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Spread Your Legs For Me C.H

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warning: smut

word count: 1400+

summary: Calum fingers you while driving

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon :)) I hope you guys are ready because we have a week full of smut coming out, tomorrow, wednesday and hopefully thursday so get ready. 

this turned out a bit eh but i think it’s alright, also IM OPENING REQUESTS AGAIN YAY

so now song requests and full requests, fluff or smut are open again so go nuts on anon or not on anon, whichever you prefer :))

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That's not the right word.

DM (me): the guard requests you put your hands behind your back.
Fighter (ooc): to put me in monocles I’m guessing.
Me: Manacles.
Fighter: whatever he’s tying me up.
Fighter (in character): you like your girls submissive then?
Me: He fastens the manacles a bit tighter than they should be.
Fighter (in character a few minutes later): okay so we made the deal with the king. Can you take these monocles (this is the fourth time he’s called them that) off me?
Me: He unlocks the monocles… now you’ve got me saying it!


He held me hard against him then, without speaking, and I could feel the pulsebeat in his throat, hammering like my own. His hands went to my bare shoulders, and he held me slightly away, so that I was looking upward into his face. His hands were large and very warm, and I felt slightly dizzy.

“I want ye, Claire,” he said, sounding choked. He paused a moment, as though unsure what to say next. “I want ye so much— I can scarcely breathe. Will—” He swallowed, then cleared his throat. “Will ye have me?” 

By now I had found my voice. It squeaked and wobbled, but it worked.

Yes,” I said. “Yes, I’ll have you.”

“I think …” he began, then stopped. He fumbled loose the buckle of his kilt, but then looked up at me, bunching his hands at his sides. He spoke with difficulty, controlling something so powerful that his hands shook with the effort. “I’ll not … I can’t … Claire, I canna be gentle about it.” 

I had time only to nod once, in acknowledgment or permission, before he bore me back before him, his weight pinning me to the bed. 

He did not pause to undress further. I could smell the road dust in his shirt, and taste the sun and sweat of travel on his skin. He held me, arms outstretched, wrists pinioned. One hand brushed the wall, and I felt the tiny scrape of one wedding ring chiming against the stone. One ring for each hand, one silver, one gold. And the thin metal suddenly heavy as the bonds of matrimony, as though the rings were tiny shackles, fastening me spread-eagled to the bed, stretched forever between two poles, held in bondage like Prometheus on his lonely rock, divided love the vulture that tore at my heart.

1.09 The Reckoning

We Have No Privacy

Bucky x Reader


Summary: you and Bucky have a secret relationship that you hide from the other Avengers. Or so you think ;)

Word Count: 1636

Warnings: cursing + fluff

A/N: I can do requests just fyi :) honestly I don’t have much to say other than the fact that I’m listening to my happy song right now: Without Question from The Road to El Dorado. I recommend 💛

“Which one of you punks finished the popcorn?” Bucky growls. I chuckle.

“I’ll go make more.” I offer, taking the empty bowl from his hands. “This movie is lame, anyway.” I get up from the couch, winking. Nat follows closely behind me, rolling her eyes.

“They have the weirdest taste in movies, I swear.” I nod in agreement, pitter-pattering on the wooden floor in my bare feet, hoodie, and gym shorts. I reach the large, marble kitchen and head to the corner cupboard. Nat hops onto the counter, her big red curls bouncing with her. She huffs sadly. I roll my eyes with a smile.

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Yes Sir Part 3

Yes Sir by evansrogerskitten

Part 3: Something Good

Professor Winchester and Reader get closer as their relationship develops.

Part 2  Series Masterlist  On AO3

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit, Smut, oral, fingering, public sex, unprotected sex. Feels, language, fluff, angst, mention of death of a parent. Severe spaghetti sauce harm. WC: 3460. Gifs aren’t mine.

A/N: This is for @just-another-busy-fangirl​‘s 1K Music Challenge - the song “Something Good” from Sound of Music. This is one of my all time fav movies. I think “Something Good” is one of the most romantic songs ever. I knew when I chose this song for the challenge that the fanfic that went with it had to be special. Hope you like it. 

