fast rush and give hug to him

Bitch - Part 1

2,500 Followers Drabble 

Prompt: “Don’t invite her, she might fall in love with me again.”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested: @deanandsamsbitch

“I think we need some backup.” Sam delivers carefully, failing his attempt to sound casual.

“No we don’t.” Dean dismisses with a scowl as he white-knuckles the wheel of Baby. He automatically knows what his brother is suggesting and there’s no way in fuck it’s gonna happen.

“Grow up, man.” Sam scolds, shaking his head in annoyance.

“Don’t you dare call Y/N. I mean it!” Dean warns, a familiar anger rumbling deep within his chest. He only experiences this type of aggravation when it involves you.

“Relax. I’m just calling Garth.” Sam snickers, mindlessly scrolling through his iPhone. He quickly presses your name, hoping that you’ll react differently than his brother.

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anonymous asked:

Can you imagine Isak's face when he finds out about Evan's mums?Something like when Evan opened his locker in that iconic way.And maybe Evan didn't tell him, bc why it's completly normal and ok(and he's kind of bitch and loves teasing him)and when he brings him to a family dinner two sweet women rushed to hug Isak and give him kiss on cheek for greeting and Isak has that"what's happening"face( same when Evan kissed him after meeting the boy squad and "u r so hot Isak" sentence)&Evan is laughing

ok so, i lied. i made this into a (sort of?) fic. so, here’s 3k words of isak finding out even has two moms. i’m sorry.

Isak is maybe, possibly freaking out. Just a little bit. Not actual, full on anxiety that makes him feel like his heart is beating as fast as a hummingbird’s, but. He’s getting there.

Even had said it so naturally too, just what do you say we drop by tomorrow?, and he had actually looked kind of nervous, to his credit, but more about Isak’s answer than actually having him meet his fucking parents.

And of course it’s easy for Even, Isak has never once seen him uncomfortable in a social situation. Even when they were standing in the tram, stealing little glances at each other and smiling nervously, Isak too fucking shy around Even to say anything, Even had managed to smooth his way through it, awesome conversation, though. So it’s understandable he’s not nervous about hanging out with three people he loves. But Isak, he can’t even have lunch with his own parents without feeling incredibly uncomfortable, let alone his boyfriend’s. What would he even say? Hello, Mr and Mrs Næsheim, I sucked your son off in the shower the other day, congrats on the genes!

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something’s missing

soma week 2017 day 2: family. have some albarn family feels, as told by soul. this is ‘au where everything is the same except maka hugs her dad’. 

Spirit’s daughter isn’t blonde and bright eyed. She isn’t like something out of an eccentric dream where death isn’t terrifying, and when she wields Soul and swings him around like the lethal weapon he is, she is not beautiful.

Soul Evans doesn’t beg himself to dislike her. Nor does he remind himself that he’s nothing special, because he doesn’t want to lose any more sleep over that thought ever again. There’s no point of thinking too much about her or the fact that she likes to drink tea before bed and leaves the hallway light on for his sake. He’s not afraid of how her strength inspires him to become more, or that her
smile makes his heart flip distantly. He doesn’t worry about his inadequacies deep into the night, and he doesn’t fear that one day he will make a fatal mistake and let her down when she needs him most.  

No, Soul doesn’t do or think any of that. He’s cool.

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Omar Eduardo Rivera is visually impaired, and, until September 11, 2001, he worked as a computer programmer on the 71st floor of the World Trade Center with his guide dog, Dorado. The two were at work when the plane hit. Rivera thought that there was no way he would be able to make it down the stairs fast enough so he put his dog, Dorardo, first. He unleashed Dorado, gave him a hug, and ordered him to go - “I thought I was lost forever—the noise and the heat were terrifying—but I had to give Dorado the chance of escape.”

In the rush of what was going on, Dorado was swept away but within minutes, Dorado had found his way back to Rivera and stood right by his side. He refused to leave his owner behind. The two slowly made their way down the stairs - Dorado guiding his owner with the help of one co-worker who saw them struggling. It took them an hour to get down to the first floor and within moments, the tower collapsed. Rivera declares that he owes his life to his loyal best friend, Dorado.

Love Letters (Jumin x MC)

Jumin begins writing love letters to figure out how to confess to you. 

Word Count: 1694

Honestly, I don’t feel very good. I don’t feel sad or anything don’t worry, but I think I’m getting sick. That probably won’t affect uploads but if I’m unable to post, that’s more than likely why. Also, this is an alternate version to Letter by Letter in a way. I saw that some people thought it was going to be sweet love letters so, here it is! I hope you enjoy and have a marvelous day!


Jumin sat at his desk in his home, tapping his pen against the desk.

In front of him lay a blank sheet of paper, his thoughts running rampant through his head.

The words he was about to write were for you. 

He just didn’t quite know how.

He wanted to say so much.

There was so much to say about your after all. 

Your utterly beautiful heart that was drenched with tenderness.

Your smile that could light up even the darkest of nights. 

Your small stories that you make you break into small bits of laughter between your words. 

The glimmers that hovered in your eyes, always expressing your emotions.

How you always seemed to know what he was thinking somehow. 

You knew him so well. 

You understood him.

That hadn’t happened before with anyone. 

Yet he couldn’t be happier that it was you.

The thought of saying those words, however, left worry welling inside of his chest.

What if you didn’t feel the same? 

What if you no longer wanted to be around him?

Perhaps that was the point of the letters.

To express something he’d never be able to truly do.

   “My Dearest MC,

                               I often struggle with revealing my feelings due to the reactions I fear from the rest of the world. But I’ve never had that with you.

                              You’ve always accepted me, even knowing of the knots and tangles in my mind.

                              I dare even say you’ve untied some.

                             I’ve felt more human with you than I ever have in my entire life.

                           You’re absolutely extraordinary. 

                           I don’t quite understand what I did to deserve someone as fantastic as you in my life. 

                         However, I couldn’ t be more grateful.

                                                                                    Sincerely,                                                                                                                             Jumin Han”

That night, you had called him, with him immediately picking up. 

“Hello!” You exclaimed, your bubbly tone drifting through his phone. “How was your day?” 

He couldn’t help but smile at the sound of your voice.

“Would it be odd to say much better now that I’m talking to you…?” He hummed, lowering his book.

He looked towards his desk, pink beginning to dust his cheeks. 

And possibly yours.

You didn’t respond for a moment, before letting out a few faint, flustered snickers. 

“I um…would it be odd to say that I feel the same way?” You replied. “I’ve been looking forward to calling you!” 

“Am I really that great of a conversationalist?” 

“Well, it’s hard to resist your puns.” 

“You mean…like right meow?” 

You erupted into muffled laughter as you clamped a hand over your mouth.

It was still more beautiful than any symphony, though.

“You know, maybe you should’ve considered becoming a comedian?” 

“I’ll inform my father I’ll be stepping down in the morning to pursue my dream.” He stated. “I’ll be dedicating every show to you, so you’ll have to show up I’m afraid. I wouldn’t have realized what real dream if it weren’t for you.” 

He truly wouldn’t have.

But in actuality, you were his dream.

“I’d be happy to come.” You chimed. “Will Elizabeth 3rd be there as well?” 

“Of course.” He said. “I’d want her to attend such an important event after all.” 

“Well, we’ll both be surely cheering you on!”  

“Perhaps you should drop by soon to help me review jokes?”

“I’d love to. When would it be best?” 

“Day after tomorrow. I have an extended meeting tomorrow and I’d hate to accidentally ruin this due to my carelessness.” 

 “Alright, it’s a date then!”   

Jumin stopped breathing for a moment, the air getting caught in his throat before he erupted into embarrassed coughs. 

“I-I mean-” You scrambled to reorganize your thoughts, constantly stumbling. “I-It’s not a date! W-well if you want it to be I-I’d l-like that a lot b-but…” You continued on before letting out an exasperated breath. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. You’re fine.” He stated, regaining his composure.

His heart couldn’t help but keep feeling as though his heart may burst.

Even if not legitimately.

It was a date of sorts.

“M-Maybe I’m just tired or something I-I don’t know.” 

 “Perhaps you should take a cat nap then.” 

You paused before sniggering. “Another pun?” 

“Yes, but if you are tired, please get some rest. Your health is very important.” 

 “Right, right. Thank you Jumin, you’re the best.” You murmured, yawning. “Get some rest too! Okay?” 

“I’ll be sure to. Sweet dreams.” 

You ended the call.

And the last thing on Jumin’s mind was sleep.

The next day you filled his mind like sand on a shore. 

He had paced his room before he left for work, thinking of how to make tomorrow perfect for you.

The main question in his head: what would make you happy?

After all, all he wanted was for you to be happy.

     “My Dearest MC,

                               I often think of what I define my world as.

                              But I now think after all of these years I’ve figured it out.

                             You are my world.

                             The world is meant to be an astounding, and beloved thing, opening opportunities to all, opening doors many would’ve assumed were locked.

                            I can think of no other epitome for such a thing, other than you.

                          Although, in another way, someone being your world, relates to them being your everything. Cherishing them with all your heart and soul.

                         You fit that definition as well for me.

                                                                              Sincerely,                                                                                                                             Jumin Han”

The meeting had been uneventful but somehow feeling to have gone on for an eternity. 

Jahee had noticed the dragging of his steps as they made their way back to his office.

“You still have quite a day ahead of you, should I request some espresso shots?” 

“Yes Please.” 

“Right away Mr. Han.” 

As he entered his office and she went off, he felt a buzzing in his phone. 


From you.

“Hope you survived the meeting!” 

“Fortunately I did.” 

“I’m proud of mew!” 

He chuckled softly at your response.

“That was very clever.” 

“I learn from the best!” 

“I’m honored.” 

That kept him going until he got home, giving him a boost he found the espresso shots couldn’t quite do. 

And when he arrived at the penthouse, the first thing he did; was write.

      “My Dearest, MC,

                                  I never truly knew what love was before recently. 

                                 I knew most people felt it for someone else, but I never had. It was as though there was a missing puzzle piece in my scattered brain.

                               And then you entered my life.

                              And I have fallen utterly in love with you.

                             You did something I thought previously was impossible.

                            You taught me what love was.

                            And perhaps in a perfect world, you fell for me in the process.

                                                                       Sincerely,                                                                                                                             Jumin Han”

The next day seemed to fast forward, only coming to an abrupt halt as he began preparing for your arrival.

He had felt his heart nearly jump from his chest as he heard the door knock.

He made his way to the door, opening it happily to find you. 

You rushed towards him, hugging him excitedly. 

