faster dammit


Fun Teen Wolf Scenario:

Greenberg, for reasons unknown and unimportant, was running down the hallway with a roll of toilet paper. Coach Finstock noted that a) the high school was so cheap it used one ply toilet paper, and that b) Greenberg was, impossibly, even slower than he remembered. Was this enough of a reason to kick him off of the team? God, he hoped so.

vianna-orchidia asked: how about sensei!dazai and student!chuuya? or the opposite xD

i can see dazai as the eccentric but really good kind of teacher and chuuya as a sort of quiet foreign student still trying to adjust

Surprise Visit - (d.l.)

That is my edit, but feel free to use, also follow my new insta for Derek

Warning(s): smut, cursing, mention of drugs & prison

your pov


“Derek, calm down! What’s going o–,” you yelled but were cut off by banging on the front door.

“Y/N, don’t open that door,” Derek said panting from running so fast.

“Derek, why? What’s goi–,” you were cut off again by your front door being pushed open.

“Derek Luh, put your hands up! You’re under the arrest for the illegal distribution of Marijuana and Methamphetamine,” a police officer yelled, others behind him with guns pointed at your husband.

“Excuse me, what the fuck is going on here, Sir?” you questioned, starting to get really upset.

“Y/N, baby I’m so sorry. Take care of everything,” Derek said talking about the company you guys owned, he was being cuffed by two large police officers.

“No, no, no. Please no! Let him stay!” you screamed, trying to reach Derek’s body, but a policeman held you back. “Please! For fucks sake! Derek I’m gonna get you out! Until then I’ll have everything under control,” you hollered, racing out to see him being put into the cop car, “I promise, baby,” you whispered, tears streaming down your face.

That was nine months ago and he still won’t be out for another three months. You visited him regularly, usually about four times a week, and he called you whenever they’d let him. You were also taking care of the company you and Derek owned together, which was dealing drugs for one of the largest drug cartels in America.

You were currently getting ready to see him today for a conjugal visit because of his good behavior. Finally you finished your makeup, which was just a bit of eyeshadow and mascara topped off with your signature lipstick. After spraying perfume and getting into the new lingerie set you bought for Derek, you put on your outfit.

You walked in front of the mirror inspecting your attire. Deciding you looked decent enough, you slid on Derek’s white oval shaped sunglasses, grabbing your car keys and headed out the door. Turning on your car, Jungle by Drake blared from your speakers. You sped your way to the prison, the anticipation of seeing him and doing much more with him getting to you. Finally, you pulled into the prison parking lot and found a parking space. Looking into your mirror one last time, making sure your lipstick hadn’t smudged.

You opened your door and walked up to the entrance, taking a breath you stepped into the lobby. “Hi, Mrs. Luh! It’s great to see you again,” Officer Gilinsky said eyeing you up and down.

“Eyes up here, sweet cheeks,” you said as he stared at your exposed midsection.

“S-sorry, just you look–,” he stopped to think for a second, “amazing.”

“Watch it, Officer. Wouldn’t want my husband to know you’re flirting now would you,” you said cheekily at the blushing officer.

“No ma'am, we wouldn’t,” he said, cheeks turning a crimson shade. “Alright, lets take you to see your, um, husband,” he said grabbing your arm. Before entering the room to meet Derek, you had to go through all the security procedures. Which meant that Gilinsky would have to pat you down, and he did, way longer than he should have. “Okay, all done Mrs., now, as you already know: keep up good behavior and there will be a search every four hours. Enjoy your time with Mr. Luh,” he said opening the door to the private room.

“Thanks, sweet cheeks,” you said pecking his cheek, causing him to blush again.

“Let me take you on a da–,” he started.

“Ah, ah, ah. Don’t push it honey, I’m still married. Remember?” you said pointing at the large rock on your ring finger.

“Y-yes, ma'am,” he replied, “Mr. Luh will be here shortly,” he said stepping out of the room. You sat and waited for what felt like an eternity, but had only been a mere fifteen minutes. Oh my goodness, just hurry up! you said to yourself. As if someone was reading your mind, the door opened, an in walked your handsome spouse.

“Oh, Derek!” you said, running into his arms.

“Baby, I missed you so fucking much,” he said, showering kisses all over your face, “you look beautiful as ever, ma.”

“Thanks baby, you should see what’s under it,” you whispered into his ear. “Oh, Mrs. Luh, I plan on it,” he said placing his lips onto your exposed neck.

“God, I fucking love you,” he said kissing you fiercely. Derek pulled away slightly out of breath, looking into your y/e/c eyes intently. You could see the love in his chocolate brown ones as they darkened. Before you could reply ‘I love you’, he grabs your hand pulling you over to the small bed in the corner. Derek sits onto the bed and pulls you in between his legs, you still standing. “I. Love. You. So. Fucking. Much.” he growls kissing you between each word.

