Happy World Elephant Day! Here are some fast facts about African elephants to help you celebrate these awe-inspiring creatures:

  • The African elephant is the largest living land mammal. 
  • Both male and female African elephants have ivory tusks. 
  • The average lifespan of an African elephant is 70 years! 
  • For the most part, elephants are hunted for their ivory. 

In 1930, as many as 10 million of these majestic creatures existed in Africa. But due to ivory hunters and habitat loss, that number has dwindled to about 470,000 according to the @wwf

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League of Legends - Fast Facts!

FAST FACT: There might be two possible reasons for a person to acquire coulropobia, or fear of clowns. One is through his own personal negative experience with clowns; and the other one is through the negative impressions mass media gives to clowns. Famous personalities who have Coulrophobia are rapper P Diddy and actor Johnny Depp.


When you hover your mouse on someone’s display picture in your dashboard, the i that’s usually located on the bottom right of the picture is now on the left. And when you click this, you’ll have see the ask button and the unfollow button.