“Hi!” You cried, a grin stretching from ear to ear.

“Hello, how are you?” 

You stepped back, folding your arms awkwardly across your chest. “Uh…a bit hungry actually.” 

“You are? Did you eat lunch?” 

“I didn’t have time.” 

He nodding as he set his hand on your shoulder, giving a soft squeeze. “I’ll go inform the chef. Just sit tight.” 

Your face darkened at the gesture.

How come?

“N-No that’s fine you don’t have to do anything-” 

“I’ll just ask for something simple. How about…pasta? You like that don’t you?”

You nodded. “I do. That sounds…great. Thank you Jumin.” 

“My pleasure.” 

He shut the door behind him, making his way to the chef and informing him.

He was told it’d be done shortly, just to sit tight and wait in the penthouse. 

Maybe that would help you.

He could only hope.

He returned to the home, opening the door and finding you in the office. 

He forgot to put away the letters.

You were reading the letters.

Your eyes were wider than dinner plates, your jaw dropping. 

Yet still the hint of a smile. 

“MC I-” He stepped forward, his face roughly the same shade of a strawberry. “Y-You don’t have to feel the same b-but please don’t be upset-” 

“I guess this is a perfect world.” You raised your head, locking gazes with him.


“In your letters, you say, that in a perfect world I’d have fallen for you too.” You explained, heat radiating off you. “Well, it must be a perfect world then. Becuase…I love you too.” 

He processed your words, shock rippling through him like a tidal wave. 

“Y-You do…?” 

You nodded rapidly, without any hesitation. “I do.” 

Jumin reached out to you, taking your hand. 

He pulled you to him, holding you as though you may fly away at the slightest breeze. 

You sank into his touch, burying your head into his neck. 

And for a moment, time stopped.

It was simply the two of you, enveloped in the other’s arms and adoration.

And a brand new, beloved path full of joy unfolding for both of you.

Dear Future Husband || Klaroline

Klaroline Infinity Day 2 - Pre-canon

Thirteen was an ugly age for Caroline: braces, frizzy hair, her parents’ bitter divorce. But there was a part of her that knew she was destined for more, and she kept her hopes high. She probably shouldn’t have put them in writing, though…


She squeezed her knees tighter to her chest, digging her bright orange nails into the skin of her palms. Maybe it was babyish to hide in her parents’ closet, but she didn’t want to go outside. Instead, she cowered in the dark and recently half-emptied closet, waiting for her mother to track her down.

Damn those cop instincts.

The door slid open, and Liz poked her head inside. “Sweetie,” she said in that sternly sweet voice. “It’s time to say goodbye.”

“No.” Caroline hated the tears burning in her eyes; she wished she would never cry again. “I shouldn’t have to say goodbye because he shouldn’t be leaving.”

“Your father is waiting.”

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hcs for older married klance from this:

  • they got married on accident on some planet but never broke it off and then later lance finally got keith a ring and they had a tiny little party on the ship.
  • somehow lance always has flowers or a plant to give to keith as a gift every single week without miss. he picks random days though so keith never suspects when he will get them. sometimes he finds himself getting kinda sad if he thinks lance forgot his weekly flowers but then BAM flowers your man always delivers keith.
  • they’ll be holding hands when sitting around and lance will idly play with keith’s wedding ring bc wow…hes married to keith??? theyre married??? and keith’s happy???? with him??????? wow.
  • keith’s a massive cuddler in bed if not a cover stealer. lance loves that keith is always down for being a spoon.
  • they go on a lot of missions together and they flirt on them. if they’re waiting something out or hiding they hold hands.
  • if they have to split into groups they give good luck kisses Every Time
    • they forget one time in a rush and keith is freaking out. he didnt give lance a kiss and they could die and keith wouldnt be able to get to him fast enough.
    • lance never realized until that moment that keith is superstitious. they have a talk about it later.
    • after that particular mission keith nearly breaks lances back when he lunges for a hug and holds tight. lance doesnt make too many jokes about it. 
  • keith makes lance go through injury inspections in case he bumped his head wrong or cut himself on something bad. 
    • in fact keith does this to everyone.
  • keith tends to wake up early a lot, and when theyre in bed on a planet with a nice sunrise, keith likes to stare at lance a bit and touch his face. sometimes lance wakes up and traps keith with a billion smooches and sometimes he’s already awake but pretending to sleep.
  • keith snacks on random things until lance wakes up and makes their breakfast.
  • their flirting is gross. they kiss eachother’s wedding rings and cuddle in front of everyone because they’ve been together for a while now so keith’s less weirded out about pda.
  • SCAR KISSES!!!!!
  • lance kisses keith’s bad eye. he thinks the eyepatch is Spicy though.
  • lance hates keith’s bigger fanny packs. it hides his nice legs and hips and its such a shame.
  • lance is the one who usually cuts hair but hunk does it if lance cant (but lance tries to direct hunk how to do it from another room. he just…yells what to do and hunk ignores.)
  • keith wants lance to get a new jacket because the one he’s had for like 20 fucking years is absolutely disgusting.
  • lance makes the morning coffee and always gives keith kisses on his temple before serving.
  • keith and lance like being a space explorers but it’s just time to settle down after a while. they get a nice beach house when they retire from space but they probably teach space exploration later
Little Damon... Number Two?

Summary: You and Damon are happy with your first baby… but what happens if you’re having another one?

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: none really but a teeny bitsy angst

Word Count: 1847

This is for y’all who requested a second part of Little Damon :)

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Damon heard your voice from the distance, prompting him to glance at your direction, a small smirk playing on his lips, then he looked forward once again, directing his attention from anything but you, to let him focus on what he was doing instead of ogling at you from a distance. You were knelt down in front of yours and his one and half year old little Dmitri, telling him to give his Uncle Stefan and Auntie Caroline the paper he scribbled at.

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Carl Grimes - I Believe In You (Part 2)

Originally posted by hardyness

Hey guys! So here is Part 2 of the Carl imagine I did yesterday, that some of you requested. Hope you like it ♥

You can read here> Part 1 and Part 3, in case u missed it!

Summary: With the Saviors arriving at Alexandria, you have to deal with how reckless Carl can be (based on ep 7x04 “Service”)

Warnings: angst, arguments (no fluff today guys, sorry xD)

Word count: 1,367 (I was inspired today, don’t judge me)

We rushed downstairs and the first thing I saw was Rick standing in the middle of the kitchen, with Judith on his lap, a terrified look on his face. He looked so tired. So done with all this bullshit. This was being so hard for him, you could see it in his eyes. The guilt for the loss of Glenn and Abraham, the shame for being bossed around like a dog, the fear of losing someone else. Still, he lifted his head, took a deep breath and handed Judith to me.

“You guys need to stay inside, look out for Judith. Don’t let her out of your sight, ok?”

“Of course Rick, we will take care of her, don’t worry about that.” I said to him, looking straight into his tired blue eyes and giving him a weak smile, trying to make him less worried.

“They’re not going to hurt anyone dad, I’m not gonna let them.” Carl said from behind me, his voice low and strong. His eyes dark and threatening.

Rick and I glanced at each other, confused. What did he mean by that? Carl was nowhere near of being scared by Negan and his saviors, we both knew that, but he couldn’t do anything reckless today. Not today. It was too risky.

“Alright, I have to go now. Be careful you two.” Rick said, choosing to ignore what Carl had just said. He took one last look at us and closed the door behind him, heading out to the gates of Alexandria.

“I’m gonna get Judith upstairs, I don’t want any of this men even looking at her.” I said, already climbing the stairs and heading towards her bedroom.

“Yeah, stay with her up there. I’m gonna stay here and make sure you two are safe.” Carl announced, his voice already distant from me.

I placed Judith on her crib, and stroked her blonde hair. I envied her. She had no idea of what has happening, no cares in the world. She looked up at me and waved her little arms in the air, letting me know that she wanted me to pick her up again. I placed her on my lap and kissed her forehead. “You’re gonna be alright, Judy. Your brother and your dad are gonna protect you.  You’re so lucky, you know that? They are the strongest men I know.”

She giggled and touched my face with her little hands, looking me in the eyes. She looked so much like Carl. She had the same crystal blue eyes and the same freckles on her cheeks. I laughed and kissed her head one more time. I’d give my life to keep her safe if I had to. After all this time, she was like my own blood.

I walked towards the window to keep her distracted and from there, I could see Rick, Father Gabriel, Negan and Daryl talking by the graves. I wanted to cry when I saw him. He looked miserable, his clothes dirty and his face full of bruises. All I wanted to do was rush to him and give him the longest and tightest hug. I missed Daryl too much. But at least I knew he was alive and that was enough.

Sighing, I realized Judith was starting to get sleepy, she needed to rest a little. When I was about to put her back on her crib, I heard it. A gunshot. My heart stopped. It came from the garage and my mind immediately went to Carl. I placed Judith down, closed the door of her bedroom and ran as fast as I could. 

When I finally got to the garage, I could not believe my eyes. Carl had his gun up, in the face of two saviors, his voice steady and loud.

“Put some back,” he ordered, unlocking the safety switch on his gun, “or the next one goes in you.”

“Oh kid, and what do you think happens next?” The man in front of him chuckled and replied, a cocky grin on his face.

“You die.” Carl announced.
What was he doing? Was he crazy?! My heart was already beating faster, thinking about all the things that could go wrong.

“Carl, what the hell are you doing? Put the gun down.” I said trying to remain calm, while putting my body in front of the gun, letting him know that I wouldn’t let him do anything stupid.

“No!” he replied, “he’s taking all of our medicine, they said only half our stuff!”

He was SO angry. He looked me dead in the eyes and for a second, I was scared. Even though this was so like him to do, I was afraid he was gonna do something he would regret later.

“I know, but it’s not up to you to decide! Do you want somebody to die ag…” and when I was about to finish my sentence, someone interrupted me.
Him. Black leather jacket, the usual smirk on his face. Only his voice was enough to make me shiver. Rick followed right after, terrified something would happen to his son.

“Of course…” Negan said smiling, “really kid?” He sounded like he was already expecting Carl to challenge him somehow.

“And you should go. Before you find out how dangerous we all are.” Carl  stated.

Oh my god, I wanted to slap him. He clearly forgot about everything we went through in this last couple of days.

“Pardon me, young man. Excuse the shit out of my goddamn French, but did you just threaten me?’ Negan answered, surprised with how sassy Carl was being.

“Look, he doesn’t mean that. We don’t want any troub..” And he interrupted me. Again.