“I love you too, Derek,” you say, lacing your fingers into his brown locks, “more than you know, my dear.”

“Strip for me, mami,” he commands, using your favorite pet name. His voice makes your body shutter in excitement. You quickly slip your white skirt off and look back at him as he stares at your ass in the white thong you were wearing. “So, so beautiful,” he whispers, gripping your ass. He helps take off the pink top you had on, kissing the tops of your exposed breasts of your bra. Derek removes his clothes and pulls you on top of his body onto the bed. “Sit,” his fingertips dig into your hips. In one swift movement of your hips, he enters you slowly.

You let out a sound that’s a combination of a moan and a gasp, “fuck, it’s been too long,” he groans. Derek grips onto your hips, surely leaving bruises, he starts to lift your hips up and down as he pounds into you, giving you little time to adjust to his size. Derek’s abdomen tightens every time you slide back down. Your moans echo off the walls as you claw at his chest, your nails digging into the soft, tanned flesh. He groans at the pain your inflicting on him, enjoying every second of it. “Fuck, daddy! Just like that, oh–ugh, oh my fuck,” you shout gripping onto his hair, tightly.

“That’s right mami, moan Daddy’s name. Let this whole prison know who’s making you feel this good,” he grunts out as he flips you onto your back and pounds into you harder, your breasts bouncing from the power of his harsh thrusts.

“Mmph, right there, Derek! Oh, I-I’m gonna c-cum,” you moan, raking your nails along his back.

“Oh yeah, you like that don’t you?” he smirks at your loud moans. “After this, I’m gonna eat that tight little pussy,” he groans, thrusting his hips faster, his lips sucking hickeys onto your jaw. “C'mon baby, scream my name,“ he taunts, his thrusts becoming sloppier as he senses that your extremely close.

"Ugh! Fuck, Derek– I’m cumming!” you shout, not being able to hold it back any longer you come undone on him, screaming his name.

“On your hand and knees, doll,” he demands. You look at him with lust in your eyes. You hadn’t expected him to stop until he came too. You quickly do as your told, he moans at the sight of your juices running down your thighs. Derek gets behind you, his hands on your lower back. He slowly enters you, groaning at the feeling of you clenching around him. You cry out as he begins to pick up speed, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoes throughout the room. Derek pulls onto your hair roughly, making your back meet his chest. “I’ve missed this so much, baby. It’s been hard without you,“ groans out. With one hand gripping your hair and the other rubbing your clit, Derek begins thrust deeper into your, hitting your g spot that makes you scream from how sensitive you are. He grins as he continues to hit your g spot harshly.

"Fuck! I love you so much! Derek, Derek!” you scream out his name. “That’s it Y/N. Scream my name. Who makes you feel this good?” Derek says into your ear.

“You, Derek! You, you, you!” You loudly moan, the pleasure taking over your entire body. His movements become to a complete halt causing you to whine out from the loss of contact. “Don’t whine, Y/N,” he scolds, sliding in too painfully slow for your liking.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. Faster, go faster,“ you moan out. “What? I didn’t hear you Mrs. Luh. Repeat that, if you don’t mind, doll?” Derek’s pace begins to slow again. “Please go faster, God dammit! Please, daddy!” you cry out. He laughs liking the sound of you begging him to fuck you. He quickly obliges and continues his deep thrusts. Your eyes close tightly at the pleasure you are receiving, your hands gripping onto the pillows. Your legs begin to shake and your arms give out as you feel your second orgasm taking over your body. “Derek, I-I’m gonna–” you cry out as you cum for the second time.

"Shit, shit, shit! Oh– and I’m cumming,” Derek says to you shooting out onto the bedsheets. Once you both come down from your highs, Derek flips you onto your back, gripping your ankles and pulling you to the edge of the bed. Your eyes widen as Derek head disappears in between your thighs.

“I don’t t-think I can h-handle much m-more,” you groan. He smirks looking up at you from in between your legs. Derek spreads your legs apart as his tongue flattens against your clit. Your hands intertwine into his brown locks and pull on it, causing Derek to groan, sending vibrations onto your centre. Your body convulses as you come undone all over his face. “Derek, oh god!” you yell out as your thighs tighten around Derek’s head. He climbs up your body and places a gentle kiss to your lips.

“You’re beautiful, mami,” he says beaming down at you.

“That. Was. The. Best. Sex. Ever,” you say panting between each word. “You, my love, are a sex god.”

“Why thank you, Mrs. Luh,” he says cheekily.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Luh,” you reply mocking him. You guys were cut short from your moment when Officer Gilinsky saunters into the room.

