Two Men, Three Angels, and a Baby, part 2

Since I wasn’t able to fit all the characters I wanted in for part 1, part two was an immediate necessity.

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Cas handed you back to Sam. “I’ll let you know if I find anything.”

The three of you watched as he disappeared. Sam and Dean shared a look before dropping their gaze down to you.

“Well,” Dean said. “Now what?”

“I don’t know,” Sam said, helplessly. He looked down at you, wishing you could talk. You looked up at him and stuck your fingers in your mouth, chewing on them with the five teeth Sam had seen in your mouth.

“Don’t do that,” Sam said gently, pulling your hand from your lips. You pouted slightly, giving him a baby-version of the bitch-face you often gave him as an adult.

“She’s probably hungry,” Dean said. “As am I.”

Sam followed his brother into the kitchen, finding jars of baby food stacked on the counter. He looked through the flavors, thinking that they all sounded slightly disgusting. He finally picked mashed sweet potato and a pear-flavored applesauce. He sat you in the plastic seat Dean had placed on the table, sliding your legs into the leg holes. You wriggled slightly as he tried to put a bib around your neck, not enjoying being confined.

“It’s okay,” Sam said, sitting in front of you. “It’s okay.” He peeled the top from the potatoes and stuck the spoon in. “Come on, open up.”

You squinted at him, your mouth pressed closed. You shook your head.

“Come on, Y/N. It’s good.”

“Yeah, good luck passing that off,” Dean said, sitting next to Sam. A giant sandwich sat in front of him. You looked over and tried to reach down for it.

“No, Y/N,” Sam said, taking your hand. “You can’t have that.”

You whined slightly.

“Sorry, Pipsqueak,” Dean said. “Sammy’s making the rules.”

You turned your glare back to Sam.

“Please, Y/N?” Sam asked, holding the spoon up.

“That’s no way to feed a baby,” a voice said behind the Winchesters.  The three of you turned your attention to the voice, finding Gabriel and Lucifer standing in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?” Dean asked.

“Easy, big guy,” Gabriel said. “Castiel told us what happened. We’re just here to assist.”

“Why’s he here?” Sam asked, indicating Lucifer with a nod of his head.

“We’re working on rehabilitating him. Daddy made me his full-time babysitter.”

“Lucky you,” Dean scoffed.

“It has its perks.” Gabriel stepped over to Sam and took the spoon from him. “Now, watch and learn, boys.” He began to make airplane noises, waving the spoon around. “Open up, Y/N, here comes the airplane!”

You simply stared at Gabriel, your tiny brow furrowed. You may be in a baby’s body, but you were having none of that.

“Nice try, asshat,” Lucifer said.

“What, like you can do better?”

Lucifer took the spoon from Gabriel and stuck it in his mouth. Everyone watched in wonder as he stuck it back in the jar before holding it out to you. You slowly opened your mouth and let him slip the spoon in.

“Holy crap,” Gabriel said after Lucifer had fed you a few bites. “Luci, the baby-whisperer. Who knew?”

“How’d you do that?” Dean asked.

“You just have to show her that it’s okay,” Lucifer said. “Actions speak louder than words, remember?”

Lucifer managed to feed you the entire container of sweet potato with minimal mess before handing the spoon back to Sam. Sam wiped the remnants of potato off with a napkin before dipping it into the applesauce. He glanced up at Lucifer before taking a bite himself—surprisingly, it tasted pretty okay.

You grunted and held your hand out, trying to grab the spoon.

“You want some?” Sam asked, dipping the spoon into the applesauce. He’d barely taken it from the container before your mouth was open, ready and waiting.

“We’d better go help Castiel try to find an antidote,” Gabriel said. “But before we go, is there anything you two need for the little one?”

“I think we got everything,” Dean said. “Clothes, food, diapers, toys…. Shit.”

“What?” Sam asked.

“We don’t have a crib.”

“Say no more,” Gabriel said, snapping his fingers. A beautiful crib appeared in the kitchen, the mattress pad decorated with multicolored gummy bears, the mobile above it dangling lollipops.