“Woah there, missy. I wasn’t talking to you, was I?” Negan said, narrowing his eyes and tilting his head to the side. “Was I?”

Son of a bitch.

“No.” I replied, clenching my jaw. It took everything in me not to punch him  right in the face.
 I looked down and took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

“Now, where were we? Oh yeah, your giant man-sized balls.”  Negan laughed. He was enjoying this. “Listen, I like you. So I don’t wanna go hard proving a point here. I said half of your shit and half is what I say it is. Do you want me to prove how serious I am? Again?”

Me and Rick glanced at each other, both us nervous for what might happen.

Carl looked down and finally put the gun down. He realized there was nothing he could do. Thank God. Me and Rick sighed, relieved.

Negan then remembered how much guns we had and went on about how he wanted all of them. Typical. Finally Him, Rick and the others left the room.

Carl looked at me, waiting for what I had to say. I was pissed. He was so reckless. He could gave gotten himself killed. Or someone else.

I stared angrily at him, my breathing faster than usual. I wanted to punch him. But I knew that doing that right now wouldn’t help the situation. So I just continued staring.

“What?” he said, like he had done nothing wrong.

“Oh my god, you’re unbelievable,” I said half laughing, half pissed. “Do you even know how that little scene could have turned out? What about that talk we had barely 30 minutes ago? You saying everything was going to be fine, that you were going to keep me safe? What you just did surely wasn’t keeping me safe!”

Carl just looked at the ground, not knowing what to say. I was not only angry but also disappointed with him. He was smarter than this.

“Look, I know you’re all brave and stuff but you don’t need to keep trying to prove yourself. You’re badass, we all get it okay? Now stop trying to get yourself killed. “

And with that said, I left the room. I needed to check on Judith but I also needed to relax. Dealing with all this fuckers taking our stuff away was already stressful enough. And I knew it wasn’t over yet. My talk with Carl wasn’t over. And neither was this shit of a day.

(A/N): If you liked it, please leave your feedback and if you like a Part 3! I’ll probably post one anyway but it would be awesome if you guys also requested it.

I also apologize if there are some mistakes, since english it’s not my native language :) 

Requests are open so request an imagine you would like me to write <3


request for: @grandmasnewdog

pairing: Sister!Reader x Winchesters

word count: 403


“So, Sweetheart,” The demon spat. “Where are your brothers?”

“Do us all a favor and go back to hell.” You gave the demon a half-hearted smirk and flicked him off, using whatever energy you had.

The demon dragged the knife from your collarbone to your shoulder. You held a scream in as you felt the warm blood trickle down your body, only to be absorbed by your tattered shirt. It was a shame really; this was your favorite shirt.

“I’ll give you one more chance to tell me where they are.” The demon flashed it’s black eyes at you and you knew this would be it. You let out a long sigh and said your last prayers, hoping that one of the angels could hear you.

“I’m right here you son of a bitch.” Dean kicked the door down. Anger radiated off of him in waves as he stabbed the demon countless times. Sam rushed over to your side and began untying the ropes as fast as he could while patching up your wounds. He was definitely more caring then Dean.

After Dean had taken care of the demon that was holding you hostage, he rushed over to your side and helped Sammy untie the ropes. Dean pulled you into his arms, giving you the classic Winchester hug that you loved so much.

“I was so worried you.” Dean murmured.

“Hey,” You laughed quietly, wiping the tears from your eyes. “No chick flick moments.”

Dean let out a breathless laugh and let you go, giving Sam the opportunity to hug you.

“Don’t ever get captured by demons again.” Sam tried to scold you as tears streamed down his face.

“Yeah I’ll be sure to let the demons know.” You rolled your eyes and hugged him back harder.

When Sam was done hugging you, Dean wiped the last tear from his eyes and stood up. He extended his hand down and helped you up. “It’s good to have you back, Y/N.”

“Definitely.” Sam agreed. “We thought we lost you.”

“Lost me?” You dismissed the thought with the wave of your hand and hooked your arms around your brother’s necks. “I’m a Winchester. It’s going to take more than one measly, little demon to get rid of me.”

Dean shook his head and gave you a piggy back ride out. “Let’s go get some pie.”

You smiled. “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

Female Encounters 3: Hiro Hamada x Reader

Part One

Part Two

Part Three:

With a satisfied nod, she shows you where the landline telephone is.  You dial your mom’s cellphone number and wait as it starts to ring.

 “Hello?” you hear her voice come onto the line.

 “Hey mom,” you greet.

 “(Name)?  Where are you calling from?  Is everything alright?”

 “Yeah, I’m okay. I’m over at the Lucky Cat Café. You and Dad kind of locked me out of the house,” you explain.

 You can hear her intake a sharp breath, “Did you walk all the way over there, by yourself, in the rain?” her tone of voice gets progressively higher as she continues with the sentence.  You can then hear her start to call your father over.  “Honey, we have to go back, we locked (Name) out of the house!”

 “No, Mom, it’s okay.” She continues to rant and rave on the other line.  “Mom, I’m fine,” you try once more.  “Mom!” you practically scream into the phone.

 “What is it, (Name)? Are you hurt?”  You roll your eyes at her, maybe if she would just listen to you for a second.

 “I’m fine,” you repeat in an exasperated tone.  “Cass, the owner of the café, let me use the shower up in the apartment to get warm. And now her nephew is making me hot chocolate.”

 “Okay.  Do you want us to come get you?”

 “No, enjoy your night. Cass is insisting that I should just stay here anyways.  They have a guest bed and you can come get me in the morning.”

 Your mother is silent for a moment, “Are you sure?”

 You nod, and then realize she can’t see you, “Yeah.  I’ll be fine, Mom.”

 “Sweetheart, I am so sorry,” she apologizes.

 “It’s okay, really. But you do realize that you’re going to have to make it up to me,” you state in a serious tone.

 You hear her laugh, “Oh, I know we will.”

 “No chores for a month?” you suggest.

 “Don’t push your luck.”

 That causes you to laugh, “We can have our negotiations tomorrow.”

 “Alright.  Be good, remember you are a guest in their house and they are graciously letting you stay there.  We’ll come get you in the morning.  I love you sweetie.”

 “Love you, too. Bye,” you tell her.

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I Can Wait to Be King

“What was that?” asked Corrin.

“I said I don’t really think I could be a king,” Dwyer repeated.

Corrin began to get into Overprotective Mother Mode. “What? Why not? Did someone tell you that you weren’t good enough? Where are they?! I’ll teach them for insulting my baby!”

The sleepy young man shook his head. “No… no, Mother. Nothing like that. I just think… since I’ve been training to become a butler, it wouldn’t really suit me to be a king. I feel more like an assistant-type.”

With that, Corrin started laughing. Dwyer raised an eyebrow.

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A Different Kind Of Party-- Harry Styles


“We’re almost done setting everything up. Me, Harry, and Niall are sorting out what music we’re gonna play. The food is already out on the buffet tables and you’re bringing the drinks, right? I texted you a list. Did you see it?” Ed’s voice rings through the speaker of my phone as it lays on the dashboard, his voice bouncing off of the walls of the car, drowning out the music I’m playing in the background.

His tone sounds authoritative and steady, which is why I presume Anne put him in charge of half of the planning for Gemma’s twenty-third surprise birthday party at Harry’s flat. Ed is usually laid-back, but when given a task, he takes it to heart to complete it to the best of his abilities, making him the perfect co-worker.

“Yeah. Two boxes of Diet Coke, one box of regular Coke and one box of Fanta.” I answer, throwing an instinctive glance to the back seat where all of the boxes are pressed against the car seats, the silver letters of the brand names reflecting the lights from the passing lampposts outside.

“What type of Fanta?” He asks, and I can practically see him raising a single eyebrow in question.

Grape Fanta. Just as you requested, sir.” I poke sarcastically, smirking as I take on a military attitude. “The cans of soda are locked, loaded, and ready for go. We shall rid the thirst for sugary liquids forever! For the nation, for the world, and for all of man-kind!”

Ed’s laughter crackles through the speakers, causing me to laugh as well.

“Alright, well, are you almost…?” He murmurs, but I can tell that he must be getting distracted by something else because of the way his sentence trails off at the end.

My suspicions are confirmed when I hear him give a yelp, followed by some shuffling. “Wait! Liam, no, the cake goes outside in the patio! It’ll be nicer if we sing her happy birthday under the stars.”

I snatch my phone from the dashboard, turning off the speaker and pressing the device to my ear to see if I can hear the other person better. I press the phone between my ear and shoulder, trying to keep both hands on the wheel to avoid any potential death.

There’s more shuffling and another voice can be heard in the background– my best bet is that it’s Liam– and then a rushed sigh from Ed. “They are? Okay. Thanks, mate.”

Ed directs his voice back to me. “Y/N, Liam just told me that Lottie texted him saying that her and Gemma are just about to leave the mall. She’s stalling as much as she can but you better hurry.”

“Sir, yes, sir.” I huff, and eventhough he can’t see me, I salute just for the fun of it. “Permission to hang-up before I accidentally steer my car off the road and crash into a house?”

“Permission granted, cadet.” He chuckles.

“Thank you. I’ll see you later.”


I remove my phone from my ear, tossing it onto the passenger seat next to the present I got Gemma– a shopping bag I’d seen her eyeing a few days ago when we’d visited Kenneth Cole. I lean further back into the back cushion as I come to a gradual halt at a stop-light, letting out a content sigh. I glance around at all of the houses with their Christmas decorations glowing cheerily through the darkness of the night, letting the world know that Christmas is near.

Multi-colored lights are strewn all over the houses, hanging off of patios and roofs, lighting up entire neighborhoods. Glowing reindeer, Santa Clauses, and Candy Canes are placed all over yards and I can see beautifully adorned Christmas Trees through large windows in living rooms. All of these ornaments give me a comforting feeling, the warm air spilling into my car and the music playing softly in the background causing a melting, pleasant feeling that makes my heart grow heavy in the best possible way.

I look back at the stop-light, tapping on the steering wheel with my fingers as I wait for it to change to my designated color. When it flashes green, I continue my trip to Harry’s apartment, keeping in mind the bit of a time crunch we’re in.


I arrive at Harry’s neighborhood, taking the empty parking spot closest to his complex. Flipping off the ignition and unbuckling my seatbelt, I reach over and grab my phone, shoving it in my back pocket. I crawl into the backseat, stacking up the boxes of soda, grabbing Gemma’s gift bag, and opening the door. I carefully pick the stack up, bumping the door closed with my hip.

