faster women

  • MC: Quick, I need a fun fact!
  • Jumin: Cats purr when upset.
  • 707: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell!
  • Yoosung: women orgasm faster with socks on
  • Jaehee: You are more likely to die from a coconut falling on your head than a shark.
  • ZEN: Giraffes have blue tongu-
  • ZEN:
  • ZEN: yoosung what the fuck
a seat on the throne | asott | 2

genre | pharaoh au.
summary | in the hot south there was, searching for concubines, a man as powerful as gods and he wants her.
wanings | objectifying women, racism, mature content, graphic smut
word count | 9469.
note | I just wanted to speak out a thank you for @tayegi as the dialogue in her very awesome fic freedom (you must read it; there’s no other way round, you must!) and her tag for taehyung: imperial concubine gave me the needed inspiration to edit and turn this idea of mine into a two-shot. also: please ignore the way it turned into a little powerplay, I hadn’t intended it but oh, well :’)

“When will I see him again?”

“Hold your tongue!” Azeneth, the examiner of all fresh meat, snapped at the new girl, letting the tray with food fall on the ground, pushing every plate to every single one of you, “What impudence, what boldness! Thinking you serve as anything higher than a plaything and being able to demand for more - you can put that idea right out of your mind!”

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Two Worlds

Prompt: Uncle Tony Stark comes to visit

AN: This came to me in the middle of the night. I love how it turned out.

Words: 1259

          You walk through the building with an authority that comes from having mesmerized the halls when you were two. You don’t even pause, as you swipe your clearance card and pass through the doors. Tony had always been a tad sentimental, but not revoking your security clearance is just stupid.

          You ignore the gaping mouths and push open the office door. The sight that greets you makes you pause. Stiffening your shoulders, you don’t even bother with a greeting. A hand goes to your hip and you ask, “Where is he Pepper? From the look of things, I’d say he hasn’t stepped foot in the building in years.”  

          Pepper just stares at you, “Y/N, but you …”

          You sigh, “Went to another dimension, the dimension that is fusing with this one, and I need Tony to make sure the world doesn’t go kablooey.” When she just keeps staring at you, you snap, “Pepper!”

          She snaps back to reality and simply says, “He’s off the grid.”

          You smile “Then give me the coordinates for the new one. My email is the same.”  And then without another word you leave. Dialing the number, you know by heart, the phone rings three times before your husband finally picks up.

          “Did you get ahold of him?”

          You sigh as you slide into your car, “Of course not. Nothing with Tony is ever easy.”

          Bruce just chuckles, “I thought you said I reminded you of him.”

          You smirk, as you hook your phone to the bluetooth, and pull out onto the road. “Exactly, Bruce.”

          Your husband just laughs, “Well, Alfred always said you’re the only woman in the universe that would be able to put up with me.”

          You smile as the coordinates pop up on your phone, “The coordinates just came through, I’m off to see brother dearest.”

          “Good luck.”

          You turn off your phone and allow your mind to drift. Tony had been born three minutes after you. He’d always been smart, and always filled with a mind that was moving faster than everyone else’s. He’d never been able to stay still for long, and by the time he was sixteen he’d begun going through women faster than he went through red bull. Your parent’s death had sent him further over the edge.

          It had left you running the company. An accident in an experimental area had sent you careening through dimensions and had landed you in a world very similar to your own, but oh so different.

          You’d found an entry level position at Wayne enterprises and worked your way up in a matter of months. It had taken some time but eventually you had earned the trust of Bruce Wayne himself. It hadn’t taken you long to figure out his secret. He wasn’t nearly as good at hiding it as he thought. You had waited in the shadows until he needed you. You had never expected to fall in love with him.

          Fifteen years and seven kids later, found you still madly in love with the man, and still just as dedicated to protecting the new world you had become a part of.

          Then, the dimensions had started melding, and you had found yourself staring down a home you long thought was lost. Two weeks of research showed exactly how much had changed in your absence. Your brother had become a hero, aliens had invaded New York, and your brother had built a machine determined to destroy the world.

          Your brother had always been brilliant, and honestly you were thrilled to see that he had found something he had been passionate about. And now, he was needed again.

          The dimensions seemed to be erasing key events and people to compensate for how many things were melding. There was a chance to stop it from happening, if you were able to get Tony’s help.

          It takes you several hours to reach the building. Slowing to a stop right outside, you exit without a second thought. Guards are on you in seconds, and you simply raise an eyebrow in question, before the first Avenger steps out. You believe he’s called Vision.

          Stepping around the guns aimed at you, you walk right past the computer, machine, man, thing, and move into the building. You track his phone to a nook surrounded by windows. Stopping beside him you simply say, “So, I hear you’re still building things.”

          Tony just turns to you and says, “Did Y/F/N Margaret Stark just make a joke?”

          You smile, “I made an observation.”

          Tony finally turns to you, and you can’t help but sigh at what you see. His face now has lines, there are bags under his eyes, and he’s much too thin. When you don’t say anything he says, “So you were trapped in another dimension?”

          You nod, “The one that is slowly becoming a part of this one. And soon it will start erasing people, to compensate for the population increase.”

          “How sure are you about that?

          “99.99% It’s already started happening where I live.”

          Tony sits down on the window sill and looks up at you, “So this is how it is. My big sister comes back from the dead, apparently married,” he points at your ring, “and I don’t even get a hello, or at the very least a cookie.”

          You let out a deep breath before sitting down beside him, “I didn’t mean to vanish.”

          He nods, “I know. I got the reports. A scientist off his rocker started experimenting off the books, and when you went to fire him after finding out, he started the damn machine up, and it ended up killing three people, and you … well you just disappeared.”

          You cross your ankles, “I tried to find a way back, Tony.”

          “For how long?”

          The question catches you by surprise, but you answer anyways, “About two years. Until I got married. Until I felt like I was home for the first time since I was a kid.”

          “You ever think about me?”

          You smile, “Of course I did, you’re my little brother. And whenever my kids would do something especially stupid or especially bright I would tell them they were acting just like their Uncle Tony. They want to meet you by the way.”

          “So I have little nieces and nephews just running around.”

          “Nephews and niece,” You correct.

          “And the guy?”

          You smile’ “Head of a big company. Family owned like ours. He’s a really good guy, and an amazing father too.”

          Tony nods, and goes silent for a few minutes before saying, “Okay, let’s go.”


          “Save the world. I’ve got to find this phone first. And then I have to meet this husband of yours. Something tells me I might need his resources from his world. I also have to deal with the secretary of state…”

          You pull a card out of your purse and hand it to him, “Have her call him. She’ll take care of it.”

          Tony just looks at the card for a minute before saying, “Amanda Waller.”

          You smile, “Any man within their right mind would be terrified of her.”

          Tony just shrugs, and extends his arm. You give him a half hug as the two of you walk out the building, “And just so you know sis. When all this is over, I reserve the right to kick this guy’s ass if I don’t like him.”

