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Page 10: Interview with Fish
Page 62: The Red Hook Criterium Barcelona race, through the eyes of Fish (Fish-eye perspective?)
Page 88: “Bike check” of Fish’ WIT Industries X Koga RHC bike


Alan hates the Flevopolder loop so much that he spontaneously cramped on the Oostvaardersdijk. Paul dropped his GoPro and cracked the lens; R.I.P. camera after three years of great service. 300+ rides and 20,000+ photos in the bank. Was it all bad? Hell no, a dozen riders experienced the polder in all its Spring beauty. Tulips, lambs, sparkling water and whooshing windmills. The numbing wind makes the mind and body strong as pro rider Niki Terpstra showed later today; he conquered the Hell of the North and took home the pavé trophy. Niki knows a thing or two about jamming into the wind. He also practiced his glory lap on the Roubaix Velodrome many times before on the Amsterdam track with some of our Windjammers in his wheel. Another bright spot in the day; over coffee Tim told us it was his birthday. 71 years and counting. Happy birthday Tim!


There were plenty of reasons not to ride today. Stay in bed for Mother’s Day. Stay in bed to shelter from the rain. Stay in bed to recover from coughs and a slight cold. Stay in bed to hide from the Southwest wind. Yet we went out. We ride and we ride always. We don’t want to miss our cycling brothers for our Sunday morning routine. We would have missed Tim’s entrance in his brand new Etxeondo outfit and we would have missed Fishy’s Fish Homecoming ride on his brand new Mees bike, courtesy of CycleYou bike store. 

At Halfweg we smelled fresh bread and we thought of that mellow Sunday breakfast alternative, on the Zandvoort boulevard we got sandblasted by the Southwest wind and in the dunes we had to get out of the saddle to climb the tiny hills in the tormentous headwind. The rain was heavy and the wind was fierce. We got soaked and we got cold. Coffee Company hosted us for Nick’s coffee treat; we walked in dripping from the rain to the disgust and amazement of the Haarlemmerstraat hipsters. The baristas brewed us coffees but skipped the heart in the latte foam. There was not enough love for the cyclistas. No harm done; there is plenty going around in our own gruppetto.