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Iced Cream

[[Summary: Based on a conversation I triggered late in the game. Jaal surprises Ryder with an Earth treat she never thought she would eat again. As always, comments are very, very appreciated, and suggestions for future story ideas are welcome.

Rating: T

Word count: ~1300

Pairing: Ryder x Jaal

AO3 here!]]

“It smells like someone bathed a sewer in dust and called it a day. Why are we on Kadara anyway?” The semi-lawless planet had to rank up near the top of Jaal’s least favorite places, making his insistence that they pay a visit all the more baffling. Though they hadn’t been together long, comparatively speaking, Wren Ryder actually preferred to leave Jaal on the Tempest rather than listen to him complain about how unpleasant it all was. To be fair, he had a point- Kadara had a charm best described as ‘rough,’ and for an Angara used to jungle worlds and lush cities, it had none whatsoever. His kind didn’t frequent it too often, though the number of Angara willing to stretch out their realm of experiences grew by the day.

“It is a surprise. It will make your jaw drop. Not literally. That is an idiom.” Sounding more proud of himself than he ought to be, Jaal carefully guided Ryder through what felt like the market area under her feet, across ground that mercifully sloped gently enough that she didn’t trip and fall on her ass.

“I know it’s an idiom, Jaal.” At least this time she kept the exasperation from her tone. It wasn’t Jaal’s fault that human speech was so complex, and that at least three quarters of their phrases simply didn’t translate into Angaran at all. “And I’m already surprised we’re even here in the first place.”

Finally, his gloved hands dropped from her face, though the bright light of the dock city sent Ryder into blinking furiously for a few seconds until the world finally settled into shapes she could understand. “You took me to… a market stall?” It was the same salarian she had bought popcorn from, all those weeks ago, for the movie night. He did tend to carry interesting things, but last she heard he didn’t have anything particularly exciting or novel. “Okay, I’m stumped.”

“Close your eyes again, just for a second.” With a huff, Ryder did so, curious enough that she was willing to play along for the time being. “And now you may open them.”

Another burst of dazzling, dust-dappled light. Still facing the stall, something new had been added to the picture, something Ryder had never expected to see again, despite the rumors that had passed her way just a few weeks before.

In a single glass bowl, cut and pretty in the sunshine, lay a perfect scoop of chocolate ice cream, a single spoon stuck in it. It was incongruous, this human treat served in a stall staffed by a Salarian, on a planet that held only the loosest of ties to humanity in general, and with an Angara by her side. It was so perfect that it looked almost fake, except that she could see where it had already started to melt, dropping and forming a thick layer at the bottom that she had called ‘ice cream soup’ when she was a child, and had insisted on eating whenever she was sick. “This is for me?” Not the most intelligent statement, but she was rendered blinking and uncharacteristically silent.

“It is good? It is actually the human ‘iced cream’?” Jaal drew out the syllables in the last words, his accent providing a lilt and roll that was so utterly foreign that it felt perfect.

With what could only be described as a squeal, Ryder turned and flew at him, arms around his neck and squeezing him as tightly as she could manage. “Jaal, this is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful things I have seen in this galaxy so far. It’s perfect.” She released him equally quickly, picking up the bowl and taking that first blissful bite, a burst of flavor that took her six hundred years into the past, to sitting around a table with Scott and debating the finer merit of one of their favorite vids, to nights with friends, to a Prothean dig that ended in a celebration crowned with an unexpected ice cream sundae bar, shipped in with great expensive from the Citadel. How much had this even cost Jaal? She didn’t want to think about it; instead, she closed her eyes and just surrendered herself to something she never thought she would get to experience again. It was perfectly cold, but not so cold that it gave her a brain freeze. Perfect.

“You have to try some, Jaal. Please.” Though she wanted to save every precious bite for herself, she turned and offered him the treat, smiling broadly up at him, feeling him smile back. He seemed surprised by the force of her emotion, but hardly displeased.

“I do not know if I can eat this, dearest one, but I will try.” Cautiously, he took the spoon into his mouth, taking the smallest bite possible and holding it there, clearly unsure if he was supposed to let it melt or chew it or let it slide down his throat as is. “It is… interesting,” he finally concluded. “Refreshing,” he added after a beat, as if it was surprising that something cool would taste so good in hot weather. “But the rest is for you.”