          You laugh, “You’re welcome to try.”

          Tony scoffs, “Try? I’m a superhero.”

          You smirk, “So is he.”

A most Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln!

Here is a bit of trivia concerning Lincoln’s birthday, on February 12 in 1809: There is not single instance recorded in his life when Abraham Lincoln actually celebrated his special day.

Not even in 1861 when Lincoln had left his hometown of Springfield, IL, only a day prior to his birthday, on February 11th to travel to his inauguration in Washington D.C..

On the train trip that lasted 13 days and covered 1591 miles, many friends and political acquaintances had obtained a seat but none ever mentioned any sort of birthday celebration on the second day of the journey. And, just in the years before, there was never a mention of the date being recognized in the years of Lincoln’s presidency.

It certainly wasn’t unheard of at the time or in the place – after all, there are several mentions of birthday parties given to Lincoln’s children alone.

The fact that he himself missed out on the fun might be one of the reasons why we enjoy celebrating today…better late than never.

And there are quite a few things to do on this beautiful birthday Sunday!

If you are lucky enough to live around Springfield…take a trip to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum today – in honor of Lincoln’s birthday, there will be NO admission fee today!

If you’re an early bird – head to the Lincoln Home visitor centre and catch some lectures that start at 8:30am:

  1. Tom Martin, chairman of the Mount Pulaski Courthouse Foundation, will present “Preserving the Mount Pulaski Courthouse.”
  2. Wayne C. Temple, retired chief deputy director of the Illinois State Archives, talks about his forthcoming book “Lincoln’s Springfield/Pittsfield Connection - A Tale of two Cities.”
  3. Bill Thomas, economic development director of Logan County, presents “Uncovering Connections: The Story of the 1875 Grand Old Style Barbeque on the Grounds of the Atlanta Union Agricultural Society.”

There will also be various celebrations in Washington, Vandalia and, of course, Lincoln, IL – just check your local newspapers!

If you aren’t anywhere close to the relevant Lincoln sites in the US or even outside the country, you can still party!

Some friends and I, for example, are doing “Do as Lincoln Did Challenges” and they’re completely unattached to a certain place.

They could be:

- Read a Shakespeare play (for the advanced: Write an embarrassing review and send it to a well known Shakespeare actor)

- Play with a kitten (for the advanced: bring the most fancy spoon in your household and tell anybody scoffing at it that “if it would be good enough for Buchanan, it’s good enough for *Tabby/name of cat you are cuddling*)

- Walk a full two miles and leave two cents at the exact end to honor Lincoln’s dedication during his postmastership in New Salem (for the advanced: Give the two pennies to an actual person and ask who’s birthday it is today)

- Get a hold of a chapter of one of the 13 books of “Euclid’s Elements” and understand it by the time the sun sets (for the advanced: Use the just learned mathematical theorem on a practical matter that concerns your life right now; write a one page essay, hand it to the teacher you like best and ask his opinion)

-       Honor one of Lincoln’s greatest, yet most underrated speeches – Peoria 1854:

 “And now, why will you ask us to deny the humanity of the slave? and estimate him only as the equal of the hog? Why ask us to do what you will not do yourselves? Why ask us to do for nothing, what two hundred million of dollars could not induce you to do? (…) -some poet has said “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

At the hazzard of being thought one of the fools of this quotation, I meet that argument—I rush in, I take that bull by the horns.”

Prepare a full argument to speak up on something that it is really, REALLY, important to you and think it through ALL THE WAY. (For the advanced: Discuss it CALMLY with one person you know would be of opposite opinion).

- Take an ugly selfie and post it to your most used social media (for the advanced: Point out that you are most certainly not two-faced for if you were, you would not wear THIS one!)

- Make food! Abraham Lincoln went hungry often in his life and he never developed a distinguished taste for any particular dish. There are many “his favorite” recipes but they are ALL fake (seriously, he never mentioned his wife’s cake or actually liking a gingerbread man!). The only mention Lincoln ever made about a food he enjoyed was about cornbread (“I can eat them faster than two women can make them”). Most contemporaries stated that he would eat without complaint whatever was put in front of him – even in the worst restaurants on the circuit. So, go ahead and make food! Eat it, no matter how it turns out and enjoy that you did it yourself. (For the advanced: DO try your hand at cornbread – and if it turns out yummy, please DO send me the recipe, for I haven’t figured that out yet!)

Last but not least - just enjoy the guy; he was cool!

Fun facts
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Coran:</b> Quick I need fun facts!<p/><b>Allura:</b> Mice play dead when they're afraid.<p/><b>Keith:</b> The sharper the knife the less you have to cry while cutting onions.<p/><b>Lance:</b> Women orgasm faster with socks on.<p/><b>Hunk:</b> The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.<p/><b>Shiro:</b> Giraffes have blue.........<p/><b>Shiro:</b> Wtf Lance<p/></p><p/></p>
The Left’s Groupthink Takes Away Our Individual Rights

The right view people as individuals while those on the left lumps people into categories based usually on race but also often on gender and sexuality. Race and sex are two of the sweetheart pillars of leftist thought, they are fixated on and impose racial and gender based quotas and affirmative action demands at any given chance. When it comes to race, the usual categories are black, white, brown, and Asian. When it comes to sex, women are viewed as a minority group even though women constitute 51% of the population and many women occupy the most privileged positions in society. Refuting and stepping outside of what the left considers to be the only acceptable view which we all must hold, automatically makes you a traitor. 

Talk to a non-white conservative such as Larry Elders, Deneen Borelli, David, Webb, Thomas Sowell, Stacey Washington or Crystal Wright and you will quickly understand the way the left and many blacks banish anyone who wanders beyond the groupthink. They are vilified by everybody, guilt-ridden whites, most blacks, family members, friends and so forth. These black conservatives have committed the most unforgivable crime from a left point of view: they broke ranks with their “group.” Apparently American blacks are supposed to be Democrats so those who are not are called Oreos, race traitors and Uncle Toms and whatever they have to say will always be dismissed and ignored. They are guilty of “thought crimes” by progressive standards, which are in fact incredibly regressive.

Conservatives do not recognize these violations because they view people as individuals rather than their skin color or gender. It’s why conservatives argue against affirmative action and set equal standards for voter ID. Why are we lowering the bar for blacks and women to the point where they no longer need to work for something, they can just be handed it to them based on their race or gender while everyone else is left to get on with it. Why don’t the left hold them to the same standards and expectations as everybody else? How is this equality? I saw a video the other day where an interviewer asked liberal white students if black people should have to have an ID and most of them said, with very sympathetic and respectful intentions, most black people are too poor or don’t even know where their local DMV is. This is what happens when a group of people adopt the victim mentality of another group of people. How can this ever be considered progressive? 