“Pretty sure they don’t want it in the kitchen,” Lucifer said dryly.

“Shut up, Lucifer. I just wanted them to see it.” Gabriel snapped his fingers again, the crib disappearing. “Let us know if you two need anything.”

“Just find a cure, please,” Sam said.

“Ah!” you said. Whether it was in agreement or in protest of Sam not feeding you fast enough wasn’t quite understood.

Gabriel nodded. “Have fun!”

‘Fun isn’t what I would call it,’ Sam thought as he held the spoon out to you.


After cleaning you up, Sam carried you out into the living room. Gabriel had also made a playpen appear, for which Sam was incredibly thankful. “You going to be okay if I put you in here?”

You looked warily at the playpen. You weren’t so sure if you were going to be okay with being put in a cage.

Sam slowly lowered you into the playpen, surrounding you with some rubbery blocks and stuffed animals. You looked up at Sam.

“Just for a little while,” Sam promised. “Dean and I need to try and find a cure for this, okay?”

You sighed but nodded. Sam watched as you reached over for a stuffed fox, wrapping your little arms around its neck, cuddling it. It almost broke Sam’s heart.

Sam brought his laptop and a small sandwich into the living room, stuffing his face and typing frantically. He would glance over at you occasionally and always found you staring at him, arms still around the fox. Sam reached over and grabbed the remote, switching on the TV and flipping through the channels until he found a cartoon.

“Look, Y/N, it’s Aladdin. I think.”

You turned your attention to the screen, watching the bright colors. Your arms were still wrapped around the fox but some of the tension and anxiety seemed to have left your tiny body.

‘Come on,’ Sam thought, turning back to his laptop. ‘Tell me how to fix this.’

How u gonna draw fanart of a burger chain

Most fast food corporations would feed their employees to a meat grinder if it were legal and saved some money


Adopted children

   Hi there! :) Today I want to write about adopted kids. I guess you all know that Faye, our older daughter, is adopted child (and I think there is not a big deal to see that she does’t looks like me or her dad). Faye is half chinese and half korean girl.  I don’t know much about her biological parents, but all we know that she had lived with her father till 1 year old, then he died and she was taken to St Claire’s local orphanage. We saw her at the fisrt time when she was 1 year and 3 months, she was so lonely and blue. When I saw her something has changed in me and I felt like I already knew this little girl before. Maybe it was so ( in the past life).

  The day when Faye finally became ours was the second happiest day in my life(after Elio’s birth). She was shy and insecure when she fisrt arrived to her new home, but she quickly adapted to her new life and family. It wasn’t fast when Faye started calling me ‘mom’ (before that she just approached me without calling me by name just raising her hands to ask something). 

  I felt a little lost from the realization of the new status of my mother twice. Foster mother. I did not know how to treat a child, how to call her except as Faye (for me calling her “daughter” was also not fast), how to feed her (since Elio was too young at that time and ate only my milk), what to play , how to properly raise her and identify her abilities and inclinations. Of course, I was preparing for a new child in the family before Faye began to live with us, I bought books about children phyhology, raising adopted kids and etc (although I already had some before), bought a lot of new toys (dolls mainly and other girly toys), clothes , dresses (oh these dresses!) and other necessary things. But when Faye finally moved to us, I supposedly forgot everything I was preparing for and did not know how to act in this or that situation.  

I began to understand the new course of things not immediately and did not immediately join the new rhythm of life. But gradually the day after day the border between me and the adopted daughter decreased and soon we were able to call each other mom and daughter, communicating more closely than ever, just as the mother and child communicate with each other. 

  Of course, at the very beginning, I was worried about whether we would be able to accept her into our family, whether she would be able to accept us as parents, what her relationship with Elio would be and so on. I was afraid that I couldn’t get along with her under one roof and would never become her mother. Thank God everything turned out and now I absolutely can say that we are a real family and I no longer imagine life without my baby girl. We are happy together. I’m glad that I took this important step for all of us. Of course, growing up Faye will understand that we are not the people that gave her life, but I hope that we will be for her the only parents, the most dear to her people, the most important people in life. Maybe in the future she will want to find her biological mother, get acquainted with her … Of course, we will not impede this, as this is her choice, but even if this happens, I want to remain her only mother and I’m sure I will. 