“I’m here to tell you that Mr. Luh is free to go. Warden’s orders, you’re out early for good behavior. Stay out of trouble Derek.” “Oh my god! We’re going home baby!” you scream hugging him close.

“I love you, Y/N,” he says kissing your lips.

“And I love you,” you reply. You quickly two get dressed and collect your things and get ready to head out of the building. But, before you leave you stop by to tell Officer Gilinsky goodbye.

“Derek, he’s been trying to get with me since the first day I walked in here. Can I just kiss him once, make his dreams come true?” you ask.

“One little kiss, that’s it. Anything more, I slit his throat,” Derek says seriously.

“Hey, Officer! Gilinsky!” you shout getting his attention.

“Yes ma'am,” he says walking towards you. You don’t say anything but kiss his pink lips quickly.

“Don’t miss me too much,” you say kissing his cheek and walk away leaving him stunned. “That did the trick, I think,” you giggled grabbing ahold of Derek’s hand, intertwining your fingers.

“Yeah, I bet. Now, we’re going home and I’m going to punish you for that,” he said.

“But you said it was oka–,” you start.

“Yeah, but I changed my mind,” he smirked pulling you towards his Maserati you’ve been driving.

Someone to Stay - AU

Previous Chapters

Chapter 11


“I can’t.”

“Dammit, Joe!” Claire slammed her fists on the dashboard.

“LJ, there’s a speed limit. Your plane isn’t leaving any earlier than scheduled. Calm down!”

Claire sighed and fumed, curling up in the passenger seat. She drummed her fingers against the window until another murderous look from Joe made her stop with a huff.

As soon as she had realized her mistake, she was on Joe’s phone, dialing Jamie from memory. But it had gone straight to voicemail. Joe had plucked his mobile from Claire’s hands before she could hurl it against the wall too.

He had dialed Jenny’s number instead, and put Claire on immediately.

“Jenny? Oh God, I’m an idiot, I’m so sorry—”

“It doesna matter. It will work out,” Jenny said gently. “Right now, though, I need ye to get on a plane to Edinburgh. I’ve left an open ticket for ye at Gatwick, so please come as soon as ye can. Jamie’s back since yesterday, and he’s a mess.”

“So am I,” Claire gulped.

“He needs ye, Claire. As I’m sure ye need him” Jenny’s voice had gone quiet, and Claire had snapped out of her funk, racing to her room to pack.

“I’m on my way.”


The stupid train was faster than driving, she reminded herself, as it sped across the Scottish countryside.

From Inverness, she called Jenny from her new burner phone to be picked up. Then to Lallybroch. And Jamie.

As the driver Jenny had sent parked in front of the manor house, Claire jumped out, feet pounding on the gravel. Jenny threw open the kitchen door and embraced her fiercely. With a simple, “Go!” Claire bolted up the stairs. Closer.

Heart pounding, Claire knocked on the door to Jamie’s room. She could hear the strumming of his guitar, which didn’t stop, and then his voice called out.

“Jenny, go away.” Dejected, forlorn.

Claire swallowed hard. “It isn’t Jenny. It’s me, Claire.”

The guitar twanged abruptly. Footsteps and a pause.


“May I come in?”

A beat. Two beats.

Claire fully expected him to tell her to go away too. She turned to oblige before he could do so, heart in her mouth, tears stinging.

Then a flurry of activity, trampling sounds, a couple of shits thrown in for good measure. And finally, a click and twist and the door swung open.

His eyes were bright as he looked at her, fingers gripping the door. Claire looked up at him through her eyelashes, unsure of where to begin. But at the beginning seemed best.

“I’m sorry. I believe you. I saw the picture. Joe and Jenny and…” Claire sighed, frustrated with her incoherence. “I looked closer. I noticed the ring. I’m here.”

Without warning, she found herself crushed against Jamie’s chest, and her hands clutching at him equally as tight.

“Claire, mo nighean donn, I’m sorry too. When Murtagh showed me the paper, I flew back to London. I knew it would be a blow, despite the lie.” Jamie brought her into the room and shut the door behind them.

They still hadn’t released each other. Jamie stepped back briefly, brushing Claire’s wild curls away from her face as she shook her head and laughed in relief—sweet sweet relief that flooded through her and wiped away all doubts.

Tha gaol agam ort?” she whispered, her own hands tangled in his hair.

Jamie smiled. “Always.”


“Thank you Edinburgh!” The answering clamor was deafening.

Claire grinned broadly from the wings, clapping her hands along with the crowd. The venue lights dimmed suddenly to blue. The backdrop of Edinburgh Castle was spectacular, the esplanade packed with fans all the way to the top tiers of the grandstands.

“Thank you, everyone.” Jamie took a seat on a stool and palmed a beautiful Gibson acoustic, with a tortoiseshell inlay that Claire had given him for his birthday. He laid it across his lap and touched the strings slowly. He managed to catch her eye and winked in his usual fashion – more like a nodding blink.

