faster dammit

vianna-orchidia asked: how about sensei!dazai and student!chuuya? or the opposite xD

i can see dazai as the eccentric but really good kind of teacher and chuuya as a sort of quiet foreign student still trying to adjust

kacchako intensifies
  • imagine sleepy ochako crawling out of bed and sleepy bakugou instinctively grabbing onto her waist so she can’t leave
  • imagine ochako brushing her teeth while bakugou shaves in the morning
  • ochako using bakugou’s clothes as pj's because they are comfier even though she complains that they smell like barbeque all the time
  • his favorite shirt is a gag gift from her that reads “KING OF EXPLODOKILLS
  • ochako making bakugou go water her plants and all she can hear from the bathroom is “GROW FASTER DAMMIT
  • bakugou refusing to wear more than shorts/sweats/boxers at home
  • ochako not complaining
  • even though bakugou is particularly moody in the morning she always gives him a good morning peck
  • he will never in a million years admit that that is the best part of his day
  • imagine them going to the grocery store and getting in trouble because they like to wheel each other around in the shopping cart
  • at dinner time, bakugou and ochako race each other to see who can chop veggies the fastest
  •  ochako likes to say grace before she eats but bakugou is super impatient so she kicks him hard under the table to keep him from eating until the prayer is done
  • they also race to see who can clean dishes the fastest (the loser has to take out the garbage)
  • bakugou is a night showerer and he will always secretly use ochako’s vanilla bean shower gel because he likes the smell
  • imagine them lying in bed and one of them is like “you awake?” “yeah” “wanna make pancakes” “fuck yeah
  • always trying to make pancake art but it always turns out badly
  • after they are stuffed with their snacks, they go back to bed and talk until one of them falls asleep
  • “yo what if aliens exist” “id’ take over the ship and go to space, duh” “what’re you doing to do? fucking send me a post card once in a while?” “no, you idiot, i’m taking you with me”
  • “you know the zombie apocalypse?” “ya” “do you think you could survive?” “of course–who the fuck do you think I am?” “but what if, instead of zombies, people turned into deku?” “shut up and go to sleep already”
  • they both sleep like freaking starfish like it’s a competition to see who can take up the most room on the mattress
  • even though bakugou is basically a human furnace he always hogs the blankets and they will literally fight in their sleep for the covers
  • imagine him waking up a bit earlier than her and just feeling really protective and proud of her
  • imagine him thinking she’s asleep still so he starts talking to himself
  • “i’m so fucking lucky.” “what was that?” “NOTHING.”