Fall quarter arrived and I was scheduled for only one class with Professor Winchester. I was disappointed, but I was taking 18 hours of class plus working at the bar. Our designated Tuesdays and Thursdays hook up schedule happened few and far between. After 10 weeks of seeing each other every day it was difficult to adjust to. But I knew my time with John wasn’t a mistake.

One Wednesday afternoon I was standing in the hallway outside our classroom talking to a friend when she noticed Professor Winchester walking down the hallway towards us. She froze mid-sentence, staring up in wonder at her crush. I nonchalantly looked over at him as he stopped next to us.

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as a (mostly) closeted lesbian i’m constantly second guessing my behaviour around straight women. is my behaviour predatory? should i offer to burn that song for her that she said can’t find anywhere? i want to ask her what perfume that is but is it creepy that i noticed? is it weird to ask to sketch her or draw/make something for her? what gifts are appropriate? what if i accidentally brush against her? did i linger too long when she asked me to fasten her necklace? should i put my arm around her for this drunk bathroom selfie? is it ok to share a blanket on movie night? should i keep my mouth shut when they’re talking about their ‘girl crushes’?
what if she finds out? will she stop being my friend? or worse will she lead me on for fun? will she think this was flirting? will she SAY this was flirting? if she has a bf how will he react? if she says she’s ok with it will she secretly be wary of me?

[Miraculous Ladybug]: Dressed to Kill

i….am procrastinating this paper super hard….so i started a one-shot series. isn’t that fun?

bit of a T rating, but if you don’t mind that, enjoy :)

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Dressed to Kill

Summary: “You got a fucking manicure before a job?”

Chloe held one of her hunting blades in between her teeth while she loaded a magazine into her gun. “Shut the fuck up, they were giving mani pedis away for twenty euros, how was I going to say no to that?”

Chlonette Assassins AU

1. Flirting on the Job

“You got a fucking manicure before a job?”

Chloe held one of her hunting blades in between her teeth while she loaded a magazine into her gun. “Shut the fuck up, they were giving mani pedis away for twenty euros, how was I going to say no to that?”

Marinette rolled her eyes and peeked around the corner, staring at the two guards stationed at the door at the other end of the courtyard. She finished screwing her suppressor onto her own gun and checked her pockets for her compression gloves. “So if some asshole has me in a chokehold, you’re not going to punch him in the face because you have to protect your goddamn gel manicure?”

“I never said that,” Chloe groaned. “Obviously I’d clock him straight in the nose, but I will expect you to pay for my replacement manicure since you shouldn’t be getting yourself into that situation in the first place.”

“Oh nice.”

“I’m a single woman, I deserve to pamper myself, sue me.”

Marinette fastened the velcro of her gloves and counted the knives she had strapped to her thigh. “That’s your own fault. I offered to sleep with you literally last week and you said no.” She checked her watch. “Shifts change in 3 minutes.”

“Roger,” Chloe replied automatically. “Also, fuck you, you told me you’d sleep with me because, and I quote, you found my dry spell ‘cripplingly pathetic.’”

“I mean, it is. Offer still stands,” Marinette winked. 

“Please, if anyone’s going to be doing the fucking, it’s going to be me,” Chloe snarled. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, tapped around her apps, and brought up full schematics of the building they were about to sneak into. “Alya just sent us a map. Adrien says lights out in 30.”

“Perfect.” Marinette readjusted the duffle bag on her back. “Any place that’ll give me a clean shot?”