Trying not to snatch it back too eagerly, Ryder finished those last few spoonfuls faster than she had taken her first, a need to eat it before it melted winning out over luxuriating in the bliss of flavor. “I can’t thank you enough for this. Seriously. This is… incredible.” Words weren’t sufficient to explain what this meant to her, but words were all she had, even if she wasn’t the best with them.

“I told you that you would express your emotions better. Perhaps there is more Angara in you than I thought.” A second later, Jaal blinked, puzzled at Ryder’s sudden, explosive laughter, attracting attention until she managed to pull herself back together. “What did I say? Was it a human idiom?”

“No, just phrasing and… I’ll explain it later. Not here.” Back on the Tempest, maybe. Or better yet, she could have Liam explain it, if only for the joy of seeing how uncomfortable she could make the two. Friendship was all about how much you could make them blush, after all.

Jaal’s hand reached up to brush against her face, cupping it gently until a single finger just barely wiped against her lips, a moment of fleeting touch before it returned to caressing the rather prominent line of her jaw. “You ate that rather quickly. There is still some on your face.” He laughed then, a deep, bass sound that never failed to make her heart thump and make her skin feel electrified, though that could have just of easily been from him. He controlled it well, but the pulses could be stronger during moments of heightened emotions, and suddenly Ryder was most definitely NOT thinking of her childhood.

“Luckily, I can clean that up,” Jaal continued, and then he leaned forward and their lips met, Ryder’s arms around his shoulders and his around her waist as they leaned together. She had gotten better about being so self-conscious, but a whoop from a nearby Turian alerted them and they broke apart, Ryder blushing red and Jaal still laughing, their eyes not leaving each other.

“So when do I get ice cream again?” Ryder finally said, and then laughed as Jall groaned and rolled his eyes as much as Angaran physiology would allow.

“I am taking you back to the ship for a full cleanup- there is some of the iced cream on your shirt as well,” and Ryder found she couldn’t argue with that.

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1. Greed pair ~ =w=) (they probably have to call firefighters after the chaos 😂)

LawLicht {1: Cooking Together Gone Terribly Wrong}

“So, this is your childhood home?” They returned to Licht’s home in Austria for his mother’s birthday. Hyde sat at on the kitchen counter and looked around the quaint room. Considering that his parents were famous musicians, the house wasn’t what he expected. It was an elaborate countryside cottage but it was charming and cozy. He could easily picture Licht as a child climbing the trees near the small home and smiled at the image.

“If you’re so curious, go explore the backyard or something. You’re in the way here, Shit Rat.” Licht tried to pull Hyde off the counter. He wanted to make a special angel food cake for his mother’s birthday and borrowed the recipe from Kranz. He never baked before but he was certain that he could make an angel food cake, being an angel himself. But Hyde would most likely distract him so he tried to push him out of the kitchen again. “Get out, Shit Rat.”

“C’mon, Lichtan, can’t I stay? I won’t get in the way of whatever you’re making! I’ll just entertain myself by looking at these pictures.” Hyde jumped off the counter and went to look at the pictures of Licht hanging on the fridge. From the corner of his eyes, he watched Licht measure ingredients. His mother’s birthday was tomorrow so he could guess what he was making.

Watching Licht struggle to separate the yoke and egg white was too amusing and he couldn’t help chuckling. It was the determination on his face that made him adorable to Hyde. When Licht heard him laughing, he quickly turned and threw an egg at him. “Don’t distract me, Demon! I thought I told you to leave.”

“You know I can’t do that with our distance limitation. Let me help you. Instead of passing it, just break the egg into the bowl and scoop out the yoke with a spoon. It’s faster and easier.” Hyde wiped off the egg Licht threw at him and stood next to him. He leaned against the counter. “You can’t live as long as I have without learning things like this. So, what are we making?”

“… Angel food cake.” Licht answered him after a moment. “So, you can’t help me. If a demon touches the cake, it can’t really be considered an angel food cake. But you can stand there as long as you don’t try anything.”

