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I’m still in the process of writing a thorough piece on this, but in the interest of getting your foot in the door I’ve got a handful of different black inks that’re good for drawing! I’ve got them divided into two categories - dye-based and pigmented. The vast majority of fountain pen inks have liquid coloring agents, or dyes, which are low-maintenance and have no clogging issues. The downside to this is that they tend to be a bit less saturated and are quite a bit less waterproof, so depending on the brand and how much ink is on the paper you could see some blending, bleeding or smudging.

Course, there are a couple of fountain pen inks out there that ARE pigment-based, with particles small enough to pass through the feed without clogging. They’re rare, and universally pricier than most normal inks, but boy are they worth it - incredibly dark, water-resistant, quick-drying AND multimedia-friendly. Really the only downside to them other than price is more diligent upkeep on your pen; while the particles won’t ever damage your feed, buildup overtime could potentially lead to inkflow issues down the road if you don’t clean your pen out once a month or so. Hell, even if that does happen, a good flush with the proper cleaning solution or a quick scrub with a toothbrush will shake loose that buildup and you’ll be good to go again. 

One last thing before we begin: if you’re just getting started with fountain pens and bottled ink, some of the prices here might seem a bit shocking. It’s a higher overhead when beginning, but one bottle of ink can easily last you 8-12 months, if not longer. Think about how fast a $9.00 3-pack of rollerball pens winds up in the garbage, or even a fistful of Sakura Microns. Most fountain pens worth their salt will be doing heavy lifting for north of a decade, so in the long run they’re pretty damn economical!

Noodler’s ($13): Your mileage may vary on some of these. Noodler’s is like the Willy Wonka of ink manufacturers - they’ve got an enormous spread of color choices, plenty of imaginative limited-edition stuff, and their formulas can have some pretty wild properties from freeze resistance to anti-feathering. Bulletproof Black is their most popular black, famous for its unique permanent properties - it binds to cellulose in paper. While this makes it water-resistant and tamper-proof, I’ve also found it to behave strangely on certain papers like moleskine pages. X-Feather’s another good choice, especially for those using less-than-ideal paper; on top of being a spectacular black, it resists bleeding/feathering. X-Feather takes forever to dry, so you’ll need to be careful while sketching, but if you’re a printer paper junkie with a hard-on for crispy lines, this might be your ticket. Sometimes they even bundle free pens with their inks, so keep an eye out!

Diamine Onyx Black ($7.50 - $15.00): Gotta hand it to Diamine, they can make a hell of a nice ink on the cheap. Onyx Black is quite saturated for the price, with some minor purple shading that tends to show up in a lot of even the pricier inks. You can get 30ml of this stuff for just a bit over seven bucks, which is absolutely perfect if you’re looking to score a good ink and pen at once on a tight budget.

Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi ($20-28): This one’s on the steep side, but it also happens to be the darkest and most well-behaved dye-based ink I’ve yet used. Very saturated, you’ll only see this stuff shade if you’re laying it down wide and fast.

Platinum Carbon Black ($20): Now we’re talking. PCB’s been my go-to for years now - it’s abyssal, water-resistant, plays extremely well with other media, and is just really fucking black. Jumping to this from the dye-based inks of yore was like night and day, and I haven’t turned back. On the rare occasion it does wind up shading it’s an extremely dark gray, and it dries quickly with a very minor reflective finish. I’ve yet to find a paper or liquid medium that causes it to smear or otherwise misbehave, and I’m not quite sure I ever will. It’s a quantum leap in quality, and considering it’s only about 5 bucks more per bottle than many dye-based inks of the same volume I’ll take that hike any day.

Graaf von Faber-Castell Carbon Black ($30): Holy shit, I only recently procured a sample of this stuff and it’s even more intense than Platinum’s offering. It’s darker and more matte somehow! Maybe one day when I’m swilling the blood of the proletariat and licking coelacanth caviar off toast points I’ll be able to afford this stuff on the reg, otherwise it’ll remain an extremely indulgent acme of ink. If you’re feeling the itch, I don’t think you can do any better than this stuff!

Undeniable Heat Chapter 27: Leaving For Texas

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary:  You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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“You can stay in the car. I’ll head on up, pack a bag for both you and me, and be back down before you know it.” Jensen suggested as Cliff parked in front of your apartment complex. You hadn’t been here since that horrific night, and you looked towards the door with mixed feelings. You wanted to take Jensen up on his offer, staying away from the scene of the crime for as long as possible. But another part of you needed to get it over with, to see the damage that had been inflicted and to move on.

“No, I’ll come up. Besides, you don’t know where I keep everything.” You said, sliding off of the leather seat and standing while waiting for him to join you. You were already feel much stronger, back to your normal self, with just some soreness. Nothing that you couldn’t handle.

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Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Evolvedwolf!Reader
Word count: 528
A/N: I’m starting to get the craze of writing about evolved wolves. 😂😍

Malia dragged you recklessly by the arm, she followed after Scott through the door to his house, where the rest of the pack were gathered. They all looked up from what seemed to be a map and immediately start eyeing between you, Malia and Scott.