The left endlessly criticize President Trump as being anti-woman because he said mean things to a woman who said mean things to him. If somebody punches you, punch them back. Equality. He also responds to men in the same way, is Trump anti-man? This level of analysis is completely foreign to the left because they see a rude comment made to one woman as a comment made to all women. Women who have worked for the Trump organization and currently work for him say that he promotes women faster than other companies and he pays them as much if not more than men. These women have made it clear there is no glass ceiling in the Trump organization and in fact, the Trump organization has more female CEOs than any other Fortune 500 company. So why does the left not take these individual accounts of women seriously and instead brands them as being lying gender traitors protecting a woman-hater? Because these women have stepped outside of the hivemind.

Obviously, the leftists believe that they have the moral high ground. They truly believe that it is ethical to judge people according to these reductionist categories. What I’d like to know is how the suppression of individuality could ever be justified. They demonize the right with the odious labels racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc in order to justify their unconscionable treatment of individuals. Only by painting the right as evil and despicable, or as Hillary said deplorable, can they justify suppressing individual thought when it conflicts with group-think.

All over the country, liberal universities are banning or blocking speakers who do not express the views of status quo liberals. Leading universities have not only banned or uninvited conservatives but also liberals who stray only slightly from the orthodox talking points. The perfect example, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She ran away from Somalia due to forced genital mutilation and an arranged marriage and established herself in Holland where she learned Dutch, earned a college degree and became a Member of Parliament. She is an agnostic, black, female and a woman’s right’s activist. You would think she’d be a honey of the left. In fact, the only minority category she is missing is being a lesbian. 

However, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has spent much of her adult life with security protection due to the amount of death threats she constantly receives. She was also uninvited from Brandeis University where she was scheduled to give the commencement speech and receive an honorary doctorate degree. What happened? The Muslim Student Union and the leftists associated with it protested her upcoming speech because she is an apostate of Islam. In other words, she left Islam.

In America, people are free to join and leave religions. Yet the political left doesn’t seem to recognize this right. Rather, they demonize those who leave Islam and wish to talk about their experience honestly. They side with the radical Islamists who abuse her simply for talking about her views on Islam and her horrific experiences as a Muslim. So despite the fact that Ayaan fell neatly into every minority category trumpeted by the left, she deviated on only one item: she left Islam and no longer is forced to say cute things about Islam. Now she is a pariah and has been since denied many public speaking venues and recently was forced to cancel her visit to Australia after receiving more death threats. An individualist worldview has no problem with Ayaan’s departure from the religion of her birth or what she has to say but a collectivist worldview judges and convicts her.

We must resist this groupthink at every turn. We must continue to speak up for individuals and emphasize our natural rights, especially when it comes to speech. Conservatives understand that we will not always agree with everybody but everybody has a right to express their viewpoints without being attacked or doxxed or kicked out of their jobs or university or have their character assassinated with false claims and slurs. We need to take this even further for the sake of our civilization: push to curtail funding. If UC Berkeley does not wish to honor free speech then all taxpayer dollars need to be extricated from that institution. If Jewish and Israeli speakers are not allowed to speak at UC Davis after being threatened and hissed at by angry mobs of so-called open minded students, then UC Davis needs to have its public funds pulled. 

US Riverside suspended its Conservative Club for over a year and it was reinstated only because conservative students raised money to hire attorneys. Every club on that campus was left-leaning but they closed down the only space for conservative students. If they pull that shit again, we need to pull their funding. It’s this simple: if our public universities will not uphold our natural right to free speech and free association, then they are by definition no longer public but partisan. From a common sense point of view, what is the point of sending our youth to universities to be indoctrinated? Parents and educators send them to university to hear a wide range of viewpoints and to develop critical thinking skills to sift through the free flow of ideas. Clearly shutting down free speech on our campuses is contrary to the purpose of a university education.

The leftist professors and their administrative compadres have also created so-called safe spaces for their adult students who have been ‘harmed’ by triggers and micro-aggressions. This detritus belongs exclusively on the left. Sure, many Democrats in middle America probably opposes the institutionalization of safe spaces, trigger warnings and microagressions, but our universities are dominated by left-wing, regressive professors who train the next generation of leaders to steer the country away from individualism and from our rights.

We must not lose sight of the following. Regardless of your race, gender or sexuality, you are an individual and as such, should be judged by your character. We can criticize ideas and policies but not individual people. Ad hominem attacks like calling people racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes etc are useless for two reasons: they are typically false claims used to shut down speech by shaming and it is a lazy person’s way of avoiding the discussion of ideas. When they say that people who are opposed to abortion are anti-woman, that is not an argument, it is an ad hominem, lazy attack.

Learn about your natural and Constitutional rights and make a point to assert them. These are not collective rights but individual rights and any government agencies or political movements that do not respect our rights, especially the right to free expression, needs to be exposed and defunded. 

In group settings men are 75% more likely to speak up than women. And when a woman does speak up, it’s statistically probable her male counterparts will either interrupt her or speak over her. It’s not because they’re rude, it’s science. The female voice is scientifically proven to be more difficult for a male brain to register. What does this mean? It means–in this world where men are bigger, stronger, faster–if you are not ready to fight, the silence will kill you.  Don’t let fear keep you quiet. You have a voice, so use it. Speak up. Raise your hands. Shout your answers. Make yourself heard. Whatever it takes, just find your voice. And when you do, fill the damn silence.
—  Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

i was looking at some of the clothing in bojack horseman s3e03: bojack kills. the wardrobe in this show is so well-done! so detailed, so deliberate. 

i find that in animated stuff, woman characters’ wardrobes can get really… off. necklines are a good way to examine it.

like, in the simpsons, tho i love it so, marge and lisa both wear strapless dresses? as everyday wear? (and do NOT get me started on marge styling her hair in this incredibly elaborate updo thing when it is canonically straight as hell). 

if we’re talking fox network products, well, i personally try to think about seth mcfarlane products as little as possible, for obvious reasons. but i will say that lots of the women in those shows are allowed to regularly wear pants. amazing. though… minus the main alice kramden sit-in, main woman characters in his shows are apparently universally regulated to scoop necks of varying depths. likewise with bob’s burgers characters.

it’s just weird! women know about different necklines! sure, it’s in the nature of these shows to put women in the same stuff day after day, episode after episode. that just doesn’t explain why different women are wearing such similar stuff.

explanations i will float: laziness on creators’ parts, a sheer lack of artistic self-examination on creators’ parts, some complicated part of the animation process that makes it cheaper/faster to have women in the same necklines.

on the other hand! bojack horseman, as a universe, seems a lot more aware of the fact that women don’t all shop at the one-style-only-ever store. (possibly/probably thanks to the input of the show’s production designer, lisa hanawalt, @lisahanawalt.) 

the whale world commercial in s3e08 provides a good example:

okay, yes, similar necklines on the whale women and the human woman. but! all of them have different sleeve styles. they’re all wearing different shoes. the two who are supposed to be wearing the same uniform are still wearing different clothes. the lattice style on the left whale’s… is it a swimsuit or underwear in this context, idk, is different from the split-side style on the right whale’s whatever-it-is.

the betty boop/pin-up type whales in the background are wearing a look that’s sort of the retro answer to the whale world uniform standards. 

this is my favorite one, maybe. the whales are both wearing wraparound tops but they’re two different wraparound tops! (left fastens in back, right ties to the front side.) 

it’s probably sad, in a way, that “the women are not dressed in absolutely identical uniforms” is my standard for animated wardrobes, but… hell, man, i’ll take it.

