the darkness.


The first message comes from her, luckily for him he had his phone off already.
You got away with that, impressive - IA

He smirks reading the message, strangely amused before replying
You still have powerful “friends”, impressive - SH

Irene holds the phone gently, appreciating the moment, then she types again
You jealous? - IA
And when a reply doesn’t arrive she continues the conversation, fiercely.
My new husband is boring. Come over. Let’s have dinner - IA
But this time the answer arrives
Busy - SH

She laughs slightly
Busy? You escaped death. Again. You should celebrate - IA
She hesitates some further seconds before continuing 
YOU should celebrate. With ME. Catch a fly. Let’s have dinner - IA
When a reply doesn’t come, again, she changes strategy.
You wouldn’t have died anyway… - IA
That worked. She giggles, she knew that THAT would have worked.
What makes you say so? - SH
She decides to torture him for a while before finally answering
I would have helped you - IA

Is that sentiment, Miss Adler? - SH
Was it sentiment back in Karachi? - IA
And Sherlock doesn’t reply and Irene gets undressed thinking about him.

The next time he’s the one starting the conversation, sending a picture.
Irene is eating when she downloads that picture and once she sees it she almost chokes
Is that little Watson? - IA
she types fast
Her name is Rosamund Mary - SH
He confirms and Irene smiles gently before writing  
She seems pretty but your child would be prettier… - IA
Sherlock almost chokes too when he reads that and a couple of seconds later
Are you offering? - SH
Irene can’t help but rolling her eyes, even if she’s aware he can’t see her, then she texts again
Maybe. Or maybe not. You should come over to find out - IA

Irene write again a couple of days later.
This city is tedious - IA
I need some new “friends” - IA
She keeps writing and he keeps ignoring her
And I miss London - IA
And Belgravia - IA
And Starbucks - IA
And your funny hat - IA
You should wear it more often, it suits you - IA
But you already know that - IA
Com’on join me. Let’s have dinner - IA
Even the great Sherlock Holmes has needs - IA
To eat, for instance - IA
Or to… play - IA
Or to have dinner - IA
You like this don’t you? - IA
You bastard - IA
What’s so interesting to avoid me? - IA
I know you find this hilarious - IA
And then, eventually, he answers
I do - SH

Irene decides to return the favour sometimes later

Have you read John’s blog lately? I know you would find his last post HILARIOUS - SH
It’s been a week, still offended? - SH
Do you have anything to do with the Borgia’s perl disappearance? - SH
Not that I care - SH
Gone to the Opera today? - SH
Maybe - IA
Sherlock smiles gently enjoying this little game of theirs and decides to push her
Godfrey? - SH
The mention of her husband’s name manages to amuse Irene more than she was supposed to, probably.
Is that caring, Mister Holmes? Or jealously? - IA
Try not to be irrational, Miss Adler - SH
She’s happy in that moment, more than she’s right to be and appreciates the moment, liking the power she is holding, then she texts back.
I’m not and you know it. Let’s have dinner - IA

The next time is Irene who starts the conversation

I’m bored. Again. Let’s have dinner - IA
Busy. Again - SH
Try to be interesting, Mister Holmes. Let’s have dinner - IA
Not now - SH
He warns her tough without realising that this attitude can only manage to annoy her more
Why not? - IA
The woman doesn’t even wait a minute to write a further message
You know you can’t get me out of your mind. Let’s have dinner - IA
And then again another
It’s been too long. Let’s have dinner - IA

When she texts him again Sherlock is about to catch the flight to go home
Travelling around the world and not even a short visit in Montenegro? If I was a different person I might get angry - IA
When he reads that he finds the message unexpectedly funny. His reply is half a monkey, half a challenge
You ARE angry - SH
She doesn’t deny that but she attacks him
And you are hungry. Let’s have dinner - IA
He doesn’t deny that either

Then the word falls apart and he needs anchor, she needs her

Mary is dead. John hates me - SH
Her replay is immediate
I’m already on my way - IA
He shivers at the only thought of that, then he texts her
Don’t. It’s too dangerous - SH
He can almost hear her laugh, then her reply arrives
Nonsense. I’ll be there in 12 hours - IA
He trembles writing the following words
I can’t protect you. The last person I vowed to protect died - SH
Her response comes fierce, like her.
Luckily for you I’m prone to resurrection - IA

And for the first time in a while he genuinely smiles

anonymous asked:

What does 'furt' mean?

It’s an ancient NWSL proverb… No, I’m kidding, it’s part of the very odd NWSL marketing campaign “STRONGHER FASTHER FURTHER” with the “HER” part being highlighted in a different color than the first syllables.

Now, for “strong” and “fast”, that might work, even though just typing it now made me throw up a little in my mouth, but “furt” is just not a word.

So WoSo fans decided to give it meaning and it has since become a synonym for everything wrong with the league. Like - the teeny tiny 7v7 field? Peak furt.

I like what the father said to the son when he gave him a watch that had been handed down for generations. He said, ‘I give you a mausoleum of all hope and desires, which will fit your individual needs no better than it did mine and my father before me.’ I give it to you not that you may remember time but that you may forget it. For a moment. Now and then. And not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it.