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show me your juciest jefferson facts my family is starving

  • At age ten, Jefferson was sent by his father into the woods alone with only a gun. The expectation was that he would come home with evidence that he could survive on his own in the wild. The test did not begin well, everything frightened the small child but he finally managed to catch a wild turkey (Meacham 4). 
  • Jefferson believe his first memory was of being handed up to a slave on horseback and carried, carefully, on a pillow for a long journey (Meacham 9). 
  • When Jefferson was first sent off to school as a boy he was also anxious for it to be over and often slipped away, hid and repeated the Lord’s Prayer in hopes of getting school over quicker. His prayers were never answered and he would come to believe orthodox Christianity was not all it was said to be (Meacham 10). 
  • Jefferson’s first extremely close friend outside of his sister Jane was Dabney Carr. They shared much in common and Jefferson recalled later had, “more of the milk of human kindness, of indulgence, of softness, of pleasantry of conversation and conduct.” The two young boys made a pact one day, whoever survived the other was to bury the one to die first beneath their favorite oak tree. Dabney was the first to go, and Jefferson did just that. (Meacham 14). 
  • At College of William and Mary, Jefferson studied fifteen hours a day, and ran from his room to the shore a mile from town and rowed a small canoe of his as well as did swimming (Meacham 19). 
  • Christmas Evening, 1762, Thomas Jefferson was rejected by Rebecca Burwell and then woke up on Christmas morning to find rats had gnawed at his pocketbook and his garters and a watch in his room which held a drawing of Rebecca. That night, rain had leaked through the house and soaked his watch, destroying it. This didn’t help that Jefferson was in the worst depressive episode of his life thus far (Meacham 24). The next day he was dancing with Rebecca and everything was going well until he opened his mouth and could only stutter (Meacham 25). 
  • When he found out his childhood home of Shadwell burnt down he asked if any of his books had been saved; they had not. He then asked if his violin had been saved; a slave then replied, “Ah! We saved your fiddle!” (Meacham 46). 
  • A pair of competing suitors for Martha Wayles Skelton once showed with at her home and heard Martha and Thomas singing quite beautifully together. They all looked at year other and left without even knocking (Meacham 56). 
  • One of Jefferson’s favorite stories to tell from his time in the Congress was of an exchange between fat Benjamin Harrison and wispy Elbridge Gerry. “Gerry, when the hanging comes, I shall have the advantage; you’ll kick in the air half an hour after it is all over with me!”
  • Fall 1776, Patrick Henry asked Thomas Jefferson to go with Benjamin Franklin and Silas Deane to France but Jefferson refused because his wife was too sick to go and he didn’t want to leave her. 
  • When Benedict Arnold was conducting his siege of Virginia in an attempt to capture and imprison the author of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson was told of the British troops rush into the Virginia Legislature in which they capture many of the delegates before they could even stand up and that the were heading to Monticello next, Jefferson climbed to the top of a hill near his home with a spy glass and saw nothing. On his way down, he slipped on some pebbles and curiosity got the better of him and he checked out his spy glass again; this time he saw that the British were actually coming and was forced to flee while shoving “in papers where I could” and had his slaves hide his silver. When he was able to return weeks later, he was surprised Monticello was still standing and was most upset about the fact that his wine stash had been drank. 
  • During his life, Thomas Jefferson broke his wrist three times. Once, in 1782 he fell from his horse and shattered his left wrist; then in 1786 he dislocated his right wrist attempting to impress Maria Cosway in France, and finally in 1825 he fell off a step at Monticello at broke his left wrist again. 
  • After his wife’s death, he considered suicide and was said by James Monroe for the first week locked in his room to be unable to look upon the face of any of his children until he finally came to for the last three weeks. He only didn’t commit suicide “for the infidelity of deserting the sacred charge left me, I could not ish its continuance a moment.” because of his children. 