Getting up the stairs is like walking through hell, but when I do reach Harry’s door, I struggle around my load, finally managing to jam my finger against the doorbell. I lean the boxes against the nearest wall, waiting.

I hear the lock click and the door flies open, revealing a very anxious looking Anne.

“Oh, Y/N! Thank God! I thought it was Gemma! I was about to start panicking.” She lets out a breathy laugh, putting a hand over her heart in a sign of relief.

“Nope, it’s just me.” I smile. “Hi, Anne.”

“Well, come on in. Here, let me help you with that, sweety! That should’ve been first thing I should’ve done.” Anne lurches forward, giving me a side-hug and then taking two of the boxes from my hold. She turns, walking back towards the dining room, calling after Louis and Liam.

Both walk out of the arched doorway that leads dining room, listening as Anne tells them what to do.

“Take the sodas and put them in the big red cooler out in the patio. The red one, not the blue– the blue one is for the beers and we don’t want the kids confusing the drinks.” She says, setting her boxes onto Liam’s awaiting arms. “Tell Ben and Matt to bring the cake back inside– I don’t want any bugs in the frosting. We’ll bring it out when it’s time to cut it. Oh, and when you’re done, could you please put up some more pink stringers around the edges of the buffet table. I asked Harry to but he wandered off to who-knows where– probably with Ed and Niall. We don’t have much time so please hurry.”

“Will do, Anne.” Louis quips as he takes my own boxes, tucking them under one of his arms and reaching over my shoulders, pulling me in for a quick hug. “Hey, love. Here, I’ll set this on the gift table.

“Thanks.” I return the hug, giving him a small smile and handing him the Gemma’s gift.

“Alright, Payno. Let’s go get ‘er done, as they say in the southern colonies.” Louis belts out a laugh, snapping his head towards the open doorway to the patio in reference, taking off at a fast-paced walk.

“Hi, Y/N.” Liam murmurs, briskly setting a brotherly kiss on my forehead as he rushes past me and after Louis to get his work done. “Bye, Y/N.”

“Hi and bye!” I call after Liam, waving as I roll my eyes jokingly.

I turn to Anne, who has already busied herself by starting to open up the pizza boxes and set them in order by amount of toppings. “Is there anything you’d like me to do?”

“Uh…yes! Would you go check on Ed and Niall with the music? I don’t want Harry to mess anything up.” She breathes, giving me a pleading smile.

“Sure thing! Where did you say they were?” I ask, looking around to see if I could spot a curly mop of brown hair, a pale red-head, or a tuff of blonde locks anywhere near, but fail to see any of the three.

“They’re in the dining room.” Anne recalls, looking up only to cast a glance in the direction of the room. If I’m not mistaken, she seems to be worried. Well, with the Terrible Three, she has a right to be. Who knows what could be happening in that room right now.

“Okay. Thanks.” I smile.

“No problem.” She hums, switching the Pepperoni Paluza with the Veggie Delight.

I make my way through all of the people, giving hugs and kisses to all of those I know and waving and smiling to those I will probably be introduced to later. As I head closer to the archway that connects to the dining room, I can hear voices coming from the other side of the wall.

“For the last fucking time, we are not going to play any songs by Secondhand Serenade, yeh dickhead!” A heavy Irish accent quips, followed by an irritated sigh at the end of the sentence. “This is a birthday party, not a funeral. No one is gonna want any boring sappy, sulky love songs to dance to because no one can really dance or have any fun to that type of music. Yeh can listen to a guy moaning about love later, but right now, we’re crankin’ up some Nicki Minaj.”

The vulgar language and accent clearly give away Niall, who appears to be in an argument with someone. I peak over the frame of the archway, seeing the three boys standing alone in the dining room along with all of the dining tables set up in rows and two giant speakers on either corner of the square room.

I’m impressed by how incredible the tables look, pink stringers hanging delicately off of the edges of the lilac plastic tablecloths, rose-colored paper plates stacked next to eachother, everything being wrapped up by the fuchsia-tinted silverware and napkins set neatly at the edges of each table for easy access.

Niall is leaning against a wall as he scrolls through the music on his phone, not looking up at the person he was arguing with. His opponent stands directly across from him, his arms crossed across his chest and his chin tilted up slightly in a defensive stance, ready to defend his music taste.

“Secondhand Serenade is a great artist and musician. His music has actually inspired many lives, including mine, so you can’t say his songs are ‘boring, sappy, and/or sulky’ just because you’re not into passionate songs about troubled love, alright? His songs are meaningful and touch many peoples’ hearts and that’s important for good music.” Dickhead– who also goes by his birthname, “Ed”– counteracts, staring at Niall and waiting for a response.

“Yeah? Well, you know what? Nicki Minaj has also touched the hearts of many people with her music! She inspires people to go out, have fun and move on with their lives rather than telling them to stay locked up and cry about their failed relationships. She’s a true inspiration. Her big arse is just a bonus.” Niall grins, waving his phone infront of Ed’s face, and from what I can see, it’s the cover photo for the song Anaconda.

Ed pushes Niall’s arm away, rolling his eyes. “Yeah, because singing about not wanting none unless the bitch has buns is definitely the way to pluck at an audience’s heart-strings.”

“Hey, the song’s gotten her millions, hasn’t it? She must be doing something right.”

The two “adults” continue their bickering, Niall explaining that a good love song–and thus a good love life– contains tons of sex and kinky toy references while Ed debates that love goes way deeper than just physical pleasure, but instead it “digs down far into the soul to pull out feelings that actually matter.” I snicker to myself as I watch them argue, my eyes wandering over to the tall lanky figure that has surprisingly not engaged in any of the action.

Harry stands off to the side, next to the closest seating table, thumbing over his is own playlists. He doesn’t seem to be interested in taking any sides, simply trying to find something that he would like to listen to himself.
I can hear him sampling songs, his brows furrowed in concentration at finding the perfect fitting tune for his sister’s celebration. He suddenly yelps, making me jump.

“I found it! I found the perfect song! This song is my shit!” He squeals– squeals for fuck’s sake–, immediately scrambling over to the Bluetooth speakers. After connecting his device to to the music players, he cranks up the volume. I nearly facepalm when I recognize the song. Of course he would pick this song.

As the first few chords of Grind On Me flows from the speakers, Harry clampers up onto the nearest table, spreading his arms out to steady himself, a mischievous grin spreading across his face.

I stay perched at the doorway, keeping my presence unknown, wanting to see where this bold move will lead. If I know Harry well, this will most likely end up being something I’ll never forget.

Harry begins to sway his hips, running his hands up and down his body as he does so. “How about a strip show, boys?”

His sexual dancing gains the designated attention as Niall and Ed’s voices falter, their conversation from before dissipating into the air. Harry raises his eyebrows, biting down on his lip in an attempt to make himself look seductive.

“Would you two big boys like a little strip tease?” Harry purrs again, batting his eyelashes flirtatiously at both of his suddenly very interested friends.

“I’ll give it go.” Niall pipes up, giving Harry a challenging grin. “Maybe it’ll be good enough that I’ll have to give myself a good wanking later.”

“Oh, Niall.” Harry says in a low voice, letting his head tilt forward in an acceptance to the dare, setting his lips into a very tempting smirk. “You’re going to need so much more than just a proper wank when I’m done with you.”

I can see Ed already biting down on his lip to keep from laughing, being aware that if he lets himself make any spontaneous noise, someone will come the room see what the cause is.

I watch curiously as Niall pulls out a chair from a table, setting it infront of of the table Harry has claimed as his stage. He sits down, grinning as he watches his amateur stripper ungracefully climb down from the tabletop and onto the floor. Harry advances towards Niall, licking his lips in fake anticipation.

An idea suddenly flashes across my mind. I whip out my phone, pulling up the camera and setting it on video. I click play. This video will gain me some leverage for that video that Harry has of me a few weeks back when I got black-out drunk and he convinced me to streak around a park near my apartment. What goes around, comes around, Styles.

Returning my attention back to the boys, I watch as Harry reaches Niall, pushing the palms of his hands against the older boy’s chest, shoving him roughly against the back-rest of his seat.

“I’m gonna make you feel so good, Ni.” Harry moans in Niall’s ear as he begins to unbutton his striped dress-shirt, making Niall gag as he tries not to break his cool composure.

Niall is the type of person who will laugh at just about anything, so this is probably killing him right now. I can see that I’m right as I see his cheeks start to tinge pink, a sure sign of him trying to withhold his laughter. I myself am having trouble on keeping a cap on it, receding to biting down on my tongue to keep my mouth shut.

“I know you wanna see…” Harry trails off as he finishes undoing the last few buttons of his shirt, revealing his tanned torso. He grabs either side of his shirt in his hands, pulling them away from his body in an attempt to look extravagant and dramatic. “My titties!”

I choke as I watch Harry press his chest into Niall’s face, rubbing his “titties” against the Irish lad’s flushed cheeks.

“Oh my fucking–” Niall gets cut off as Harry turns abruptly, plopping down onto his lap, rubbing his ass directly against Niall’s crotch. He reaches back, wrapping his arms around Niall’s neck as he continues to hump him, throwing his head back and letting Niall’s name slip from his lips in a long wispy moan.

Harry has complete control of himself while, on the other hand, Niall is about to bust a nut from laughing so hard. Harry pushes himself off of him and watches in satisfaction as Niall falls from the chair onto the floor, his entire face growing red as he continues to choke on air. As I watch him lose his shit, a small part of me worries that his lungs might actually collapse.

Ed isn’t doing any better, any barrier he had put up against his laughter crumbling like sand. The color of his cheeks is almost the exact same shade as his hair and tears are streaming down his cheeks as he bends forward, clutching his stomach in surrender.

I feel myself give a sharp intake of breathe but I quickly snap my mouth shut before anyone can hear me, trying to calm down as I work hard to keep a lid on the hysteria bubbling up from the pit of my stomach. I seem to have won the secret battle that had been going on, being the only one to has survived Harry’s little show this far without making an audible sound.

Harry turns back towards his make-shift stage, jerking his hips spastically from side-to-side as he tries to sashay down an imaginary runway.

Gripping the edge of the table, he clumsily manages to balance himself back on top. He rolls his hips forward, grinding up against his imaginary partner. Harry focuses on Ed, trailing one finger up his chest and neck and inserting two into his mouth, letting his eyes droop closed as he sucks on his two middle fingers, throwing his head back and moaning around his digits.

He locks eyes with Ed, his voice coming out as a deep hum. “Come get it, Daddy.”

