My (INFP) personal experiences with INFJs

I don’t know why everyone keeps repeating that myth about INFJs being the rarest type, because I know more INFJs than should exist according to that and I know other people who know their share of INFJs.

In my life, I have personally met/talked to 20 INFJs (and I’m pretty sure I forgot a couple).

I don’t think I have as much experience with any other type, and especially in the last month I had very close contact, since there were five INFJs living at the animal sanctuary that I volunteered in. So naturally, my Ne-Si doing what it does (observe and compare!), I feel the need to write down my observations and my personal reactions.:)

Important: This is ONLY about my personal experience and subjective perception/opinion. I’m not making any statements about INFJs in general, only about those that I’ve met. Note beforehand that a lot of this is me rubbing elbows with said INFJs, i.e. there’s a lot that I didn’t like about them. So don’t read if that bothers you. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with INFJs or the INFJs I met, just that I had problems with them - I know that it’s my personal thing. I’m making this post in order to organise my reflections and share my experience, because I think it’s very interesting considering mbti functions. But again, this is only about how the INFJs I met used their functions and about their characters, so everything is individual and not general. Keep this in mind while reading! Thank you!:)

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MBTI and why you're fuckin broke

ESTP: you buy so much taco bell you now own shares of the company and the manager lets you fuck his wife on the reg

ISTP: you keep breaking shit trying to take stuff apart. Why do you keep doing this?? You’re like a magpie. Stop breaking shit

ESFJ: you keep getting pickpocketed because you be on that phone

ISFJ: you keep trying to save up for Rainy Days© and Something Big© but you’re still buying food. And concert tickets. And probably really warm scarves and hats

INTP: you have never saved a penny in your life. you have transcended brokeness into hyperbrokeness. your net value is like $4.52 and a McChicken

ENTP: you compulsively buy things that serve zero purpose. The weirder the better. A Barbie doll with big veiny biceps? Yes buddy. Framed painting of Richard Nixon as a 1950s pinup? Hang it over the fireplace you weirdass motherf

INTJ: STOP buying books you DON’T NEED THEM and STOP buying VIDEOGAMES too, buy something you actually need for once. Like muscles

ENTJ: stop hiring all those hitmen and just do the job yourself you coward

ESTJ: You spent all your money on the divorce lawyer that helped you take my house and my car and now you won’t answer my calls, susan, fuck you

ISTJ: you’re not broke. You’re the only one that isn’t, because you’ve got sense. You don’t see the point in spending your hard-earned money on dumb things, like gifts, or charity, or Christmas. Also you will be visited by 3 ghosts at midnight

ESFP: you put up all your money for bail to get your ass out of jail for releasing a live alligator into a walmart

ISFP: how many cats and glitter gel pens and burrito bowls will it take to fill the hole in your heart????

INFJ: All you buy is stationary. You have so many office supplies, all crisp and brand new. You have 100 blank beautiful notebooks that you wanna fill but never have. One time I tried to take one though and you beat me with it

ENFJ: Who cares! You’re the most beautiful and smartest and cutest type. I love all ENFJs, what fine people you are. Just the best, really. Also you buy the most expensive gifts but that’s completely unrelated and has nothing to do with my love for you

INFP: You own more pillows and sweaters than anyone, and you buy the highest quality tea and collect fancy pens. You also like to buy some really neat vintage vinyls and designer perfume. You also have this cursed amulet that whispers to you at night, I guess that’s a little weird

ENFP: you love spending $$ on roadtrips, starbucks, tupperware, balloons, socks, posters, pens, concerts, movies, fast food, Apple products, stickers, popcorn, sno cones, etc. Also you probably accidentally killed someone once and your family paid their family off in court but that’s neither here nor there

Plan for the next few days

Thursday: fast
Friday: fast
Saturday: 1 apple
Sunday: fast
Monday: 1 apple
Tuesday: 1 apple
Wednesday: 1 apple
Thursday: fast
Friday: fast
Saturday: 1 apple
Sunday: fast
I’ll keep you updated

your character should be more than a tragic backstory. more than i lost my parents at a young age so now i rebel against the world. more than i have all these wicked skills without proper background or training. 