“Me? Try something? When have I been anything but well behaved?” Hyde said in an exaggerated, hurt voice and Licht rolled his eyes. They both knew very well that Hyde enjoyed messing with him immensely. With a finger under his chin, Hyde turned Licht to face him. He leaned dangerously close and whispered. “Were you imagining me doing something like this?”

“Of course not!” Licht screamed with a rare blush and kicked him. Every time he gave Hyde an inch, he would take a mile. He didn’t know if his goal was simply to give him a heart attack or make him go crazy. Whichever it was, Licht was determined not to lose to him. He turned back to the mixing bowl and began to beat the egg whites. “Stupid demon.”

“Hey, Lichtan, beating egg whites isn’t an actual fight. Going that fast won’t give you the volume you want. Go slow at first and then build up to it.” Hyde stood behind him and placed his hand over Licht’s. He could feel his chest pressed against his back as he guided his hand and his heart began to beat wildly. “Your face is red, Lichtan. Don’t be angry, I’m not touching your cake. I’m only holding your hand.”

“You shouldn’t be doing either.” Licht muttered but he didn’t push him away. Surprisingly, he was a little disappointed when Hyde let go of his hand to add ingredients into the bowl. He didn’t take his hand again but hugged him from behind and rested his chin on his shoulder. Licht lifted the whisk for him to see. “Kranz’s recipe said to beat until they form stiff peaks. Is this good?”

“Yup. Now we need to sift in the flour, sugar and salt.” Hyde told him and watched him sift the ingredients into the bowl. He always loved Licht’s hands and how fascinating they were. They were strong and unyielding but they were unquestionably the hands of an angel. Once Licht was finished mixing the batter, he poured it into a tube pan.

Licht turned in Hyde’s arm and tapped his shoulder. “Let go of me so I can put this into the oven.”

“I’ll do that for you while you clean up.” Hyde took the pan from him and gently nudged him back to the counter. There was a mischievous gleam in his eyes as he walked away but Licht decided not to think about it too much. If he wanted to mess with him, he would’ve done so sooner. So, Licht turned back to the counter and began to clean it. He was a little surprised that they didn’t make a bigger mess considering how much they fought.

Just as he picked up the bag of flour, a hot breath blew in his ear. Licht had to jump and dropped the bag, spilling flour over the counter. He didn’t need to turn to know that it was Hyde and threw a glare over his shoulder. “What was that, Shit Rat?”

“Revenge for throwing an egg at me. I behaved myself because I didn’t want your cake to get ruined but now that it’s safe in the oven, I can do whatever I want. Look at you. You’re as white as a ghost.” Hyde snickered and tapped the flour on Licht’s nose. Then he trailed his hands down to his hips and pulled him closer. “We have an hour until the cake is ready. What should we do while we wait?”

“Get your mind out of the gutter, Shit Rat.” Licht took a handful of flour and flicked it into Hyde’s face. That didn’t seem to deter Hyde as he laughed deeply and he placed his hands on the counter on either side of Licht, trapping him in his arms. Licht was expecting him to try to kiss him so he gasped when Hyde dumped flour over his head. “I’m going to kill you!”

“You can try.” Hyde challenged with a grin as he took off his glasses. He was confident that his angel didn’t want to kill him and he was right. Even though Licht would never kill him, he would do everything short of that. They threw flour at each other violently and the white powder quickly filled the air around them. Licht found himself laughing when he saw how silly Hyde looked and he knew he must’ve looked the same. “Don’t laugh when this battle isn’t over yet, Angel Cakes.”

He wrapped his arms around him and Licht could barely move. “I wonder if this is sugar or flour.”

Hyde traced his fingers over the white streak on his neck and felt Licht’s pulse quicken slightly. His tongue followed the path he drew and Licht tried to bite back a moan. It was obviously flour so Licht knew that Hyde’s words were only an excuse to tease him. The only question was why Licht was letting him continue. He placed his hands onto Hyde’s shoulders but didn’t push him away.

“Wait, Hyde, we can’t do this here.” Licht tried to protest but Hyde seemed to only double his efforts. He nibbled on his neck briefly before sucking on him to create a dark hickey. Hyde had to grin when Licht whimpered and tilted his head back for him. In one swift motion, Hyde lifted him onto the counter. Licht wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. His head was spinning when his hot tongue enter his mouth. Hearing his voice catch, Hyde let his hand roam and stroked his leg teasingly. He stifled the little gasp Licht made with another kiss.

