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Salazar x reader

A/N: Hey lol this is the first time I post an imagine on here xD So uhm this is for all the Salazar fans :)
Warnings: Smut and Spanish language
You woke up beside your beloved. It was late at night but you couldn’t get yourself to go back to sleep so you decided you would get up and take in some fresh night air.

You slowly got up, you made sure not to do any sound. You didn’t want to wake Armando, who was sleeping cozingly in your bed. You went to leave but suddenly stopped. Salazar’s black and white stripped coat was just hanging on the back of the door. Salazar never really let you wear it but you wanted it all the time. You used to beg on your knees but he would always say ‘no’ so, eventually you stopped. You thought it was the perfect time to ‘steal’ it since Salazar and all the crew was sleeping, so you took it and left.

You walked up to the governing board and lean over the railing of the ship. You admire the reflect of the moon over the ocean. Its white light shining over the whole ship. It was truly beautiful. It was so calm. There was no wind. All that could be heard was the rocking of the ship. You closed your eyes and took in the calmness of the ocean.

“So querido, you finally got to steal my jacket didn’t you?” Armando said from behind you, wrapping his strong arms around your waist.

“Mmmhh” you responded, leaning in to his touch.

“I must say, my coat makes you irresistible” you turned around to meet his beautiful pale brown eyes.

“So mi amor, does that mean I can wear it more often?” you asked teasingly.

“Si” he responded, before leaning down to kiss you softly. You kissed back, deepening it. His grip on your waist tightened.

“Mi amor…” he said between kisses, “are my…. only… weakness”

A smirk grew on your face. You pulled a way, reluctantly.

“Am I now?” You teased.

“Si” He groaned. Suddenly he swiped you off your feet and took you in his arms, bridal style. You giggled at the sudden gesture. He carried you back to your room and gently placed you on the bed you both were sharing. He climbed over you, hovering over you.

“You have no idea how much I… love… you” He said in between kisses he planted on your neck

“Oh I think I do, querido” You responded, making him leave a love bit on your sweet spot. You gasp as he did so.

Your fingers found their way to his hair. Your fingers entwined with his locks. He groaned at the feeling. He made his way down to your collar bone. He stopped when he couldn’t go further down because your shirt was in the way.

You sat up. He took off his coat over your shoulders and proceeded with your shirt, leaving you just in your bra and pants.

You lean up to his ear and whispered, “Mi amor, ven y juega conmigo”

He kissed you and roughly pushed you down on the bed. He took off his shirt and tossed it aside. His lips crashed with yours once more. Your hands roamed up and down his muscular chest until they found their way to his pants. You unzipped them and he took them off, leaving him in just his boxers. He unzipped yours and command you to lift your hips so he could take your pants off. He leaned down and took of your bra, leaving the both of you naked.

“Y/n, you are beautiful” He almost whispered.

He took one of your breast in his hand and squeezed it hard and sucked on the other, making you moan.

“Capitán… Please” You almosy begged.

“Patience, mi amor”

“Please…” You begged once more.

“Tú ganar” He responded with a smirk.

He aligned himself with you. He roughly pushed himself inside of you. You screamed in both pain and pleasure. Salazar starts to roughly thrust inside of you, not letting yo adjust to his size. You moan Armando’s last name.

“Scream my name amor”

“SALAZAR” You scream. You don’t care if the whole crew can hear you. Salazar goes faster and harder until all his length is in you.

Whenever you called him Salazar instead of Armando, it made him weak. He loved it.

“S-SALAZAR PLEASE” You panted out of breath. You were close and he knew it. He bit down at your collar bone, leaving a huge mark which was gonna show.

He thrusted a few more times before you came. He came inside of you.

He removed himself out of you and crashed on the bed beside you. You were both out of breath.

“You know querido, I love you” He said.

“Mi amor, I do too. Nothing will ever seperate us” You replied. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to his chest. You buried your face in the crock of his neck and doze off.

-Are you still coming today? Xxx
-Wouldn’t miss it for the world xxx
-Missed you so much. Hurry up! Xxx
-I’m just about to leave the house! Missed you too xxx
-Okay, see you soon. Love you xxx
-Love you too xxx