Andre Burakovsky - Oh Baby!

Originally posted by welbecks

“You’re not going to the game,” Andre frowned.

“Why not?” you protested.

“It’s a week before the due date! What if someone bumps into you and you fall or the game is too stressful for you or-” he babbled on.

With a laugh, you gently tugged his arm so he looked at you. You laid a hand on his cheek and pulled him in for a deep kiss, which was pretty awkward considering you were heavily pregnant.

“If it’s going to worry you that much, I won’t go,” you chuckled, burying your face into the crook of his neck.

Like the air rushing out of a balloon, his shoulders sagged in relief as he rested one hand on your back and the other on your huge stomach.

“I’m only worried because I love you and this baby more than life itself.”

“More than hockey?” you hummed, absentmindedly playing with his short hair.

“More than hockey,” he affirmed, “Now, take a nap and when you wake up, I’ll be at the game. Y/BFF/N is coming over to watch the game with you,” he pressed a kiss to your forehead before adding another one to your lips.

“Go kill it out there,” you grinned, “Isn’t that right, Baby? Daddy will crush those Maple Leafs. I mean, duh, they’re the Maple Leafs.”

Andre leaned against the bedroom doorframe and watched you talk to your unborn child, a smile perched on his lips.

“I love you very much, Baby and so does your Daddy. He’s the best Daddy in the entire world and he will always love and protect you. We’ve waited a long time for you and even though it’s only a week, we want you to be out already. But, I want you to be safe a perfectly healthy. Can you do that for me?”

You stretched out along the couch and with the NHL network playing softly in the background, fell asleep.

“Hey, how’s it going? Hi, love your work. Nice to see you. Is the fridge stocked?” Y/BFF/N’s voice floated from the kitchen, pulling you out of your sleep.

“Nice to see you too,” you grunted, “Yes, the fridge is stocked. I have one hockey player living here full time with two others appearing at random, of course it’s stocked.”

You took a deep breath and rolled yourself over enough so you could grab the remote, turning the volume up. It was a struggle to move around with your huge stomach.

The game was into the second period and Toronto was up, two to one. You weren’t dismayed, however, because you knew your boys were the best. Y/BFF/N joined you on the couch, eating some jell-o.

“Latts is going to kill you for eating his food,” you snorted as she shoveled more in her mouth.

“I’m sorry, is his name on it?” she smirked.

“Yeah, it’s written on each cup. In sharpie.”

“I know,” she gave you a wicked grin, “Now, how is my godchild doing?”

“One more week and then they’re here,” your groaned, burying your face in your hands.

“Still don’t know the gender?”

“Nope. We agreed to be surprised.”

Your attention was drawn back to the screen where Nicky and Ovi did well….what Nicky and Ovi do and scored. You and your BFF cheered and hugged as the score tied. Your smile faltered, however, as you felt a sharp pain ripple along your spine and stomach. You ignored it, dismissing it as Braxton-Hicks and decided on just breathing through it until they went away.

They didn’t. They got worse.

“Y/N? Y/N, are you okay?” your BFF asked.

You gripped the back of the couch and stood, a pained expression painted across your features. Then, it happened.

It felt like you peed yourself and when you both looked down, it confirmed your suspicions.

“Y/N, did your water just break?”

“I’m going to assume so, yeah. The hospital bag is in the nursery, can you go get it?” you were scarily calm in the present situation.

“Oh my god. Ok, yeah. Oh my god. I need to call Andre,” she shrieked, dashing into the nursery.

“Can you stop yelling? I’m the one in labor,” you whined as she helped you walk out, turning to lock the door. Another contraction hit and you focused on breathing in and breathing out while blocking out her hyper ramblings over the phone. She called the hospital to let them know they were coming and she called the trainers of the Capitals who said they would get Andre.

“How ya feeling?” she asked as she pulled the car into the hospital parking lot.

“Like there is a watermelon coming out of my body,” you hissed.

All you could focus on was the pain as she ushered you in and you were put into a room. Nurses bustled around you, poking and prodding. You grabbed Y/BFF/N’s hand and pulled her closer.

“Is he coming?” you whimpered out as another contraction hit.

“Yeah, he’s coming, don’t worry,” she nodded.

“Alright, Miss Y/L/N, you are seven centimeters dilated and have progressed quickly. If we give you an epidural now, it probably wouldn’t help much with how fast you’re progressing,” the nurse looked apologetic.

The pain was so bad, it felt like you were getting ripped in two. The silver lining was the fact that you were progressing faster than most women, so it should be time to push soon.

“What did I miss? Did it happen?” Andre burst through the door, eyes wild and hair messy. His suit was thrown on haphazardly and it was obvious he didn’t take a shower before changing.

“Nothing has happened yet. Just…a lot of pain,” your friend said, “I’ll go get some coffee and stuff and hang out in the waiting room.”

Andre came to your side, grabbing your hand tightly. He bent down, whispering sweet words in your ear as you nodded, the pain slipping away along with the room until it was just him and you, looking into each other’s eyes.

“I love you and you’ve got this,” he grinned.

“Let’s go have a baby,” you joked.

One hour and three pushes later, the two of you looked at the sleeping baby boy in your arms.

“Welcome to the world, Kristian Andrew Burakovsky,” you smiled, “I’m your mommy and that’s your daddy and we love you very, very much.”

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34 fight with Steve/Bucky

34. Fight

Being a woman in the 1940′s wasn’t exactly a picnic. You had to deal with pigheaded guys every single day of your life, thinking that you were incapable of performing even menial tasks yourself and insisting on flirting with you every chance they got, not mentioning the fact that when you would not so politely turn them down they would start bad mouthing you all around town, it was a nightmare. Well that was except two guys… Bucky and Steve had always been a little bit different, sure Bucky got through women faster than any guy you’d ever seen, but he still seemed to respect them. And Steve… well he was just something else, you’d never met anyone who was more caring or had a bigger heart than him, except for maybe his best friend, who was currently working 4 jobs so that he could help pay for his sisters education and help Steve out with paying for his medical bills, not that Steve knew that. A knock at your door pulled you out of your thoughts about your next door neighbors/best friends. Pulling the door open you were met with the incredibly worried looking expression of Steve. “Hey Y/N, Bucky’s real scuffed up and I…I don’t know what to do.” He stuttered, wringing his hands that were clearly shaking. “I’ll be right over.” You assured him, gently patting his shoulder and nudging him in the direction of their apartment so you could quickly get changed out of your nightclothes.