Hyde only broke their kiss to let Licht catch his breath. His face was flushed and his eyes were clouded over with lust. Hyde ran his thumb over his kissed bruised lips with a soft smile, proud that he was the only one that could see Licht in such a state. When he seemed to have recovered a little, Hyde pressed a tender kiss to his neck. Licht melted under his touch and whispered. “Bedroom. Upstairs.”

“It’ll take too long. I need you now. Your parents are going to arrive tomorrow and we have this house to ourselves until then so no one’s going to catch us. Anyways, don’t you want this as much as me?” Hyde spoke between small bites. Licht hated how much power he had over him sometimes. Instead of answering, he pushed Hyde’s vest off his shoulder and began to unbutton his shirt. “God, you taste sweeter than any damn cake, Licht.”

“Shut up and kiss me.” Licht took his scarf and tugged him closer. Before they could kiss again, the door flew open.

“Surprise, Licht! Guess who came home early for her little angel?” Licht couldn’t be more mortified when he turned and saw his parents in the doorway. He screamed and pushed Hyde away from him. Before he could explain the situation, his mother smiled knowingly and closed the door. He couldn’t say anything for a moment and he could only stare at the door.

“Well, that was one way for them to learn that we’re dating.” Hyde tried to lighten the moment but he realized his mistake when Licht glared at him. He took a bowl and hurled it at his head. He dodged it but it was clear that Licht wasn’t going to stop with that one attack so Hyde quickly held up his hand in surrender. “Wait, Lichtan! How was I supposed to know that they’ll arrive early? Licht, put down the pan!”

“Die ‘til you die, Shit Rat!”

Sugar, spice and everything nice, these were the ingredients that she chosen to create a fluffy fanfic but she accidentally added an extra ingredient into the fanfic. Whoops. I know this is more baking than cooking but I get some liberties :P

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i will kill the spiders
i will share my fries with you
when you’ve finished all of yours
and are still hungry. i won’t
ever pop my collar.
i will never be rude to your tummy -
when i hear it growl and gurgle,
i promise to bend down and
reply respectfully.
i will eat the mushrooms
when we order the supreme pizza.
i will kiss the papercuts.
and the door-slammed finger,
and the counter-bumped hip.
i’ll try my hardest not to get
annoyed when you whisper
questions and comments during movies.
i will be the big spoon.
i will let you win at wrestling
sometimes. other times i will not.
i will go faster.
i will pull when you want
and tease when you don’t.
i will send you random texts
and leave you silly gifts.
not always, not on schedule.
just whenever i want to.
whenever i think you need one.
or seven.
i will check your tire pressure
and remind you to take your car in.
i will hold your hand.
i will love you.
i will love you.
i will love you.
Silent Treatment ( Harry)

a/n: third installment. requested

“You can’t ignore me forever,” he drawled from across the counter

You could try.  

You never thought Harry would have betrayed you like this. You had made yourself very clear from the very beginning. You’d set rules that you’d both agreed to abide by and now it seemed all that was down the drain. You made a show of opening the fridge and pulling out a pint of ice cream. His favourite.

His eyes widened, “Oh c’mon, I told you I was sorry. Is that really necessary?”

You narrowed your eyes at him. Sorry wasn’t going to cut it.


You’d brought home a slice of white chocolate, raspberry cheesecake from your favourite coffee shop down the road with the intention of kicking back and indulging at the end of the long week. You’d left it in the fridge upon getting home. You went upstairs, soaked in the bath and slipped into your favourite pair of pyjamas only to come back down and see the fridge void of the box you’d left behind an hour ago.

You went in search of Harry then, asking him where your cake was. His reply made you livid.

Oh that was yours?’ he’d asked, wide eyed.

Who else would it have belonged to? You were the only two who lived there, of course it was yours!

He then, sheepishly, went on to tell you how delicious it was, which only added to your annoyance.

The relaxing forty five minute bath seemed to have been for naught, because all feelings of calm and serenity had left upon learning Harry had eaten your cheesecake.