  • He twice while in Paris attended masquerade balls (they began at eleven pm and ran until six am). Both he and John Adam’s son-in-law William S. Smith were hit on by a baronness: “When Mr. Jefferson had made his escape,” Smith wrote, “she had fastened her talons on me.”
  • In his later years, Jefferson acquired a bust of Hamilton and placed it opposite one of himself in the entrance hall at Monticello. According to a biographer, “The eyes settles with a deeper interest on busts of Jefferson and Hamilton, by Ceracchi, placed on massive pedestals on each side of the main entrance–’opposed in death as in life’, as the surviving original sometimes remarked, with a pensive smile, as he observed the notice they attracted.”
  • Jefferson decorated his walls with collections of portraits that included Sir Francis Bacon, John Locke and Sir Isaac Newton. Hamilton asked Jefferson who they were. “I told him they were my trinity of the three greatest men the world had ever produced, naming them,” Jefferson recalled. Taking this in, Hamilton paused, thinking before after a moment broke the silence. “The greatest man who ever lived,” Hamilton said, “was Julius Caesar.”
  • Usually a calm man, one time two ferrymen had been fighting between themselves when they took Jefferson and his younger daughter Patsy aboard for the passage. The peace was broke and the two men grew violent. Jefferson “his eyes flashing” then “snatched up an oar, and, in a voice which rung out above the angry tones of the men, flourished it over their heads. Weapon in hand, Jefferson told them to “row for your lives or I will knock you both overboard!” The men grew back to fighting and Jefferson seized control and forced his will on them. In this case, the life of him and his daughter were at danger. 
  • On the eve of the Fourth of July celebrations in 1800, a slave by the name of Thomas Jefferson died and rumors spread that it was Jefferson who had died at Monticello. The Federalists clung to this rumor, spreading it around even though by July 6th it was known that Jefferson was still alive and well (Meacham 325). 
  • As president, Jefferson kept a mockingbird whom he named Dick who hung in its cage in the window of his office. Dick was “the constant companion of his solitary and studious hours, sometimes settling on Jefferson’s shoulder or accepting “food from his lips”. When he retired to his chamber, the bird would hop up the steps after him. 
  • While President of the United States, Jefferson would get death threats. The best one thus safe that I’ve seen is this: “I think you ought to get a damn kicking, you red-headed son of a bitch. You are a pretty fellow to be President of the United States of America, you dirty scoundrel.” –Anonymous
  • The explorer Zebulon Pike purchased two bear cubs for Jefferson from a Native American along the Rio Grande. His men nursed them with milk and they arrived safety at the president’s house in 1808. But Jefferson found it was unpractical to keep them on the ground and sent them to Charles Peale’s zoo in Philadelphia (Meacham 410-411). 
  • The first child born in the White House was James Madison Randolph born to Patsy Jefferson Randolph, the eldest Jefferson daughter. 
  • He used to organize races on the grounds of Monticello for his grandchildren and let the younger ones have a head-start. Basically he just spoiled his grandchildren with a shit ton of dresses. 
  • May, 1823, Jefferson was on his solitary daily ride when his horse became “mirred in the river” and Jefferson, his legs tangled, fell into the current. His family feared he had drowned as he was carried down stream but he reached a more shallow part of the river and used his hands to get himself out. Again, during this occasion, Jefferson’s arm ended up in a sling. This event made four wrist injuries in his whole life. 
  • When Lafayette visited America, he paid a visit to Monticello and laid eyes on Thomas Jefferson for the first time in thirty years. They ran at one another in their old age, “My dear Jefferson!” and “My dear Lafayette”. They when proceeded to drink out a shit ton of wine from the cellar. 
  • Before his death as his final piece of writing he composed a poem for his daughter, Patsy Jefferson. 