  If you have adopted child\children how did you found contact and what has changed in your life since her\his appearance? Write down below the comments I want to hear your story :)

Overwatch AU: Mercy (Claws that Snatch chapter 8 preview)

Claws That Snatch: Werewolf!Lena / Vampire!Amelie (With a bunch of other overwatch characters as monsters) (I should really just call this the Monster AU)


Featuring “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes

Please have mercy on me

Take it easy on my heart

Even though you don’t mean to hurt me

You keep tearing me apart

Would you please have Mercy


On my heart?

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Hc of the gang getting a pet cat

johnny– the cat probably loves him the most bc he’s chill
dally– grabs the cats fucking tail like a 3 y/o
steve– calls it a gangster, makes it stand on 2 legs and forcibly makes it “dance”
soda– he’s always petting it and has a strangely close relationship with it
two-bit– chases it around the house while it runs away as fast as possible
darry– feeds the cat, cat sleeps w him
pony– draws it all the time and talks to it

soda tried to make it lasagna bc “garfield likes lasagna” ,, resulted in darry smacking him upside the head bc the floor is now covered in tomato sauce and other odd ingredients (he didn’t make it right)

my mystic messenger high school AU!

i wanted to share some headcanons from my high school AU with you guys, so please enjoy!


  • instead of the RFA, everyone is in the schools party planning committee
  • PPC
  • they meet every monday right after school
  • school colors are grey and gold
  • school mascot is badger
  • Seven/Yosung were childhood friends and Jeahee/Jumin/Zen were childhood friends and they all squaded up in middle school
  • MC is a sophomore


  • sophomore (second year) :3
  • childhood friends with Seven
  • he’s that guy who will be like “hehe that test was so easy i feel great about it!”
  • when really he got like a D+
  • him and MC have this really cute thing where they will mess up each others hair all the time, it started on the first day of school when they first met
  • doesnt like to drink but he will if he’s at a party but he’s a whiny drunk
  • navy blue jansport backpack with this LOLOL pin on it
  • brings exrta food to school in case MC forgets their lunch
  • i know this is cannon but he actually never stops gaming
  • PC all the way
  • duties for PPC: hiring a caterer


  • senior! (last year)
  • MAJOR theatre kid
  • skips classes all the time to hang out in the theatre
  • lead of almost every show
  • people either are obsessed with him or hate him there is no in-between
  • Jaehee has been his best friend since they were kids
  • ran away from home in middle school and now lives with his bum uncle whos a drunk and a smoker
  • picked up drinking and smoking from his uncle
  • theatre keeps him too busy for a job, so he sells weed to make money but he only smokes cigs
  • only rides a motorcycle because he cant afford a car
  • takes Jaehee to his senior prom as a thank you for supporting him for all those years
  • duties for PPC: hiring a photographer/decorations


  • junior (third year)
  • drum major of the marching band
  • otherwise, clarinet/oboe
  • taking 6 AP classes out of 7 classes total (the one non AP class is her band period)
  • the busiest high schooler you can imagine
  • “no time for boys”
  • Jumin is her step brother
  • he always pushed them around as kids and he just kind of never grew out of it, although he was way meaner when they were little
  • lives with Jumin but they take separate cars to school and she’s not close with his father at all
  • has had a crush on Zen since she was 6 years old
  • but she pretty much just assumes he doesnt have feelings for her and never says anything
  • he doesnt even find out until his senior year of high school
  • hates spirit week but since Seven and her are in the same grade he always forces her into it
  • duties for PPC: book the venue and handle ticket design