Don’t speak to me for the rest of the night Styles,’ you had told him when he tried to apologize.

You walked out of the kitchen and decided to watch TV to get your mind off of the fact that you had no cheesecake. He had followed behind you and proceeded to get you to forgive him, but you paid him no mind. You spent the next hour with your eyes glued to the screen.

Harry was a persistent one. He did all he could to get you to speak to him, but you held fast. Still he was a hard one to resist, so even though you hadn’t said a word to him you somehow found yourself absentmindedly running your hands through his thick hair while his head rested in your lap during the movie.

When the ending credits began to roll you got up, leaving him on the couch, and went back to the kitchen. You decided to satisfy your sweet tooth. He trailed behind you.


“Is that really necessary?”

You continued to make a show of sitting at the bar, opening the lid, pulling a spoon out of the cutlery draw and scooping out a hearty helping of his ice cream.

You brought the spoon to your mouth and opened wide, all the while with his eyes trained on your every move.

You repeated the action until you had devoured half of the pint. Harry grabbed a spoon and leaned over the counter and attempted to get a serving for himself. You moved it out of his reach before he could.

“Mmmm,” you moaned loudly, swallowing another mouthful.

“Really?” he asked with a raised brow, clearly unimpressed.

You pulled the spoon out and smacked your lips, eyes locked on his.

“Oh c’mon. I’ll buy you another slice tomorrow,” he tried to bargain as he again attempted to get some ice cream.

“Are you really going to eat all of it? You know that’s my favourite,” he pouted.

“Should have thought about that before you ate all of my cheesecake, Styles,” you snapped.

His lips curved into a slow smile, “Speaking to me now?”

You rolled your eyes and continued enjoying his ice cream.

“Can I at least have the last spoonful?” he pleaded when he realized you were almost done.

Your brows shot up at the request. If you didn’t get any cheesecake he wasn’t about to get any ice cream. You dug the spoon into the container, scraping up the last bit and brought it mockingly slow to your lips.

He quickly rounded the counter and came towards you, but you were faster. You popped the spoon into your mouth and swallowed the last of it, causing a bit of a brain freeze in the process, but at least you’d gotten even.

He halted in front of you when he realized he was too late. His eyes narrowed into slits and he did that thing where he bit the inside of his lip as though in deep concentration. You could tell he was scheming, but before you could figure out his plot he was lunging towards you.

You squealed, not even having time to get off of the stool before his arms were securely around you.

“That was very naughty,” he mumbled in your ear.

You tried to get away amidst your giggling, but his strong embrace made that impossible.

“I really wanted a taste,” he said nipping at your neck.

“Well sometimes we can’t always have what we want, Styles” you tried to sound admonishing, but your laughter made it difficult.

“And sometimes we can,” he countered before his lips slanted across your own.

He wasted no time in sliding his tongue over yours. Any movements to get away ceased on your part as you leaned into the kiss.

Too soon for your liking he pulled away, but not before sucking your bottom lip into his mouth and then releasing it with a tiny nibble.

“Mmm,” he hummed, a hair’s width from your lips, “Delicious.”