Fanart by CuteJelly

“The cork sprang from a rectangular crystal bottle standing on the stool. The bath-chamber started to smell of lilac and gooseberries. The cork traced several circles and jumped back into place. The sorceress fastened the cuffs of her shirt, pulled on a dress and materialised.
‘Fasten me up.’ She turned her back to him while combing her hair with a tortoiseshell comb. He noticed that the comb had a long, sharp prong which could, if need be, easily take the place of a dagger.
He took a deliberately long time fastening her dress, one hook at a time, enjoying the scent of her hair, which fell halfway down her back in a black cascade.”

“The Last Wish” Andrzej Sapkowski

Brave Soldier - Tommy Shelby

Request: Love love love your writing! Was wondering if you could do a peaky blinders with Tommy where your brother is in the peaky blinders and there was a big fight and he gets killed and Tommy has to come back and tell you and he is super sweet and comforting. 

Brave Soldier - Tommy Shelby

Your brother had been a Peaky Blinder long before the war started. He had been a member of Tommy’s gang when there was little to be part of. You had watched the organisation grow into a business. The war came and, in your best patriotic war effort, you helped Polly with the business while the boys were fighting in France. They came back, the three Shelby boys and your brother, all alive and physically not too damaged. Your brother went right back to work for the Shelby’s and you distanced yourself from them. There was no obvious place for you anymore.  

Despite your move to the inner city of Birmingham your brother still made an effort to keep in touch. He sent you letters every month, money enclosed to help you. The money you sent back and the letters you tucked away in a box underneath your bed. You lived with a well-to-do family, caring for their children while the mother hosted parties and the father worked. It was less exciting than Small Heath had been.  

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In Another World - Chapter 11 - actualbabe - New Girl [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

God, he feels so stupid.

Nick’s sitting on the edge of his bed in his little shoebox of a room, his beat up cellphone in one hand and an embellished bundle of glorified popsicle sticks in the other. He runs his thumb over the red plastic feather glued to the end. This is dumb. He’s a grown-ass man. He doesn’t need some glitter-covered twig to make him brave.

chapter 12 :)

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Taehyung daddy smut partition beyoncè 😊

Daddy’s Little Kitten- V(Requested Smut)

Partition- Beyonce(Audio)

//daddy has some new toys for his favorite little kitten//

Originally posted by parkjmn

daddy kink warning obviously, so proceed with caution nonnies;)

I walk out the bedroom door, surprised to find Taehyung sitting at the table, loosening his tie after a long day. “Hey babe, why didn’t you tell me you were here?”

“I wanted to surprise you,” He smirks a little, jaw slackening a bit when he sees me. “What are you wearing that in public for?” He demands slowly, licking his lips sensually.

My dress is tight and black, settling in my curves and down my mid thigh. I grip the wall as I lift one leg to put on my blue pumps, meeting Taehyung’s eyes as they roam over my body while it’s shifting and moving under the fabric.

“Kitten…” Taehyung purrs, leaning forward on his legs.

“I have a meeting in an hour, Tae.” I block his intense eye fucking session, putting on my other wheel before skirting around the opposite side of the table and into the kitchen. Searching through the drawers for our granola bars, I feel Tae ride against me as I bend down. 

“It should be illegal for you to go out like this.” He murmurs, bending over my hunched figure and breathing onto my neck.

“Tae.. I-”

“Shhh, hush little kitten.” He applies the slightest pressure with his fingers along my sides.

“Tae I really need to get going.”

He hums. “You said an hour.” His tongue flicks across my skin, eliciting shivers down my spine. “Don’t you know all the things daddy can do in that time?”

I swallow thickly as his long fingers lace through my hair, pulling my head back and moving closer against me, rubbing through the thin material of my dress. “But-”

“You’re going to make daddy angry if you keep resisting. Don’t you want to see the surprise I brought for you?”

I nod, straining against his grip. I’d spent forty five minutes getting dressed up and I wasn’t even going to make it out the door on time. Taehyung gives my ass a little pinch as I stand and break from his clutches, spinning around to meet with rock hard chest.

His tie is off, spinning it between his agile fingers before cocking his head. “Give me your hands, kitten.” He orders, tying my wrists together with a firm knot, the silk stretching against my skin.

My core is slowly heating, the feeble fabric of my thong soaking, only worsening from the friction as he leads me to the bedroom, legs rubbing as I walk. I’m not sure what kind of surprise Taehyung has, or whether I’ll even be able to walk after he’s done showing it to me. Because once he’s gotten fired up, it takes him a long, long time to come back down.

He tells me to sit on the bed and I do so, trying to stay patient as he reaches up in the closet for a rectangular black box, my stomach churning nervously as he saunters back over, opening the sleek, reflective lid.