”Guys, this is Y/N.” Scott starts and you see the face of recognition on everybody’s faces. Then you could clearly hear a growl echoing from Liam’s chest. You were very aware of what your former friend, Theo, had done to this kid, manipulating him to kill his own alpha.

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Traveling with BTS { 6/7 }

• making together a nice breakfast
• packing fast because he would like to spend time in the airport
• buying sweets and more snacks
• listening together chill music
• in the end falling asleep
• in the last minute he would buy donuts
• but you would make it
• he would let you sit next to the window
• watching you falling asleep
• holding your hand through the whole flight
• when you’re finally there searching for good restaurants
• but first going for a walk
• taking cute selcas
• calling the other members to tell them how beautiful you are
• making so MANY jokes
• but you love them
• eating in a fancy restaurant
• “ hey waiter isn’t my girlfriend beautiful ?” -“ omg Jin stop”
• going to a circus or something

Fooling you V(shame on me)

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Summary: where Yixing doesn’t sleep anymore, Baekhyun is plotting, and Chanyeol is more than your tinder date.

Fooling you once twice thrice(a charm) IV(shame on you)

“Maybe you should talk to him?” You have to admit that Baekhyun’s suggestion sounds quite good. It’s logical. It’s something grown-ups do.

And yet it’s so unpractical.

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drunk paladin headcanons?

Pidge: Pidge gets very defensive of their right to drink. Everyone reminds Pidge that they’re underage, but Pidge is convinced they can hold their liquor. They, in reality, can not, at all. So usually they end up passed out first, but they’re tiny, so one of the other Paladins will put them to bed, make sure they’re on their side and let them sleep it off. They are the only lucky Paladin who doesn’t get hangovers, and everyone else is jealous. 

Hunk: Hunk gets clingy. He’ll hang onto anyone who will let them and kitty paws onto their arm for as long as they’ll let him. The only one who’ll let him do this for more than a minute or so is Shiro, who’s too nice to tell him to stop. Hunk can hold his booze the best, something between his sheer size and muscle mass allows him to last the longest even when drinking hard liquor. 

Lance: Lance’s flirting skills somehow get better when he gets drunk, like normally he’s all cringe-y pick-up lines and fake grins, but the moment he’s tipsy his lines all click together and he’s far more flattering. Allura’ll still send him packing fast, but Lance has managed to even make Shiro blush a few times. After getting hit a few times by both of them, he spends more of his time with Keith who gets flustered at as little as Lance leaning into his space. 

Keith: Keith’s a bit of an angsty drunk. He has his fun, but then he’ll start to slow down the more drunk he gets and retract in on himself. It’s uncommon for him to be face first on the table sobbing when he’s had too much, so now all the Paladins make it a habit to cut him off at five so he stays that nice happy buzz. It won’t happen if someone starts flirting with him though, he’ll be too flustered and stuttery to think about sad things. Plus he gets all wide eyed and soft looking, which lance likes a lot. 

Shiro: Shiro gets dad drunk. Not in the, taking care of everyone way, but in the vaguely harassing everyone for the shit they’ve put him through kind of way. He’s generally happy, but all of his jokes suddenly become “remember when I had to bail you out of jail”-esque, especially with Keith and Lance, because they’re the ones he’s had to babysit the most. He’s also completely willing to cling to someone if they’ll let him, but mostly at the end of the night, so he ends up crawling into bed with people sometimes. 


Allura: Allura gets all quiet and giggly, just smiling a lot and enjoying everyone around her so much. If you get her talking, she’ll start gushing about how lucky she is to have or have had such great people in her life. 

Here you are anon! I hope you enjoyed!! I honestly really think they’d have a lot of fun all drinking together, maybe after they defeat Zarkon!

one of the greatest things about homeschooling is having quick and steady access to a kitchen full of snacks and i would just like to thank jesus for this blessing 


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CALRON + colours

• Aaron was the first one to notice how much Call despised orange.

•He realized that when Call walked past by a plate of orange goo that was labeled ‘Pizza’ in the cafeteria.

•God knows how much Call loved pizza.

•Aaron never acted so fast and packed all his orange shirts at the back of his closet. He still folded them neatly though. ( of course)

•Then, Tamara saw a glimpse of Aaron doing so through his half open door. Didn’t take her long to realize Call must had said something about orange.

•She just smiled and shook her head.

•The next day, Tamara asked Call if he hated orange in the middle of lunch.

•Aaron choked on his water.

•Call looked at Aaron confused but said he did in fact hate orange.

•Next week, Aaron had ordered a grey sweater for Call’s birthday. To his horror, he found out they shipped the wrong colour the day before Call’s birthday.

•But he wrapped anyways because it was too late to leave Magisterium to get Call a new one. He made a promise to himself to get another gift for Call.

•Two days later, Call popped out for breakfast with a smile and a bright orange sweater.


- Aaron confronting Call to apologize.
- Call pretending to be frustrating.
- But no one ever saw the boy in anything else other than his uniform and that damned orange sweater.


Guardian (Miss Peregrine x reader friendship[?])

Anonymous said: movie!Alma Peregrine x fem!reader, maybe teenager, please? It would be great <3

I did a more mother-daughter, “look after you” kind of feeling to it. I hope you enjoy it! x

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