Tips for Disabled and Mentally Ill Pokemon Go Players
  • define your limits. do not use up spoons you know you will need later. your health and daily care is more important than pokemon (believe it or not)
  • you don’t necessarily have to walk to hatch eggs or record distance! any slow form of transportation will do.
  • turn the game off when you are feeling worn out. eliminate the temptation to play if you are overwhelmed. this is permission to not hunt down every pokemon and instead rest. 
  • when you go to a pokestop, it will refresh every five minutes. you don’t have to visit a lot of stops, but instead can sit at one pokestop for awhile
  • drink extra water. even if you don’t feel thirsty. it’s very hot out and many medications can cause you to dehydrate and over heat a lot faster.
  • bring snacks with you. you may notice your spoons depleting faster than normal because of heat or location, so bring a little something to boost your energy
  • if you are worried people are watching you and your anxiety is getting the better of you, it’s okay! most people honestly don’t care about what you are up to and if someone asks, just say “im playing a game that’s making me find things on a map” or something similar. 
  • you don’t have to go into buildings to activate a pokestop (the only exceptions ive seen are the mall and a school), so you dont need to worry about explaining yourself to anyone. 
  • sit down on a curb if you need to. benches, big rocks, whatever. take a rest when you need it.
  • if you need a mobility aid, or are worried you might need it after awhile, use it! it does not make you a lesser trainer.
  • if you only have the energy to go around your neighborhood and not explore farther, that is okay! you can do a lot with neighborhood pokemon if you want to!
  • depression and low spoons suck. you don’t have to go out and work on this game today. your pokemon don’t want you to feel bad. focus on yourself first! the game will wait for you!
  • when the server is down, it will come back. check it at half hour intervals. it’s not something you need to waste energy worrying about. you wont miss anything, your adventure will be there later.
  • when a pokemon escapes, disappears, or runs away, it’s not your fault. it’s okay, you will get another chance to catch it.
  • you don’t have to battle if you don’t want to. there are guides online with very clear instructions and examples if you still want to and are nervous.
  • please don’t explore areas that you feel you will be unsafe in. you are worth more than a pokemon.

tldr; please please please don’t feel pressured with this game. you and your health are the most important thing. your pokemon dont want you hurting or struggling. take care of yourself

slow and steady

summary: If there’s one thing that Allura hates about Shiro, it’s that he makes her wait. shallura.
m—this is very clearly and explicitly smut.
also read on: ao3 (part of a new series)
notes: y’all asked for smut. so…

Allura, naturally, likes to take charge of everything.

But every now and then, Shiro is in control of the Paladins’ missions and the mastermind behind their longstanding intergalactic battles—with just her final say.

Allura, naturally, is the exact same when making love.

But every now and then, Shiro is in control.

Except in bed, she doesn’t give too much of a final say—she jumbles her words with moans.

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Morning Rush

Originally posted by jinkooks

The alarm goes off promptly at six in the morning, the shrill blaring impossible to escape. Groaning as the loud noise rudely barges through your dreams and drags you back into reality by the hair, you throw your arm in the general direction of the bedside table. It takes you three tries to find the alarm clock, and another three more to turn off the alarm successfully. Finding peace at last, you relax, feeling Jungkook turn beside you to snuggle into your back. As you drift off…


  “Bleurgh,” is your only response, and you try to burrow yourself deeper into the sheets, as though that could serve as any protection from the incoming, energetic toddler.

  “Your child is calling,” Jungkook complains, and you know that he wants you to take care of it so that he can sleep in for a few more minutes.

  “She’s your child before the sun is up,” you retort back grumpily, but you sit up anyway. Just in time, as the tiny human being rushes through your bedroom door and climbs onto your bed.

  “Mummy,” she greets, in a softer voice this time as she embraces you back. You ruffle her bed hair lightly, and she giggles as she mimics your actions, smoothing her small hand over your own tangled locks.

  “Good morning, our Sarang,” Jungkook greets, poking an eye open beside you to wave at your enthusiastic toddler.

  “DADDY!” she shrieks, almost deafening your ear.

  Jungkook laughs, taking her from you. You do this every morning, so you know the drill. Sarang is so attached to you, that if she doesn’t see you for prolonged periods of time, it puts her in a bad mood. And that means baby tantrums. Or long, loud wails. Neither are particularly pleasant first thing in the morning. So while Jungkook keeps her occupied, helping her change out of her pink fluffy pajamas while preventing her from noticing your absence, you hurry to the bathroom, where you had already laid out your outfit for today the previous night. You take a quick bath, dry your hair, get changed and apply a thin layer of make-up, reappearing in the room just as Sarang begins to question, “Where’s Mummy?”

  “Mummy’s right here,” you coo, taking her back from Jungkook. Jungkook smiles slyly at you and gives you a quick peck on the cheek before you disappear into the bathroom with her to clean her up, too. He himself heads off to use the second, smaller bathroom off the corridor. It takes a certain amount of cajoling to get Sarang to brush her teeth, which she absolutely hates because she dislikes the minty taste of the toothpaste, so it is at least fifteen minutes before you can move Sarang out to the kitchen, sitting her on the high chair where she can safely watch over you prepare dinner from a safe distance. You put a kettle of water on the stove, and while waiting for that to boil you drag out the cereal from the top shelf and a jug of milk from the refrigerator onto the dining table so that Jungkook can help himself when he is done washing up.