Claire laughed and blew him a kiss, as he turned to the audience and said, “This one is new. It goes out to the love of my life.”

He strummed out the intro chords, and sang.

Falling doesn’t come easy
It all takes time
To give someone your heart
I saw the walls, began to climb

You only wanted someone to stay
To be there for you
To hold you close and say
I won’t let go
I promise I’ll be
Someone to stay

Jamie rose suddenly as Willie took over with another guitar, keeping the same riff going over and over. Jamie walked purposefully towards Claire, and before she knew it, he had pulled her onstage in front of thousands of people.

“What are you doing?” she hissed, her face flaming crimson.

“Claire.” Her hands, which had been tugging his so she could get away, stilled at his tone. He was still wired to a mic, and her name reverberated over the grounds. She stared into the deep azure, made bluer by the artificial lights.

And then he went down on one knee.

The crowd went wild, but to Claire it sounded as though the roar came from underwater. Her eyes were on his and couldn’t look away. Not even as turned the palm of her hand so he could place the cabochon ruby ring into it.

“Claire… Sassenach… I want to be someone to stay. Will ye let me? Will ye marry me?”


The roiling of her stomach and whirling in her head had her racing for the bathroom in the small hours of the morning. The sounds of her retching and the splash in the toilet bowl had Jamie padding barefoot over to Claire as he held her hair back.

“Sassenach, I’m sorry you’re unwell.” He smoothed a hand across her forehead, which felt clammy and cold.

“Stupid bloody sushi. Let’s never—” Claire’s moans were cut off in a fresh wave of nausea.

“I’m throwing the takeout menu out. Dinna fash.” Jamie helped her up. She rinsed out her mouth and pressed a damp towel to her face.

“I have class today. I can’t make it, though.” Claire stumbled back to the bed, kicking the comforter away in her flushed state. “I’ll text Louise.” She groaned into the pillow, but felt mildly better after expelling the contents of her stomach.

“It isnae catching, love?” Jamie sat beside her and patted her back gently; she curled up on her side and took deep breaths.

“I don’t think so. You go on ahead. I’ll call you later.” The soothing motions of Jamie’s hand on her back had lulled her halfway to sleep again.

“I’ll call you,” he said, leaning in to kiss her forehead. “Rest easy, Sassenach. I love ye.”

“I love you more,” Claire mumbled into the bed.

It was only hours later when she woke up that she realized: she was sick in the mornings. She was sleepy all the time. She did some backwards counting and discovered she was also late.

After almost two years of trying, she needed a pregnancy test.


“Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this congregation, to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony…”

Claire smiled at Jamie, who beamed back as they held hands. They could hear a murmur of approval behind them as their nearest and dearest were gathered behind them in the church pews to witness their union.

“To help, and comfort, that the one ought to have of the other, both in prosperity and adversity…”

All the band members were there with their families. Rupert and Geillis were there as a couple too, and all of Jenny and Ian’s bairns. The church was redolent with flowers, and flickering candlelight everywhere.

“With this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow.”

Ian Murray stood as best man, and held a black velvet box with their rings in it. For Jamie, a simple white-gold band he could easily play guitar with. For Claire, a silver ring with an intricate Highland pattern of Scottish thistles.

They left the church amidst a shower of rice and a chorus of well-wishers, to a beautiful reception at Lallybroch and a Mediterranean honeymoon.


Claire waited anxiously in their bedroom as she heard the key turn in the lock. She heard Jamie close the door behind him and open the fridge. A clinking of bottles as he found the champagne.


Claire stifled a giggle, but did not answer. She heard his footsteps head in her direction and then stop abruptly.

First, the Gibson guitar with a handwritten note on it that read “1979”.  She had set it on the floor between the kitchen and the living room.

She fought the urge to peek. Jamie walked on, his tread easily recognizable. Then it stopped again, right outside their bedroom. Lying there was the stethoscope he had given her after she had passed her medical school finals. Alongside it was another note that read “1981”.

“Oh, God.” Jamie’s voice was muffled behind the door, and Claire couldn’t resist.


The door opened and finally, he saw her. Standing in the middle of the room, holding the last of the notes. This one had a purple question mark drawn on it, and “2018” printed beneath it.

“’Tis true?” Jamie’s smile was blinding as he knelt in front of Claire, reaching out to her. His arms went around her legs and his face pressed against her still-flat belly. Her own hands brushed back his hair, and she caught the trickle of a tear sliding down his cheek.

“Are you happy, Jamie?” A knot in her throat made the words come out in a whisper. Jamie raised his head to look up at her. His eyes were radiant, and he placed a kiss on her stomach.

