Winning Design Revealed For The Guggenheim's Helsinki Outpost

Winning Design Revealed For The Guggenheim’s Helsinki Outpost

It only took 1,715 submissions in an open design competition to name Moreau Kusunoki Architectes as the winning firm. Moreau Kusunoki ArchictectesPhoto: courtesy Moreau Kusunoki Architectes Today the Guggenheim Museum announced that the Paris firm Moreau Kusunoki Architectes won the commission for its new Helsinki outpost. To select the museum’s design, the Guggenheim staged an international,…

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Starbucks gets great PR when a chain of customers pays for each others coffee. But thats not whats really going on.

When you combine coffee with a poor understanding of economics, two things can happen: You feel smug and self-congratulatory, or you demonize the wrong person. Both happened at the same Starbucks this week, when a chain of 378 people “paying it forward” was supposedly broken by “some cheap-ass” in a white Jeep.

Cheap Bastard Ends 10 Hours of Starbucks Customers ‘Paying it Forward’” was Gawker’s headline summary of the event. The news, which began in a local paper, even made the Today show.

Everyone seems to misunderstand what’s actually happening during these “pay-it-forward” chains, which occasionally develop at this and other coffee joints. So let’s break it down, at the end of which you’ll understand this: The woman in the white Jeep is innocent. And nobody involved in these chains should be overly pleased with themselves.

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VIDEO: McDonald’s McCafe Coffee Is Coming To Grocery Shelves In 2014

Next year, you’ll find McDonald’s at your grocery store–but not in burger, fry, or McNugget form. “Fast Company” magazine reports the fast-food giant is joining forces with Kraft to test sales of packaged coffee it will sell under the McCafe brand of coffee drinks it offers in some restaurants. The McCafe brand will be wedged between similar grocery store offerings.

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Snapchat's Discover Feature Makes It The Place To Go For Daily News Updates

Snapchat’s Discover Feature Makes It The Place To Go For Daily News Updates

The new feature could be Snapchat’s biggest step forward yet.

First came Stories, then came ads, and now comes a Snapchat feature long rumored but never confirmed—until today. It’s called Discover, and it’s… well, you be the judge.

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Taylor Swift's Twitter Account Hacked!

Taylor Swift’s Twitter Account Hacked!

‘Cause the “hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack.”

Taylor Swift’s relationship with social media was far from a love story today, as the pop star’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were apparently hacked by a person referring to him-or-herself as the “leader” of hacking group the Lizard Squad—someone she almost certainly would have known was trouble before he-or-she walked in.

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Report: Amazon To Become Top American Clothing Retailer By 2017

Report: Amazon To Become Top American Clothing Retailer By 2017

A new report says Amazon will dethrone Macy’s as America’s top apparel retailer by 2017. Amazon is on track to become America’s largest apparel retailer by 2017, according to a report by financial analysts at Cowen. The e-commerce giant is gearing up to usurp the title held by Macy’s, Cowen reports: Read Full Story via. Co.Design

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Daily Fast Feed Roundup

Is it just us or did this week fly by? Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know today: 

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