  “Mummy, I don’t want to go to school today,” Sarang declares loudly, just as she does every morning.

  You go through the motions with her. “Why not?”

  She pretends to think for a little while. “Because Mummy’s not there!”

  “What do you want to do if you don’t go to school?”

  “I want to stay at home!”

  “Then who will take care of you?”

  Another short pause. “Daddy!”

  You finish mixing up the formula for her milk powder and return the can to the shelf, before sitting down before your child to look at her in the eye. “You know what?” You tap her little nose gently with your index finger, and she scrunches it up all adorably as she giggles, trying to get away from you. “Maybe you wished hard enough, because you get to stay at home with Daddy all day today!” You aren’t lying; you and Jungkook had discussed the arrangement for weeks since you had first known that he was going to get a day off, and you had even contacted the preschool teacher to pull Sarang out of school for a day. Sure getting an education is important, but so is family time, so is father-daughter time, especially when Jungkook is so terribly busy all the time, sometimes having to be out of the country for weeks at an end…

  Sarang squeals excitedly. Then she stops and asks, “Mummy will be there too?”

  “Mummy has to go to work, little one.”

  “No!” Sarang protests stubbornly. “Mummy be there with Daddy and Sarang.”

  “Is being alone with Daddy that bad?” Jungkook demands, stepping into the small space. Thankfully, because the kettle goes off at that moment and its piercing shrieks indicate that the water’s done. You share a glance with Jungkook, and leave him to pacify your daughter while you prepare her warm milk and baby oatmeal - the perfect nutritious breakfast for an overly-enthusiastic toddler. By the time you place her meal before her in a plastic bowl (with accompanying plastic cutlery, specially made for children), her milk (warmed to exactly the right temperature) in her favorite bright yellow sippy cup, she’s smiling her trademark gummy smile, having just lost her front tooth two weeks ago. Jungkook may not have been there often, but when he is he certainly works his magic.

  Alas, there’s no rest when you have a four-year-old toddler bouncing around you, and you decide to take the first feeding shift, prodding Jungkook to go settle his breakfast. Sarang is perfectly capable of eating by herself, but both of you have come to a consensus that you will have to feed her breakfast after one failed attempt that left her covered in oats and the both of you terribly late for work/dance practice. You play airplanes with her while she eats to coax her to finish her meal faster, pretending that every spoonful of oats was an airplane waiting to land in the hangar that was her mouth. You don’t understand how this works, but Sarang appeared to love it after Jungkook tried it on her once, and you’ve been doing that ever since then to persuade her to eat the foods she dislikes.

  You’re almost done with the oatmeal when Jungkook beckons you over to switch shifts with him. He takes over with the remainder of the oatmeal, then the milk, while you polish off the cereal with cold milk that Jungkook has already helpfully poured into a bowl for you. It’s not the most nutritious of breakfast, but at least it keeps Jungkook and you going until you can get a proper meal.

  Then all the cutlery goes into the dish-washer, and before you know it Sarang’s bag is on her shoulders and you’re rushing your family out into the garage. Jungkook drives, while you keep Sarang occupied at the back of the car with the toys she has brought along in her tiny backpack. The drive to your office only takes fifteen minutes, but you feel like you’ve been drinking tea from fake plastic tea-cups for about two hours when Jungkook pulls up at the curb behind the familiar building.

  “Thank you, Jungkook,” you tell him as you disembark, catching his sparkling eyes from the rearview mirror and hoping that he understands just how grateful you are for his presence every single hectic morning. “Goodbye, Sarang! Mummy will be back soon.”

  “MUMMY!” Sarang was only smiling just a minute ago, but now she has began to wail loudly (and frankly it is a teeny bit embarrassing). “Mummy,” she whines, “I want Mummy to stay and play with Daddy and me…” She trails off into a series of spluttering coughs, the way all toddlers do when they are crying their lungs out.

  Jungkook gets off from the front seat and unstraps Sarang from the back, carrying the crying child in his arms even though she is technically too old to be carried. “Let’s walk Mummy to the door and wave bye-bye, okay, Sarang? Then you can’t cry anymore.”