A long black vibrator sits inside, a little pink collar sitting on top of it, a little heart on the collar branding me as Daddy’s Little Kitten. A small whimper escapes my lips, rubbing my thighs together to try and get more between my legs.

“Daddy…” I moan quietly, loving the intense look he gives me.

“What do you want, kitten?” He asks, leaning over me to fasten the collar around my neck, stepping back to admire my form. “I’m just about willing to give you anything looking like that.”

I lick my lips, tasting the cosmetic of my red lipstick. I’d love to see it over Taehyung’s face, painting his plump lips in a deep rogue. “I want you.”

He hums in assent, taking the vibrator from it’s box and rolling it between his palms, heating the cool rubber. “Daddy wants to play with you first.”

Leaning me back against the pillows, the pads of his fingers shimmy up the hem of my dress, pushing the stretchy material up the smooth expanse of my thighs until it’s pooled around my hips, underwear darker where my arousal has soaked through.

“Oh, Kitten.” Taehyung’s exaggerating voice enthralls me, deep and guttural in my ears. “Does Daddy really get you this excited?”

I whimper as he rubs a finger along my inner thigh, sensations ripping through my core at his barely there touch. “Ngggghh, yes.”

Slipping his fingers under my panties he pulls them down from the center, nails just lightly grazing my clit before he’s gone, leaving me a mewling mess in his wake. “You look so pretty laid out for Daddy like this.” He murmurs against my calves, lips working their way back up my skin. “Close your eyes.”

I do as I’m told, nails digging into my palms as he gets higher and higher, my body arching at the sudden sensation of his surprise toy against me. He moves the rubber head up and down along me in slow circles, not even turning it on and knowing it’s enough to drive me insane.

“Hmmm, let me hear you, kitten. You seem awfully quiet.”

He flips the switch on the side of the vibrator, a low purring sound coming from the black toy and high pitched moans tearing from my throat as it stimulates my clit in a cacophony of pleasure. My hips are rocking of their own accord, broken cries falling from my lips.

“Daddyyy… I-” My throat works as I struggle to keep my composure, fighting an uphill battle. “Daddy, please, I’m already about to-”

“Hold it.” He growls. “If you cum now, you’re going to be in very big trouble, Kitten.”

I roll my eyes, throwing my head back against the mattress and trying to squirm away from the toy, which only drives Taehyung to hover over me, trapping me as he turns it up higher. Before I can cry out he catches my lips in a kiss, swallowing the orgasmic sound whole.

His tongue slips along mine with ease, overtaking me in an instant as my legs begin to shake as I push away my approaching orgasm. I can’t breathe or focus or comprehend anything but the raw ecstasy that he’s put me under, careening under his demanding control.

“Daddy I-!” Falling headfirst into my orgasm I can only barely recognize that Taehyung has pulled from my lips, staring down at me with that deep, deep rogue spread across his lips and cheek. He looks so kissable, so fuckable, so sexy.

His groan turns into a growl as he watches me orgasm, writhing and rocking my hips up into the vibrator as it works me shamelessly and rocks me from head to toe. “You were a naughty kitten.” Taehyung’s voice is dangerous and low as he leans in, the room now quiet without the buzzing. “Now Daddy is going to have to punish you as soon as you get back home.”   

His words reach through the euphoria, shaking my head. “No, no, I’m sorry. I’ll be a good kitten, Daddy, I promise. I don’t want punishment.”

His smile is a wicked sympathy, his large hands beginning to pull my dress back down over the curve of my ass, slapping it roughly as I arch. “Bad kittens don’t get rewards.” He states, getting up from his spot above me with dark eyes. “And Daddy still has more surprises in store for your return.”

daddy tae got me feelin some kind of way…

~Admin Eggplant 

Cameron Dallas - Photoshoot (smut)

Request:  can you do a Cameron smut? 💓

Okay, so it is my first smut ever written in english, I hope I didn’t mess it up, if you like it I can write more in the future!