Niall is finally managing to take in deep breathes, letting them out in stutters. He watches as Ed wipes at his face, unstoppable chuckling taking over him no matter how hard he tries to get it under control. I see him snatch a stack of the rosy napkins and he makes his way towards Harry, who stares at him expectantly. Ed begins to slide the napkins off of one of his hands, the motion being “making it rain.”

Pink tissues surround Harry and he adapts to his new prop fairly quickly, bunching handfuls of the paper in his hands and shoving them in any nook and cranny he can find. After filling up the entire rim of his jeans and all of his pockets, he takes a large wad and shoves it down the very front of his pants, right over his crotc, giving it a satisfied pat. He continues his spastic dancing, losing himself in the song.

At this point I could very well be suffocating, the skin of my lower lip stinging in protest as I grind my teeth down harder, willing myself not to make a sound. I glance at my phone, the red button on the screen confirming that it is still recording.

“Harry Edward Styles! What in the world do you think you’re doing?!” Anne’s voice pierces through the music, catching all four of us utterly off guard. But, unfortunately, Harry is the one who suffers the most.

The sudden voice startles Harry, causing him to flinch, taking a step back and turning too abruptly to look at the owner of the voice. I glance up just in time to see Harry take the wrong step, the sole of his shoe landing squarely ontop of a napkin and before he can react, his feet have slipped from under him and he drops onto the clothed wooden table, his shoulder taking the entire impact of the fall.

“For fuck’s sake–bloody hell!” Harry howls in pain, his other arm reaching up to cradle his wounded shoulder.

What finally sends me over the edge is that as Harry tries to flip onto his undamaged shoulder, he miscalculates just how far he really is from the edge of the table and as he twists around, he falls right off, landing heavily on his good shoulder.

Ow!” The high-pitched, feminine screech he releases is what pushes me into over-drive, everything I’ve been holding in rushing out all at once.

I find it hard to keep myself standing up right as I let my sanity slip away from me, my body throwing itself forward onto my knees as I hug my stomach, my phone being gripped tightly in my hand as I feel tears start to cloud my vision and streak my cheeks. I manage to press save just before I completely lose it.

Harry rocks back and forth as he cradles himself, rubbing his hands over his shoulders in hopes that he’ll be able to shed away the pain.

In all honestly, Niall, Ed, and I try to regain ur composers, but everytime we as much as glance to a whimpering Harry or to a mortified-looking Anne, we let our cool slip out all over again. Just the thought that we will never be able to get this memory out of our heads is enough to stir up more laughter, the picture of Harry strutting his stuff for paper napkins permanently seared into our brains forever, but it’s worse for Anne because she has to live with that image of her son for the rest of her life, making it all the more priceless.

After a few minutes of hilariously painful exertion, we finally manage to anchor ourselves back into reality, small snickers and giggles still escaping our lips.

“Ouchy.” Harry mumbles, pushing himself up off the ground, rolling his shoulders in circles to comfort the muscle and bones.

“Are you done?” Anne directs her question to all of us, her tone immediately giving away that she isn’t in a very light mood at the moment and is not to be messed with anymore.

We all nod, glancing around at eachother, not being able to rid the grins from our faces.

“Alright, well, Lottie just called and they’re almost here– a few blocks from the neighborhood entrance– so you all better hurry up and help pick up all of this mess.”

We all murmur our agreement, throwing in a few apologies to Anne for ruining one of her sets ups.

“It’s fine. Can you just please reorganize it?”

“Of course.” Ed speaks up, giving Anne an apologetic smile.

“Okay, well, Harry and Y/N, I’ll put you in charge of picking up all of the napkins that are lying around. Niall, please go change the tablecloth and grab the extra plates and silverwear in the kitchen pantry. And Ed, could you be so kinda as to bundle everything up in the dirty tablecloth and toss it in the bin? Thank you.” Anne heaves a deep sigh, telling us to get moving since Gemma could be here any minute.

“Oh, and Niall, also grab some extra napkins since we so conveniently ran out on this table.” Anne throws Ed a pointed look as she walks out of the room, murmuring about how we all look like adults so we should start acting like one.

Harry and I quickly begin picking up all of the strewn tissues, Harry buttoning his shirt back up as we go.

“So did you like my little performance?” He asks, casting me a cheeky smile as he shoves a couple more napkins into a trashbag.

“You were absolutely amazing. You have a ton of potential. I know of a place that’s looking for male strippers and I think you’d be great for the position, if you’re interested.” I comment, throwing him my own playful grin.

“Oh, I would love that. We all know how good I am at positions.” He wiggles his eyebrows, pinching me on the side, making me shy away from him.

“Well, I wouldn’t know.” I admit, slapping his hands away as he continues to try and tickle me.

“But wouldn’t you just love to find out?” He murmurs.

Out of nowhere, Harry slams me into the nearest wall, biting his lip as he looks down at me, setting his hands on either sides of my head as he waits for my answer. Instead of giving him what he wants, I let him know what I have.

“I got your beautiful dancing on video.” I admit, a smile growing on my face as I see his eyes widen in horror.

“You…You did?”

“Oh, yeah. It was great.” I hum, taking this moment of distraction to slip out from under his arms and make my way towards the exit to the living room.

He jogs after me, catching up and trying to get my attention.

“Well, you’re not gonna put it up anywhere, are you?” I can hear the anxiousness dripping from his voice, the way he’s twirling his rings giving away how scared he is.

“That depends. Are you gonna delete that video you took when I was drunk a few weeks ago?” I ask, raising an eyebrow. I won’t put it up because he’ll get in trouble with Modest!, but playing around never hurt anybody. “I’m always willing to strike a deal.”

“What? No! That video’s priceless! No way!”

“Okay, well, you can expect it to go viral by tomorrow morning.” I sing-song, walking out of the dining room and into the living room where everyone is rushing inside and packing in, getting ready for when Gemma walks in.

“Y/N, wait! Come on, please? You know management would kill me if that video got out! Plus, I’m not going to post your video because it’s just a best friend milestone I have and I don’t want anyone else to have it. It’s something I’d like to keep as a memory.” He gives me one of his sweet, innocent smiles, purposefully making his his eyes look dowy for the full-fledged Harry Styles effect.

“Well, this is something that I’d like to keep as a memory.” I throw his expression right back at him, batting my eyes like he had earlier.

“Oh, come onnn! Please, Y/N! Just delete it!”

“Not for a million dollars.” I purr, giving him a pat on the back and turning around to face the door Gemma will be entering through any second now.

I hear him give an exasperated sigh and then he goes silent, striking me weird considering Harry is stubborn and never gives up easily. Just as I’m about to turn around to see if he had left, I feel a hand grab the back of my shirt, pulling the collar back and dropping something inside.

I squeal as the freezing ice cubes make contact with the flesh on my back, stinging the skin in their wake. I began to shake around, trying to get the pesky intruders away from me as soon as possible. In my quick flare of distraction I feel someone snatch my phone from my hand and I let run away, my instincts focusing on getting rid of the immediate problem.

I twist and turn, shaking out a few of the ice cubes, but there are still more to take their place. I can see many people staring at me with annoyed and odd looks but I try my best to ignore them. I must look like I’m being possessed by the way I’m jerking around and spasming, but when I finally get the last ice cube off of me, I whiz around, my eyes raking through everyone until I find a curly brown head weaving though the people, making his way towards his bedroom.

I begin to push past people, mumbling “excuse me” every few seconds to get by faster. I fly past the living room and follow him down the corridor to his bedroom, turning a sharp left and reaching him just as he sets his hand on the doorknob.

“Harry, give me my phone.” I growl, my levels of anger reaching dangerously high.

I’d just made a complete fool of myself infront of all of his family and friends and only because Harry wouldn’t let me having any dirt on him no matter how much he had on me. He never likes to play a fair fight.

“Alright, love. Here you go.” Harry hands me my phone, giving me a wide grin.

I click on my gallery, flicking through my videos but finding no traces of the one I’d taken of him.

“You deleted it, you dick!” I growl, glaring at him as he chuckles.

“Sorry, poppet, but my career was on the line. Not gonna risk it.”

“I wasn’t going to really post it, you dimwit! I just wanted to finally have some leverage over you considering you always have something to embarrass me with! But you never play fair.” I grumble, locking my phone. “It was just for fun.”

His victorious smirk slowly melts off his face, the truth about what I’d told him dawning on him. “Oh…”

“Yeah, ‘oh.’ It was just a game, Harry. You know I would never put your career in jeopardy.” I whisper, sighing. “Clearly you didn’t trust me enough. How can you not trust me? I trust you with that video of me running around naked and you can’t trust me with this? What a best friend you are.”

“She’s coming up the stairs!” Liam’s voice is heard over all of the chattering and the room begins to grow quiet as Anne begins to flick all of the lights off, the apartment starting to grow dark.

“Listen, I’ll make you a deal.” Harry whispers, looking up and around at all of the people around us as if what he is about to tell me cannot be overheard.

“No, I’m done. The deal will be to your benefit and not equal. Why is it that everytime I get so much as an embarrassing picture of you, you always have to go rampage and ruin it. What? The world can’t be exposed to the non-photogenic side of Harry Styles?” I laugh humorlessly, pushing him away. “And then you say you don’t want to be fake.”

“It’ll be fair, I swear.” He reaches forward, gripping my hand, the dimming lamps causing a soft light to dance across his pleading eyes.

“Harry, just let me go. If you don’t trust me than I won’t trust you.” I try to twist my arm out of his hold, but he pushes me up against the bedroom door.

A collective gasp of excitement rolls through all of the people in the flat as we hear footsteps coming up the stairs near the front door.

The last light goes out just as I look up at him, opening my mouth to vocalize my disapproval, but when the darkness takes over I feel a pair of warm lips press against mine. I let out a soft gasp but he shushes me, deepening the kiss.

“We have to be quiet. There are kids.” He mumbles against my lips, the words only audible to me.

“Wha–?” As I try to ask him what he’s talking about but then he turns the knob to the door behind me and I stumbled back through the doorframe. He finishes pushing me through the doorway, shutting it behind him and I can hear the lock clicking into place.

“Harry, this is your sister’s birthday party–” I begin to protest, but he silences me again with his lips.

I feel him taking out his phone, the small screen lighting up between us. He opens up a new text, directing it to his mother:
“Ran out of paper cups. Be back in 20.”

Harry lowers the volume of his ringer, pulling up a timer on his phone and setting it to twenty. He continues pushing me further back until the back of my knees hit the edge of his bed and I fall back onto his pillows, trying to prop myself up on my elbows. He crawls up ontop of my hips and straddles me, reaching down, his finger working fast and nimbly as he unbuttons his shirt.