  You sigh, knowing that such a thing will never happen, but relent anyway. Sarang stays quiet for as long as it takes for you to get to the entrance of your office building, then, as though she knows what is coming, starts to wail again. You try to pacify her with a doll you had good sense to stuff into your handbag this morning, but she’s only happy for about two seconds before she continues her antics.

  “Sarang, listen to Daddy,” Jungkook smooths her hair. “Remember what Daddy told you about ladies whom Daddy likes?”

  You raise your eyebrow at him, wondering what he’s been up to with Sarang behind your back.

  Sarang nods.

  “Well, I forgot to tell you that Daddy likes brave ladies!”

  “Brave ladies?”

  “That’s right, brave ladies!”

  You laugh at his exaggerated tone, and he shoots you a knowing look.

  “And brave ladies don’t cry when their Mummy goes away. They have fun with their Daddy instead!”

  “Really?” Sarang sounded doubtful.


  She sniffs and rubs her eyes with one tiny fist. “Is Mummy a brave lady?”

  “Of course she is! Mummy is brave giving birth to you.”

  In spite of yourself, a tiny smile crept up onto your face.

  “Okay,” Sarang decides. “I’ll be a brave lady.”

  “Good girl,” Jungkook praises, winking at you.

  “Sarang,” you reach out to shake her hand, “Mummy will be back soon, okay? Have fun with Daddy and be a good girl.” You peck her on the forehead, making her giggle, and then reach over to press a light butterfly kiss onto Jungkook’s lips. Sarang squeezes her eyes shut and makes grossed-out noises as though seeing two adults kiss is the most disgusting thing she can witness in this world.

  You turn and walk through the sliding glass doors into your office building. You wait for a few seconds until you are sure they must have gone before you step out again to watch them leave.

  Sure enough, Jungkook’s familiar broad shoulders are retreating into the distance, his gait reassuring even after all these years. And Sarang, your Sarang. When she had been born you were both so, so happy that you finally had a complete family to call your own. She had inherited her father’s dark hair, large nose and bunny teeth, and your curls and dimples. She had a bit of both of you in her eyes, and even up till now it was still amazing how you and Jungkook had come together to create this… this person who brought you so much joy and happiness in this world when you had once thought that Jungkook was all you needed.

  Sarang looks up and notices you, but before she can begin shouting you hold a finger to your lips to quieten her down. She mimics your action, and you wave goodbye at her with a little smile on your face. She waves back and blows a kiss in your direction. You pretend to catch it to your heart and she must have giggled a little.

  Then Jungkook turns a corner and they disappear from sight.

Quick Chicken and Dumpling Soup

I know this isn’t a very definite recipe, but It’s a good way to clean out your fridge. It’s a good recipe to freeze, and is amazing on cold nights. It should only take about 45 minutes, preparation and all.

I made this up myself, and don’t really measure, so it’s great for throwing in whatever you have. First, I cut a skinless chicken breast into about 1 inch pieces, or I’ll use leftover all ready cooked chicken cut into the same size. I’ll also cut carrots, mushrooms, celery, and whatever other vegetables that you would like to throw in there, in similar sized pieces. Add it to a pot full of water. Add in chicken bullion cubes/base until it’s as seasoned as you’d like it to be. Be creative with spices, like salt, pepper, red pepper and chili powder if you like it spicy, basil and rosemary. I like to put in chopped garlic and onions and oregano. Let it boil until the chicken is no longer pink in the middle (I find it only takes from 10 to 20 minutes).

I’ve used several dumpling recipes, and you’ll probably have to experiment to find ones of your own taste. Basically use any biscuit recipe, like a Bisquick mix or maybe a family recipe. One recipe I’ve used is 1 cup flour, 2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp sugar, a dash of salt, ½ cup of milk, and 1 tbsp of butter. Mix it all together, then drop by spoonfuls into the soup. Smaller the spoonfuls, the faster it will cook. Cover and simmer it for 15 minutes, and do not lift the lid. Then it should be good to serve.

If you would like it vegetarian, just use vegetable broth instead and omit the chicken.