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Malec- I wil always love you (whitney Houston)

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i could not have handled an hour doc!!!!!! i had to take a break at 12 minutes... this is overwhelming

listen pal i got ten minutes in and arwa told me to stop so we could watch it together which is a) true friendship (i love her) and b) NOT NEARLY ENOUGH TIME, ten minutes or thirty can’t even hold a FRACTION of the amount of lOVE i have :’/ 

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Question. How do friendships in the military work? Like who could be friends and what is considered fraternization? Since Faro is in Captain of the Chimaera would she not be able to be friends with anyone on it? Feel free not to answer as well. :)

Okay so I’ll break this down:

How do friendships in the military work? Hard, fast, and lasting. But extremely painful and destined to be broken.

Hard- having to deal with so much suck tends to develop extremely tight bonds. Remember that time we fucked up so bad we had to mop the sidewalks in the rain? What about that time we shared a sleeping bag because it was 50 degrees in the field and we got rained on? The shitty situations make more developing some amazingly strong friendships. And these friendships blossom quickly - we all live and work together and because our culture can be isolating, we tend to latch onto one another all the tighter.

However, we make friends knowing each one will be broken. The military will force you to move every two to three years, meaning each friendship you make, you will have to break soon.

Not to mention death.

Not going to get too emo but I’ve been in seven years and I’ve lost one friend to combat, two to accidents, three to suicide.

Moving on.

Who can be friends with who?

It’s EXTREMELY INVOLVED. Fraternization is insanely complex already knowing how ranks work, more so if you don’t so…

Junior enlisted ranks must have inclusive friends. Privates are friends with privates and that’s it. Actually they’re lucky because the army is like 50% E1-E4 -private(no rank)/private (with rank)/private first class/specialist - so they have the most friends.

NCOs are friends with their grade, (E5 with E5) and sometimes one or two up or down. They can’t be friends with their leadership (a team leader can’t be friends with their squad leader(.

Corporals are in a worse spot because they can’t be friends with anyone. There’s an old joke about how a corporal has no idea who to sit with at lunch. He’s technically a junior enlisted soldier but not a full NCO so he has no friends.

Officers are similar to NCOs as they can be friends with their grade, but officers are VEEEEERY SMALL IN NUMBERS. If there’s 100 people in the Army, 10 would be officers, so they have to look out to other units.

Fraternization is actually considered not to be in effect for relationships developed before one of the people we’re in the military, or if both were in initial training together but one has gone on to gain more rank. Friendships/relationships like these are common and they tend to get “separated” so they can remain friends/together without the appearance of granting special favors, ect.

Fraternization specifically targets relationships where there is a huge disparity in rank (a O1 and O6 for example), or when there is a perception of manipulation, granting special favors, or having and unprofessional appearance.

Now as for who Faro could be friends with?

You mean because she is the captain of the ship? damn few. She can still “hang out” with her crew as long as it is professional (group versus single people), but really and technically she’d have to find friends from other ships. The upper echelons of leadership is incredibly lonely.

Then again, every officer in Return of the Jedi was an Admiral so maybe that’s how the Empire combats fraternization.

so I started another fast immediately last night and im gonna get to carry this one out longer since I’m going to my friends house!

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☏☏☏ pansy

☏ - for one voicemail left by my muse on your muse’s phone

“I hear you’ve moved up in rank and favor among the Dark Lord’s chosen ones. Perhaps one day, Parkinson, you’ll realize the fault that comes with investing your entire life in a cause and being who finds you as disposable as a used handkerchief. Or perhaps you think you’re more valuable than I was?

“Word spreads fast, and the last I heard, you and your kind were poisoning mine with accusatory words and bullshit lies. Charming, truly.”


Lucy: ok but for real if you think I’m going to saddle my children with the all the baggage a Dragneel last name entails you have another damn thing coming!!!! I know I had issues with my own last name but this is just ridiculous. Natsu, our kids are going to be Heartfilias, ok? 

/// I’m a proponent of any kids Lucy and Natsu having being Heartfilia-Dragneels, personally, but FT is just being absolutely ridiculous lately 

If you don’t think Stiles is going to text Derek,

“Guess who’s putting the BI in FBI?!”

Then I don’t know you.


Well, well, what else is in store, got all this and more before twenty-four”



Anon said: i love ur fusion art!!!! if u have time/want to you should do a bakushima fusion

You’re not the only one that asked, but actually I already did draw it! It’s the first one I’ve drawn haha I felt like drawing it again tho, so here’s a doodled comic of the first time they fused accidentally ✌️

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