“We’ve got twenty minutes. No screaming, moaning, groaning…” He trails off, reaching over and setting his phone ontop of his nightstand, reaching down into a drawer in his and pulling out a velvet tie. “Quickie sex is the best type of sex, in my opinion. It’s fast-paced, rough, hot and heavy. Trust me right now and I promise you this: In the next twenty minutes, if I make you come at least three times, you’ll let me keep the video of you streaking.”

“And if you don’t?” My mind is hazy with how fast he’s going– changing from an angry best friend fight to a quick fuck in less than two minutes is a whole lot to process, especially with everything that’s happening right outside the door. Harry had never really shown any sexual interest in me, but here he was, using his tie to gag me as he presses heavy open-mouthed kisses onto my neck.

“Then I’ll let you take a video of me jumping in naked into the lake at the park near your house later tonight.” Harry answers, his words not hesitating once.

I think about it momentarily and then glance up at him, the pure hunger that’s starting to cloud his gaze eating away at my defenses.

“You’ve got twenty minutes, Styles. Go.”


A/N: Thanks for reading, guys! Tell me what you thought and I hope you enjoyed it! :) sorry for any pesky typoes, it’s unedited! And as always, all the love! xxx

By: Andrea


I didn’t post about the con as soon as possible because I was still really upset from the experience. FANEXPO Dallas was a complete shit show. The staff were rude, unorganized, and had misleading information. I never got to meet jdm (even though I prepaid for everything, don’t worry I got a refund) even after waiting in line after line all day. But meeting Norman was what made trudging through the con worth it. He was so sweet! I made him a little gift bag to show how much I appreciate him. I was shaking and almost on the verge of tears trying to give it to him because I was so nervous and he just held my hands and listened to me talk. He kept hugging me and calling me sweetheart. I just adore this man so much. The photo op was so fast paced because they were trying to get 10 groups done in only 25 minutes. So they rushed me in and rushed me out so I made a really dumb face. I hope I get to meet him again and meet Jeffrey in a less stressful environment.

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Could you do an angst-y Taehyung scenarios where you guys are best friends and you have feeling for him but he has a girlfriend and yeah this type of thing :)

Today is a very special day. It’s the birthday of our meeting. Today, day for day, I know him for four years. Four years full of smiles, cries, laughs, fights, reconciliations. But for me, it was also four years of love, of true love. Seeing him smile and being weird daily made me fall for him even more. And today, for our anniversary, i’m going to confess him.

So yeah, like today was our birthday, I prepared something, obviously. It was a saturday and I woke up early for making cookies, his favourites ones, the colorful ones, with M&m’s. I spent approximately an hour and a half baking them. While they were cooling, I went in my room and I prepared myself for going to see him. To tell the truth, I didn’t pick an exceptional outfit for today, I focus myself on that letter, yes, i’m writing him a letter, because I will never have the courage to tell him in person…

It was now 10:30 and everything was ready, I had the cookies in a little bag with the letter, and I went at the end of my street, where he lived.

I was about to ring the doorbell, when my heart squeezed up. Through the big window, I saw him. Kissing a girl. Of course my eyes started to be wet, I was so stupid to think he could felt the same way. I’m sure he even don’t know that today is our anniversary. I looked at them for few minutes, tears were escaping from my eyes, but I wiped them as soon as they were falling. He saw me, he saw me and he was surprised. When he noticed me, I ran as fast as possible heading home. But there’s one thing I haven’t planned, letting fall the bag of cookies, with the letter on it… I quickly turned around, looking for the bag, which was in Taehyung’s hands…

“You’re so dumb y/n” I thought to myself.

When I went back home, I went straight to my bed room. Luckily, my parents were not home yet. I really didn’t want to explain everything. I think I spend the rest of the day, crying and sleeping in my bed. What a shitty day.


It’s been a week now, I received about 50 texts and calls from him, which a didn’t respond. He tried to knock at my front door many times, but I didn’t let him enter, he tried to talk to me at school, but everytime I saw him, I rushed toward the nearest bathroom. The pictures ? I couldn’t burn them, what I saw really hurt me, but I still love him so fucking much… I was sitting on my bed, my chin on my knees. I was looking at the wall. Thinking. When suddenly someone knocked at my door and entered without waiting for any response. I was still looking at the wall when the person started to talk.

“y/n-ah… It’s me… Firstly, I know you certainly don’t want to talk to me so I won’t be long, I just wanted you to know that I didn’t forget our anniversary, I… I…”  he stuttered, he didn’t know what else to say. 

“I… just wanted to give you something before leaving.. there, i’ll be going now, take care sweet potato..” 

I waited for him to leave before letting myself smile like an idiot. Sweet patato, it was the name he used to call me before… My eyes were wet again, but this time, I didn’t cry, I’m not going to cry because of him anymore. When I stretched I noticed soething. A paper. It wasn’t here bofore, I guess it’s the “thing he wanted to give me before leaving”. I hesitated, but I decided to look at it. It was a letter.

“Dear y/n-ah, it’s me, your favourite little weirdo. I’m writing this because, I think that you already know, I hope, but anyway, today, it’s been four years that you’re supporting my weird self and that you are my bestfriend, i’m really thankful for everything you’ve done for me, for every minutes we spent together, whether we were laughing, nor we were crying. You’re really the best y/n-ah. You’re certainly asking yourself why am I writing you a letter right, because yeah, it’s kind of an old way to communicate, but I really wanted you to keep that letter forever, because I don’t want you to forget what I’m going to say, um write, ehh whatever you know what I mean. Y/N-ah. Saranghae. I love you. Je t’aime. Not just like a best friend, I love you much more than that. Please, promess me you won’t forget that, that you won’t forget me. And yeah, I know now you’re thinking “Why is he saying that, of course I won’t forget him he’s so cute and funny”. But what I have to say isn’t funny y/n. I’m leaving. As you know, my parents are the owners of a famous business, and they find another famous business who accepted to make a type of alliance ? I didn’t really understand but, they told me that sooner I will be married to the daughter of the owners and that in a week we will move to Paris… So… I think I said uh, write everything (this is going to drive me crazy!) So yeah, goodbye y/n.

Your lovely weirdo, Taehyung

PS : I added that, the day when everything went wrong, we had the same idea, writing a letter, awesome don’t you think? Anyways, I think everything is clear now, you now know who was that girl, why I was “kissing” her and everything… I hope someday you will forgive me y/n sincerely. Once again, Saranghae, don’t ever forget that, please.”

I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry, but I did, I literally cried a river, so he was feeling the same way after all? Wait but, he said that he wanted to give me that before leaving… So that means… NO !

I rushed downstairs and ran as fast as possible toward the end of my street, only to see a taxi and a lot of luggage in front of his house. So that was true, he was leaving…

He was here, he just exited his house. Tears were, again, running down my cheeks, I still had the letter in my hands, and I was shaking. 

He noticed me, smiled sadly and walked in my direction. We didn’t say anything, we looked at each other, and I just hugged him as tight as possible, sobbing in his ear, begging him not to go.

His father called for him. We were still hugging each other, when I thought he was about to let me go, he whispered “Do not forget me, and please keep that letter, like I will keep yours, I love you y/n” 

He kissed my cheek before finally letting me go. I was still shaking, I looked at the taxi, going away and told myself.

“Of course I will never forget you weirdo, I love you”  

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My One and Only Scott McCall

Request: teen wolf, y/n has a crush on Scott and he likes her too and she goes to his lacrosse game to support him and Like he makes the winning play when he sees her and when she goes to congratulate him he kisses her

Warnings:None that I know of.
A/N: I hope you like this! Sorry I didn’t do it earlier, I’ve been really stressed out.and I’ve been dealing with some writers block😫
I was walking down the hallway to my last class. I took my seat by my long-time crush. He has these nice big brown eyes and that uneven jaw line. The one and only Scott McCall.

I’ve liked him since freshman year. As you can tell I never made a move. He looked up and smiled at me. I felt the butterflies in my stomach, I smiled back. “Hey McCall” I say, his smile brightens “Hey Y/L/N”

I take my books out and I hear the bell ring. Our teacher starts a boring lecture once again. I was to focused on my notes until I felt a poke on my arm, I look up and I see Scott with this cute little smile, he said, “Hey, you coming to the game tonight?”
“I don’t know I’m not sure”
“You should” he said. I giggle a little.
“Why should I?” I say with a slight smirk
“Because I know I’ll do my best if your there” he says blushing a little. I already feel my cheeks heating up. I nod my head and turn back and doze off thinking about the game.

I walked home debating on what to wear. I really want to impress Scott. I throw clothes out of my closet. Nothing I could find. I decide on just nice jeans and a maroon long sleeve with a black beanie. I decide to do a little touch up on my makeup too. I called Lydia so she could take me.

We showed up late, so it was hard to find seats for us. When we finally sat down I noticed Scott was a little out of it. Like he wasn’t in the zone. Beacon Hills was losing.He caught the ball and was running for the goal. I kept whispering ‘go Scott come on’. He was almost there I fill and guy like 6'5 tacked him. I could tell by the way Scott was shaking that he was about to turn.

“It’s okay Scott! Shake it off! You got this!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs standing up from the bleachers. His attention straight away looks my way. I could see that damn cute smile on his face.

I sat down and I turn to Lydia and she has the smirk on her face. I giggle and playfully shove her “shut up” I giggle.

It was the last couple minutes of the game. We were tied with the other school. You could cut the tension with a knife. Scott got the ball and was running to the goal. It was like everything was in slow motion.

He swings and he scores. Lydia and I jump up and scream. The team all huddles and are excited that they one the final. I rush down the bleachers as fast as I could. I make it to the field looking for the one and only Scott McCall. I spot is jersey. “Scott!” I yell over the cheers of the crowd. I run and jump and give him a huge hug. “Congrats!”

He sets me down and I get lost in his big sparkling brown eyes. Next thing I knew he smashed his lips on mine. The kiss was soft and sweet. As if I would break if he wasn’t careful.

We pull away for air. I grin at him and he smile brightens. “Wow” I say. He chuckles a little. “Y/N would you go on a date with me?” I pretend to think. “Hmm well you did win the game, and i’d like to get a kiss again, so that would be a yes” I giggle. He pick me up and spins me around, you could hear our laughter. After my years crush on Scott McCall he likes me back.

My one and only Scott McCall.


