the signs as fiona apple lyrics

aries - “i may be soft in your palm but i’ll soon grow hungry for a fight / and i will not let you win / my pretty mouth will frame the phrases that will disprove your faith in man” [x

taurus - “cause i don’t appreciate people who don’t appreciate / all that loving must’ve been lacking something if i got bored trying to figure you out / you let me down / i don’t even like you anymore at all” [x

gemini - “these ideas of mine percolate the mind, trickle down the spine / swarm the belly, swelling to a blaze / that’s when the pain comes in, like a second skeleton / trying to fit beneath the skin, i can’t fit the feelings in” [x]

cancer - “i’m a tulip in a cup / i stand no chance of growing up / i’ve made my peace; i’m dead, i’m done / i watched you live to have my fun / i root for you, i love you” [x

leo - “seek me out / look at, look at, look at, look at me / i’m all the fishes in the sea / wake me up / give me, give me, give me what you got / in your mind, in the middle of the night” [x

virgo - “i am likely to miss the main event / if i stop to cry or complain again / so i will keep a deliberate pace / let the damned breeze dry my face / oh mister, wait till you see what i’m gonna be” [x

libra - “i don’t know what to believe in / you don’t know who i am / you say i need appeasing when i start to cry / but never is a promise and i’ll never need a lie” [x

scorpio - “and it’s dangerous work, trying to get to you too / and i think if i didn’t have to kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill myself doing it / maybe i wouldn’t think so much of you” [x

sagittarius - “you forgot you have to try, you have to try, you have to try / you forgot that glorious feeling that you get when you get the truth / so tell that girl you don’t love her, and if you do, tell her two times” [x

capricorn - “honey, help me out of this mess / i’m a stranger to myself / but don’t reach for me, i’m too far away / i don’t wanna talk, cause there’s nothing left to say” [x

aquarius - “my derring-do allows me to dance the rigadoon around you / but by the time i’m close to you, i lose my desideratum / and now you, so now you have it / so tell me baby, what’s the word?” [x

pisces - “i’ll wait by the backstage door while you try to find the lines to speak your mind / pry it open, hoping for an encore / and if it gets too late / for me to wait for you to find you love me, and tell me so / it’s okay, no need to say it” [x


Hey, guys!

So, one of my favorite singer-songwriters of all time is Fiona Apple. As such, I’ve wanted to cover one of her songs forever, but never felt like I could do any of them justice. I still don’t really think I did (you should really listen to the original, and the album from which it hails), but this song is still fun, nonetheless.

Hope you enjoy and, as always, thanks for listening!


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