Compton native Brandon Jennings really wanted to show out in his return to L.A on Sunday, and he did just that, scoring 15 of his 19 points in the fourth quarter and making this sweet-as-hell fast-break fake-out feed to Courtney Lee to help the Knicks knock off the Lakers.

Genocide, together Ch:4

Goodness! I’m on a roll with this! WHY CAN’T I HAVE THIS FOR MY OTHER FICS?!
They need attention! They need their stories told! I mean– Stan is thrown into the Hunger Games! Bill possessed Ford’s bro and plans to make his plan go faster!

-coughs- anyways. Enjoy.


Chara’s confrontation of Papyrus went quite nicely, and after announcing they were human and a huge burst of excitement from the skeleton, he announced that if they dared to venture forward, they shall meet traps and be sent to the Captain of the Royal Guard, Undyne. As they went on, it was obvious Papyrus was steaming that Sans had taken one his breaks just when a human came along. Chara played along with the puzzles and continued their murderous rampage, screeching frustratingly when Jerry somehow keeps coming back. So the child ditched him.

Papyrus stood at the end of Invisible-Electric-Maze, explaining how it will electrocute them if they treaded of the invisible path. Chara knew the puzzle so well; they went through without one error or unintentional footpath from the tall skeleton.

“You solved it! You slippery snail! You did it so easily! … Too easily… But worry not, human! For my brother, Sans, whom you haven’t met yet, has conducted a puzzle that will be sure to stun and baffle you! Nyeheheheh!” He ran off.

Chara followed.

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Breastfeeding milestones: E cried for the first time when she ‘finished’ a side, (she used to always fall asleep or eat so slow there was always more, lately she’s been so distracted she just takes drinks now and then, this was a fast intense feed). She’s only cried before when she finished a bottle so that made me feel pretty good. And the next day was similar, but she just fussed a second and then switched sides on her own. She’s never done that before. She’s getting so big! She’s been nursing standing up next to me, bent over at the waist, or sitting in my lap a lot the last couple days. Gym-nurstics is starting early… Just so relieved she’s nursing at all after her strike. I’ll take anything. The last couple days have been really good though. We’re learning her new 6 month normal, and it’s very different from sleepy baby days, but that’s ok.

Feed those who fast at the time when they break it, even if with some dates or a draught of water, for the one who feeds another at the time of breaking the fast receives as much reward as he without diminishing the other’s reward in any way.
—  Imam al Haddad, The Book of Assistance, p.72