  • senior
  • current head of the party planning committee
  • good student
  • popular af even though the only person he can tolerate at school is Jaehee
  • often picked up from school by a driver, but likes to take his own car every once in awhile
  • freshman year he brought Elizabeth 3rd to school in his backpack
  • cause he was like i dont want her to be alone all day
  • but then Jaehee was like “Jumin, do you really think Elizabeth likes coming to high school? not even we like it, dude”
  • and he was like “yea i guess youre right” :(
  • his father always tries to push C&R responsibilities onto him even though he told his father he doesnt want to work until high school is over
  • but when he gets too busy he makes asks Jaehee to do his homework or take care of Elizabeth
  • duties for PPC: shares decoration responsibilities with Zen, orchestrates ticket sales/ticket handling at the actual dance


  • junior
  • always at school, never in class
  • always cuts class in the same abandoned computer room
  • in the storage closet of this room, he moved a bunch of his own personal equipment in and made his own little place he could do hacking from at school
  • drives a fancy ass sports car to school everyday
  • A’s in all his classes even though he never shows up
  • works for google (probably something in tech support but it basically takes up all of his free time)
  • lives alone
  • dont worry, Seven has reasons to push MC away in my AU too
  • (this is also still kind of fuzzy but basically) Seven suffers from depression and it causes him to lash out at people close to him, which is why he decided to leave his family and live alone
  • “i’m dangerous” would be him saying to MC that he’s afraid he’ll lash out at them, so he tries to keep his distance
  • really bad at mario kart
  • really good at all other video games
  • spirit week is so important to this boy
  • he doesnt even know the rules of football but he’ll paint his face and go to every game with Yoosung and just scream “sports” the whole time
  • duties for PPC: anything tech-wise they need, hires a DJ, and no one asks but for every party Seven sets up a photo booth
  • once Seven hired himself as the DJ and i swear everyone thought Jumin was going to actually kill him

  • college frashman
  • forced into expensive out-of-country school by Rika
  • has a lot of student debt because of it
  • works like 6 jobs so he can never call or visit
  • everyone resents him for it cause they dont understand his situation
  • Yoosung hates him because he feels like he let Rika abandon him by going to college in another country
  • calls Seven every once in awhile

Saeran (still developing this tbh)

  • junior
  • resents Seven because when Seven moved away he moved to a better neighborhood
  • so Saeran had to grow up in a poor, sketchy neighborhood by himself
  • probably has grillz of some sort idk
  • his mother wasnt abusive, but she could never hold down a job and got drunk a lot
  • when Seven first moved away Saeran was all weak and got beat up all the time
  • but then he got hard af
  • probably been suspended from school
  • has to work some crappy fast-food job to feed him and his mother
  • and probably pay rent too
  • he’s known where Seven’s living for awhile but never visited him because he didnt want to leave his mother all alone
  • his junior year his mom gets a boyfriend and moves in with him
  • and Saeran as like “where the fuck am i supposed to go”
  • and his mom is like “how about you move in with your rich ass brother”
  • so, feeling once again abandoned but having nowhere else to go, Saeran moves in with Seven halfway through their junior year


  • college freshman
  • ran for student council president when she was a sophomore
  • didnt win and was bitter AF
  • so she blackmailed the student council prez into letting her take over the branch of the student council that planned school dances
  • and thats how she started the PPC
  • went to an out-of-country school and dragged V with her
  • she was all like “i’m sick of this shit town”
  • and V was like “but what about all of our friends?”
  • and she was like “fuck them i need a change of scenery”
  • smh


  • he’s MC’s guidance counselor
  • but the PPC is like tight with him
  • cause Seven, through hacking, found some shit Vanderwood was trying to hide from the principal
  • so to keep Seven quiet he lets the entire PPC cut class in his office whenever they want

thats it for now! still developing some parts a bit. it you have any questions/requests regarding this, please message me! c:



Pardon me if the title seems a bit misleading, it’s a mere hyperbolic clickbait.

This entry is dedicated to my fellow akhwaat, my habaebatis, sisters, girlfriends, or my species lah in general, who are in menses (read: on your period) during this first week of ramadan,

I know it sucks.

