• 1) deadlifts: up to 1x190kg (miss)x200kg
  • 2) 6in Block Pull: up to 1x210kg (miss)x220kg
  • 3) bench press: up to 3x3x85kg
  • 4) DB Bench: 4x5x80lb
  • 5a) DB kickback: 3x8each side
  • 5b) incline flye: 3x8
  • 6) Abs: 3x8 ab roller, 3x5each side Wipers, Ring Hanging leg raise 3x10

A rather uninspired session today. I felt awful and stiff warming up, but around 160kg started feeling very fast, smoked 190kg and then couldn’t budge 200kg. The same thing happened with rack pulls, felt so strong then just couldn’t budge 220kg. It’s not huge deal as it’s week 1 so it’s more just getting used to singles again, but as the weeks go on I need to start being able to click into gear mentally on top sets. I obviously don’t want to dip into the adrenaline well all the time, but I should get a dribble on my heavy lift of the day. 

Finished with some moderate bench press (working on getting a better arch), then some accessory work. 

A very long day ahead. Between training, coaching, open gym responsibilities (I’ll alternate working on a new website for our WL club, cleaning the gym and some studying) I’ll be at the gym from from 6:45am to 6:45pm. 

I only want the best for everyone around me but too many people are obsessed and have there minds clustered with the idea of getting out of your head and getting the fuck away from your thoughts and your empathy so you’ll do anything and I mean anything to get away from it. Not many teenages know that they suffer with addiction I can see it in almost every single one of my friends. Constantly needing sex, affection from anyone because it makes you feel good, needing a cigarette, cutting your skin just to see it bleed then have to tell your kids what all your scars are from, attempting suicide because the thought of getting so close feels so good, stealing for adrenalin, driving cars too fast, smoking weed and wax till your lungs can’t take it till you cough and your eyes water, snorting any pills you can get your hands on for those yummy drips, pouring down all the syrup and liquid till you throw up and you still keep going, scrapping resin for an hour to get that one last high, torching glass to get the purest high, stealing from friends cause you don’t have money to get your own supply, robbing houses and cars to do these things that only make us sicker in the end even though we’re already sick enough. When you spend all day everyday doing this and see your friends doing this it makes you wonder who you really are and who they really are. Cause addiction will take over any personality and that’s the scariest part.

anonymous asked:

How was hannah not doing the rawtill4 lifestyle correctly? (thanks so much to you and freelee for saving my relationship with food <3)

she was smoking, juice fasting, water fasting, eating chicken pizzas, drinking beers and doing now bicycle riding. she even admits she HATES bananas haha. So what the fuck was she eating?

now she rides a bike though so it sounds like now she is doing RT4. Last year she defo wasnt. I had dinner with her a few times and the amount of greasy and protein rich stuff she was eating was hideous. She was eating way too much fat and protein for someone who was sitting on her ass all day in the hotel foyer whining about how she can’t get a real boyfriend.

Good think Derek came along to save the day with an organised green card marriage I guess. Hopefully the money they make from plagiarizing our ebooks to make ‘their own’ is enough to put on a good wedding so US Customs doesnt find it suss.