I was sitting on a couch, watching Cameron doing his photoshoot. He looked so damn sexy in his outfit, and he was just like a real model.

He promised me to take me out after the shooting, so now I was just waiting for him to finish it all, but I couldn’t get enough of him, he was the most attractive man alive.

“Okay, everyone, twenty minutes break, then we take the ones with the glasses on!” someone shouted and everyone scattered.

I followed Cam into his dressing room, where he had to change his outfit.

“How long do we have to be here?” I whined sitting down on a chair as Cam was getting his clothes off.

“I’m sorry baby, I know it’s boring for you” he looked at me apologizing. Now he was only in his boxers and I felt myself getting frustrated.

“It’s not the problem” I mumbled trying to concentrate on something else, but it was hard.

“What?” He walked to me and lowered to my level, putting his hands on my knees. “What’s gotten into you princess?” he asked looking at me playfully.

“Don’t do this Cam, because it’s a twenty minutes break and I’m starting to feel seduced” I said giggling as he was trying to kiss me but I always pulled away teasing him.

“Twenty minutes are more than enough” he told me taking me into his arms.

“Cam, what are you doing?” I laughed as he sat me down on the table and stood between my legs.

“You are not the only one feeling seduced here” he said kissing my neck, I instantly slipped my hands on his biceps feeling his muscles work.

“They will hear us” I protested, but when I felt his hands under my shirt I knew I would never stop him.

“Then we have to be quiet, baby” he said getting rid of my shirt.

I took his face in my hands and kissed him passionately while he unbuttoned my pants pulling it down on my legs leaving me only in my panties and bra.

I pressed my hips to his and he growled into my ears. I could feel is erection, he was so ready for a quickie. He unclasped my bra and threw it away immediately.

“My beautiful girl, always so ready for me” he murmured into my chest as he started to massage my heated clit.

“Cam, we don’t have time for this bullshit” I moaned lacing my fingers into his hair. I needed him right at that moment.

“As you wish, baby girl” he smirked pulling my panties down so now I was completely naked. I tugged at his boxers and then he get rid of it, but suddenly he pulled away and stepped to the door and locked it.

“In case someone would like to interrupt us” he winked at me and came back, pressing his body against mine. His hands were roaming my body, I was getting impatient, but I didn’t have to wait for too long.

He lifted me a bit and then pushed himself into me.

“Oh God, Cam” I moaned trying to not be too loud.

“Shh baby, we will get caught” he said kissing me on the lips. I nodded and he started to move in and out. “Fuck, you feel so good, baby” he groaned never stopping.

With one hand I held onto his shoulder and with my other I was grabbing the edge of the table.

“Cam, please move faster” I said barely finding my own voice. He leaned down kissing me and fastening his pace.

“Come on baby, we have to be quick, just let it go for me” he said kissing my neck again and pulling me closer to him to give him a better access.

I was close and so was he. I tried to hide my moans but some of them escaped, Cam hid his face into the crook of my neck biting lightly into my skin which just topped the whole.

Then with one last deep thrust I reached my high, I wanted to scream but I just bit my lower lip to shut myself up.

“Oh God Y/N” Cam growled in a deep, sexy voice.

We took some deep breathes to calm ourselves down.

“I love you baby” he panted my shoulders and then pulled away from me.

“I love you too” I said caressing his chest one more time. He picked up our clothes and gave me mine.

“Alright” he said when we were all dressed up. “Let’s get this shooting done” he smirked at me, took my hands and we walked back like nothing ever happened.

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I feel there is a lot of requests for romantic and love spells out there but not a lot for friendship ones. Do you happen to know any for non-romantic and platonic love/relationship spells?

There are actually quite a few friendship spells out there as well too. Obviously not as many as romantic relationship spells, because those are very popular for obvious reasons, but they are out there! ;) Here are a few that I was able to find for you (In no order, sorry):

Hope that helps, good luck! <3

taylor nation: hey there’s a secret session in 5 minutes do you think you can make it?

me: i’ll be there let me fasten myself into my backyard human slingshot wait for me!