“I’m verra happy, Sassenach.” He smoothed her blouse over the invisible bump reverently. “Och, lad—or lass—” he added, with a smile in his voice, “we canna wait to meet ye. I’m yer Da.” Jamie cleared his throat. “Ye ken yer mam already, I’m sure. She’s a lady of grace, a woman of strength, a doctor and an astonishing beauty. She’s yer mam, Claire Fraser.”



shield // jonah marais

Pairing: Jonah Marais x reader

Warnings: none

Requested: by anon

Summary/Sentence: “I’m going to keep you safe.”, “I want to protect you.”, & “I haven’t slept in four days.” - from prompt list

Word Count: 396

Written by: Jayde - @itrytobesocial 

not edited


I’m going to keep you safe!” Jonah sprinted towards you, rushing to get to you before Daniel did.

“Babe, this is a game of chase, Jonah!” You yelled back, a laugh escaping your lips. You sprinted towards Jonah, not wanting to be tagged.

“You don’t have to protect me.” You said as you reached Jonah, putting your hands on your knees.

I want to protect you.” He wrapped his arm around your waist, hoisting you over his shoulder and running in the opposite direction, causing you to let out a squeal.

“Put me down, Jonah!” You laughed, lightly punching his back. You lifted your head to find Daniel and Corbyn gaining speed on you.

“Run faster, god dammit!” You yelled, punching his back with more force, causing Jonah to use the rest of his energy to run faster.

Daniel reached out for you, a smirk planted on his face. “No,” you pointed at him “, you can only tag me if you save me from the wrath of Jonah.”

“Oh don’t act like you hate it, honey.” Daniel smirked before tagging you, you putting the finger up at him in return. Jonah finally placing you on your feet, whispering in your ear. “Go get em, tiger.”

You smirked, staring a piercing stare at Daniel. He squealed before running away, with you sprinting after him.

You dropped your body onto the couch, groaning into a nearby cushion. Tiredness filled our body, your eyes feeling heavy.

“Can I get my baby something?” You heard Jonah whisper as he lied down next to you.

“You could get me some sleep because I haven’t slept in four days.” You groaned, your face still in the cushion.

“Aw, babes. Come here.” You turned onto your side, snuggling closer to Jonah. The two of you sat in a comfortable silence. You slowly began to feel your eyes become heavy.

“Goodnight, baby girl.”

Jack walked into the lounge, with the task of summoning Jonah and y/n for dinner.

“Hey, guys.” He stopped himself from speaking, seeing the two of them sleeping peacefully in one another’s arms. He silently cooed at the sight in front of him, before pulling out his phone and snapping a quick photo. He silently tiptoed out of the room and back into the kitchen.

“Where are they?” Corbyn asked.

“They are sleeping.” Jack replied with a smile.

kacchako intensifies
  • imagine sleepy ochako crawling out of bed and sleepy bakugou instinctively grabbing onto her waist so she can’t leave
  • imagine ochako brushing her teeth while bakugou shaves in the morning
  • ochako using bakugou’s clothes as pj's because they are comfier even though she complains that they smell like barbeque all the time
  • his favorite shirt is a gag gift from her that reads “KING OF EXPLODOKILLS
  • ochako making bakugou go water her plants and all she can hear from the bathroom is “GROW FASTER DAMMIT
  • bakugou refusing to wear more than shorts/sweats/boxers at home
  • ochako not complaining
  • even though bakugou is particularly moody in the morning she always gives him a good morning peck
  • he will never in a million years admit that that is the best part of his day
  • imagine them going to the grocery store and getting in trouble because they like to wheel each other around in the shopping cart
  • at dinner time, bakugou and ochako race each other to see who can chop veggies the fastest
  •  ochako likes to say grace before she eats but bakugou is super impatient so she kicks him hard under the table to keep him from eating until the prayer is done
  • they also race to see who can clean dishes the fastest (the loser has to take out the garbage)
  • bakugou is a night showerer and he will always secretly use ochako’s vanilla bean shower gel because he likes the smell
  • imagine them lying in bed and one of them is like “you awake?” “yeah” “wanna make pancakes” “fuck yeah
  • always trying to make pancake art but it always turns out badly
  • after they are stuffed with their snacks, they go back to bed and talk until one of them falls asleep
  • “yo what if aliens exist” “id’ take over the ship and go to space, duh” “what’re you doing to do? fucking send me a post card once in a while?” “no, you idiot, i’m taking you with me”
  • “you know the zombie apocalypse?” “ya” “do you think you could survive?” “of course–who the fuck do you think I am?” “but what if, instead of zombies, people turned into deku?” “shut up and go to sleep already”
  • they both sleep like freaking starfish like it’s a competition to see who can take up the most room on the mattress
  • even though bakugou is basically a human furnace he always hogs the blankets and they will literally fight in their sleep for the covers
  • imagine him waking up a bit earlier than her and just feeling really protective and proud of her
  • imagine him thinking she’s asleep still so he starts talking to himself
  • “i’m so fucking lucky.” “what was that?” “NOTHING.”