Your period is the worst thing that can happen during ramadan. Having to stay at home while your friends and family rush to the masjid for Tarawih, not being able to touch the mushaf or recite quran, seeing people spending time in ’iktikaaf and tadarus etc. You’ll feel left behind or even worse, deprived from all the rewards promised in this blessed month. However, keep in mind that everything that is ordained/destined by Allah is always the best. To complain is no different than to question His wisdom. Redha. There are plenty of other ibadah you can also do. Don’t let something as small as your period get in between you and your blessings.

So as your fellow sister in Islam, I’d like to share a number of practical ideas/ibadah that you can do to still be able to participate in ramadan, things I personally enjoy doing.

  1. Prepare Sahur
    Since you’re not fasting, I know it’s way more convenient to sleep in and stay in bed at this hour. But think of it this way, YOU are actually contributing to someone’s act of worship. YOU are providing them with the fuel they need to carry out a spiritual obligation. And for you to sacrifice just a few minutes of sleep for this purpose is such a virtuous act MashaAllah. If you’re celebrating ramadan at home, team up with your mom or sisters to prepare the meal or wake up earlier than any of your family members and make a surprise sahur. If you’re in college/hostel and living with your friends, on the other hand, wake them up and tell them you prepared a little something for them. Be it big or small, it’s the effort & thought that matters.

  2. Take over the housework
    If you happen to have more energy than your friends/family who are fasting, then why not? Clean the house, help run errands, wash their dishes, iron their clothes etc. Not because they can’t do it themselves, but because you want to. When you intend ease for others, inshaAllah it’ll bring great joy to them and in return to you.  

  3. Listen to Islamic lectures
    This is my personal favorite. There’s a plethora of great lectures online. Short ones. Long ones. Best part is, a lot of them are free! Try making it a habit to listen to at least one lecture a day and be sure to take down notes. You can have a notebook solely for this purpose and by the end of ramadan you’ll be amazed by the amount of gems you’ve collected. Don’t know where to start? Look up some of my favorites;
    - Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan,
    - Prof Tariq Ramadan
    - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

  4. Attend ‘ilm events
    There are so many organisations conducting great events and talks in ramadan, don’t miss out. There’s always something new to learn. Even if it requires us to pay, go for it. Remember that we’re spending money to please Allah SWT. What more can we ask for if He is pleased with us?

  5. Give good reminders & be in a halaqah (religous circle, gathering)
    This is a great sunnah of the prophet. Don’t have one, no worries, create one. Just sit in a circle with some of your friends and decide on who is going to be in charge of that particular session so she can prepare what to present beforehand. It doesn’t have to be formal at all. Take the opportunity to share what you’ve learnt from the lectures (refer point 3 & 4) as well. Halaqahs are great to exchange thoughts/knowledge & also a way to build stronger bonds with the people within that circle.

  6. Tadabbur, Study the Quran
    Although you can’t touch or recite it, no one said anything about not being able to learn it. Read the tafsir (translation of the quran) and understand it. Or you can have someone one do it for you. There are several audio files/podcasts explaining surahs one by one by legitimate scholars & shaykhs that are available online to download. You can even have them playing while you’re driving to class or doing work. 

  7. Read books & articles (or even tumblr posts lol)
    Religious or not religious, read for the sake of knowledge. However since it’s ramadan, try picking up something Islamic. You can read Seerah (stories of the prophets), Asbabun nuzul (how and why a surah is revealed), As-shamail (Muhammad SAW’s biography) and many more. Some of the books I love are;
    - Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed
    - In the Footsteps of the Prophet by Tariq Ramadan
    - Purification of the Heart by Hamza Yusuf. 

  8. Donate & do charity
    Sadaqah is incredibly powerful. In ramadan, it’s like a multi-level marketing business! Have books, clothes, toys or anything that is in good condition but you don’t use anymore? Give it away. Or better yet, buy new ones and give them to those in need. Other than charity you can also do simple sadaqah like cook for your neighbour or put in a few bucks into the tabung masjid. Remember that the rezeki of a Muslim is not only from what he gets, but what he gives away.