The fact that JDM asks you what you want in your photo, I seriously appreciate that. I’ve taken photo ops before with other celebs and they rush you through like a herd of animals with all these rules. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that theirs tons of people going to take pics so they want to move fast…but still. When you’re paying over $80 for a 2 second moment, give us a minute. Some people are wasting their only savings for these little moments with their favorite people. JDM seems to be aware of that as I’ve only read how sweet he is to each person he takes a photo with. How he takes his time hugging you even when they’re rushing you and actually says something, even if it’s just a “hello, how are you!” I’ve come across Celebes who don’t say a word. I haven’t met him yet, but I LOVE reading other people’s experiences. Another reason to love Jeffrey Dean Morgan y'all.


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Hey! Could you do a bts reaction to seeing you in the airport after they return from a really long tour? (If you could make it like super fluffy that'd be sweet😊)


He told you before the plane landed that if you were going to show up at the airport you better have a sign otherwise don’t even bother. He was teasing and you knew that but you were going to embarrass the shit out of him. When he walked out of the terminal it was hard to miss the hot pink sign with the hearts and his name in glitter. He was instantly embarrassed and the other guys didn’t help but he couldn’t stop laughing either. When he got to you he’d yell and throw the sign down on the ground before kissing your cheek and pulling you close.

Originally posted by jinmini


He’d be wearing a face mask but as soon as he saw you his eyes crinkled at the sides and it was obvious he was smiling widely. His pace quickened a little more and every time he passed one of the other guys they would laugh and tease him. But he didn’t give a shit and didn’t even hear them. When he got to you he’d just put an arm around your shoulders and lean in close to tell you how much he missed you. He’d greet you properly when you were alone.

Originally posted by yoongichii


He told you not to come to the airport so he figured you’d listen. You didn’t. He completely didn’t see you because he was busy texting you. You called him a damn fool and saw him pout. The other guys of course saw you and started laughing at their helpless leader who finally looked up and around very confused. When he saw you he’d start laughing and shake his head embarrassed. Pulling you close he’d give you a kiss on the forehead and tell you how much he missed you.

Originally posted by joonjuly


As soon as he saw you he’d scream dramatically. He’d rush over to you as fast as he could. Even though he was tired from the trip and just wanted to sleep and eat, he’d get a renewed energy just from seeing you there waiting for him. He’d ignore Jimin and Jungkook laughing at him and hug you tight, lifting you off the ground, still screaming happily of course and shaking you.

Originally posted by bangtanbighit


He would be so focused on getting out of the airport and home to you that he’d completely miss seeing you. It wasn’t until he heard your familiar voice calling his name that he’d look up and see you. The other guys would tease him and he’d bend over from laughing at the situation himself. Grabbing your hand he’d pull you in for a long hug before dragging you along quickly. He was still in a hurry to get home for a proper welcome~

Originally posted by tanktoptiger


His eyes would dart around the crowd immediately because he just really wanted to see you even if he didn’t know you were gonna be there or not. When he saw you he’d smile widely and call out your name dramatically. You call out his name just as dramatically and he’d run to you, twirling you around. The other guys would mainly just ignore the two of you and roll their eyes. This was real life not a kdrama, get your lives together.

Originally posted by taos-peach-ass


This baby bun told you not to meet him at the airport, but as soon as he stepped out of the terminal he was subtly looking for you. When he saw you he’d smile shyly and shake his head at you. Before he even got to you he’d text you. “Yah! I told you not to come! OMG. Why are you like this? [insert pepe meme here]” He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling though and once Jimin, Hoseok and Taehyung saw you then his face they would tease him. He’d just grab your hand or put his arm around your shoulders not wanting to show much affection in public.

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I want you.

Pairing: Phan.

Warnings: Smut, cheeky butt sex, blow jobs, daddy kink.

A/N I wrote this with my bestie ✌🏽️, also sorry I’m not very good at writing this in third person lol (also the title is random 😅) ALSO TYSM FOR 69 FOLLOWERS!!


Phil finished putting on his jacket and walked over the hall to Dan’s room and knocked on the door;

“Dan, you almost ready?”

“In a second” Dan yelled back to Phil just straightening the last piece of hair then seeing how he looked in the mirror.

“Fine..” Phil grunted, jogging along to the lounge and sitting down on the couch, whipping out his phone and went on tumblr, looking at cute animal gifs.

Dan finally came out and saw Phil distracted on his phone so he took his time to put on his shoes. “Phil are we ready we’re going to be late” Dan whined.

“Excuse me,” Phil stood up, sliding his phone back in his pocket as a smirk played on his lips as he looked at Dan’s ass when he bent over to put on his shoes, “But I have been waiting for /you/.”

“Shh Phil” Dan laughed a little then brought Phil close and kissed his lips softly then smiled at him and grabbed phils hand “common let’s be lazy and take the elevator” Dan smiled.

Phil followed Dan out, both hand in hand as they made their way to the restaurant to meet both of their parents, but having to drop their hands when they were outside in case of any fans seeing them.

Once Phil let go of Dan’s hand it went instantly cold and Dan looked at Phil and gave a small smile as they walked into the restaurant, greeted their parents and sat down.

Phil shook Dan’s dad’s hand and his own fathers hand, giving his mother and Dan’s a quick hug also, grinning as he took his seat next to Dan.

They both joined in with conversation that was happening and Dan looked over to Phil and noticed that he was smirking.

Dan went close to phils ear and whispered “wipe that smirk off your face you know what it does to me” the nibbled his ear lobe a little bit and then turned away from Phil and joined the conversation that was going on at the table again.

Phil couldn’t help the smirk and ‘innocently’ placed his hand on Dan’s thigh, not-so-far away from Dan’s crotch.

Dans breathing started to increase and his face flushed from golden to beat red. His mom looked concern then ignored it.

Phil started to massage Dan’s thigh, continuing in the conversation and ordering his meal when the waitress came over.

Sinking into Phil’s touch, Dan closed his eyes completely forgetting that he’s out In public.

“Dan?” His mother said across the table. His eyes shot open and they continued the conversation. “Babe stop your going to get me hard in front of everybody..”

Phil just chuckled and decided to talk to Dan through text and sent him a message;

‘What’s wrong, babe, don’t you like my hands on you..? :(’

Dan felt his phone vibrate and picked it up to see phils text, as he read it he bit his lip.

‘Babe I love your hands on me but right now is not the place to get me all turned on’

Phil moved his hand closer to Dan’s crotch and then back down his leg again loving the look on Dan’s face.

‘But I want you so bad right now, I want your cock to fill me up…’

Dan put his head in his hands as Phil was putting his hand extremely close to his crotch and try to focus on his breathing and not get this too out of control.

'Phil baby please your going to make me get a boner and how will I explain that to my parents xD’

'But Dan, I want you, I need you.. I wanna wanna make you feel good, I want you to fist my hair as I go down on my daddy.’ Phil moved his hand to Dan’s crotch and strokes it slowly.

Phils hand was on dans crotch and Dan squeaked. Already having a now hard throbbing member that’s desperately needing attention he texted Phil back.

'Babe when can we get home I need you right now and clearly we can’t do this here’

'But philllllll I want you rn D:’

Phil moved his hand away from Dan, earning a small whimper that only he could hear, and tucked into his dessert, happily chatting away again.

~20 mins later~

“Alright bye guys see you later love you” Dan said giving everybody hugs and trying to leave as fast as possible.

Phil lets out a quiet moan as Dan is harsh with him and rushes home gripping onto Phil’s wrist tightly.

They got into a taxi quickly even though it’s down the street, it was quicker than walking. As they got in the taxi, it was pitch black and so the driver couldn’t see a thing. Dan told him where they lived and started teasing Phil. Dan putting his hand right next to Phil’s crotch and kissing his neck slightly sucking it.

“Well now your going to have to be punished.” Dan said gripping on his bulge harder.

“Okay, Daddy..” Phil mumbled again, his cheeks flushed at the thought of Dan fucking into him hard.

The car suddenly stopped and Dan threw money to the cab driver and grabbed Phil’s wrist and when they got into the elevator Dan pushed him up against the wall hungerly kissing him.

Phil kissed back, just as eager and letting Dan dominate the kiss and palming Dan through the tight material that are his jeans.

Dan traveled his lips from Phil’s mouth leaving more marks all around it. The door opened and they quickly separated just incase someone was there and because of their luck. Someone was just staring at them, their eyes full of lust out of breath hickeys everywhere and boners making it clear what they were just doing Dan just grabbed Phil’s hand and quickly rushed out of the opened the door.

Once they were back in the apartment, Phil pulled Dan to his bedroom and pushed Dan on the bed straddling his hips and nipping at his neck.

“Mm show me how sorry you are for what you did today” Dan said while taking phils belt off and moving his hands to phils butt.

“Okay, daddy.” Phil said, moving his hands under Dan’s shirt and lifting it off over his head as he went back to kissing Dan’s neck straight after, flicking and rubbing Dan’s nipples as he did so.

Dan threw his head back finally getting some type of attention that he needed and moaned lightly.

“Mm Phil I want you so much right now” He stared into Phil’s eyes which were full of lust and made him 100% more sexier.

Phil moved his lips down from Dan’s nipples and laid gentle kisses down his stomach, getting to his belt and sliding it off seductively and throwing it somewhere in the room. Phil then worked at Dan’s jeans, undoing the button and zipping down the zipper before shuffling them down Dan’s legs.

Dan threw phils shirt off and started kissing his jaw line down his neck to his collarbone lightly sucking it.

Phil threw his head back and moaned a little, loving what Dan was doing with his mouth and leaned back, getting my comfy by leaning on his hands.

Dan started kissing down Phils chest all the way to his pants and boxers slowly undoing then while keeping eye contact with Phil then fully pulled down his boxers and teasing Phil by kissing slowly the side of his member “I want to hear you scream my name” Dan mumbled between kisses looking at Phil before Phil brought his head back and Dan smirked.

“hmmf… dannn…..” Phil moaned out quite loudly putting a hand to Dan’s hair and gently pushing his head towards his own leaking cock.

Dan moaned slightly just by knowing Phil is moaning because of him turned him on even more. Dan rubbed his hand on the insides of phils thighs.

Phil’s cock leaked in anticipation before growling at how agonisingly slow Dan was going and smirked knowing what would get Dan to do something.

“Daddy, please touch me please suck on my cock please Daddy..” Phil whimpered wanting nothing more than Dan’s lips around his erection or Dan’s cock up his tight ass.

Dan moaned at Phil’s begging and licked a strip up the base of Phil’s cock, before taking him all the way in his mouth and bobbing his head, taking more of Phil into his mouth each time.