Taron had been waiting for this day for such a long time, he couldn’t help his excitement as he walked around set, telling everyone he saw that you were coming today to see him. It had been a couple of months since you last saw him, and it took a toll on your relationship, but you always got through it, the love between you both stronger than ever. He was now filming in London for his new film and you finally had the opportunity to visit him on set.
You drove into the car park, showed your pass, then parked up and went to the front of the building. The butterflies in your stomach moved faster and faster with each step you took, then one of the crew members recognised you and waved at you to go over to him.
“Hey! Taron’s just wrapping up one last scene for the day, take a seat and watch!” He says.
“Thank you!” You whisper as the lights darken on set. Taron comes into view and your heart skips a beat at seeing him in his suit. That man wears a suit so well, it’ll never fail to make you swoon. Another man then comes onto the set, fake gun in hand and you look up at him to see what will happen next. Then you recognise the face opposite Taron’s.
“Oh god,” you mumble, holding onto the arms of the chair you’re sitting on. The man you used to date stands in front of your boyfriend, holding up a fake gun to his head. This is the stuff of nightmares, you’ll have to keep this quiet until after filming has finished for the movie. You try and relax, letting go of the arms of the chair and attempting to focus on Taron. Once the scene ends, the guy from the crew who let you take his seat makes his way over to Taron and chats with him, then points over to you. Taron’s face lights up, practically leaving the man mid sentence to run over to you. Once he reaches you, he grabs your waist, lifts you up and spins you around, putting you back down on the ground gently and kissing you.
“I’ve missed you so much,” he groans between kisses.
“The feeling’s mutual,” you reply. He kisses you again, his hands running up and down your body hurriedly, wanting to feel as much of you as he could in public. Your hands slide up his torso to his neck, then your finger interlink at the nape, your thumbs gently playing with his hair. He presses himself against you, wanting to feel your warmth again, the warmth that reminded him of lazy Sunday mornings in bed, your bodies tangled together as you spoke about silly things, and him watching the slither of sunlight creep in through the curtains, illuminating your skin.
“Taron,” you whisper, interrupting his thoughts.
“Yes my darling,” he says, snapping back to reality.
“Lets go for some lunch,” you smile, noticing your ex hovering a few feet away, worried he might recognise you. You hide behind Taron and he nods, putting an arm around your shoulders and leading you outside.
“Are you okay?” Taron asks when you’re outside.
“I’m fine, just missed you lots,” you smile, leaning further into him.
“You sure? You seem tense. Has something happened?”
“Stop it! I’m fine!” You insist.
“Don’t forget I can read you like a book y’know. Something’s up, and I’ll get to the bottom of it,” he says, narrowing his eyes at you. You go to a nearby restaurant that’s thankfully nice and quiet, and catch up on what’s been happening that you forgot to tell each via text or phone calls. By the end of your meal, you’re both laughing and holding hands across the table, him playing with your fingers.
“So come on, tell me what’s going on,” Taron says after a short silence.
“Nothing, honestly.”
“Is it to do with Luke?”
“What?” You ask, shocked at the mention of your ex’s name.
“Luke. I was showing everyone at work that photo of me and you at that wedding, and he mentioned he knew you. You used to date didn’t you?”
“It’s okay, I just want to know.”
“Well, we did for a little while. It was nothing serious.”
“Why didn’t you say anything straight away?”
“I… I don’t know. It’s been months since I saw you and he bloody turns up on set. I didn’t expect it, I just wanted to see you. Seeing him as well just threw me,” you explain.
“It’s okay, I’m not mad.”
“You’re not?”
“I am a lucky guy, how can I be mad? Plus I’m the one with you now, not him,” he smiles, sliding his fingers between yours to hold your hand.
“I’m sorry I didn’t say anything.”
“You have nothing to be sorry for. I’m just happy you’re here with me. I never want to be away from you that long again.”
“Same here. It was too long, Taron.”
“I know, I know. We’ll never have to be apart that long again, I promise,” He says, smiling warmly at you, “and I’ll try not to beat Luke up too much on set.”

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh!!! Just had a funny Soulmate AU idea, where people have and internal compass that guides them to their soulmate, most people it's just little tugs but Zoro, Zoro's is so strong he doesn't even realize he's following it and now he's in the woods how did he get here? He was in town now, on top of a mountain. He was positive this was the right way. (It would be, if he was trying to find his soulmate and not his friends/his actual destination)


…Why the heck could he see the town ? He didn’t walk that much ? He should go back there but… taking that little path over there seem a good idea. What’s that noise ? He start to open Shusui, ready for the battle.

He carefully turn himself in the direction of the little path, letting the person walking out of the woods he wanted to go back in. He studies the person, they doesn’t look too dangerous. Zoro put Shusui back in his scabbard.

You looked at him with quite a confused look. Why the pirate isn’t with the others members of his crew ? Are they planning something ? And why the sudden sensation of being home ? …Is it what your mother talked about ? Does he know what’s happening ? And why the fuck he is fixing me like that ?

He had a weird feeling. Why were you eyeing him like this ? He had something on his face ? The whole situation started to get on his nerves. You’re both staring at each others saying nothing and not moving anymore, what the fuck.

He finally ask you if you want something, not that he really care. But the faster he know what’s up with you, the faster he’ll be back to  the crew.

“Let me come with you” is what you said. You didn’t know if it was because you really wanted to see if he could really be your soulmate, if it was because you found their crew interresting, or if it was because you were felling really bored.

To your surprise he agreed. Surprising himself. He felt… comfortable. You don’t seem so annoying, so why not letting you follow him.

“As long as you don’t get on way” is the only thing he say. It’s not because he felt comfortable that he was going to let his guards down so easily. He probably didn’t heard about the soulmate inner compass. And it’s probably better to not explain it to him right now.

Why not trying to get to know each other while you bring him back to the town ? It wouldn’t kill him to spend some time with someone who doesn’t look like a threat.

During a game of soccer
  • Uhura: Are you upset you don't get to be on the same team as Sulu?
  • Chekov: Have you ever played a game with Sulu?
  • Uhura: No.
  • Chekov: Have you ever gone into a steel cage with a wolwerine?