  9. Memorize the 99 beautiful names of Allah
    Now here’s a challenge for you. Try to remember the Asma’ul Husna in arabic along with it’s meaning. All 99. To make it easier, search for the nasheed (song) version of it. Learning these supreme & godly attributes has so many positive returns. I might talk about that in a different post.

  10. Memorize & study hadeeth
    While you are not allowed to touch or recite the Quran, you can still do it to hadeeth. Hadeeth are also an important Islamic authority. But make sure it’s authentic! Option; start with Imam Nawawi’s 40 hadeeth. 

  11. Give out presents/gifts.
    Idea: Buy something practical like a book, a watch or something that you know will be put into good use so you can also scrape down the reward continuously. The Prophet said, تهادوا، تحابوا, exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another. [Bukhari]

  12. Make plenty of Selawat & Zikrullah (Remembrance of Allah)
    - LailahaiIlAllah: “There is no god but God.”
    - Allahumma Sali‘Ala Muhammad: “Oh God, send your peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad”
    - Allahuakbar: “God is the greatest”
    - Alhamdulillah: “All praises to Allah”
    - Subhanallah: “Glory to Allah”

  13. Make sincere Tawbah (repentence)
    You don’t need wudhu’ for this (except if you perform Solat Tawbah). Ask Allah to pardon us, cover our sins, and save us from the Hellfire. Beg for forgiveness. As I mentioned in my previous post, Allah is Al-Ghaffur- The All-Forgiving. He is always ready to forgive (provided we are sincere and we feel remorse)

  14. Make lots and lots of Du’a (prayers)
    It does not have to be formal. You don’t have to have any special supplications memorized, or even speak in Arabic. Talk to Allah as if He is your best friend, and you will find that He is. Tell him everything. About your dreams, your passion, how your day went or is going, your crush, your exams- just anything. Ask Him for what you want, how you want it. Spill your heart out. He is YOUR God. He listens, and He is capable of providing you with anything and everything. You’ll realize how you’ll be drawn closer and closer to Allah and as this happens, your character will begin to change gradually.

  15. Host an iftaar/sponsor an iftaar at various masjids
    “Whoever feeds a fasting person will have reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in his reward.” (Tirmidhi)

And the list goes on. In reality, every single thing that we do for Allah’s sake is considered an ibadah. Do not restrict or limit ourselves. May Allah be pleased with us, accept our deeds and continue to shower us with His mercy. Hope you find this helpful.

“… Allah intends for you ease, and He does not want to make things difficult for you.” 2:185

May peace be upon you x

canadian-turtle  asked:

One of my turtles is growing too fast from accidently over feeding him, and I was told to feed him every other day and less. I saw on another post either by you or someone else that you should never starve reptiles. Does doing this starve him?

This is outside my purview, and you should probably talk to a vet ASAP, but I can tag @wheremyscalesslither and @kaijutegu and any other herp people are welcome to chime in. 

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Hi, just wondering could you please explain how do you take care of a pet rat? What do they need to be happy and healthy? And also your rats are lovely, if I were any good I would knit tiny hats for them :)

(Oh god it escalated, I’m sorry. 😅 If this is too much to read or too hard to read bc of my english just scroll down to the end, I’ll list the most important things there again. Also sorry if this text sounds passive aggressive, it’s not meant to sound like that. ;;)

Hey !
Thank you for your nice words. ❤
Before I start I want to mention that I live in germany and we have compared to other countries kinda high standards for our rats and most of the things you see in the rat/rats tags here on tumblr are SO WRONG. To go throught the tags hurts my feelings so much because the poor rats don’t deserve this wrong treatment by their owners and I’m super glad that you want to inform yourself about rats. 💕💕💕

First of all and most important: Pet rats are !!!not!!! wild rats and you can’t compare them to each other.