Rushing over to Steve and Bucky’s apartment you pulled open the unlocked door to the sounds of Bucky grunting and Steve apologizing profusely. “What happened this time?” You asked, quickly walking too Bucky’s side. Steve was right, however he was more than a bit scuffed up. He was now the proud owner of a black eye, a split lip and various other bruises across his face, you couldn’t bare to think what it was like over the rest of his body. “Oh Buck, what did you do?” You sighed, gently tracing the lines of his jaw, making him wince slightly. “Hey Doll.” He whispered, coughing slightly and wincing at the movement. “Right Steve I need you to get me some rubbing alcohol and some gauze to stop any bleeding.” You ordered the small man, giving him a small smile in reassurance. “Right Buck I need to remove your shirt to make sure you haven’t got any broken ribs or anything.” You said turning back to the beaten man. Carefully lifting the bloody shirt over his head you saw similar bruises coloring his rib cage and collarbone. Sighing you thanked Steve as he returned with what you asked for.

After you finished patching Bucky up you still hadn’t gotten a proper answer from him about why he had been fighting again. Looking over at Steve’s sleeping form on the armchair you felt Bucky’s eyes fixed firmly on your face. “Buck, I need you to stop getting into these positions, you have no idea how worried he gets, it’s not healthy for him.” You said sighing and standing up, only to have Bucky grab onto your wrist and pull you back down. “I can’t make that promise Doll.” He whispered, running his knuckles over your cheek. “Why were you fighting anyway, I thought you had more sense in you than that.” You mumbled against his chest. “Yeah well when I hear people bad mouthing my girl, I can’t let them get away with it.” He murmured into your hair. “Oh Bucky you didn’t, you can’t go and get your self in fights over my honor, I’m a big girl I can fight my own battles.” You sighed, though it caused butterflies to take flight in your stomach. “Yeah but Doll, you don’t have too.” He whispered as he kissed your forehead and pulled you back against his bare chest.

Dad!Spy as an 80′s film protagonist AU
  • Trailer opens listing Spy’s qualifications (multilingual, assassin, drives fast cars and even faster women, expert murderer, etc.)
  • He’s good at all these things, but terrible with kids and terrified of changing diapers 
  • He has a fucking Armani hazmat suit for dealing with diapers, he got pee on a $5,000 suit once when dealing with Baby Scout and started screaming
  • “I don’t do raising kids sorry bae” - @nemodes
  • He’s just like this the entire fucking movie:
Girl Talk: On Gay Husbands, boyfriends and Son's

To be gay from birth is one type, to be straight emasculated and then naturally become gay from Black men’s phermones and witnessing the sexual superiority of a God like man take his wife and change her body to suit his needs. This action over and over is masturbated too and soon the mixing of his wives phermones cause him to identify Her new lovers seed as he dose his wife’s pussy. That means his brain is now feeling attractive to a phermone stew of both my phermones and my Master’s. He over time becomes attracted to my seeded pussy more then my unseeded.

So Now loving to suck seed from his former mate he jerks off while cleaning each time prematurely ejaculating as a method to compete and try to get the women pregnant faster then the Alpha can. Its also for hit and runs. A beta may need to be quick as possible and run away from the Alpha protecting her. This is a natural male response to the presents of seed from other males.

We dont live in the wild like we use to and we have conduct rules. So this premature ejaculation technique is a last resort for a male to breed. However in this age it has back fired on them badly…

Now they become unwilling to have sex because of embarrassment and lack of enjoyment associated with short sex. The female AND the male both agree its better to stop having sex unless she has no one else and even then it may be that they just go without.

The female will mate with her new Alpha and find fulfillment doing so. She will not need to see her husband for any sexual encounter unless its what she wants to do. The male is usually allowed to release and dispose of his inferior seed or seimen and it is replacing sex. Most boys I have cucked follow the same patterns. They claim a hand or foot job is better then sex and they will continue to provide for her offspring if she allowes him a sexual release.

Once a year of not touching pussy and he only knows sex threw his own hand, this is when he may act on the bubbling urge to get some of that seed from its sorce because he associated it with his former mate. He will want bbc but will most likely start with a fellow cuck for comfort reasons. The hubby will enjoy the femininity of sissy boys and will then have sex with them. After he is having gay sex for a year with a sissy or white femboy he will look to the God like Black men he sees his wife take.

Sooner or later he will become a black mans women even if just via sex. At this point he is gay and the wife can decide to leave him or stick with him.

For me I leave or retire them after they have been castrated or converted gay and had a vasectomy. I do this because I want a young cuck at all times and I want to convert and fix as meny white men I can untill I cant.

They will often enjoy a gay life and a wife should always support her husband and encourage him to so that she can breed with better men.

I should probably write an essay or something about the intersection of issues wrt women being forced to grow up much faster than men (women don’t naturally mature faster–they’re just required to, and men are allowed to be children forever), a worship of youth that is thinly veiled pedophilia (countdown clocks until the Olson twins were legal adults for example), and how that results in men feeling entitled to women of all ages no matter how old they are instead of writing angry tumblr posts because I saw genuinely awful shipping. 

That being said I can delete any of the posts and anyone’s replies if they’re uncomfortable–just shoot me a message and I’ll keep it private.

Edit: I deleted those posts. I was being indelicate and wasn’t really explaining what was upsetting me (this, rather than a ship.)
Desk (Part:1)

An not-so-innocent snapchat from your boss, Min Yoongi, leads to not-so-innocent things.

Word Count: 2494


I had just finished getting my coffee ready when I hear my phone beep. I maneuver through the kitchen and get into my office door. Taking a sip, I opened the Snapchat notification.


I swallowed the hot coffee that was in my mouth, instantly getting my tongue burnt.

Min Yoongi, my boss, sent me that Snapchat!

“My princess is so needy, she needs a good fuck, doesn’t she?”

Was that sent by mistake?

Of course, it has to be.

Too bad, because that Snapchat was sexy in all honesty, and so is Min Yoongi.

Elevator bell rings, and since no one except me is up on this floor I can clearly hear the footsteps tapping against the floor.

Just as I look up Mr. Yoongi passes by my door without a look in my direction, just as every other day.

Then that Snapchat really was a mistake.

But I could swear I saw him smirk a little.


“Mr. Min, sir, I need signatures on some-“ I looked up, “-oh.”

Mr.Yoongi’s back was facing me and one of the new employees was sitting on his desk, and they looked quite cozy.

“I’m sorry for disturbing!” With my head down I turned towards the door.

“Wait, Hana was just going.” Mr.Yoongi’s voice stopped me in my tracks and there was a sound of zipper pulling and I stood frozen in my spot.

Hana certainly didn’t hesitate to take her own sweet time.

As she passed me, she whispered, “He’s very good, you should try him,” in my ears.

“Give me the files,” He said as soon as Hana left the room.