Agents Emrys & King, from the wonderful series “A.S.S. (Agents of Secret Stuff)” by supercalvin :) It’s hilarious; 100% recommend if you’re in the mood for a fun, (kinda) crack-y read!

The Road to Heaven is in the Arms of a Winchester

Characters: Reader Insert, Sam, Dean, Castiel

Wordcount: 1500

Warnings: Death, angst

Summary: The reader gets hurt on a hunt. Will she get help in time?

A/N: @trexrambling  requested, “Option A: He knew she was safe, and that was the only thing that mattered. OR Option B: All the words had been said, and now there was only a deep, aching silence.” I hope this does the trick :)

Originally posted by princesscas

The hunt was never supposed to end this way.

The world around you felt muted—you were barely aware of the light, warm trickle from your nostril, the cold wind coming in from the broken window, your various bruises and lacerations from the fight, or the splintered wood floor upon which you’d fallen to your knees.

You always got back up from being thrown, even when you hit your head so hard you saw stars in your eyes, or momentarily lost the ability to hear. No matter what, you always stood back up and didn’t fall back down.

Not this time.

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A hazard of the job

Jason X reader ft. Batfam
Description: reader is fatally hurt on a mission and still has to get the team out of the situation. Requested.
A/n: I decided I’m going to write for Jason b/c he’s awesome. Part 2 of a daughters burden and part 5 of the strongest Talon, should be out soon.

“Y/sh/n, get out of there it’s a trap!” Tim shouted through the comms. You and the family had gotten an alert that there were hostages at a warehouse near the docks. It had seemed simple at first. Get in, get the hostages safe, get out.

It was easier said than done.

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i'm back whoops (part two of mitjo ghost au)

Submitted by @captainredd

Run. I was in the woods again. The trees leaning over twisted distorted far more then anything else. The wailing sirens from the car pounding into my skull until it sounded like screaming, maybe that was me screaming. Run. Thickets scraped my knees and branches pulled at my clothes. My feet felt like led and my lungs burned but I still couldn’t stop. I didn’t dare turn around. Run faster. God dammit run faster! I was slowing down. No that wasn’t right I was still running at the same pace. But the world around me was speeding up. The siren whirling, the sky changing over and over night and day. All the voices getting closer now so morphed together it was like a hideous wave of collapsing voices begging to be heard. Run! God run Jonas you insufferable bastard can’t you run any fas- a branch caught my foot and fell.

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INK!SANS by @comyet

Last night after I post his line art and go to bed…

He told me he has a story about himself and…G!ERROR.

… ( ´・皿◎`) really? Are you seriously?
I just lie down on my bed!

And he REALLY told me the whole story.
But I notice his story is not like an AU…… it’s more like a independent enactment.

I’m not sure…but I’m sure I like his story.

Just need time to figure out and prepare something.

And please don’t repost this picture on other website.

Deep Dark ft. Sehun: FINALE. WARNING: There are themes in this series (such as depression) that may trigger unpleasant memories or feelings, please read at your own discretion. Hecka fluff this chapter. Sorry for the late update, and I’m also ending this series a chapter early because I feel this ending is appropriate… QUQ

() I want to make you feel beautiful. I know I tend to get so insecure; it doesn’t matter anymore.

Because you two have been turning in outstanding work for the past month, your professor makes the special exception of letting you turn in late work. The homework you two put off last night was now due the next day, which you two gratefully took advantage of.

That night, after evening lecture, you two set off for the hill where you first met. Your heart beat curiously, because even though you finally have an assignment where you’re required to look at the stars, they’re not out tonight. Yet, Sehun seemed giddy to bring you out anyways, lugging his telescope along with a giant grin on his face.

At the top of the hill, you cross your arms and sigh. “The stars aren’t out tonight..” You mumble disappointedly, yet Sehun still sets up his grandiose telescope on the grassy hill. Bewildered, you watch as he tilts the scope up, towards the clouded sky.

“It’s dark.” He agrees, turning to look at you with a small smile. “But the stars are still out, look.” He motions for you to peek through the device. You know you’ll see nothing, but decide to humor him and lean down to look through it.

Just as you assumed, you saw nothing but a deep darkness. Pulling away, you gander at him. “There’s nothing there.” You state the pure obvious.

But he grins at you, stepping closer and cupping your cheeks and your hair. You gasp, heat pumping through your veins as he leans down, so close, and whispers to you.