Okay, so the most important thing is that you need at least THREE rats. But four rats are even better because rats live in packs and they’re soooooo unhappy when they’re alone. A human can’t replace other rats, you’re not together with your rat 24/7 and the most cruel thing you can do to your rat is to keep it alone. I often see people who claim their rat is happy alone but… no. This is not true and not possible, rats need other rats ! (Story time, Tequila outlived two complete ratpacks and lives with her third one at the moment and I had the chance to see the contrast between her behavior when she lived alone and when she had friends. She was, I’d almost describe it as ‘depressive’ when she was alone.) To have only two rats is also not optimal because as mentioned above: they live in packs a pack starts with three members. Just imagine someone would force you to live your whole life with one other person - this doesn’t work out very well and you would fight a lot and it’s the same with rats.

Another thing you need is a big cage ! A good cage size for three rats would be 100 x 50 x 100cm (length x width x height) but the bigger the better !
Things you need in your cage: at least two water bottles, a food bowl, some places to hide (like wood houses, hammocks or something)
Things your rats will love you for if you put them in the cage: a sputnik, hammocks, fleece tubes, natural cork tubes
Things you shouldn’t put in the cage because they will make your rats sick:
salt/lick stones (salt is unhealthy for your babies and can kill them if they eat too much of it), HAMSTER WHEELS - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T GIVE YOUR RATS THIS TRASH (this hurts their spine, here’s a picture of a rat who regularly used a hamster wheel (x) …), hay and sawdust because rats are allergic to it and they don’t need this because they don’t eat hay like guinea pigs or dig in it like hamsters, also don’t give your rats chinchilla sand, it’s too fine and it will hurt their respiratory tract, if you want to give them something to dig in go and buy them unfertilized coco humus. (This stuff gets usually used for reptiles but ratties can have this too !)

Things you shouldn’t do with your rats:
- DON’T. TAKE. THEM. OUTSIDE. I know that many people do this but it’s so harmful for your rat. Rats are nocturnal and the bright light outside hurts their little eyes. Yes, it still hurts their eyes even when it’s cloudy outside. Another thing is that rats are neophobic, this means they’re afraid of new things outside their marked territory. Besides they get easily sick, a breeze is enough for them to catch a cold.
- Don’t bath your rats !!!! You can offer your rats a big bowl with water during summer so they can play a bit in the water but NEVER force your rats to take a bath and espeically don’t wash your rats with shampoo. Rats smell like pee and poop sometimes but that’s normal because they pee where they sleep and they fight/play in their poop corner sometimes, so… The smell is really important for your rats because they recognize each other with it, we call this “Rudelduft” in my language but I don’t know if this has a special name in english too. Like, your rat pack has a scent and every other rat who doesn’t smell like this is an enemy, that’s why they sometimes pee on you, because they like you and they want to show you “hey, you’re our friend, you belong to us, we love you !”
(One of us, one of us ! 😂)

Things you can do with your rats:
- Put them in your shirt or let them sit on your shoulder and do your daily tasks AT HOME with them.
- Show them tricks ! Rats are so smart and they can learn tricks like dogs ! (x)
- Feed them with spaghetti, they love this stuff and it’s the cutest thing in the world.
- Let them dive in a water bowl filled with water and peas or korn, it’s fun for them and nice to watch.
- Play with them with cat toys, give them feather sticks, they love them.
- You need to allow them to run around in your room sometimes because it’s not good if they sit seven days a week all day long in their cage and it’ so sweet and cute to see them run and play ! They will also come to you and cuddle with you.

Here are the most important things again because this text turned out longer than it should:
- At least three rats, the bigger the pack the happier the rat
- Cage for three rat needs to be 100 x 50 x 100cm (length x width x height) but the bigger the better.
- No hamster wheels !
- Don’t bath them !
- Don’t take them outside !
- No hay, sawdust or chinchilla sand.
- Let them play in your room.
- Accept the pee, they just want to show you how much they love you. ❤
- Don’t feed them fast food on purpose.
- Don’t buy food with pallets.
- Vet bills can be really high so be sure to get your rats from a good breeder who gives you healthy rats or if that’s not possible try to get some from your local shelter.