“Yes, Sir.” I pass him the files from the other end of the desk since he’s sitting in his chair again, and since the desk is so big, I’m practically stretched on the desk.

I look up to hearing him clear his throat and see him looking down at my chest and then at me again pointedly.

Shit, the top button was undone.

As I scrambled up from the table to button up in a hurry, the button actually got broken off from the thread.

“Fuck” I mumbled but I guess he heard it because I saw him smirk a little.

“What’s this?”

“Sir?” I went to his side and leaned down to take a better look at the file and saw the whole page blank.

“Sorry about that,” I turned to look at his face but his eyes were on my butt with a cheeky smile on his face.


“Get me the original file,” He orders with that cheeky smile still on his face. I walk away from his desk with minimum hip movement possible.

“Here, Sir,” I place down the file as fast as possible and stood up straight again.

I’m not going to give him another chance to perv on me.

He glanced up at me, then scanned me up and down and up again, while biting his lower lip.

I would be lying if I said that wasn’t hot.

“You are going to keep standing on my head?” He said in a sarcastic tone and I moved to the other side of the desk again.

Just as I was about to sit down on one of the chairs, he said,” Who told you that you can sit down?” in a husky voice.

This bitch!

I pursed my lips and stood up rigidly.

“Here, copy these on that blank page,” he ordered and threw the two files at me.

Wow, just wow, if I didn’t want a raise so bad I probably would have cussed him a hundred times by now.

I was about to sit down when he stopped me again.

“Do it standing up.”

No wonder he was among the most hated in this company, apart from his infamous status with women.

‘The faster I do it, the faster I can get out of here and do actual work’

Next few minutes were spent in silence and then suddenly I felt a presence behind me.

“Let me see,” He said and peered from behind my shoulder.

I couldn’t say anything and watched in silence as he pressed up against me, making my breath hitch in my throat. His arms came from my both sides and rested on the desk, effectively trapping me between him and the desk. I could feel his chest moving on my back.

“You’re supposed to write this,” His right hand went up my arm and down, he decidedly took my hand in his and gripped the end of the pen.

He moved forward to write, making me bend a bit, barely a breath away from laying flat on the surface and making my ass press tightly against him. I could feel him hardening.

His left hand moved towards mine and then he was locking fingers with me, his big hand swallowing my hand wholly. The feel of his rough hands sent shivers down my spine. He started writing on the page but all I could focus on was his breath gently blowing just below my ears and on my neck.

“Done,” H e breathed in my ears and my back arched without my permission. Before I could move away, his right hand left mine and wrapped around my waist instantly, and he started caressing it right away. He pulled me against him tightly and grounded his cock in between my ass. I carefully grounded back against him.

“Ssssss,” He moaned and I couldn’t help biting my lips at that.

Shit, what the fuck are you doing, grinding against your boss?

I broke free and shoved him away from me.

“What are you doing, Sir?” I asked him and crossed my arms over my chest, trying to hide my rock hard nipples from him.

He looked at me in surprise but didn’t say anything.

“I take that Snapchat in the morning wasn’t sent by mistake either?” I raised my eyebrows at him.

He laughed then, initially biting his lips to stop a smile but then it went on to become a full blown laugh.

He smirked, “Oh don’t try to be so innocent, you don’t think that I didn’t know that you were the one on the phone the other day, moaning away into oblivion.” I looked down, my cheeks burning with embarrassment.

“It was an honest mistake, Sir.” It did happen and I wanted to apologize but since he didn’t say anything on the 10 minutes of the call and neither on the next day at the office, I thought we both were going to act like it never happened, and I was too embarrassed to start that conversation on my own.

“Oh really?” He asked mockingly and I swear, hot or not, I wanted to slap that smirk off his face.

He continued, “Then what about that Snapchat you sent me of yourself half naked last night, I thought it was only fair to pay you in kind.”

Fuck, what am I supposed to say to that?

I could lie and say it was a mistake again but he would know I’m lying.

“I’m sorry, I’ll make sure it never happens again, Sir.”

“What? You’re trying to back out now?” I glanced up at him, what is he getting to?

“You think I don’t see you swinging your hips whenever you walk out of my office or hiking up your skirt before coming in here or how you always cross your legs sitting in front of me?”

Well shit. I was speechless, what can I reply to that?

“You wanted me to notice you? Well, you fucking have my attention now?”

Can it get any more embarrassing?

I made for the door but he was faster. Grabbing me, he pushed me against the wall just beside the door.

“Oh no, you don’t,” His arms came up beside me and trapped me between the wall him, his chest pressing against mine, making my breath come up short.

“Let me go,” I said and pushed at his chest, but however much pressure I applied, he wouldn’t budge.

“Feeling frustrated, are we?” He smirked, “Let me show you what frustration actually is.”

He blew a hot breath on my neck and I tried with all my might to not arch into him.

“Do you want this?” He asked in his husky voice and, “Yes,” came out of my mouth before I could process it.

Within a second his lips latched onto my neck, sucking it.

My one hand moved to his hair, while the other went to his shoulder.

His teeth bit harshly on my skin, making me tug at his hair, and then he calmed it by licking the burning skin.

His lips moved to my collar bone then, gently blowing on the skin, before moving his tongue licked from one side to the other. I bit my lips to refrain from moaning out loud, but I was having a hard time at that.

He moved up and placed an open mouthed kiss on my neck, the hot breath coming from his mouth made me arch into him, and tug at his hair harshly.

“Ahh,” I couldn’t help but moan now and he took my earlobe into his mouth and sucked harshly.

I tugged at his hair a few times to get his attention.

He looked up, eyes darker than night, and breathing just as heavily as I was.

Before I could say anything to him, his arms went down, found my hands, locked fingers with me, and raised my hands above my head.


“Yoongi, call me Yoongi,” He said before his lips crashed into mine.

His lips were softer than I could’ve imagined and what started out gently soon turned into a passionate kiss. I didn’t notice he was holding both my wrists in one hand and his other hand on my ass until he slapped it, making my gasp in surprise. Not wasting the opportunity, his tongue pushed into my mouth, exploring hidden crevices. Our tongues tangled together in a battle for dominance. Just as I was about to win, he detached his lips from mine and before I could protest, he was blowing warm breaths on my nipple.

“Fuck, Yoongi, ah!”

His squeezed my ass before slowly tugging my shirt out of my skirt and resting his hand on the bare skin of my waist. He peered up at from under his lashes before taking one of my nipples into my mouth, still covered in a shirt, while his hand moved up from my waist to massage the other breast. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair, but he didn’t leave my wrist even when I tried to shake his hand off.

He repeated his action, this time on the other breast, and I forgot all about freeing my hands.

Until suddenly my hands were free falling down and his hand was dropping down under my skirt.

He rubbed my pussy through my panties once.


“You like that, baby, huh?” He breathed into my ears.


“Is my baby wet for me? Let’s check,” And suddenly he was pushing aside my panties and then I felt one of his fingers running up and down my slit.

