Smug Wendy

Finally, a stupid meme I can get behind.

The official Wendy’s twitter has apparently become quite popular recently for trolling people and throwing shade at other fast-food places; somehow that inspired a trend of drawing the mascot as a “smug anime girl”, and damn if I don’t enjoy a good smug face, so here we are. My muse is a strange and flighty thing.


I’m a manager at the “Mexican inspired” fast food place I work at, but I was a cashier for a long time. We get a lot of customers because we’re right in the middle of a majorly popular shopping center, so it gets very busy some times and I end up serving probably close to a hundred customers an hour. One day this guy came in and ordered his food, all was well. He was fairy polite and pleasant to talk to, no big deal. After about a minute or two of waiting for his food, he came up to the counter and asked me if there was any more of the Verde sauce. Now, Verde sauce was one of the most popular dipping sauces (I guess you’d call it that, but it comes in a packet like ketchup, so idk) at our particular store, but nation-wide it wasn’t too well liked, so the geniuses at corporate decided to replace it with Diablo sauce, which is hotter than the Fire sauce. At this point in time, we had only been about a month or so without Verde sauce, and it was quite regular for someone to ask for it. I told him like I tell everyone else that asks for it that “We no longer carry the Verde sauce, I’m very sorry.” He explodes at me telling me that there must be some in the back (there wasn’t) and that he demanded to speak to my manager. I grab my manager and he tells the customer the same thing. And wow who would have thought that he would tell the customer the same thing. So, naturally, as his order is being finished up by the cooks, he demands a refund so that he can go eat somewhere else… Now I don’t know about y'all, but it seems to me that it would have been easier to just eat the food he had already ordered…


Hey guys!

So, I have an announcement! I am doing Random Question time!

Since everyone else is doing it, I decided, Hey, why not? It’ll be fun!

So, here are the numbered questions you can ask:

1. How long have you been playing Toontown?

2. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

3. What inspires you the most?

4. Count Jester or your old TTO toon, Bentley?

5. What is your favorite vacation destination?

6. Favorite TV show?

7. Favorite Food?

8. What is Count’s favorite outfit? (I will answer more than one outfit if needed)

9. Favorite movie at the moment?

10. Any old friends from Toontown Online or Toontown Rewritten that you remember?

11. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

12. Favorite Toonblr?

13. If you wanted something added into Toontown Rewritten, what would it be?

14. Favorite Toontown Gamer?

15. Where are you from?

16. Cake or ice cream?

17. Favorite dessert?

18. If you had to go on a date with one Toonblr girl, who would you pick?

19. Favorite Toon Species?

20. Who is your favorite celebrity of all time?

21. How many family members do you have?

22. Favorite place to shop?

23. Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy?

24. Anywhere you would like to visit sometime in the near future?

25. Favorite place to play video games?

26. Who is your favorite Disney character?

And finally:

27. What is your most favorite Disney Movie and Pixar Movie of all time?

One question per user since I like to keep it simple.


- Count Jester

P.S. All questions can be asked in my ask box!

Hetalia aesthetics
  • Italy: spaghetti sauce on the wall, kittens, falling asleep on your friend's couch, tasteful nudity, tacky bright colors
  • Germany: heavy metal, acting like you don't know why there's a piece of glitter on your face when someone notices it, the gym, clean shaves, big dogs
  • Japan: pixel cats, black and white art, sakura blossoms, miniature things, always hitting decline when your phone rings
  • America: instagram pictures of fast food, the moon, cheesy inspirational quotes over pictures, hugs where you pick the other person up, trampolines
  • England: safety pin earrings, old man shoes, reading on a rainy day, eating terrible food because you feel bad throwing it away, strong black tea
  • France: pretending you're a stripper in front of the mirror when a sexy song comes on, "food porn", wine mom, turning a self deprecating comment into a smooth line
  • Russia: pastel colors, sunflowers, space, smiling even though you're dead inside, vodka with every meal
  • China: dragons, home remedies, pushing your limits but in a how much can I eat without dying way, burning incense
  • Canada: passive aggressive notes on the fridge, maple syrup, snowball fights, apologizing all the time, talking to yourself because no one notices you anyway
  • Prussia: shirtless selfies, still saying swag and yolo in 2015, skinny jeans, pretending to not give a shit even though you actually care so much, birbs
  • Austria: expensive cupcakes, classical music, fake glasses, taking pride in being a gold digger, fancy old clothes, kid gloves
  • Spain: sunny days, pictures of your feet in the grass with no shoes on, pirates, whistling while you work, home grown vegetables
  • Romano: cuss words written in cute fonts, well fitted clothes, artisan pizza, denial, acting annoyed with your friends even though you're actually entertained by what they're doing
  • Hungary: not wearing makeup, flowers, crossdressing, being feminine and still kicking ass, being unashamed to announce the fact that you watch porn