Of course every rat owner sees things different but this ^^^^^^ is the best treatment you can give your rats. There will always people who say “but i take my rat outside everyday and she never got sick uwu also she lives alone and is four years old cause she’s so happy bla bla bla uwwwu” but this is bullshit and comes most of the time from 15 year old children who aren’t able to take proper care of their rats/are not interested in taking proper care and now they’re trying to whitewash their behavior.

Howsoever, everything I wrote down seems to look like overwhelming at first but it’s actually easy to take care of your babies. Give them a big cage, let them have two, three or more friends, give them your unconditionally love and everything will be fine. 👌😉

(Btw here’s a pic of my first rat pack playing in some coco humus)

FYI Followers:

If you ever have a problem or concern with how I conduct myself or something I’ve said- Please come tell me, in person, in my inbox.  There’s a 99% chance it’s a mix-up or I’m misinformed about something, and I’d prefer to talk it out with you in person.  Or if there’s something you wanna know about me- if it’s not to personal, I’ll probably be fine to chat!

Also, if you make me something, PM Me! stuff gets buried in my feed FAST, so tagging me in stuff may not get my attention and I want to see what you’ve done!

(I’ve been having a spate of nasty anons of late, so so Anon is off for now, but don’t let that stop you!  I don’t bite, I promise!)

ISLAM 101: Getting ready for RAMADAN: PART 5

Those Who Are Exempt from Fasting

To make it easy for people, Allah May He be glorified and exalted has exempted some of them from fasting. They are:

1) Sick people whose medical condition is bound to be further worsened by fasting are permitted to break the fast but must make up the missed fasts after Ramadaan..

2) People who canno t possibly observe a fast due to old age or sick people for whom there is no hope of recovery may also break the fast but must feed a needy person for every day missed, by giving him 1.5 kg of the staple food common in the country..

3) Travellers, while moving from one place to another or during their temporary residence which lasts less than four days, are allowed to break the fast but have to make up for the fast days they have missed after Ramadaan. As the Qur’an states, “But those of you who are sick or are on a journey must fast an equal number of other days. Allah wants ease for you, not hardship.” (Soorat Al-Baqarah: 185)

4) Menstruating women، and women experiencing post-natal bleeding are forbidden to fast but must make up an equal number of days after Ramadaan.Even if they fast, it will not be valid.

5) Pregnant and nursing، women are permitted to break the fast if they fear it would be dangerous for them or for their babies if they fast. They must, however, make up for the fast days they have missed after Ramadaan..

Parts 1-4:

favoritedarkness  asked:

Hey Luni, how are you? Is your cat doing better? *HUGS*

End of the semester busy times! Lots of grading, which I’m trying to get mostly done today because we have a wedding to go to up in the Bay Area, so I’ll be gone all weekend.

Kitty…eh, he’s doing about the same - it’s not going to get better (his kidneys aren’t going to magically heal), so the best we can hope for is to keep him as stable as possible, with his daily subcutaneous fluids and medications. Right now he’s still comfortable (other than when we have to inject him, which he hates) and he’s still scratching his scratching post and cuddling with us and yelling at us when we don’t feed him fast enough, so we’ll keep doing All The Things as long as he seems like he’s got a decent quality of life, though the vet says realistically - he could surprise us, but realistically - we shouldn’t really expect him to see 2018. *sigh*

In brighter news, one of my students (already an A student, he’s a good kid) gave me a Captain America notebook as a  ‘thank you for an awesome semester’ present after he turned in his final exam. One of the other ones gave me chocolate. My students know what I like. :-p

Reasons my daughter has cried lately...

I wouldn’t let her electrocute herself.
I wouldn’t let her hurl herself off the bed.
I put her down when she didn’t want to be held.
I wouldn’t let her rip the dog’s ears off.
I didn’t feed her fast enough.
I wouldn’t let her eat my phone.
I wouldn’t let her drink the dog’s water.

Welcome to todderhood, kid. It’s exhausting and awesome all at once.

anonymous asked:

Most noticeable parts of your art: Hair and eyes. Something extremely distinct to where I can scroll really fast through my tumblr feed and notice your art at a glimpse.

wow :0c that’s great,I’m glad you think that ! :>