“Ah, yes.”

“So wet, mmm.”

My mind was in a haze and I didn’t realize until it was too late that he has pushed down my panties.

“Step out of them,” His command made clit beat to the beat of my heart, pulsating, I didn’t dare disobey him.

His cupped my pussy and all I could do was sigh in pleasure.

He stopped suddenly and I opened my eyes slowly, looking up to see him holding my panties.

“Wh- why did you stop?” I was breathing heavily but he appeared perfectly calm.

“Feeling frustrated enough?” He asked.

“What?” It took a few seconds but I remembered him telling me that he’ll show me what frustration is.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I was angry and frustrated.


What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Who does this anyways?

I adjusted my appearance the best I could and marched up to him since he has moved back.

“Hand me those,” I demanded my panties back with my palm stretched and open in front of him.

“What if I don’t?” He asked with that arrogant smirk on his face.

I didn’t even have to think twice before I palmed his dick through his pants and put my lips to good use on his neck.

“Fuck.” He threw his head back and I knew I had him. One of his hands came to cover my hand on his dick and the other went into my hair. I was about to snatch my panties off the pocket he has stuffed them into, when suddenly both my arms were pushed behind my back.

“Tying to play me?” He smirked.

Well fuck.

He held my wrists in his one hand while the other went down palming my ass before slapping it and then moving down further.

“Fuck baby, you’re still so wet.” My nipples were rubbing against his chest and that wasn’t helpful at all.

I struggled to free myself from his grasp but he wouldn’t let go.

“Still so fierce, mmm yes, I would love to hold you down and fuck your brains out,” His thumb went to rubbing my clit clockwise and I couldn’t help but grind into it.

He pushed one of his fingers into my pussy.

“Oh fuck! Ah!” The intensity of it was too much and my mouth latched itself on his neck again, biting him harshly.

“Fuck yeah, baby, ride my fingers,”He breathed into my ear.

I kept moaning onto his skin.

“Yoongi-ah ah, I’m going to cum, shit, don’t stop”

Just as I was on the verge of climaxing, he withdrew his hand.

My eyes flew open at that and I could see him smirking.

“Min Yoongi, what the actual fuck are you trying to do?”

“Trying to teach you what frustration is, and by the looks of it-” He looked me up and down, “-I succeeded.”

“Just hand me back my panties,” I said.


“What the hell do you mean ‘nope’?”

“You wanna try going for it again? You know what just happened will happen again, just saying.”

I peered at his eyes and they were dead set.

I turned around with as much dignity as possible and made for the door.

“Oi!” I was just about to open the door when he called. I turned my head to look back at him with raised eyebrows.

He holds up one of his hands and then took his middle finger in his mouth, sucking it.

“Mmm, so sweet-“ Licking his finger up and down, “Too bad she’s walking out, I would devour this sweet tasting pussy anytime.” He smirked at me and I knew he was playing.

I opened the door, stepped out, and slammed it shut.

Loved You Back

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This is my first Criminal Minds fanfiction. Give the girl some feedback, please.

Warnigs: fluff, fluff, an even more fluff

Happy Reading :) 

“Hey if you guys are hungry, I know this great Indian place that’s open till 3,” your co-worker suggested to the rest of the team who were packing up to leave the building. It had been a particularly hard and long case, the sicko was cutting up college age girls and then shaving their heads. It was especially difficult for you because you had a striking resemblance to the victims. Your team caught the bastard in time to save a girl, but you still had a weird feeling of worry and anxiety in you. You wanted to talk to someone, to let out your feelings but you knew that everyone on your team was tried and you didn’t have any other friends.

           “Sorry, pretty boy. As much fun as that sounds, I’m too tired,” the handsome hunk of your team, Derek Morgan replied with a faint smile.

           “I’m sorry too Reid. I have been dreaming of sleeping in my bed for the past two weeks,” Emily Prentiss said and exited the bullpen followed by Morgan. This left just you to awkwardly gaze at Reid, who stared at you hopefully.

Spencer Reid had turned out to be your best friend and you loved spending time with him. Lately, though you had been trying to avoid him because you had done the one thing that you are not supposed to do in a friendship.

You fell in love with your best friend.

You had liked Reid from the moment you laid eyes on him. His awkwardness, random rambles, and intelligence had attracted you more and more to him. You don’t really know when it became love but you finally realized it when you almost let the three words slip one afternoon while having coffee with him at his apartment. Ever since then you had been avoiding him fearing that you would slip up again and this time actually let the words slip out of your mouth. You didn’t completely blow him off, though, you would say hello to him, and go out to eat lunch, or get coffee whenever he asked. However, he would ask you to come spend time with him in his apartment and that’s when you came up with the excuses. Reid was smart, hell he was a profiler, Spencer and you had memorized each other’s tells when lying after spending so much time in the field together. But he didn’t seem bothered by it. It was a stretch but you were hoping that you actually sold your lies enough to fool the Doctor.

You hadn’t.

Reid had started to notice that you were avoiding him after he told you that he had tickets your favorite opera, which you turned down with the excuse that you had paperwork. He knew that no paperwork would hold you back from going to this opera and then started to connect the dots. He had noticed the withdrawn hello’s and goodbye’s that you would give him, and the longing glance that you would throw his way when you thought that he wasn’t looking. He was heartbroken at your behavior because you were the only person on the team who seemed to listen to him and treat him as an equal. He was a genius but everyone on the team to some level treated him like a fragile child that they have to protect. You, on the other hand, treated him like an equal in all aspects, whether it was going into the unsub’s lair or talking about adult topics.

Along with this, he was hopelessly in love with you.

The minute you had walked in through those glass doors he had a crush on you and the crush grew more and more as he started to get closer to you. He was amazed at how beautiful you were and how blind you were to the fact that you were beautiful. If being beautiful and modest wasn’t enough, you were down to the earth kind, and intelligent. Intelligent to a point that you outsmarted him a couple of time, leaving him and the team in awe. You were also extremely badass, he had watched you spar with an unsub twice your size and pin him down for five minutes while backup came. You were perfect in his mind, and he soon realized that he was in love with you but feared to reveal his true feelings to you in case of rejection. Your friendship was far too important to him, this was the reason that he ached to ask you why you were avoiding him but never found that right opportunity to confront you.

After a few moments of silence passed between the two of you, you decided that you needed to speak to someone about your feelings or you would be up all night getting several panic attacks over it. “I’ll go with you Spencer,” you said grabbing your bag. Reid gleamed at your response and offered you his arm. You smile at him and hook your arm with his and walk out the doors. By the time you made it to your car, you started to realize how tired you really were.

“Hey, Spence?” You say while pulling on his arm, telling him to halt. “Hmm,” he hummed and turned around looking at me with concern.

“Why don’t we just order in tonight? I’m really tired and just want to lay down,” you ask him. His concern was quickly replaced with relief.

“Of course (Y/N). Your place or mine?” he asked smiling.