“You’re a thief, Starlight,” He accuses you, staring into your eyes with wonder. “I don’t even need my telescope anymore.” Confused, but speechless, you do nothing but stand there, gaping at him with wide eyes. “I don’t know when you did it, but..” When he smiles again, you release a small sigh in awe. “All of the stars are in your eyes now.”

The moment seems too surreal. Sure, you two accidentally fell asleep together and shared a kiss, but both of those times didn’t count in your book. The kiss was during both of your emotionally unbalanced breakdowns, and after you both woke up this morning you frantically got ready for the day without having any time to cuddle.

But now, with nothing to put the blame on, his proximity makes your entire face heat up and your heart beat faster. Then, after a brief moment, his smile changes, and he says, “But, I’m not good enough to see something so beautiful,” and looks away with an ironic smirk.

Deja vu hits you like a bullet, to the moment you first met on this hill. Without a good reason, you start tearing up. “You’re an idiot.” You say breathlessly, hugging him tightly. He hugs you back, tilting to one side slightly before moving to the other. You remember saying those exact words to him about the real stars… how can he turn it around so wonderfully and make it something to laugh at?

“I’m really do like you, Starlight,” He whispers, kissing your hair and saying, “And I’ll tell you over and over again until we’re both healed.” You know he’s talking about your depression, and with a sudden wave of sadness, you whisper, “What about after?” He hums, pretending to think it over before telling you, “When that happens, then I’ll start saying that I’m in LOVE with you.” He pulls away to see your reaction, grinning when you open your mouth in shock. “How does that sound?” He teases, poking your cheek.

“It sounds unreal!” You laugh, pushing him away lightly and sitting down on the earthy grass. It’s only been a little over four weeks… has that much really changed in your life? You’re still not sure what you’re going to do with your future, or the present, if you’re being frank. Yet, you don’t feel the same anxiety about it that you did before. Somehow, you know you’ll be alright.

After a while, Sehun takes a seat next to you, then lies on his back and sighs. “Put the stars back whenever you’re ready. We have homework to do.” He says, glancing at you impishly and making you roll your eyes.

“When did your humor become so corny?” You ask him dryly, turning on your side and snuggling against him. He lifts your head and puts it on his arm before wrapping it around you, pulling you closer and making your heart beat faster than necessary (dammit).

“Since I started liking you.” He replies bluntly, sounding completely unabashed and making you even more flustered. “When did you steal the stars? Huh?” He chuckles when you smack his stomach lightly, before tilting his head to look you in the eye.

He says nothing, yet stares, smiling to himself like you wouldn’t notice (or care). You know what he’s thinking, too; it’s so obvious; it’s in his eyes. He likes you. He likes you a lot, and he doesn’t know how to stop and doesn’t want to.

This close, you push aside your insecurities and fears. You pucker your lips and peck his smiling ones, which only makes them stretch wider.

“Do that again.” He murmurs.

And you do.

(Deep Dark… END)


“Stop it”, Neymar huffed.

“I’m just kissing your neck baby chill”, I said adjusting myself on his lap.

“I know what you’re trying to do, and it’s not gonna work. The doctor said no strenuous activity for a while, which means no sex”, he slid me off his lap and got off the couch.

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Bananun FanFiction - Give and Take

A few of you have asked for Bananun smut. Here we go!

Rated M

Mary Eunice’s ears perked as she stepped into her and Lana’s foyers, Apollyon panting besides her, winded from their run. She unhooked the leash from the dog’s collar and pushed him out of the way as she struggled with her running shoes. He nibbled her knee affectionatly and trotted away, tail wagging high in the air. She watched him with wonder in her golden eyes.

Another groan pulled her out of her reverie, and she smirked. Even from here (She did know everything, after all) she could tell that Lana Winters just hadn’t been able to wait for her. The blonde made her way up the stairs carefully, pausing to relish the sounds falling from between her lover’s lips, the soft gasps and pants.

The brunette had left their bedroom door open, almost like an invitation, but the dark eyed woman’s fingers stilled as Mary Eunice entered. For a split second, she stared back at the nun unabashedly, but finally she looked away guiltily, her hand trailing back up her stomach, her thighs closing.

“Looks like you started without me.” The blonde breathed. Lana didn’t answer, her nails digging into the flesh along her ribcage, her hips rolling despite the lack of stimulation. Mary Eunice let her jacket fall from her finger and down onto the floor before moving to the desk chair and sitting down. She crossed her legs and raised an eyebrow, a smile tugging at her lips. “Please. Don’t let me stop you.”

Lana’s thighs opened and her hand shot down to her center, rubbing furiously as she chased the high she’d just lost. Another moan ripped out of her throat as she found it. It sent a shiver down the blonde’s spine. Slowly, Lana turned her head to gaze at Mary Eunice.

