Lunatic Parade CG Collection (Sakamaki Ayato)

☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ  Heyyo once again sinners~! This’ll be the last set of the day since I don’t wanna spam too many CGs at once. This time we got Ayato here. CGs were cleaned by me. (┌ ・。・)┌ To be courteous to those who don’t want spoilers, the rest of the set’s below the read more. (*^∀゚)ъ Enjooooy~ (Full Resolution Download)

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Starbucks gets great PR when a chain of customers pays for each others coffee. But thats not whats really going on.

When you combine coffee with a poor understanding of economics, two things can happen: You feel smug and self-congratulatory, or you demonize the wrong person. Both happened at the same Starbucks this week, when a chain of 378 people “paying it forward” was supposedly broken by “some cheap-ass” in a white Jeep.

Cheap Bastard Ends 10 Hours of Starbucks Customers ‘Paying it Forward’” was Gawker’s headline summary of the event. The news, which began in a local paper, even made the Today show.

Everyone seems to misunderstand what’s actually happening during these “pay-it-forward” chains, which occasionally develop at this and other coffee joints. So let’s break it down, at the end of which you’ll understand this: The woman in the white Jeep is innocent. And nobody involved in these chains should be overly pleased with themselves.

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All i want is the seven camping and going out in roadtrips 


Alhamdullilah, what a beautiful way of starting Ramadan. Project ‪#‎FPF‬ was launched last night and it was a success. The Homeless are EXCITED to hear that we will be coming EVERY night for the next 30 days to give them food. We will be posting 5 pics EVERY night to show you how YOUR donations are being used. Sincere Dua to those families who cooked, donated, sponsored fruits and water bottles and to those who came out to volunteer. Please keep them in your daily prayers.

For those who wish to donate to this project during the month of Ramadan, use the link below:

May Allah (swt) accept this from us!

For more information on this project, please click link below:

Daily Fast Feed Roundup

Is it just us or did this week fly by? Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know today: 

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M. Cecelia Bittner and Jessica Hullinger


Spinach Mushroom Lasagna 

here you can find the recipe:

I tried to cook this lasagna on my own…. perhaps it doesn’t look as good as in the other blog, but the taste is awesome :) and you can do it fast and feed 4 hungry mouths.

Changed things:

I changed the cheese, because I had not enough of the mozzarella at home. You can also use cheddar or any kind of cheese you like :)

I also used fresh chilli peppers (Habaneros), but only a ¼ tablespoon - be aware, they can be really hot!

I used normal tomato sauce and added salt, oregano and pepper


Use oven ready lasagna noodles!

Let the lasagna rest a little bit before you put it in the oven. Moore time is better (e.g. 4 hours)

Daily Fast Feed Roundup

Hello Tumblr! Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know today: 

Have a great day!

M. Cecelia Bittner and Jessica Hullinger