Truth or Dare pt. 2


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“Fuck Him” PJ said with a strict tone to his voice. Phil’s gaze instantly went to Dan, who seemed to have gotten impossibly harder at the thought

Anxiety filling him, he nodded with hesitance and slid off Dan’s pants and boxers, planning to just get this over with ASAP

“Phil, pleeease, hurry” Dan whined, a mewl slipping past his parted lips. “’M trying” Phil muttered, a slight hint of annoyance in his voice

When both Phil and Dan’s clothing was pooled on the floor, he sat Dan upright and stood in front of him so his cock was near Dan’s mouth

“Suck it.” Phil demanded, his eyes crinkling a bit when he feels the warmth of Dan’s mouth around his length

A groan echoed through the room when Phil stared at Dan. His lips were stretched around Phil’s dick, eyes squeezed shut, and nose crinkled a bit

“Get it wet. This is the only lube we have” Phil’s voice was getting lower and lower every time he said something, his hands tangled in Dan’s curling brown mess of hair

Dan began bobbing his head as best he could, multiple whines slipping out, causing a small vibration to run up Phil’s cock

He grunted as Dan began to take all of Phil in slowly, his cheeks hollowed and tongue lapping at the underside of Phil’s length

When Phil was almost positive he was wet enough, he pulled Dan’s mouth off, making a satisfying ‘pop'ing sound, and shoved him to the ground

Ass in the air, hands on either side of his body, and face down with the side of his face rested on the floor. Phil could get used to seeing Dan like this

When Phil started to slide in, he realized Dan must have fucked himself with a dildo before the party, because Phil seemed to have slid in smoothly

Whines and grunts filled the room as Phil began thrusting, going at a slow pace incase Dan was still sensitive

“Fasterrrr” he heard the bottom gasp out through gritted teeth, his hands enthusiastically clawing at the marble flooring

Phil smacked his ass as a punishment for speaking, but obliged more than happily, speeding up his pace and watching as Dan’s hole stretched around Phil’s cock

“Fuck… Look at you, your pretty little ass is almost eating me up” Phil groaned as he watched. He was almost in a trance, watching himself disappear and reappear in and out of Dan’s hole

A loud moan echoed through Phil’s ears when he changed his angle, a smirk spreading on his face. Soon enough, he was pounding into Dan’s sensitive spot, his hands rested on his hips

“Yeah that’s it… Take my fucking cock you whore. All of it. such a good fucking slut for me” Was all Phil could get out before he came, hard and messy inside of the brunette

Dan chanted “Fuck, fuck me, ah ah ah, yeah, please Phil!” As he came in white Spurs all over his pale chest, panting heavily, his back arched

Phil pulled out, snickering at the small desperate whine Dan emits as his hole clenches against air

Phil stood up, slid his hands on, and waited for Dan to do the same before picking him up marriage style

“I’m taking him home. He’s fucked out and needs rest. I’ll text you later peej.” And with that. They went home and slept, both dreaming about the other.

The View From Here

characters: you, vernon

genre: fluff :)

 word count: 514

“Hansol! Walk fasterrrr!” You dragged the lazy boy with you as you struggled to walk to the next rollercoaster. Even though it was Vernon’s idea to come here for a date, you already knew he was only doing it because you loved it.

“Why? So we can go on it and then have you get scared and vow to not go on another? But then go on another?” he said, his left eyebrow raised.

“Vernonnnn! Please! I won’t get scared this time!” you paused to pout at him.

“Alright, whatever you say.” he finally gives in and lets you drag him to the rollercoaster. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to check the time. It was only 5 minutes before the sun set, and he especially wanted to go on the ferris wheel with you, knowing your fear of heights, he’d be able to protect you and initiate skinship.

You both got into the two seats of the roller coaster, glad that it was 2 seats per train as you were going to scream a lot. Once the rollercoaster started moving down the track, Vernon took your hand and squeezed it reassuringly. You squeeze your eyes shut and hope for the best as the roller coaster starts going faster.

After three minutes of crazy loops and going upside down, you and Vernon had gotten off the rollercoaster alive. But this time, instead of you pulling him somewhere, he started pulling you.

“Where are we going now?” you asked, your eyes looking around at your surroundings. He laughed at how innocent and confused you looked.

“You’ll see.” he continued dragging you through the park.

After 10 minutes of walking to the other side of the park, you gasped as he stopped right in front of the ferris wheel.

“No way. I’m not going on that, Vernon.” you said as you started turning around to walk the opposite way.

“Aw, c’mon y/n! You’ll be fine.” he says as he drags you into one of the carriages attached to the ferris wheel. You sit down and he sits beside you.

“Vernon! You’re going to tip the thing over if we both sit on this side!” you freak out.

“You’re so cute. We’ll be fine!” he laughs at you as he reaches his arm around your shoulders and pulls you closer. You shriek a bit as the carriage shakes a little. You guys were almost to the top now, and you had to admit that the view from here was quite pretty, with the sky looking like cotton candy and the lights of the whole city beneath you.

“See, it’s not so bad, right? The view from here is almost as gorgeous as you.” you cringed at his cheesy words and turned to see look at him, who had been looking at you the whole time. He smiled and took in all the beauty that was you. You smiled back, snuggling into his side. You reached the top of the ferris wheel, and he leaned in, until a pair of soft lips were on yours.


This clip is tearing me apart because

Alec looks so conflicted and lost

and Lydia looks so excited which actually breaks my heart

and Izzy is like *wtf this man is gay!!* 

and Alec is still like this can’t be happening

and Izzy’s still like “wrong move bruh”

and Magnus is all “I’m here boo”

and Alec’s secretly like “yes my prince charming my knight is glittering armor”

and lydia’s like “???”

and Izzy is like “omFg mALEc shIP It oTP”

and Magnus with that sass

and that gaze of desire



Dear SM, Time is essential in everyone's life. Now. If you value your life, give ELFs the teaser! Dammit! We still have to go to school, run errands and such. Me, I am almost late for class now. But I am freaking waiting. Waiting. Don''t let me have more gray hairs ok? Please. Release it already.

I love the fact that Jack was cut off after the glitch and Anti appearance in the VR video.

It’s funny how he appears as if nothing happened afterwards but you can still see he’s a little more pale and shook up than usual. It’s just the right amount of subtlety.