Phil moaned as Dan did so but whimpered when Dan pulled off and searched in one of the draws for lube. Dan poured the cold substance onto his fingers, warming up as he huskily spoke to Phil, “Lie down baby, legs spread.”

Phil did as he was told and laid down, against the pillows and he felt a finger at his entrance and half-moaned as Dan slid his finger in to the knuckle, leaving it still for a moment and then thrusting in and out, then adding a second finger, stretching Phil open. Phil moaned as Dan searched for his sweet spot and let out a loud moan when Dan found it.

Dan quickly added a third and stretched Phil wider, until he pulled his fingers out and lubed up his member, hearing Phil whimper at the loss of Dan’s fingers but it was replaced by a moan as Dan filled him up.

Dan waited a moment for Phil to adjust and saw a nod to continue and started to fuck into Phil at a fast pace, earning a gasp from Phil.

Soon, Dan and Phil’s moans could be heard from around the whole apartment building as they neared their orgasms, Dan’s thrusts becoming sloppy as he reached to stroke Phil in time with his thrusts, as best he could.

“Dan I’m gunna…” Phil didn’t even finish his sentence before he came over his and Dan’s stomach. Also, the clenching Phil was doing around Dan’s cock sent him over the edge and he released deep into Dan.

Dan pulled out of Phil, gently and laid beside him, cuddling into Phil and kissing his jaw and pulling the covers over them both, before they both fell into a deep sleep.

Brothers Best Friend Pt 4

Days had went by and you and Calum hadn’t spoken a word. He hadn’t been over to your house, always giving Mikey an excuse as to why he couldn’t come over.

You sat on the kitchen barstool and drank your tea, flipping through an old Cosmo magazine. As you were reading another dumbass Kardashian story the back door bursted open. You heard laughter and then the laughter stopped.

“Oh hey y/n.” Calum said. You could tell that he had not planned on you being there.

“I thought you said you had the house to yourself today.” He sharply said to Mikey.

Mikey shrugged. “I guess not. What’s up sis?”

You stared at Calum and then shook your head to get your eyes off of him. His eyes were so sad, so cold.

“Yeah sorry about that. My class got cancelled. I can go if you want me to?” You said to your brother.

“Nah you’re fine. Right Cal?” Mikey said smiling to his best friend.

Calum shrugged and looked at the ground.

“You haven’t been here in a while..” You said to the brown haired boy.

He sighed. “Been busy.”

“I see.” You said, looking back down at your magazine.

“Actually I’m glad you’re here sis, we are trying to pick out prom ties but we are kind of lost.” Mikey said bringing a book over to you.

“Oh okay, what color are your tuxes?” You asked as you flipped through the book.

“Black and white. But the girls demanded we match their dresses. You know how girls are.” Mikey said nudging you and smiling.

“Oh! Dates.” You said, feeling a tingle of jealousy in your body.

“Well yeah. Didn’t expect two handsome stallions like us to go stag now did ya?” Mikey laughed.

“No, no. Of course not. Who are you going with?” You said, flipping through the pages and trying to act uninterested.

“I’m going with Tamilia and Cal’s going with his girlfriend Shane.” He said smiling at Calum.

“I see.” You said giving a fake smile.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Calum said.

“Yet. The way y'all have been acting at school it won’t be long.” Mikey said winking at him.

You looked at Calum and scoffed. “That’s cute.” You said, biting your tongue and flipping through the pages.

“So what color are their dresses?” You asked as you looked at them. You could feel the annoyance on your face.

“Blue. Like a bright turquoise blue.” Mikey shrugged.

“Oh that’ll be so pretty with her dark skin and black hair. She’s a gorgeous girl. If she’s wearing turquoise then there’s your answer-a turquoise tie. Like this one.” You said pointing to a beautiful blue silk tie.

“Nice.” He said smiling.

“And you?” You asked Calum.

“Red.” He answered.

“Figures.” You said turning the pages.

“Huh?” Calum asked confused.

“Oh nothing. It’ll be pretty with her skankish blonde hair.” You scoffed.

“Skankish? Why would you say that?” Calum asked, anger filling his voice.

“Just some things I’ve heard. Perfect for you, right?” You said looking into his eyes.

His eyes burned a hole into your soul. You looked down and went back to flipping through the pages. “This one.” You said as you pointed to a bright red silk tie.

“I don’t need your help. Shane can help me. I’ve always heard that skanks have great taste.” He said glaring at you.

“Okay let your girlfriend help you then.” You said annoyed.

“Is there something I’m missing here? Y/n you don’t even know Shane do you?” Mikey said, confusion all across his face.

“Mikey can you excuse us for a moment? I’d like to talk to your sister for a minute.” Calum said, cheeks turning red.

“About?” Mikey asked confused even more.

“About the facts about my DATE and the way she talks to me.” He said glaring at you.

“Yeah… You guys settle this. I don’t know what made you hate each other so much but I’m sick of it. I’m going to go show Tamilia the tie. I’m not going to be around either one of you if you’re going to act like 5 year olds. Calum I’ll be back and we can go to your house and finish this.” Mikey said yanking the book from you and storming out of the house.

You picked up your phone and got on Twitter.

“What the hell is your problem!” Calum asked angrily as he snatched your phone from your hands.

“Hey!” You yelled as you tried to snatch it back.

“You’re going to listen to me! Why the hell did you act like a jealous 5 year old who got her toy stolen just now?” He asked with flaming eyes.

“Give me back my phone!” You yelled as you jumped up to get it.

He held it above his head and you gave up.

“You don’t even know Shane and you’re so quick to judge her. Why is that?” He asked with intrigued eyes.

“Just drop it. I don’t give two shits about who you go to your little prom with.” You said rolling your eyes.

“You’re jealous aren’t you.” He said as it finally clicked.

“No.” You lied.

“Bullshit! You are so jealous. You don’t want me, but it pisses you off thinking that anyone else could have me.” He said smugly.

“Whatever.” You said walking away from him.

“What the fuck do you expect me to do y/n? Wait on you forever? I don’t even know what we are!” He said, throwing his hands up into the air.

“I just want you to leave.” You said turning back to him.

“No you don’t.” He said.

“Yeah I really do. You go to your prom with your date and do whatever you want to. It doesn’t bother me. I’m over you. What we had wasn’t real, it wasn’t anything. It was a mistake and I don’t care anymore.” You lied through your teeth.

“Then why do you look like you’re about to cry?” He said quietly as he walked toward you.

“I’m not.” You lied again.

“Y/n, tell me what you want.” He said moving a piece of hair from your face.

You looked into his eyes and then at his lips. You wanted to kiss him so badly, but you couldn’t. He was right, you had no reason to be mad. You didn’t want him so there was no reason he shouldn’t be with someone else.

“I want you to forget about me. I want you to go to your prom tomorrow and be with that girl. Just that girl. I want you to forget that we ever did anything, that anything ever happened. I want you to live your life and me live mine.” You said as you bit your lip.

“I’m telling you this right now; if you tell me that you don’t want me, I’m going to go to prom with her tomorrow and I’m going to have sex with her. It’s the only way I’m going to get you off of my mind. If you want me, you better say it.” He said as he brushed your lip with his thumb. His eyes burned a hole into you and it took all of the restraint that you had not to take him down.

You caressed his hair and looked him into the eyes. You gulped and started to speak.

“I don’t want you.” You said as unconvincing as you had ever said any sentence before, lip trembling at the filthy lie.

He removed your hand and nodded.

“You’re a horrible liar.” He said with hurt filled eyes. “Tell Mikey I’ll be at my house. I can’t stand to look at your face anymore.”

You nodded and held your arms.

He walked out of the house and slammed the door, causing you to tremble.

You touched your lips and sat down on the couch. Your lip was quivering and you wanted to hurt yourself for not telling him how you really felt.

You wiped your eyes and texted Mikey.
“Go to Calum’s. He’s not here anymore.”

Before you could send the text Mikey walked in with a smiling Luke by his side. You hurried up and tried to dry your eyes.

“Man those chicks aren’t gonna know what hit them when we roll up looking so dope.” Luke said as cocky as ever.

Mikey rolled his eyes and smiled.

“Hey sis. Wheres Calum?” Mikey said to you, noticing his friend was no longer there.

“I was just texting you, he left and went to his house.” You said.

“Did you guys make up?” He asked.

“Yeah it’s fine Mikey.” You said, hoping he’d buy it.

“What happened?” Luke asked “concerned”.

“Ah they were fighting before I left. Acting like 5 year olds. It was stupid. I don’t know why they get at each other’s throats like that.” Mikey said shaking his head.

“Because they’re fucking.” Luke said casually.

Your eyes practically bugged out of your head. “Excuse me?” You said.

Luke laughed.

“You’ve got to stop with those jokes. You aren’t funny man.” Mikey said annoyed.

“I’m just kidding dude.” Luke said smiling.

“I’m about tired of you saying that about them. That’s my best friend and my sister, that’s disgusting and would never happen.” Mikey said giving Luke an angry glare.

“I was just kidding man. You’re right, that would never happen. I’m sorry.” Luke said looking at you.

“I don’t even want to think about it. If I found out any of you fuckers tried anything with my sister I’d kill you.” Mikey warned.

He really was mad at even the thought of you and Calum together. You felt so guilty for keeping this from him, and for doing it in the first place. You knew he’d be angry if he ever found out, but you didn’t know he’d be this angry.

“She’s your sister Mikey, we wouldn’t do that. Besides, neither one of us is even remotely interested.” Luke said, covering your and Calum’s tracks.

“Yeah. Let’s just drop this, I’m getting mad just at the thought.” Mikey said shaking his head.

You watched him as guilt poured through your veins. He was so protective of you and you had betrayed him.

“I’m going to go get some fresh air. I’ll see you guys later.” You said as you grabbed your coat and keys.

“Okay. We’re going to go to Calum’s I guess. See you later sis.” Mikey said walking toward you to give you a hug.

“See you.” You said walking out of the door before he could get close.

You couldn’t hug him right now, you had just broke his best friends heart and betrayed him.

You drove to the beach and walked on the sand. You listened to the waves rush against the shore as your heart beat fast in your chest. You couldn’t stop thinking about Calum; about how his brown eyes were so full of hurt- hurt that you caused. You knew tomorrow he would be laying his date down somewhere and the thought made you sick.

“Why do I even care?” You asked yourself out loud.

You looked at your phone and sighed. You wanted to text him so bad, to tell him that you had lied. You did want him, you didn’t want to, but that was the reality. You had fallen for him but you couldn’t say it out loud.

You clicked on his contact information and pressed the delete button. You had to be done, it wasn’t fair to either one of you.