Her dark eyes, black with lust, bore into the blonde’s golden ones as her breathing began a wild pattern of gasps and rushes of air. “I’m surprised y-you don’t mind.” She managed to stammer, her back arching off the mattress, heels digging into the sheets. 

“Why would I mind watching you writhe and gasp while thinking of me?” Mary Eunice cocked her head to the side. “If I ever do, you’ll know something is wrong.” She sat on the edge of the chair, her fingernails making marks into the skin on her knee. “Scream my name, little devil.”

The brunette’s eyes closed at the request, her hips bucking into her own touch as her fingers flew faster. “Dammit Mary.”

“Just like that. Even when it’s not me touching you, even when it’s not me whispering in your ear-” The blonde had stood up and had slinked over stand at edge of the bed, fingers itching to touch the ivory skin in front of her. “-Even then you’re mine.” Lana shuddered and she threw her head back, her breath hitching in the back of her throat.

“You’re mine, Lana Winters.” Mary Eunice repeated.

“All yours.” The brunette echoed through clenched teeth. It took her but another few seconds to come, thighs clenching around her own hand as she hissed out Mary’s name over and over, tremors shaking her body from her head to her toes. The blonde watched avidly from above.

The nun licked her lips hungrily and parted Lana’s thighs aggressively, dipping her head down to get a taste of her lover. The brunette tried to push her away, not ready for the blonde’s assault, but Mary Eunice ignored her, tongue swiping between Lana’s folds, lapping furiously. She tasted like candy and sins and the blonde couldn’t get enough, she never could. 

She easily sent the reporter into another orgasm, one that had the brunette’s hand in her hair and tugging for dear life.

Lana fell back against the mattress, spent, her fingers shifting through Mary Eunice’s hair. “Oh Jesus Christ almighty.”

The blonde bit her inner thigh, none too lightly. “What have I told you about that?”

Lana groaned, scrambling to get away from Mary Eunice’s wandering hands. The nun followed her up and kissed her sweetly, tongue darting into her mouth, letting the brunette taste herself. Lana’s fingers suddenly grabbed onto the blonde’s hips, effectively shimmying her dress up.

“What are you-hmm-doing?” Mary Eunice asked, lost against the brunette’s lips.

“I’m going to make love to you. It’s been a while.” Lana replied easily.

“You know how I feel about that.”

“I do. And I don’t care.” The reporter cocked her head to the side. She added a quiet “I love you.” before kissing Mary Eunice again, softer this time, putting as much emotion into the touch as she had behind her words. The blonde let herself be pulled down onto the bed to look up at Lana.

The brunette smiled down at her and helped her out of her dress, leaving her in her underwear. Her mouth trailed from her jaw to her collarbone, sucking at the skin to be found there as her hand cupped a bra-clad breast. Mary Eunice shifted against her, hips rising on their own, silently begging Lana for something she didn’t know she wanted so badly.

They’d made love plenty of times before, they’d fucked just as much, but Mary Eunice hated giving over her power. About as much as Lana loved taking it.

“Relax, Mary.” Lana sighed against her skin, short nails dragging down her taut stomach. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, of course.” Mary Eunice snapped. “That’s a stupid question-”


“Sorry.” The blonde squirmed. Lana smiled against her hips, placing another kiss there, leaving a mark that quickly turned into a hickey.

The brunette helped Mary Eunice out of her blood red panties, fingers wandering up and down her skin, sending the nun into a fit of shivers. She bucked her hips up, powerful thighs clenching around Lana’s head, and the reporter hadn’t even started yet.

Lana got to work, lazily flicking her tongue over Mary Eunice’s bundle of nerves, settling into an easy pattern that would drive the blonde crazy, but not over the edge. She received her desired effect, Mary Eunice’s left hand settled into her hair and her free fingers scrambled to find Lana’s as she breathed in and out, chest rising and falling almost cautiously.

Mary Eunice wasn’t one to make much noise.

Lana managed to keep the blonde down with one arm draped over her stomach, and so she took the younger woman’s hand in hers, letting the nun squeeze tight as her pleasure built, as her breathing quickened. Sure that she wouldn’t buck too hard, Lana trailed her fingers down to Mary Eunice’s center, introducing two fingers into her.

Mary Eunice breathed in sharply, keening softly despite herself as Lana found a comfortable rhythm against her. The blonde sat up, resting on her elbows, to look into the brunette’s dark eyes, mouth open as she gasped out, hips hitting back against Lana’s thrusts.

The blonde came hard, quietly, back arching off the mattress and into Lana’s touch. She pulled the brunette up to her, kissing her as she tried to get her breath back, her hands running up and down her lover’s body.

Mary Eunice moaned as she finished trembling against the reporter, her baby blue eyes looking up in wonder at Lana before steadily darkening back to gold.