sass is great, and so is silence — but when aren’t they using their biting wit? when do they speak up? do they use their ass-kicking skills for good? for evil? have they lost people along the way — actually, it’s inevitable, so what happened after the funeral? did your character attend? did they seek revenge, or search for answers at the bottom of a bottle? 

don’t toss around tragedies if you’re not going to apply them to your characterization. alcoholics aren’t just loud and physically abusive; ptsd doesn’t mean you’ve boarded up the windows and refuse to leave your house. you won’t always continue to hate your parents after they’ve died. you will doubt your life decisions. being rich doesn’t make you sexy. being smart doesn’t make you socially awkward [ alternatively, it doesn’t make you the most attractive person in the room. ] even if you’re wicked smart, you’ll still get some things wrong. 

do your research. if you put your character through traumatic events, not everyone walks away unscathed. but being haunted by the ghosts of your past doesn’t make you attractive either. it’s a nitty gritty, dirty fucking business. you get mad, your world loses color, you feel alone, and sometimes you ask yourself why you’re the one who lived. 

treat your character like their own person. just because you wouldn’t say something to someone doesn’t mean they’ll keep their trap shut. it doesn’t mean they’ll want a big wedding or fast cars or apple pie made the way your mother taught you. maybe you’re pro-life and your character is pro-choice. maybe it’s vice versa. just because your character is a dick doesn’t mean it should be a reflection on yourself. but if they’re going to be a dick, and you want it to be believable, give them a reason to be a dick. a reason to hate the world, only slightly less than they hate the people living in it. maybe more. maybe it’s maybelline.

being smart and young and witty and attractive doesn’t mean your character will be respected. it doesn’t mean your character deserves to be respected. older, more experienced characters may trust your character less because they’re so damn young, no matter what you do or say to try to prove them wrong.
Uber’s C.E.O. Plays With Fire
Travis Kalanick’s drive to win in life has led to a pattern of risk-taking that has put his ride-hailing company on the brink of implosion.
By Mike Isaac

Travis Kalanick, the chief executive of Uber, visited Apple’s headquarters in early 2015 to meet with Timothy D. Cook, who runs the iPhone maker. It was a session that Mr. Kalanick was dreading.

For months, Mr. Kalanick had pulled a fast one on Apple by directing his employees to help camouflage the ride-hailing app from Apple’s engineers. The reason? So Apple would not find out that Uber had secretly been tracking iPhones even after its app had been deleted from the devices, violating Apple’s privacy guidelines.

But Apple was on to the deception, and when Mr. Kalanick arrived at the midafternoon meeting sporting his favorite pair of bright red sneakers and hot-pink socks, Mr. Cook was prepared. “So, I’ve heard you’ve been breaking some of our rules,” Mr. Cook said in his calm, Southern tone. Stop the trickery, Mr. Cook then demanded, or Uber’s app would be kicked out of Apple’s App Store.

For Mr. Kalanick, the moment was fraught with tension. If Uber’s app was yanked from the App Store, it would lose access to millions of iPhone customers — essentially destroying the ride-hailing company’s business. So Mr. Kalanick acceded.

it’s just an annoying rant from someone who just cannot make up their mind so don’t read if you’re fed up with ppl like this

i ate one apple today and lost about 2kg over the process. as all of my urgent assignments are done, i planned to fast over weekend but then i missed my girlfriend so much that i told her we should hang out tomorrow. hanging out means food. less than an hour later, we talked on the phone again but then stupid me got honest with and told her what i ate today, my plan to fast and also how i’m hesitant to meet her and eat something. i think i upset her. i don’t know. maybe i’ll keep fasting (eating 1 apple a day is honestly just fasting) until tomorrow and then eat moderately and then fast the next day. maybe i will give up once more. i feel like giving up right now. i don’t know. i don’t know anymore.