Wild for the Night || (Hidan and Deidara)


Evening befell upon another ordinary day on campus. Hidan found himself a little more antsy today than usual. Since the fall semester had ended, there has been less people around. Everyone is either at home, or using the break as a time to relax and prepare for spring classes. This was unbearably boring.

Fortunately for Hidan, there’s at least one person around who’s willing to entertain him. If it weren’t for Deidara, he would be wasting away, devoid of all motivation to stay active. Now that they’ve got lots of time on their hands, they’ve had an opportunity to meet up and hang out.

That’s how this day started out, at least. But, as the sun began to set, a reminder struck its way into Hidan’s mind.

“–Oh fuck.”

Time flies when you’re having fun. This always seems to be the case when these two are together. He might have interrupted the events of their hang-out, but Hidan suddenly remembered that he had plans tonight. The main reason for his excitement throughout the day was for a party being thrown tonight- the only one to spring up in weeks. Spending nights at bars and clubs was enough to hold the man over for a short time; but nothing could substitute the feeling of a legitimate house party.

“I gotta go soon. There’s this party going on downtown, just off campus. It’s been boring as hell out here lately, I need something to bring me back to life.”

Although the eager catharsis was settling in, Hidan felt bad for cutting their time short. The scene just has a gravitational pull on him. He was aware that the environment just isn’t as powerful of a force for Deidara. He was more practical in that sense. Deidara may be on the same level of sass and banter as Hidan, but he was undoubtedly less experienced than the man- in a less intimate sense of the word. He hasn’t gotten the chance to come out of his shell or be exposed to new things. At least, that’s how it appeared to the man. In other words, he hasn’t had the true college experience yet. This is truly a tragedy, and will not do at all.

“It’s open house, you know, if you wanted to tag along. Get a break from this dead prison.”

He may be used to getting these invites rejected, but you can’t say he never tried.

Anytime, Sweetheart: Part 5

Pairing: JDM x OFC (RPF)

Features: Ackles & Padalecki Families, R2, Misha Collins & Vicky Vantoch, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Ruth Connell, Corey Taylor and other cast members & OFCs*

Series Masterlist

Summary: (I’m horrible at summaries, but let me try): Kylin Ackles runs to her brother’s house after leaving her abusive boyfriend of 3 years, where she meets Jeffrey. Events unfold that bring them together, as well as push them apart. 

Warnings: Emotional abuse, Physical Violence, mentions of rape, cursing, drinking, recreational drug use (weed), Strip Club, RPF, NSFW**, GIFs, implied smut, Age Difference, Slow burn, Emotional rollercoaster, poorly written smutt, etc… 18+ please

(A/N: This is strictly a work of fiction that I came up with off the top of my head. For fictional purposes his S/O & Son are not mentioned. I love him and his little family, though, so no hate intended. This is the first time posting anything on Tumblr, but I couldn’t get it out of my head since my ao3 fic is currently on hiatus because writers block. Feedback is appreciated. unbetaed, all mistakes are mine.)

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​   “Ho-Lee Shit, baby doll!” Jeffrey bellowed as I walked out of the bathroom from getting ready. 

   My red dress was floor length, but not overly formal. It was flowy with slits on the sides to show off my legs when walking, and had a scooping neckline that gathered around my belly, exposing some cleavage but not anything that would send me on the expressway to Hell. My black strappy heels lengthened my legs and showed off my calves. I had opted for loose curls in my hair and dramatic black eyes shadow and lashes but only gloss on my lips. There was even a nail salon below Jeffrey’s apartment complex so I had splurged on sharp black claws and a pedicure after lunch. I beamed at his praise again as I took in his ever-sexual form myself. He was in a button up shirt that had almost the exact same hue as my dress, which he assured me was a total coincidence, as well as nice dress slacks and the black blazer I had recently given back to him. He looked like a sex god on a stick. He quickly pulled me to his chest and ran his hands down my sides as he bent over to nuzzle his beard across the sensitive flesh that was my neck. 

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