“Does that really matter, Spence? We live right across from each other,” you replied and we both burst out laughing. You drive back to your place with his car, after realizing that you two were neighbors you had decided to carpool, Morgan had teased both of you on occasion about it but you continued nonetheless.

“I’m gonna go change into my pj’s. I’ll meet you in five,” you say to him as soon as we reach the top of the stairs. “Alright. I’ll put the order in,” Reid replied, you didn’t tell him what to order for you because he had already memorized it. By the time the food arrived you were both in your pajamas, laying on opposite sides of the couch, with your legs intertwined. Reid was excitedly explaining nuclear fission, and you were distracting yourself from the events at work and your emotions by watching his attractive features. You were sure that Reid saw this as a very platonic situation but that didn’t stop you from getting butterflies in your stomach every time he moved. His eyes sparkled with happiness when he goes on these tangents, a sight that was rare considering all the things that the team sees on a daily basis. This thought triggers some unwanted thoughts into your mind, and tears threaten to well up. You stare at Spencer’s face more concentrating on his jawline, his lips, and his hair. The tears fade away and a smile creeps onto your face instead, he always had this effect on you, no matter how sad you got just looking at him for a few moments would erase all the bad feelings away from memory.

 When it came time to eat you opted to watch old episodes of Doctor Who in silence. Even after the meal, you both continued to watch the show, feeling your eyelids get heavy you lay back on the couch not noticing that you had actually leaned back onto Spencer’s chest. He, however, was wide awake and decided not to question anything after realizing that you were fast asleep. Careful not to wake you up he moved you and himself to a better sleeping position, he threw a blanket over the both of you and wrapped his arms around your waist holding you close to himself. Your rhythmic breathing, the sweet smell of your hair and the exhaustion finally take over him and he drifts off to sleep as well.

You were tied down to a chair with a mirror in front of you. There was a man in the darkness laughing as you tried to wriggle free from your bindings. A second later he was in front of you, cutting into your flesh while laughing at your misery. You couldn’t make out his face as you were too focused on the knife in his hands and what it was doing to your body. “Please stop this. I’ve done nothing to you,” you begged. This caught his attention and he said, “Oh you’ve done nothing to me ANNE! You brought my entire world down, I trusted you, loved you and you were pretending the entire time! You were out to get my money!!!” He took the knife and plunged it into your thigh, his face came into the light and you scream. Not because of the pain rather because of the memories and the panic in seeing his face.

“(Y/N) wake up,” Reid firmly says while shaking you awake.

“NO!” you scream awake, kicking the blanket that was on you to the floor, and startling Spencer. He instinctively pulls you into a hug and coos, “It’s okay. You’re safe. I’m here, don’t worry.” He rubs your back until your breathing calms and pulls away. You finally build up the courage and look into his eyes. He doesn’t ask you what upset you, or what the nightmare was about. He didn’t ask you about your behavior towards him for the past weeks, even though he deserves to know, but he just looks at you. He looks at you to show you that he is here you and that you can tell him anything. That he will protect you and help you. That was all it took for you break down, the tears that you have been hiding for so long spill over, and Spencer pulls you to him.

“Before I worked for the BAU I worked for Interpol,” you pull away from Reid and start to explain. “The reason I left Interpol was due to one of our missions going south. The team I was with was trying to bring down a notorious drug dealer, and con man. His name was Damien, I was chosen to infiltrate his team due to the fact that I was a woman. Damien had a habit of trusting women faster, due to his belief that women were weak and did not have the brains or skill to pull a double cross on him. I was on his team for four months and put together valuable information that eventually led to his arrest, but during the four months, I had to spend loads of time with him. In order to gain his trust, I had to do things that I didn’t want to, I had to hurt…” The lump in your throat prevented you from finishing that sentence, flashes of that life pass by your eyes and you break down once again. Spencer wraps his arms around you and shushes you.

“You don’t have to tell me about that. We can stop now, (Y/N),” he told you, trying to get you to calm down. He hated seeing you hurt, and he hated it even more when he felt helpless in the situation. “No. I have to get this out. I can’t keep it hidden any longer, it is eating away at my soul,” you reply while still in his arms. You continue to talk while you were in Spencer’s arms, he didn’t let go and you didn’t tell him to let go.

“He fell in love with me and proposed to me. I had turned down many of his advances but was told by my superiors that this would be the perfect way to get him to trust me completely. So I had to accept his proposal and we started to plan out the wedding. I had information that the date that he picked out for the wedding was also the date for the biggest deal of his criminal career. I was able to tip off the rest of the team and they caught him red-handed. When he realized that I was double-crossing him, he stared at me and calmly told me, ‘No jail can hold me. I will get out and I will find you. You stabbed me in the back and the heart, something no one has ever been able to do. I trusted you, I will kill you and everything you hold close. I will be back for you Anne.’ After this, I left Interpol and came here but the memories still haunt me. I get nightmares constantly and I am paranoid about everything. Being on our last case and seeing all those girls made me scared that he had gotten out and was using those girls as substitute for me. I know it’s paranoid to think that and that our unsub was someone completely different but I couldn’t help it.” Minutes pass by after you stopped talking but Spencer didn’t react to anything, he just held you closer and tighter to him.

“You can stay here as long as you want,” Spencer finally stated. You pull away from him confused. “Yeah you can stay here and I’ll protect you. I have an extra bedroom, you can stay in there, and you can even stay in my room with me if that would make you feel better. I’ll put in the order to get another gun from the bureau. I’ll set up video cameras and have Garcia set up facial recognition to them. I’ll have motion detectors and panic buttons set up all around here. The panic buttons will inform the local police and everyone on the team that something is wrong with you. And…” You stop him from rambling on by crashing your lips with his, he was stiff at first but quickly warmed up. After a couple of seconds, you pulled away and looked at him.

“I love you,” you both say at the same time.

You share a moment of surprise and awe. “I love you,” you started “I don’t know when it became love but I know that I feel the most comfortable and the safest when I am with you. I was so afraid that if I told you about these feelings and you only saw me as a friend then I would lose you all together. That’s why I was avoiding you, it wasn’t fair to you and I’m really sorry about that.” You looked at Spencer who had turned a bright shade of red, and then it was his turn to explain. “I have been in love with you for 4 years, 5 months, 14 days and 3 hours. I fell in love with you when you were holding the teddy bear that we had won at that fall carnival after one of our cases. You looked innocent, beautiful, sexy, and intelligent all at the same time.” You bite your lip and blush when Spencer described you as ‘sexy’. He started to speak again saying, “I was afraid as well that you didn’t feel the same way. I tried to distance myself from you but I was so hopelessly in love with you that I just couldn’t stay away. I love you (Y/N) and I will do anything in my power to protect you.” After he finished, he pulled you into another kiss and you melted into him. Maybe you were still in danger, but at least now you had Spencer Reid by you, the love of your life loved you back. For now, nothing can hurt you for now.