Stephan Eirik Clark’s debut novel, Sweetness #9, is about a flavor chemist who develops an artificial sweetener that causes anxiety, rage, obesity and depression. Clark tells Terry Gross that the book Fast Food Nation inspired him to set his story in the food industry: 

“Flavorings were like gravity or electricity — something that was all around me, but that I had never paid any attention to, and as soon as I read that book and its chapter on food product design, I started to ask myself, ‘How important are these to the foods?’ I started to question if I was really eating food or just the idea of food. With these molecules, you can make something taste like grass or roasted chicken and what is it covering up? What is it supporting? What is it enhancing? All of these questions and philosophical ideas that sprang out of this simple industry just went off — and I found myself deep into a novel.”


Homemade Cheese, Onion, and Bacon Pizza

We eat a lot of pizza, and this is a cheaper, more interactive way to ameliorate that craving.

-Bought frozen mini pizza crusts (about six inches in diameter) from Carrefour. Let defrost!

-Heat ½ cup of butter and tablespoon of powdered garlic in pot.

-Heat thawed crusts in oven for five minutes

-Take pizza crusts out and pour butter/garlic mixture over crust.

-In a pot, heat one jar of Heinz tomato paste, half a jar’s worth of water, ¼ cup flour, 2 tablespoons of garlic powder, ¼ cup of butter, salt, pepper and a dash of curry.

-Spread sauce over pizza crusts (with butter/garlic base)

-Add shredded cheese.

-Add strips of bacon broken into little pieces! (This is something relatively new to us here in Cairo. We found a little French import store that sells alcohol and pork products. The first time I bought bacon, I ended up ruining it by way overcooking it. This time, I accidentally bought “Canadian Bacon,” which as a recently swayed vegetarian (I went eight years without eating meat, and two months after living in Cairo, I eat chicken and apparently bacon) I am still new to meat life. I did not realize that Canadian bacon is not really bacon, but just ham strips. This worked though once added onto the pizza and tasted delicious.) 

-Add cooked onion. I usually sauté chopped onion for about five minutes, adding in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and curry.

-Add more shredded cheese

-Pour a bit of remaining butter/garlic mixture on top

-Bake for 20 minutes

-Cut into fourths and enjoy this delicious homemade pizza creation! (and save some money by not ordering in Dominos for the second time in a week….) 


MFW: Moschino F/W 14.15

Everyone expected a lot from a designer who has shown a lot of creativity and promise in his past work but Jeremy Scott took a fast food inspiration for the first collection designed for Moschino. We saw everything - from SpongeBob and an ode to McDonalds to a dress covered in nutrition facts. Prominent in the show were a number of over-blinged street looks. Also, will Chanel be comfortable with jackets, chain belts and quilting with a Moschino label sewn into them?

Was it genius? Absurd? Both?


Quickie Build: MacDonald’s

Lot Size: 30x20

Venue: Retail (or whatever you’d like)


“I’m MacLovin’ It!”

Some of you may recall a while back I did my Moobie’s fast food build. Today I got it into my head to do a non cc fast food restaurant inspired by the old style McDonald’s restaurants from when I was a little kid.

You can find MacDonald’s in my simdoughnut gallery with the hastags #burger #fastfood and #retail.

Have fun :)!