Hetalia aesthetics
  • Italy: spaghetti sauce on the wall, kittens, falling asleep on your friend's couch, tasteful nudity, tacky bright colors
  • Germany: heavy metal, acting like you don't know why there's a piece of glitter on your face when someone notices it, the gym, clean shaves, big dogs
  • Japan: pixel cats, black and white art, sakura blossoms, miniature things, always hitting decline when your phone rings
  • America: instagram pictures of fast food, the moon, cheesy inspirational quotes over pictures, hugs where you pick the other person up, trampolines
  • England: safety pin earrings, old man shoes, reading on a rainy day, eating terrible food because you feel bad throwing it away, strong black tea
  • France: pretending you're a stripper in front of the mirror when a sexy song comes on, "food porn", wine mom, turning a self deprecating comment into a smooth line
  • Russia: pastel colors, sunflowers, space, smiling even though you're dead inside, vodka with every meal
  • China: dragons, home remedies, pushing your limits but in a how much can I eat without dying way, burning incense
  • Canada: passive aggressive notes on the fridge, maple syrup, snowball fights, apologizing all the time, talking to yourself because no one notices you anyway
  • Prussia: shirtless selfies, still saying swag and yolo in 2015, skinny jeans, pretending to not give a shit even though you actually care so much, birbs
  • Austria: expensive cupcakes, classical music, fake glasses, taking pride in being a gold digger, fancy old clothes, kid gloves
  • Spain: sunny days, pictures of your feet in the grass with no shoes on, pirates, whistling while you work, home grown vegetables
  • Romano: cuss words written in cute fonts, well fitted clothes, artisan pizza, denial, acting annoyed with your friends even though you're actually entertained by what they're doing
  • Hungary: not wearing makeup, flowers, crossdressing, being feminine and still kicking ass, being unashamed to announce the fact that you watch porn

Homemade Cheese, Onion, and Bacon Pizza

We eat a lot of pizza, and this is a cheaper, more interactive way to ameliorate that craving.

-Bought frozen mini pizza crusts (about six inches in diameter) from Carrefour. Let defrost!

-Heat ½ cup of butter and tablespoon of powdered garlic in pot.

-Heat thawed crusts in oven for five minutes

-Take pizza crusts out and pour butter/garlic mixture over crust.

-In a pot, heat one jar of Heinz tomato paste, half a jar’s worth of water, ¼ cup flour, 2 tablespoons of garlic powder, ¼ cup of butter, salt, pepper and a dash of curry.

-Spread sauce over pizza crusts (with butter/garlic base)

-Add shredded cheese.

-Add strips of bacon broken into little pieces! (This is something relatively new to us here in Cairo. We found a little French import store that sells alcohol and pork products. The first time I bought bacon, I ended up ruining it by way overcooking it. This time, I accidentally bought “Canadian Bacon,” which as a recently swayed vegetarian (I went eight years without eating meat, and two months after living in Cairo, I eat chicken and apparently bacon) I am still new to meat life. I did not realize that Canadian bacon is not really bacon, but just ham strips. This worked though once added onto the pizza and tasted delicious.) 

-Add cooked onion. I usually sauté chopped onion for about five minutes, adding in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and curry.

-Add more shredded cheese

-Pour a bit of remaining butter/garlic mixture on top

-Bake for 20 minutes

-Cut into fourths and enjoy this delicious homemade pizza creation! (and save some money by not ordering in Dominos for the second time in a week….) 


Quickie Build: MacDonald’s

Lot Size: 30x20

Venue: Retail (or whatever you’d like)


“I’m MacLovin’ It!”

Some of you may recall a while back I did my Moobie’s fast food build. Today I got it into my head to do a non cc fast food restaurant inspired by the old style McDonald’s restaurants from when I was a little kid.

You can find MacDonald’s in my simdoughnut gallery with the hastags #burger #fastfood and #retail.

Have fun :)!